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    A who's who of babes

    Needs a few updates

    Add your own lady or add extra pics but no nudes (apparently)

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    Losing weight is no easy task, but there are some things that can make click here button it less challenging for you. Your doctor is an excellent source of general advice and the fact that he knows you and your medical history puts him in a very advantageous position to advise you!

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    Thank you for that contribution, Shawn. That was mucho importante and very relevant to the original post. Before checking out babes on the internet, most doctors agree that it's important to lose weight first. And following spam links on the internet is the best way to do that.

    Why is that, you may ask. Go ahead and ask me, Shawn. Well, go ahead! Good. So since you asked... the reason is, by following spam links created by robots and otherwise talentless goofballs looking for an easy payday, you'll likely get a virus. And er'body knows that the quickest way to lose weight is by picking up a virus. Heck, I had the flu about a month ago and I lost 12 pounds in less than a week. No need to worry though. I don't think it was the coronavirus... ya know, since I don't drink Mexican beer.

    Bye, Shawn.
    "Every generation's memory is exactly as long as its own experience." --John Kenneth Galbraith

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