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    formula student exhaust system

    hi, how can i begin to design the exhaust system for formula student from scratch ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaa View Post
    hi, contexto how can i begin to design the exhaust system for formula student from scratch ?
    Understand the requirements: Research the rules and regulations set by the Formula Student competition organizers. This will help you understand the constraints and requirements you need to consider in your design.

    Determine the engine specifications: Gather information about the engine you will be using, such as its displacement, power output, and exhaust flow characteristics. This will be crucial in determining the size and design of the exhaust system.

    Conduct research and analysis: Study existing Formula Student exhaust system designs to understand the common approaches and best practices. Analyze factors such as material selection, pipe diameter, length, and bend radius.

    Perform flow simulations: Use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to simulate the flow of exhaust gases through the system. This will help you optimize the design for maximum efficiency and backpressure reduction.

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    Keep it simple initially to prove the concept. Test it on a bench and record as much data as possible. Using the data gathered, run CFD simulations to find the best solution and then redesign and build it. I bet you would ace it if you do ;-)
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