In Europe, hardly anyone knows about it, but in Japan they also have their own version of motorcycle racing on an oval track, which is quite similar to the popular speedway in our part of the world. Dreams of a new Grand Prix promoter about transplanting this discipline to the Far East are not unrealistic. The specificity of the Japanese "speedway" was presented by Peter von Gomm in his motovlogue.

In Japan, the equivalent of speedway is Auto Race, i.e. races of eight riders on identical motorcycles without brakes. The competition usually takes place on 500-meter tracks over six laps. The biggest difference is probably the fact that the riders do not race on granite surface, but on concrete. To put it half jokingly, half seriously, such a change could be accepted in Europe, because in this way we would save the trouble of preparing the pavement, and speedway riders could not explain their weaker posture with "bad setup".

In Japan, Auto Race is very popular because it is one of the few disciplines that you can bet on at the bookmaker. The whole organization is a bit like European horse racing. The riders are dressed in colorful outfits and helmets (including red, blue, white and yellow), and before the competition they appear on the track to present themselves to the public, and just before the start their motorcycles are subject to technical inspection.