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    2024 IndyCar Series

    Let's discuss everything about 2024 IndyCar Series in this thread.

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    Im hating the idea of having Hybrid engines after Indy500. I guess they will eventually postpone that to 2025, but still, NOT A GOOD IDEA (costs, weight), especially with Honda saying they may exit the series in case they dont find a third brand to share all those engines. Over the last 10 years there were hopes of Judd returning, Cosworth entering, FERRARI entering(!!) but I guess the championship is not that important right now for brands to come and spend some money there. Even Winning the indy500 is more of a "Driver accomplishment" than something BRANDS can relate to. Like winning the chilli bowl. Manufacturers dont care about that. Its a DRIVER thing.
    THAT SHOULD CHANGE Imo... and As soon as possible. I mean.... HECK, Mercedes wants to run an F1 engine inside a Dallara car in this year's Indy500? LET THEM DO IT, u'know?

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