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    I tried some access from north and then went along river to find some ways up. I had Citroen C5 and at some point I used it like Jeep. Road was very narrow between bushes and water erosion was so bad in may places that I had space to place 1/3 of the wheel on the edge of the steep erosional gulley (rest was just hanging in the air :P) and then in one point I made a picture where I had ca 1.5 m deep depression under my car :P Some places I had to place smoother rocks under the wheels to get pass from nastier places.. finally I turned around and passed very steep and broken bridge across the river.. So, I do not suggest this road to anyone :P
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    And same question about this route to Tempio stage.
    Last year I went to see the first Tempio Pausiana stage and then we went over to the second Tula Erula stage. That is perfectly doable. There is a lot of parking space in the streets leading up to the start of the Tempio Pausiana stage and we had a perfect seat under the trees at the 1st corner. Leaving the Tempio Pausiana stage was fairly easy to go next stage and we went to park the car at the Parco Eolico Sa Turrina Manna which is very close to the Tula Erula stage. From there you can take a good walk to watch lots of different parts of the very spectator friendly Tula Erula stage. This year sadly I will not be there after years seeing Rally Sardegna Italia, including the Covid years

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