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    Looking to get into racing

    Hello guys,

    I'm 14 and live in NJ, does anyone have any suggestions for how to start to get into racing? The only car I "own" would be a 2000s Acura RSX, and I'm looking to get into professional motorsports. Does anyone have recommendations for coaching, classes, or anything else that may be of use (preferably in the Northeast)? Thanks in advance!
    1) Yes, I would like to be driving, although I'd be willing to work in another department or as a volunteer at events if it means my end goal of driving can be achieved.
    2) I'm not trying to do this for fun. Although I love motorsports and always enjoy watching it or karting, I want to make this a professional career, especially considering how much money it would cost me and my parents.
    3) In NJ, you get your learner's permit at 16, and while my parents would be willing to take me to events, many events require at least some drivers license from the actual driver (not all though)

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    There are others here, who are involved in professional racing, who can probably give you better advice than I can. But typically the first step is to get involved in go-karting. Developing basic skills and race craft in karts, and working your way up from there, is the step that most pro racers seem to take. Also, and in addition to that, getting involved with the SCCA and other racing organizations will put you among those who are already racing, both at the amateur and the pro level.

    I wish you the very best of luck. This is a dream that many of us have had at one time or another. Although I now take my car out for track days (fun), I’m firmly convinced that the only things that kept me out of Formula One were: my height (6’3”), lack of funding and (uhhh, well) lack of talent.

    Keep us posted about your progress.
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    If you don't have really strong financial background, it is almost impossible to get into racing at the top level.
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