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    Trackside view: What makes the Ferrari look so formidable.
    The Ferrari passes the eye test with flying colours. In the day, and in the final hour in cooler evening conditions, it has a poise about it that explains why drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have been so enthused about this test compared to 12 months ago.
    Feb 23, 2024
    by Scott Mitchell-Malm
    The Race

    Watching trackside from the outside of Turn 10 lets you see the cars enter through Turn 9 as well, so you get a full view of the one-two punch of awkward left-handers – and how the cars deal with that. The Ferrari handled all of this with aplomb in different conditions, with different tyres and different drivers behind the wheel.

    It rarely looked like it was anywhere its driver didn’t want it to be – a Sainz lock-up was the only notable issue, with a late Leclerc long run particularly impressive. One minor apex slip conveyed an impression the front might be weakening but this proved a mirage as next time by (and in subsequent laps) it was back kissing the apex kerb again.

    The Ferrari impressed elsewhere, too. It caught the eye of Edd Straw and Gary Anderson when they were trackside at Turn 11 – a very different, long, medium-speed corner after a high-speed approach from the back straight. From day one it looked consistent, turned in nicely and didn’t pick up understeer through the corner.

    ‘Ferrari passes the eye test with flying colours’;

    The Ferrari race sim offering clues to its Red Bull-beating potential
    11:30 Sat, 24 Feb 2024.
    Jonathan Noble

    Formula 1 teams and fans well know that it is not single-lap pace that counts when it comes to working out who has won the pre-season testing war. It is why Ferrari duo Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc coming out on top of the overall timing sheets over the course of this week’s Bahrain test has barely registered in conversations.

    Sainz’s overall test-topping time of 1m29.921s, set on the second day, was around seven tenths faster than the Red Bull benchmark of 1m30.679s set by Sergio Perez on the same afternoon. However, no one is suggesting that it has any resemblance to the true picture of performance (even taking into account a 0.6s time difference in the tyre compounds they used). Indeed, the consensus among the paddock is that Red Bull is clearly going into next weekend’s F1 season-opener as the team to beat.

    As teams crunched through the data, it was a race-sim run from Sainz on the second evening, running in similar but not identical conditions to Perez on the same programme, that offered some intrigue about just how good the new SF-24 may be… …one thing is not in doubt from the Sainz race sim – that the high tyre degradation which derailed much of Ferrari’s 2023 campaign appears to have been cured.

    ‘Ferrari race sim offering clues to its Red Bull-beating potential’;

    Ferrari ends F1 testing fastest amid shock bolter... but world champ to have ‘good head start’
    February 24th, 2024 9:15 am
    AFP from Fox Sports
    Fox Sports (Australia)

    Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc set the fastest time as Formula One’s winter testing ended overnight on the same Sakhir circuit which will stage the season opener next week, but he admitted world champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull have “a good head start”. Leclerc was 0.046sec ahead of George Russell’s Mercedes while China’s Zhou Guanyu was a surprise third fastest in a Sauber.

    Verstappen, the overwhelming favourite to make it four titles in a row in 2024, was only fourth fastest with Japan’s Yuki Tsunoda of Racing Bulls rounding out the top five. However, Verstappen opted to drive on softer tyres, therefore making him relatively slower on the day.

    Over the three days of testing Sainz, who will lose his seat to seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season, was the only driver to dip below 1min 30sec. “I think I can say that we are off to a good start, if only by looking at our own performances,” said Ferrari team chief Frederic Vasseur.

    ‘Carlos Sainz was the only driver to dip below 1min 30sec’;

    Podcast: Ferrari finishes test on top but can it usurp Red Bull?
    Feb 23, 2024
    The Race

    Ferrari headed another day of Formula 1 pre-season testing in Bahrain as the test concluded, but does that mean it can really fight Red Bull when the season starts? That is just one of the topics The Race F1 Podcast delves into today, as Gary Anderson, Mark Hughes, Samarth Kanal, Scott Mitchell-Malm and Edd Straw are all onboard for a key episode.

    There’s a detailed analysis of Ferrari versus Red Bull, why the gap could be closer than first thought, and as its testing, part of the equation is trying to ascertain whether pace is genuine and if fuel loads and engine modes are masking or heightening performance.

    ‘Why the gap could be closer than first thought’;

    Charles Leclerc has ‘more hope’ for Ferrari in F1 2024 season after Bahrain test
    23 Feb 2024 6:11 PM
    Henry Valantine

    Charles Leclerc admitted his belief that Red Bull are “quite a bit ahead” than their rivals, but Ferrari are working off a “much stronger base” compared to 2023. Having put the SF-24 through its paces over the course of pre-season testing, Leclerc was pleased with what he has seen so far, but conceded that Red Bull are still the team to beat as it stands.

    “I think the first good thing is that there are no surprises,” Leclerc told media including “Honestly, from the first lap on the simulator, it felt like an easier car to drive,” Leclerc stated. “Whenever we drove with some wind, and similar on the track from the very first laps here. Once we get here, and the feeling was good, we managed to be consistent straightaway, and this will help the race runs.”

    “However, as I’ve said these past few days, drivability and competitiveness are two very different things. So we still have to work a lot and then we’ll see how competitive we are next Friday, but I am confident that we definitely did a step forward in terms of tyre management, because whenever tyres are more used, the weaknesses of the car are more apparent, you can feel them more. And with the characteristics of this car, it should be quite a bit better.”

    ‘More hope for Ferrari’;

    Carlos Sainz believes Ferrari ‘won’t count on me’ for 1 thing after signing Lewis Hamilton
    Sat 24 February 2024 18:00
    Kyle Archer
    F1 Oversteer

    Carlos Sainz believes Ferrari ‘will not count on me’ to develop the SF-24 after signing seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes to replace him in 2025. Having lost his seat on the Formula 1 grid for Ferrari, Sainz is now focusing on joining a new project that matches his ambitions. The Spaniard would also prefer to fix his future early to focus on the 2024 season. But Sainz knows Ferrari will not rely on him to develop the SF-24.

    He has told AS: “I would like to first solve my future to be clear about where I am going to go and what comes next. Afterwards, I’m sure the focus changes a little because I already know that this season I only have to focus on the now. They won’t count on me much to develop the car, and that allows me to focus exclusively on getting the most out of the SF-24 and myself. Now, we talk to everyone, and see what position each team is in and what project fits more with my intentions.”

    ‘Focus exclusively on getting the most out of the SF-24 and myself’;

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    Russell: W15 better suited to ‘attack’ corners than ‘challenging’ W14.
    Mercedes driver George Russell has claimed that the new W15 is much better suited to ‘attack’ corners than the W14 which was ‘challenging to drive’.
    February 25, 2024
    Sam Jones

    The only way is up: With a good foundation in place, Mercedes could be in for a stronger year. Testing went well for Mercedes, who looked good over long stints and managed to put in the second fastest time on the final day.

    “We’ve now got a car mechanically where the aero guys can go and focus on just building downforce upon that, whereas in the past, whatever we did aerodynamically there were underlying issues with the race car that took a while to understand and solve,” continued Russell. “When the car feels nice but it’s not quite on the pace, you just need to find downforce in the right places.”

    ‘Good foundation in place’;

    Hamilton: Mercedes ‘got work to do’ after F1 testing
    08:08 Sat, 24 Feb 2024.
    Nathan Hartley

    Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes it not yet “where we want to be”, admitting that they have “got work to do”, despite a positive Formula 1 test in Bahrain. Mercedes don’t have the pace yet. Despite being happier with the handling of the car, Hamilton believes that the W15 in not where the team wants it to be with its pace:

    “We know we’ve got work to do and we’re not yet where we want to be. We knew that would be the case coming into the test though. We’ve got a great platform to build on. We’ll go away and work hard over the next couple of days to go through all the data from the test. I’m really excited for the start of the season next week and we’ll be heading into it in good shape.”

    ‘Got work to do’;

    Toto Wolff asked if he wishes Lewis Hamilton drove W15 before quitting Mercedes
    Would Toto Wolff have preferred Lewis Hamilton to try out the W15 before deciding to leave Mercedes?
    22 Feb 2024
    Lewis Larkam

    “I think he’s taken his decision over the winter to join Ferrari and there’s benefits of keeping it to yourself and then deciding maybe at a later stage,” Wolff said. "But then also if you have set your mind and you are sailing, that’s ok.”

    When asked if the W15 is a potential race or championship winner, Wolff replied: “Can’t say. We know we have a big mountain to climb. When you have a car out of the blocks like Red Bull have with these new regulations, catching them up is very, very difficult. We can’t really see yet a picture of performance.”

    “I think he’s taken his decision over the winter”;

    Wolff to decide Hamilton successor around May
    Toto Wolff had to put a brave face on the fact that Red Bull appears to have pulled off making the scrapped Mercedes-like car concept of 2022-2023 work.
    FEBRUARY 22, 2024

    Less controllable now for Wolff is the suddenly-altered dynamic of having a seven time world champion driver who will depart after the season. “It surprised me a lot”, Wolff admits. “We went on holiday thinking he would stay, even if the 1-plus-1 contract allowed him to free himself. I was surprised, but that's how it went.”

    “There are many excellent drivers who are already on the grid and available so it won't be something we decide soon, Wolff added. It will be around May, after the first races.”

    “It surprised me a lot”;

    George Russell tells Toto Wolff what he 'wants' from Lewis Hamilton replacement
    George Russell has offered his insight into the quest to find a Lewis Hamilton replacement for the 2025 season and beyond.
    15:01, Thu, Feb 22, 2024
    By Harry Smith
    Daily and Sunday Express

    George Russell has claimed that he has ‘no concerns’ about who may be selected to become his next Mercedes team-mate, adding that he ‘wants to be tested against the best’ after sharing the past two years with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

    Offering his thoughts on the matter during pre-season testing in Bahrain, Russell noted: “I’ve got no concerns at all who lines up alongside me. I want to be tested against the very best and I feel that’s what I’ve had the last two years.”

    “I want to be tested against the very best”;

    Toto Wolff sidesteps question on whether Lewis Hamilton should’ve waited for W15
    23 Feb 2024 9:00 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Toto Wolff wouldn’t say if he’d preferred Lewis Hamilton had trialled the W15 before deciding to join Ferrari, but “if you have set your mind and you are sailing, that’s okay”. Wolff was asked by F1 pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz if he wished the driver had waited to at least try the car first.

    “I think he’s taken his decision over the winter to join Ferrari and there’s benefits of keeping it to yourself and then deciding maybe at a later stage,” Wolff replied according to “But then also if you have set your mind and you are sailing, that’s okay.”

    ‘Toto Wolff sidesteps question’;

    George Russell saw F1 driver names pop up on Toto Wolff’s phone for 2025 seat
    F1 drivers have been asking Toto Wolff about Mercedes' 2025 vacant seat, says George Russell
    23 Feb 2024
    James Dielhenn

    George Russell has seen the names of F1 drivers who have contracted Toto Wolff about coming to Mercedes next year. Russell said about his future teammate: “[Wolff and I] already had conversations. I’ve been with Toto a lot this winter. Seeing the drivers’ names pop up on the telephones was quite funny.”

    “Even on my phone, as well, the phone calls and text messages… So yeah it’s been quite interesting. But, as a team, we’re in a really good opportunity and position to go into this next chapter. There’s been so much success with Lewis and Mercedes.”

    Russell was asked what attributes he’s hoping for in his next teammate, and he said: “I think it’s important to have good harmony between the drivers. Because that trickles down into all of the engineers and the whole team. But, ultimately, the decision is with Toto and the board.”

    ‘F1 drivers have been asking Toto Wolff about Mercedes' 2025 vacant seat’;

    Wolff fully confident Mercedes’ aggressive front wing design is legal
    25th February 2024, 0:01
    Written by Will Wood

    Wolff not concerned by wing legality: After eyebrows were raised by the front wing design of Mercedes’s new W15, team principal Toto Wolff says he has no concerns about its legality. “I think what’s been put on the car is always following an exchange with the FIA all through the process,” Wolff said.

    “It’s no such thing that you have a clever idea and then you bolt it on a test and you think that could or couldn’t be challenged. So that is a long process of dialogue that happens over the winter. So I feel we are in an okay place.”

    ‘Been put on the car is always following an exchange with the FIA’;

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    Lando Norris opens up on deep McLaren MCL38 worries ahead of F1 2024 opener.
    Lando Norris gave a clear “no” to McLaren challenging Ferrari, never mind Red Bull at the Bahrain season-opener, as he senses a lack of progress in addressing their weak points.
    24 Feb 2024 12:30 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    While Norris was in a rather buoyant mood ahead of pre-season testing, talking of McLaren going into an F1 season on the right foot for the first time in a long time, it is safe to say he was playing down expectations following the three days of running in Bahrain.

    So, when asked by Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz as part of his ‘Ted’s Notebook’ programme whether McLaren can match the times Ferrari were delivering, Norris replied: “No.” How about a podium finish at least to get McLaren’s F1 2024 campaign underway in style? “No,” was once more the clear response from Norris.

    The 24-year-old went on to explain that Bahrain “has never been our best track”, while he also made the worrying prediction that 2023’s dominant force Red Bull has “extended” their buffer over the rest of the field with their latest creation, the RB20.

    ‘Norris replied: “No.” “No,” was once more the clear response from Norris’;

    Piastri declares McLaren has work to do.
    Oscar Piastri believes McLaren has improved on some of the weaknesses of last year’s car but still has work to do.
    26 February 2024
    by Mat Coch

    The three days of track action in Bahrain offered a first glimpse of where the F1 field is, with Red Bull Racing the clear favourite. From that running, McLaren appears to have held steady at the top of the midfield, much as it had ended last season, though it is short of the absolute front of the pack with Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

    “I'd like to think that we're somewhere towards the front of the grid,” Piastri said when asked where he feels McLaren sits. “I certainly don't feel, at the moment, we're in a position to challenge Red Bull – I'm not sure anyone on the grid particularly feels that way at the moment – but I think we're somewhere towards the front.”

    ‘McLaren has work to do’;

    Norris airs McLaren concern as new season looms
    23 February 5:48PM
    Author Rory Mitchell

    Lando Norris fears McLaren is still a "long way" behind Red Bull and Ferrari following pre-testing in Bahrain. The Briton finished 14th on the timesheet on the final day after driving the car in the morning session, with McLaren showing consistent times throughout the three days.

    Norris at least expects the team's preparations this year to pay off in the opening grands prix of the campaign. "Definitely coming into this season, this test, and this year, [we're] on the right foot for once," he said. "I don't think we've done that at all in the last three, four years.”

    "We've come in attacking a bit more with various things, rather than not being sure if this (the car) is going to be ready, or we don't think we've maximised this area and that area. I think we've come in with much more knowledge and expertise and just a much better car to start the season off with.”

    ‘Lando Norris fears McLaren is still a "long way" behind Red Bull and Ferrari’;

    McLaren drivers expect to be ‘a chunk behind’ two teams as they share pecking order predictions after testing
    24 February 2024
    Formula One - Official Site

    Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri both namechecked Ferrari as well as Red Bull when pondering where McLaren might slot into the initial 2024 pecking order, believing that those two teams are a step ahead as things stand.

    “I think it’s been a… not a perfect few days, we’ve definitely had our fair share of issues, which is not exactly what we would like, but better now than [at the Grand Prix] next week!” Norris smiled. Pushed further on where he thinks McLaren stand, he added: “We’re definitely quite a chunk behind Ferrari and quite a chunk behind Red Bull – I think they’re clearly a long way ahead.”

    Piastri echoed Norris’ sentiments as he declared that McLaren “need to find a bit more” if they are to achieve their goal of consistently fighting for podiums and victories this year. “I think it’s not been the smoothest of tests overall for us, but I think this [Friday] afternoon we got a lot of good work done, which was good, a lot of laps,” said the Australian, who is entering his sophomore F1 campaign.”

    ‘A chunk behind’;

    Mixed messages from McLaren bosses
    There are slightly different messages coming out of McLaren's Zak Brown and Andrea Stella following the second day of F1 testing.
    23 February 2024
    by Mat Coch

    Brown fronted the media midway through the day's action and proclaimed that he is targeting race wins this season as his squad builds on its strong recovery in 2023. However, team principal Stella doesn't appear to share the same level of enthusiasm and instead seemed to slightly temper expectations on Thursday night when he sat down with the media to digest the day's activity.

    It wasn't an especially bad day for McLaren, but it wasn't a good day either. An issue with the fuel tank stopped Lando Norris while he was on a race simulation, and the squad only managed 87 laps. Next worst was Alpine, which managed 111 laps as Ferrari banked 138 on a day that saw Carlos Sainz fastest.

    ‘Slightly different messages’;

    McLaren boss warns of ominous ‘big step’ from title favourites Red Bull
    22 Feb 2024 5:17 PM
    Sam Cooper

    Any fears that 2024 could be another dominant year for Red Bull have not been eased by the words of McLaren boss Andrea Stella, who said the Milton Keynes side had made a “big step” after the second day of pre-season testing.

    “I can see that many cars have made the step forward, which is normal,” he told media including “Everyone finds performance in every week of development. There’s one car that seems to have found a big step. Unfortunately, [it is] the car that was already the quickest last year.”

    “I would say the group was already quite competitive last year and to me it looks even more competitive compared to this year. So that’s what we’ve learned from our competitiveness point of view.”

    ‘Ominous big step’;

    ‘HEADS UP’ on getting your entries in for Fgp 2024, SUPERBLY ORGANISED by N. Jones. [Everyone has until the end of Wednesday, February 28th to enter a team.]

    If you haven’t entered before or even if you are not a member, THEN consider joining and enter your own F1 team…

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    Fallows: Aston F1 team has made required step with AMR24.
    Aston Martin Formula 1 technical director Dan Fallows says that the Silverstone-based team has made the hoped-for steps with its new AMR24 relative to last year’s car.
    14:33 Sat, 24 Feb 2024.
    Adam Cooper

    The days of testing in Bahrain suggested that the team has made the progress it was seeking with the initial launch package, even if others set more eye-catching headline times.

    “When we went into this season really looking for a step over the winter, we wanted to make sure we did get an improvement,” said Fallows. “Even though it's an evolution of last year's car, we wanted it to be a strong improvement as well as a strong evolution. And, we have seen that step, we've seen that benefit. So we’re very pleased about that.”

    “I think the most important thing for us is where we go from here. We weren't 100% pleased with what we achieved in our in-season development last year. And we wanted to make sure we can compete at the top level in terms of in-season as well. I think we were mostly keen on making sure we made a step on last year, which we have done. So I think we can certainly tick that box.”

    ‘Made required step with AMR24’;

    Pedro De La Rosa admits Aston Martin were slower in one key area in testing
    Mon 26 February 2024 10:00
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    Aston Martin ambassador Pedro De La Rosa has admitted that the 2024 Aston Martin is slower in one area after pre-season testing ended in Bahrain. Every team on the grid arrived at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir with heavily updated cars from last season.

    Speaking to MARCA, Pedro De La Rosa shared what developments his team has made and how they’ve taken one step back in one area to improve their overall performance. Speaking after pre-season testing, De La Rosa said: “It’s true that in the second sector (the slower corners at Sakhir) we are losing more, but we don’t have a clear picture at the moment either.

    “There are people with the C4 (the Ferraris). Also, here the tyre preparation can play an important role and if you have a tyre that is more ready in the first sector and less ready in the second sector, then the tyre is not the same.” Aston Martin will hope they can iron out the issues that De La Rosa talked about and that even though they were slightly slower in testing in the second sector, they looked very good in other areas of the track.

    ‘Slower in one key area in testing’;

    Fallows: Step forward box ‘ticked’ by Aston Martin in Bahrain
    25/02/2024 at 08:09
    Michael Delaney

    Aston Martin F1 technical director Dan Fallows says pre-season testing showed that the team’s efforts to improve on its 2023 design have been fruitful. While several of its direct rivals opted for a radical overhaul of their design for 2024, Aston privileged an evolutionary approach, refining the car that secured eight podium finishes last year in the skillful hands of Fernando Alonso.

    "We had some things that we focused on over the winter in terms of making the car good to drive, making the balance good,” said the British engineer. “And I think we're reasonably happy with where we are now. We know we've always got things to improve, which is why we go back into the wind tunnel and why we go back to the drawing board to do those things.”

    “But so far, I think we've achieved a lot in three days in testing, done a lot of test items, and we're pretty pleased with the outcome."

    ‘Evolutionary approach’;

    Pedro De La Rosa raves about one F1 driver who’s so strong that he could ‘stop a train’
    Sun 25 February 2024 18:00
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    Pedro De La Rosa has suggested that Aston Martin star Fernando Alonso still possesses so much strength that he could ‘stop a train’. Fernando Alonso might be the oldest driver on the Formula 1 grid this season, but that is unlikely to slow him down as he chases his 33rd win in the sport.

    Speaking in an interview with El Confidencial, De La Rosa was talking about the 42-year-old’s motivation heading into 2024. Asked about the 42-year-old, De La Rosa said: “There is little I can say here because it is up to him. “For me, the most important thing is that he wants to stay in Formula 1. I think he’s got the strength, physique and speed to stop a train.”

    “He can go on as long as he wants. It’s more a question of motivation, with 24 races, triple races and a month away from home. If he wants to go on, great for everyone. The only thing that can depend on us is to give him a competitive car. From here, it’s a personal thing. It’s clear that a driver like Fernando will never lack options.”

    ‘Could stop a train’;

    Alonso focusing on upcoming season amidst driver market buzz
    The Spaniard discussed the upcoming season with Aston Martin and the 'good neogtiating postion' he finds himself in
    February 25, 2024
    Theo Gayle

    Season ready: On the conclusive day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Alonso commented he felt he was in “a good position” referring to the buzz around him, despite this the Spaniard’s focus is solely on the season at hand. “In my case, it’s very interesting because I have, I think, a good position to negotiate,” he said.

    “But I want to at least do the first couple of races without thinking too much. I want to see myself into a new season. It’s going to be the longest-ever season in Formula 1 [at 24 races].” Expressing a desire to optimise his travel schedule for greater efficiency, Alonso emphasised the importance of maintaining high energy levels throughout the extended 24-race season.

    He remarked, “I want to change a little bit some of the travel schedule and things to be really efficient this year and arrive with high energy at the end of the year.” Alonso also highlighted that, at present, his primary focus is not on the following year, indicating a deliberate intention to concentrate on the immediate challenges of the upcoming races before delving into discussions about his future beyond the current season.

    ‘Focusing on upcoming season’;

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    Why progress, not early form, is all that matters for Alpine F1 boss.
    Alpine says the success of its Formula 1 season will be judged on the progress it can make from what is expected to be a difficult start to the new campaign.
    16:24 Mon, 26 Feb 2024.

    The French manufacturer has been bracing itself for some early struggles, with the performance of its new A524 in Bahrain testing last week suggesting it will be battling at the back of the field – and could even be last.

    “Our objective this year will be to generate the dynamic in improving the car, and improving the team as well,” he said. “That is the team as a whole and not only trackside. It is much more than giving a target in terms of final result or position in the championship or podiums.”

    “What I really need to see is this dynamic. The car is what it is right now. The important thing is to be able to develop it together with the team, with the factories at Viry and Enstone, and trackside. Everybody pushing for improvement.”

    ‘Will be judged on the progress’;

    The F1 team furthest behind where it should be
    Feb 26, 2024
    by Edd Straw
    The Race

    Alpine heads into the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend expecting to be struggling to escape Q1. That’s a long way off an acceptable level of performance for a works team, even one that was at pains to warn of a slow start to manage expectations at its 2024 Formula 1 car launch.

    “It will take some weeks,” says Gasly. “It’s important to be objective about it when you start with a brand new car, [you] can't expect to figure things out in three days. It’s not going to be an easy first race, [we’re] not going to start from where we would have liked. But we’ve got to give ourselves some time to understand that new car concept.”

    ‘The F1 team furthest behind’;

    Could Alpine really have the worst F1 car on the grid?
    26 Feb 2024 8:30 AM
    Sam Cooper

    For anyone who saw Ridley Scott’s Napoleon or indeed is familiar with the story of the French emperor, you will know it only ever ends one way. Napoleon’s demise came in the Belgian town of Waterloo with the dictator being vanquished by the British and ultimately exiled to a small island in the Atlantic ocean. Alpine’s demise is a little less bombastic but does share many of the same qualities.

    The Alpine brand, and Renault before it, did once used to be a respected and feared member of the paddock. Fernando Alonso’s title-winning years were their proudest moment but even solely as an engine provider, Renault won 10 Constructors’ championships with Williams, Benetton and Red Bull. These days, the Renault engine is universally accepted as the poorest of the four suppliers and the Alpine car has already been predicted to be one of the slowest on the grid.

    ‘Alpine’s demise’;

    Gasly: Alpine 'doesn't look great' after Bahrain F1 test
    18:45 Fri, 23 Feb 2024.
    Adam Cooper

    The Enstone team has made a major concept change since last season and knew that it might take some time to optimise. On overall times for the three days, Esteban Ocon and Gasly were 16th and 17th of the 20 drivers participating.

    While on balance the A524 is not actually the slowest car in the field, the team is still far from where it wants to be. "To be fair I haven't really focussed on others because there's been so much going on our side," Gasly told Sky TV.

    "I don't think we look great. But at the same time, we still have a couple of days to really understand everything we've done. We've put the car upside down, done a lot of tests. So hopefully, some analysis and answers will bring us some more performance. And then, we'll find out, no one will hide any more next Friday.”

    'Doesn't look great';

    28-year-old F1 driver not optimistic about 2024 season after pre-season testing
    Sun 25 February 2024 14:00
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    Alpine driver Pierre Gasly has admitted that testing ahead of the 2024 season in Bahrain didn’t go as well as he had hoped. After stalling last season and being overtaken by McLaren and Aston Martin in the Constructors’ Championship, Alpine knew they had to go in a different direction with their car this year.

    Speaking after the final day of testing, via, Gasly has shared that patience is going to be required to get things right this year. “I think we’ll have to be patient, even if it’s not what we like as drivers, but clearly it might take some time before we really unlock the performance we want from that car. It’s not going to be an easy first race,” he said.

    “We’re not going to start from where we would have liked. But at the same time, we’ve got to give ourselves some time to understand that new car concept that we have. The good thing is we’ve identified very clearly what we’ve got to work on as a team. Now, whether we’re able to fix it with car setup or not, for the first few races of the season, time will tell, but for sure there’ll be an aggressive plan of upgrades which we will need to close the gap.”

    ‘Not optimistic about 2024 season’;

    Gasly in the hot seat: Will he jump ship as Alpine hits rock bottom?
    08:41 Mon, 26 Feb 2024
    Andrew Maitland

    As the Formula 1 paddock prepares for the season opener in Bahrain, Pierre Gasly is candid about his position in the 2025 driver market amidst Alpine’s performance struggles. With Alpine potentially dropping to the bottom of the pack, even behind Haas, the team faces significant challenges.

    Gasly, whose contract is up for renewal, remains optimistic but realistic about his future. Speaking to RTBF, he said, “For the future, I’m not worried. I have to try to find the project that will give me the maximum chance of achieving my objectives. I’m committed to this team and I see a lot of positive changes. But beyond that, we need to perform. I’m 28 years old. Like everyone around me at Enstone and Viry, I really hope it can work.”

    Despite the team’s struggles, Gasly defended the significant changes made to the car, highlighting the exhaustive testing and the team’s acknowledgment of their starting point. “On the one hand, we tested a lot, which is positive. On the other hand, we don’t necessarily understand everything about this new car, which is normal,” he explained.

    ‘Gasly in the hot seat’;

    Alpine “expecting a challenging start to the year” – Famin
    24th February 2024, 0:01
    Written by Will Wood

    Famin was encouraged by Alpine’s reliability during the test but indicated it may take a few races for them to get the best out of their overhauled A524.

    “It’s been a solid three-day test for the team where we’ve focused on ourselves and committed to a comprehensive and important test programme,” said Famin. “We have been operationally strong all week and demonstrated great teamwork between both factories and the trackside team, which has been good to see.”

    “Our reliability has been good and that has enabled us to complete our test plan as expected. Now is the time to work through the data and concentrate on optimising the package we have in our hands ahead of next week’s first grand prix. We know where we stand. We are expecting a challenging start to the year as we continue to learn more and more about our A524 to develop it across the season.”

    “Expecting a challenging start to the year”;

    ‘HEADS UP’ on getting your entries in for Fgp 2024, SUPERBLY ORGANISED by N. Jones. [Everyone has until the end of Wednesday, February 28th to enter a team.]

    If you haven’t entered before or even if you are not a member, THEN consider joining and enter your own F1 team…

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    Ricciardo: ‘So many questions’ raised by F1 testing.
    Formula 1 pre-season testing has left Daniel Ricciardo with “so many questions” as he tries to understand where RB fits into the pecking order.
    23 February 2024
    by Mat Coch

    The car made a strong first impression on Wednesday though it was less of a standout on Thursday – it didn't go backward so much as didn't go forward as other teams did. That suggests a car that worked well out of the box, and that the Faenza operation did its homework well. It also serves to highlight the uncertainty that surrounds testing and the relative form guide of every team.

    “If you see Sainz in first, there are so many questions: Is it fuel? Is it the engine? Is it disallowed and at what time of the day? So you just never know,” Ricciardo reasoned. “So I think regardless of where we are on the timesheets, I am just staying somewhere in the middle.”

    “I am aware we're not going to be a pole position car next week,” said Ricciardo, continuing to play down his team's chances. I like to think we are still in that midfield hunt and for us to start the season. If we find ourselves in Q3 and points on a Sunday, that's a good start. I think that's the goal. Whether we get it or not, time will tell, but I think that's the start.”

    ‘Not going to be a pole position car next week’;

    Ricciardo sets lofty RB target
    25 February 8:00PM
    Author Fergal Walsh
    Co-author Ian Parkes

    Daniel Ricciardo has stated that RB is hoping to compete at the front of the midfield group during the upcoming Formula 1 season. Ricciardo has his eye on leading the midfield pack before the campaign is out. “Start of the season, we need to be a little bit cautious,” he said.

    “The target as the season goes on is the front of the midfield. But I would say now where we are, it's probably more in the midfield. I'm not sure we’re yet at the front, but that is certainly our target.”

    “I know some people are quite excited about us coming into the season, but I want to play it a little bit cautious. We have a decent car, but we still have a lot of work to do, and the numbers we brought for the test, we believe there's still some things to find.”

    ‘Lofty RB target’;

    Cautious’ Ricciardo optimistic of big step after first-day splash at testing
    February 23rd, 2024 8:46 am
    Fox Sports (Australia)

    Ricciardo’s best effort of the day came on the softer C4 compound near the end of the session and while testing results are pleasing for the team’s new VCARB 01 car, the Australian was not getting too far ahead of himself when aksed if he was happy with their progress.

    “I’m in between. But this is just how I approach testing,” Ricciardo told reporters, per “Even if you see Sainz first today or something, there’s so many questions. Is it fuel? Is it engine? What time of the day? So you just never know. I think regardless of where we are on the time sheets, I think I’m just staying somewhere in the middle.

    “Obviously for us to start the season, if could find ourself in Q3 and points on a Sunday that’s a good start to the year. Whether we’ll get it or not next week, time will tell. But I think that’s the start and then as the season goes on, as we learn a bit more about the car and working together with a lot of new personnel, I think that’s where we can start to push the bar a little more.”

    ‘Cautious’ Ricciardo optimistic of big step’;

    Yuki Tsunoda admits one rival’s F1 car now looks ‘very fun to drive’ after testing
    Mon 26 February 2024 12:00
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    Visa Cash App RB driver Yuki Tsunoda has admitted that the 2024 Ferrari Formula 1 car looks incredibly fun to drive. Ferrari could just be the closest rivals Red Bull have to deal with this season based on pre-season testing. Speaking after pre-season testing, via, Tsunoda admitted that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s new car looked very good in Bahrain.

    Asked about the other cars on the grid, Tsunoda said: “I saw the onboards, and they have made progress on the balance of the car; last year, they had an oversteer on entry. Now, they are more solid, and the car seems very fun to drive. They may not be as strong as Red Bull, but they have made a big step.”

    Tsunoda has been speaking about his future and admitted he would love to drive for Red Bull one day, but he’s unlikely to turn down the chance to race for Ferrari in the future either. He also suggested that rivals Williams were likely hiding some performance in Bahrain and it’ll be fascinating to see where they end up after the first Grand Prix.

    ‘Very fun to drive’;

    2024 Bahrain Grand Prixview
    27th Feb 2024, 12:22
    Visa Cashapp RB - Official Site

    Back racing! It’s the first race week of the 2024 Formula 1 campaign and we look forward to the season opener just as much as you do! Here are Daniel and Yuki’s thoughts ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

    Daniel Ricciardo #3: “I like Bahrain, it’s a nice track and a good place to start the season. It’s pretty challenging, especially on the rear tyres as the track is very rough. I’ve had some good moments there, never on the podium, but I’ve scored plenty of points. Of course, there’s something special about the first race of the season. When you haven’t raced for a few months, it feels a bit more intense. You can spend time in the simulator driving the track, but you can’t practice racing intensely, wheel to wheel with 19 of the best guys in the world, and that makes for a pretty exciting feeling at the first race of the year.”

    Yuki Tsunoda #22: “After three days testing here, we have a good baseline for the start of Free Practice, and I’m happy with my lap times from testing. We focused a lot on the engineering side to understand how the car reacts and started to narrow down what test items we needed to look at and what areas to focus on for the actual race. We completed a lot of different tests, and this week it’s time to put it all together and focus more on qualifying. There are a lot of areas we can explore with this car and our main target from Thursday will be to extract as much performance from it as possible. The first race of the season is always a little bit different as you don’t know what to expect and which teams will be quick. There is definitely some mystery and excitement!”

    ‘Back racing!’;

    ‘HEADS UP’ on getting your entries in for Fgp 2024, SUPERBLY ORGANISED by N. Jones. [Everyone has until the end of Wednesday, February 28th to enter a team.]

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    Haas buoyed by impressive lap tally in test.
    Under new team principal Ayao Komatsu, the team appears to have made significant progress with the VF-24, which completed a total of 441 laps (2,386.70km, or 1483.03 miles) across the three days.
    23/02/2024 at 17:44
    Andrew Lewin

    Haas might not have been capturing many headlines with their low-key performance in pre-season testing at Bahrain International Circuit, but their reliability so far is certainly something to celebrate.

    Komatsu said the test hadn't been about single lap pace and that they hadn't even begun to look at qualifying run simulations until today. "Today we completed our first qualifying sim, looking at the low-fuel car balance, and then we completed two race simulations," he reported after the end of the say's track running.”

    "We successfully achieved all of this despite the track issues today," he added, alluding to a lengthy early red flag stoppage for another drain cover issue. "It’s been a very, very good day basically. Our race simulations show that yes, we’ve got lots more work to do, but at the same time we’ve got a base car that we can actually race.”

    ‘Impressive lap tally’;

    Komatsu targets eighth after taking charge at Haas
    Posted on 28th February 2024, 7:16
    Written by Will Wood

    New Haas team principal Ayao Komatsu has set his team the target of eight place in the championship for his first season in charge. “I guess it’s a very different dynamics compared to my predecessor,” Komatsu said. “Another thing is that I know the team, I know the people, the strengths and weaknesses, and we understand each other. So I think we’ve got a very good base to start off with.”

    “In terms of the championship, we don’t want to be P10, of course,” he said. “We’d like to be in P8, to start off with. But of course that means we have to beat two teams, right? So who are we going to beat? So more than just the championship target, I think it’s very important we pull together as one, as a team, and move forward and make incremental improvements. So that’s what I’m looking for.”

    ‘Komatsu targets eighth’;

    Komatsu: New Haas VF-24 free of ‘nasty characteristics’
    27/02/2024 at 08:12
    Phillip van Osten

    The Haas F1 team reported tangible progress last week in Bahrain in addressing the tyre degradation issues that plagued its car throughout the 2023 F1 season

    “Last year's car was inconsistent, it was quite nasty,” said Komatsu. “Depending on the conditions – tyre condition, wind condition or track temperature – the car really wasn't behaving in a predictable manner.”

    “Whereas this year's car is behaving in a predictable manner. It’s consistent. Yes, we are still lacking downforce, especially in high-speed and sort of balancing medium/low-speed characteristics, but I don't think it's got nasty characteristics.”

    ‘VF-24 free of nasty characteristics’;

    F1 strugglers pinpoint reason for hope after pre-season doom and gloom
    24 Feb 2024 7:30 PM
    Oliver Harden

    Kevin Magnussen has declared it is easier for Haas to manage their tyres with the new VF-24 car following a desperate season in 2023.

    After three days of pre-season testing in Bahrain, where Haas recorded more laps than any other team with 441 on the board, Magnussen declared himself satisfied that the team have made a good step forward in terms of tyre management.

    He told media including’s Thomas Maher in Bahrain: “The feeling of the car [is that] you can push a bit more, it’s a bit easier to manage the tyres.”

    ‘Pinpoint reason for hope’;

    Magnussen explains why he had a hammer in his Haas during testing
    24 February 10:45AM
    Author Ewan Gale

    Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has revealed why he was pictured with a hammer in the cockpit during the final day of F1 pre-season testing. The peculiar moment came during the Dane's final session in the new VF-24 before returning to the Bahrain International Circuit next week for the first race of the new season.

    Explaining why he had a hammer, Magnussen said: "[I was] just adjusting the seat. We were doing a scan of the seat I was running last year and will also be running this year, so you bring out like a version of that seat but it is never 100 per cent correct. So there were a few adjustments to be made."

    ‘Hammer in his Haas’;

    ‘HEADS UP’ on getting your entries in for Fgp 2024, SUPERBLY ORGANISED by N. Jones. [Everyone has until the end of Wednesday, February 28th to enter a team.]

    If you haven’t entered before or even if you are not a member, THEN consider joining and enter your own F1 team…

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    Sauber: Lap times irrelevant but performance ‘encouraging’.
    A late run by Zhou Guanyu saw Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber finish third fastest ahead of Red Bull's Max Verstappen on the final day of official pre-season testing at Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir.
    24/02/2024 at 08:11
    Andrew Lewin

    The team was quick to play down the achievement and pointed out that it was far too early to make comparisons with their rivals. However, Sauber technical director James Key conceded that the Swiss outfit's performance was still an encouraging sign of the off-season progress achieved by the squad.

    "There’s no point talking about lap times, as each team had its own priorities during testing," explained Key. "We will surely learn more about each other’s performance next week [in the Bahrain Grand Prix]. Still, the feeling at the end of testing is positive, and we’ll be aiming to move forward in this direction throughout the season.”

    ‘Far too early to make comparisons with their rivals’;

    Valtteri Bottas ‘surprised’ by one big thing he saw from Sauber at F1 testing
    Sat 24 February 2024 17:00
    Kyle Archer
    F1 Oversteer

    Valtteri Bottas admits Sauber ‘surprised’ him during pre-season testing in Bahrain as the Formula 1 team seems to have fixed a long-standing issue with their car in 2024. “What surprised me most was the stability in the fast corners,” Bottas told Blick. “We’ve had problems in this relationship for two years now.”

    “In addition, the air resistance has decreased. We’ve gotten better there, too… Everything immediately feels good in the cockpit. There is nothing fundamentally bad about the car.”

    Lap times during pre-season testing seldom show much relevance. But Bottas will head into the Bahrain GP on March 2 with some optimism for Sauber’s start to the new season. Zhou also set their fastest time on day three of testing with his 1:30.647 using the C4 Pirelli tyres.

    “Stability in the fast corners”;

    Bottas praises Seidl for working to change any ‘old school mindset’ within Kick Sauber team
    26 February 2024

    Valtteri Bottas believes the atmosphere within the Kick Sauber camp has changed for the better in recent times, describing team spirit as “the highest I have seen so far” under Andreas Seidl’s leadership. “We need to be starting the season strong but then maintaining good progress, which I believe is possible with the additional members we have in the team, including the big talent we have already in the team. With this new, fresh identity and ideas, I feel like there’s no limit.”

    “I see good motivation all around,” he continued. “There’s been fresh ideas, lots of new stuff happening. There’s a lot of motivation and the spirit is good; I would say the spirit of the team and kind of the commitment for this year is, I would say, the highest I have seen so far.”

    “I think also the leadership of Andreas, he’s been really good at dealing with people and trying to change some of the almost, let’s say, old school mindset in the team and making sure that we don’t accept a bad result, we need to do better.”

    ‘Team spirit as the highest I have seen so far’;

    Sauber surprised others did not switch to “quicker” F1 pull-rod suspension
    13:05 Tue, 27 Feb 2024.
    Jonathan Noble

    Sauber is surprised that other Formula 1 teams did not make the switch to a Red Bull-style pull-rod front suspension this year, considering it is clearly “quicker”. The Hinwil-based squad has moved away from its previous push-rod arrangement at the front to follow a trend that had been started by Red Bull and McLaren.

    Sauber technical director James Key had anticipated that, with those two teams having put the pull-rod front to such good use, it was an obvious design avenue to go down. However, RB proved to be the only other squad which went that way – with everyone else sticking to their 2023 layout.

    Asked if he was surprised that more teams did not follow suit, Key said: “I was a bit, actually. I expected at least one other to pop out with a pull-rod. But it's got to kind of stack up. It's got to stack up aerodynamically because, despite all the pain of trying to do it, it's definitely a quicker car.”

    ‘The wind tunnel and CFD results, and they clearly showed that the benefit is big enough’;

    Bottas warns against 'forgetting' F1 success with future uncertain
    Valtteri Bottas is out of contract at the end of the current season and has revealed where he would like to sign his next Formula 1 deal.
    28 February 2024, 1:18PM
    Fergal Walsh & Ian Parkes

    Valtteri Bottas has revealed that his priority for the 2025 Formula 1 season is to remain with Stake F1 ahead of Audi's arrival. With near half the grid out of contract at the end of the current season, the prospect of driver swaps is highly likely - however, Bottas is keen to stay put and commit to Audi's F1 project.

    “It's going to be interesting,” Bottas told media including RacingNews365. “I would imagine that things will start to move relatively soon, because there are many contracts that are expiring, including myself. I want to have a good beginning of the year and then we'll see.”

    “Of course, the people behind me are already working on it, finding what are the best options and what are the opportunities. I just need to do the driving now. My priority, as I've said before, would be getting involved in the Audi project. For me, that's really tempting and ideal.”

    ‘Priority to remain with Stake F1’;

    Bottas ‘definitely feels improvements compared to last year’ in new Sauber
    22nd February 2024, 0:01
    Written by Will Wood

    Valtteri Bottas believes that Sauber have gained significant performance with their new C44. “What I’m positive about, I definitely feel improvements compared to last year. Actually the initial feeling was quite similar to what I had in the simulator, so at least that correlation is more or less as it should be. So in that sense, a good starting point.”

    “[It’s] definitely a step forward, but I think everyone has made steps forward. Then it’s the question who made the biggest one.”

    ‘Definitely feels improvements compared to last year’;

    ‘HEADS UP’ on getting your entries in for Fgp 2024, SUPERBLY ORGANISED by N. Jones. [Everyone has until the end of TODAY, Wednesday, February 28th to enter a team.]

    If you haven’t entered before or even if you are not a member, THEN consider joining and enter your own F1 team…

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    Martin Brundle reacts after Christian Horner cleared of wrongdoing by Red Bull investigation.
    On Wednesday, Red Bull GmbH issued a statement which confirmed that “the grievance has been dismissed” and that the complainant had a right to appeal. It added: “Red Bull is confident that the investigation has been fair, rigorous and impartial. The investigation report is confidential and contains the private information of the parties and third parties who assisted in the investigation, and therefore we will not be commenting further out of respect for all concerned.”
    Wed, 28 February 2024 at 4:31 pm GMT
    Lawrence Ostlere

    “That statement from Red Bull is drawing a solid line underneath the whole thing,” Brundle said. “I’ve just read it, but that appears to be their position.”

    He added: “Red Bull the parent company have drawn a very thick and firm line... they’re clear, they’ve done a deep investigation, they’ve talked for hours and many pages of documents have been generated. Case complete, over.

    On the ramifications of the case on Red Bull going forwards, Brundle said: “I haven’t spoken to Christian at any point through this. Making no comment on what may or may not have happened, mud sticks. It’s been a damaging story for Red Bull, for Formula 1, for Christian.

    ‘Christian Horner cleared of wrongdoing’;

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    ‘Feels like I’ve changed team’: 27-year-old driver admits 2024 car’s DNA is completely…
    Alex Albon has admitted that the 2024 Williams car is so different to last year that it feels like he’s driving for a different team.
    Fri 23 February 2024 08:30
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    Williams were the final team to share this year’s machinery with the world during a shakedown in Bahrain before pre-season testing began. The Thai driver joined the commentary team on Sky Sports F1 during the Thursday afternoon session to share his thoughts on the FW46.

    Albon shares first thoughts on 2024 car: Talking about his first run in the FW46, Albon said: “So, most cars they carry a characteristic. Yes, regulations change and whatnot, but cars can have more downforce or other subtleties but they always carry a very strong DNA and you only really feel like changes when you change teams.

    “That’s the way at least it felt for me. This feels like I’ve changed team but I’m obviously still at Williams.” While it may feel like he’s driving for a different team given the extent of the changes to the Williams, Albon and Sargeant will have to quickly get to grips with the new machinery with the start of the season just around the corner.

    ‘Feels like I’ve changed team’;

    Albon: Williams has 'decent car to go racing with'
    24/02/2024 at 17:14
    Andrew Lewin

    Alex Albon enjoyed a full day in the Williams on Friday, the final session of this year's pre-season testing at Bahrain International Circuit.

    "We’ve got a decent car to go racing with!" he declared after his time on track finally came to an end. His best lap time of 1:30.984s was 0.662s slower than pace setter Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari and put him sixth on the timesheets.

    "We did a bit of a radical set-up today and this worked out for the better," he reported. "We struggled a little bit with the car across day one and two with just how different it is, struggling to rebalance it.

    'Decent car to go racing with';

    Alex Albon laughs at James Vowles’ bold Williams F1 claim in Drive to Survive
    Fri 23 February 2024 11:00
    Updated Fri 23 February 2024 12:32
    Kyle Archer
    F1 Oversteer

    Williams driver Alex Albon could not stop himself from suppressing a laugh as team principal James Vowles made a bold claim in Netflix’s new ‘Drive to Survive’ season. Netflix has released season six of the hit F1 documentary series and offers a look behind the scenes at Grove. But where Vowles believes his tenure can take Williams in the future would leave Albon laughing. He replaced Jost Capito in charge of the fabled team in January 2023.

    Episode four of Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ series shows Vowles telling Albon that he fully believes Williams will fight for championships again. The London-born Thai driver could only suppress a laugh at the bold target his team principal laid before him as they debated goals. “I never asked you what in your mind success looks like?” Vowles pondered. To which, Albon replied: “Right now, in this team, it’s progress. It’s seeing progress.”

    Vowles added: “The reason I joined here is because I really do believe we can be back at the front [and] competing for winning championships. You sort of joke and laugh about it. But it’s important that you realise that’s the sort of quality and calibre that you have available to you. You need to be turning up with a car that’s, at least, being updated several times a year. And it will keep getting better.”

    ‘Alex Albon laughs at James Vowles’ bold Williams F1 claim’;

    “No tenth team anymore” in close F1 field – Albon
    Posted on 29th February 2024, 0:01
    Written by Will Wood

    Albon believes the midfield battle will be tighter than ever heading into the new season this weekend. Despite Red Bull’s dominance throughout the 2023 season, the field spread between the front and rear of the field was historically low. However, Albon expects it could be even tighter this season.

    “To be honest, I don’t think the positions have changed so much,” he said. “I don’t think that the order is going to be so different, but the grouping has tightened up massively. There is not really a P10 team anymore.”

    “Obviously Red Bull might have a little bit of an advantage and there’s still a top midfield section and a bottom midfield section – but that’s kind of our hunting ground. I think, depending on the circuit and what track suits us or not, we’ll be either in the midfield or a little bit further back. But that’s all to see. I don’t think anyone really knows where we are right now.”

    “No tenth team anymore”;

    F1 ace Logan Sargeant's three point plan to move on from 2023 disappointments
    EXCLUSIVE: F1 second-season driver Logan Sargeant exclusively spoke to the Daily Express Sport ahead of the 2024 season
    06:00, Wed, Feb 28, 2024
    By Joshua Mbu
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Williams F1 ace Logan Sargeant says his 2024 goal is to be more "consistent", deliver results for the team and take weight off impressive lead driver Alex Albon. The 23-year-old American struggled in his rookie campaign, suffering a number of crashes - but he showed signs of promise in the closing stages of the season earning a new contract.

    "I think the big thing for me is this year I want to be more consistent, be able to deliver on a more consistent basis," Sargeant told the Daily Express Sport on his 2024 goals. "But yeah, I learned a lot about myself, a lot about what these cars are capable of, where the limit is. But at the same time, how I can better manage myself throughout a year in all ways, shapes, forms, whatever, physically, mentally, emotionally.”

    “So there's plenty of stuff that I've worked on in the off-season. And yeah, I think I've learned what can bite in these cars and I just want to try and avoid those moments and keep it a bit more clean." He added: "I think the target is quite simple. I don't really put a number on things. But it's simply to deliver, as I said, more consistently, get everything out of the car and fewer mistakes, better results."

    ‘Three point plan’;

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