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    Is Horner toast at Rdbull?

    There seems to be a non-descript inappropriate conduct in question. The grapevine suggests it involves a woman {as it always is}. Whether a cigar was involved or not is not disclosed. Due the the very non-transparent nature of how this is handled, it is looking more like a witch-hunt than an investigation. However, covertly they have tried to do this, Horner's reputation is now tainted. The lack of transparency is causing wild imagination of what could be serious enough to warrant this sort of hidden investigation. Is it a matter of him banging one of his female underlings or are we talking rape here?

    Whatever the case, he claims no wrongdoing. We have known him as Redbull's stalwart team principal. You may or may not like the guy, but it is hard to see him in any of the above scenarios. However, we must reserve judgment for when all the facts are released to the public.

    But let us look at the worst case scenario. What if something gross happened and Redbull did the unthinkable of sacking Horner, where does that leave the team?

    I am thinking Redbull shall become a victim of mass scavenging as other Teams would systematically relieve Redbull of their best talents. Without Horner Redbull would slowly disintegrate. Firstly, Verstappen would jump ship to Mercedes. Adrian Newey would most certainly head to Ferrari. Redbull's best engineers and designers would also get poached by various teams on the paddock. With a majority going to Mercedes and Ferrari . The rest may end up in Mclaren and Aston Martin.

    All the hardwork of the last ten years may disipate leaving a Williams like team in its wake.
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    It seems this case isn't going to get solved before the start of the season as the £650,000 settlement was rejected by the employee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
    It seems this case isn't going to get solved before the start of the season as the £650,000 settlement was rejected by the employee.
    The story from the Dutch paper that had the 650,000 said it was inappropriate texting with sexual innuendo. But if that story was really true, I think Horner would already be gone. You don't need a long investigation to read the texts.

    I don't know anything about the Dutch paper, but just from others, it is not a reputable paper.

    There is now a report that the resolution is supposed to come early next week.

    The Times claim Red Bull are now keen to accelerate the process in effort to end the disruption and uncertainty ahead of the new F1 season.
    Now I don't know the credibility of the times either. Of course, it could be that Horner is going to be gone, and they are just negotiating his severance. His lawyer will be telling him to deny, deny, deny while they negotiate.

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