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    Post WRC Rally Italy Sardegna 2024 Guide

    Hey guys, I am again releasing a guide/maps but this time for Italy Sardegna Rally 2024 that has all info needed for watching rally so you dont have to do all planning as its all done here for you.

    It features:

    229 locations across all 8 stages with video previews on how location exactly looks like when viewed from the spot when a WRC car passes by.

    102 parking spots around all 229 locations that are very near stages and some on stage road.

    All locations are colored with their representive color by how fast a corner is taken by cars. (green-> slowest(-50kmh) / red-> fastest(180kmh+)

    All locations have their short names for you to choose which location you like the most at first glance.

    Alternative Routes that go around Road Closures and gets you to certain locations on the stages which let you come and leave the stage at any time you want.

    Walking paths through fields, forests etc. that lead you to locations from parking spots.

    Picture previews of locations from videos (entry, mid, and exit of the corners)

    All parking spots have google maps location coverage linked with picture previews.

    All icons, roads, walking paths etc are described very deeply in description box about their meaning, making sure you avoid all troubles, what can you expect there and things like that.

    This time I will be giving away one special stage map for FREE as you guys could see how it will look like instead of shakedown map cause this year's shakedown is just an small dirt arena where you go to one spot and can see everything pretty much.

    Stage for FREE is famous, fast paced Monte Lerno-Monti di Ala SS9/11 that has been in WRC for every single year. It has whoping 40 locations previews and I can tell you thats not the most for all stages. Its one of its kind with famous big jumps, fast paced corners, fast straights, big steep dropdowns etc... see it for yourself down below!


    The rest of the stages for all days will cost 30 EUR.

    If you're interested in purchasing or have any questions just hit me up here on reddit dm's or add me on discord (username: lect3r).
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