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    Horner's 'heart in mouth' after Perez's Monaco smash.
    "It was a horrible-looking accident, and of course, your heart is in your mouth, and at that point, the immediate focus is on the safety of the driver," Horner told media including RacingNews365.
    27 May 2024, 6:30AM
    Jake Nichol & Aaron Deckers

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner has described how his "heart was in your mouth" after Sergio Perez's huge Monaco Grand Prix crash. On Lap 1, Perez was collected by Kevin Magnussen on the climb up Beau Rivage, being spat into the armco barrier, destroying the car.

    Horner has now offered his thoughts on the incident, and praised the safety of the car in protecting Perez. "It was a horrible-looking accident, and of course, your heart is in your mouth, and at that point, the immediate focus is on the safety of the driver," Horner told media including RacingNews365.

    "Thankfully, cars can be fixed and the structure of the halo and everything did its job. The most important thing was that Checo was able to walk away from a very nasty accident unscathed."

    ‘Horner's 'heart in mouth'’;

    Sergio Perez can't believe what happened after scary Monaco GP crash
    Sergio Perez crashed out on lap one of the Monaco Grand Prix after contact from Kevin Magnussen in an incident which also forced the other Haas of Kevin Magnussen to retire
    19:18 Sun, 26 May 2024.
    By Daniel Moxon Senior F1 Writer
    The Mirror

    Sergio Perez said he was "shaken" after his hefty Monaco Grand Prix crash and expressed his surprise that the stewards chose not to investigate the incident. Race control noted the incident but it wasn't long before confirmation came that there would be no further investigation into the cause of the pile-up. And, speaking after the race, Perez could not quite believe that it had not at least been looked into.

    He said: "It was a little bit shaky from me. It was quite a heavy impact. If you see my onboard at no point, you see Kevin's car not even close to me, alongside me, and you could see that the wall is just getting closer and closer and to keep it flat out. There was only one way out of it.”

    "It was either contact with my car, with the barrier, there were just simply no room for both cars. And at some point he had to realise that, you know, I've been in that location and many times when you are the car behind, you just have to realise that it's time to back off, before things get closer to you.

    "It was a little bit shaky from me……”;

    Sergio Perez wrecked in massive Monaco GP crash
    Red Bull's Sergio Perez crashed heavily on lap one of the Monaco Grand Prix after making contact with Haas driver Kevin Magnussen.
    May 27, 2024 — 6.48am
    The Sydney Morning Herald

    ‘Crashed heavily on lap one’;

    Red Bull F1 Car Obliterated During Crash at Monaco GP, Perez Walks Away
    The other RB driver, Sergio Perez, survives horrific crash while local boy Charles Leclerc tops podium.
    PUBLISHED May 26, 2024 8:40 PM EDT
    Beverly Braga
    The Drive

    Unlucky for Red Bull's Sergio Perez, his Sunday drive was over before reaching turn two. But lucky again, because he survived a crash that absolutely obliterated his car.

    Race starts are exciting because anything can happen, and usually does. At Monaco, Perez and Haas driver Kevin Magnussen were battling for position upon exiting turn one. But given the already cramped quarters of the course, this is a race of millimeters for today's broad-shouldered F1 car. Something had to give.

    Except neither Perez nor Magnussen laid off the throttle, so pop went the weasel. Hulkenberg tagged Perez's right rear, sending the two cars into the barriers at a reported speed of 160 mph. Behind them was Magnussen's teammate Nico Hulkenberg. With nowhere to go, Hulkenberg unwillingly joined the party.

    ‘Red Bull F1 Car Obliterated’;

    Christian Horner after Monaco GP: 'We faced many challenges'
    26 May 2024
    Niels Hendrix

    Christian Horner, team principal and CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing, said after the Monaco Grand Prix: “I would say it was a difficult weekend and Monaco is always dictated by qualifying performance, so we faced many challenges going into today.”

    “A big congratulations to Charles on his home win, but for us our car never performed at its best here and we need to understand the issues we had on the bumps and kerbs. We have a lot of data to analyse from this weekend and we’ll be looking at everything hard over the next couple of weeks before Canada.”

    'We faced many challenges';

    Red Bull reveals enormous cost of Perez's Monaco accident
    Helmut Marko has revealed the multi-million dollar cost of Sergio Perez's Monaco Grand Prix crash.
    26 May 9:30PM
    Jake Nichol

    A lengthy red flag followed for barrier repairs, with Perez tearing into Magnussen's approach as the stewards declined to investigate the issue further, as Marko claimed a multi-million price-tag was awaiting Red Bull.

    "This is costing us about two to three million and with the budget cap that is of course a big handicap,” he told Sky Germany.

    "It was another crash that Magnussen was involved in. Thank God it ended well, but it was a critical situation. I was surprised, though, how quickly the stewards dealt with the matter. These are decisions you can hardly influence, but it was just dangerous."

    ‘Multi-million dollar cost’;

    ‘That was a pretty sketchy moment’ – Zhou had front row seat for Lap 1 crash
    18:04 Sun, 26 May 2024.
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Zhou Guanyu was relieved to discover Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg were uninjured after their first lap crash – which the Sauber driver saw unfold in front of him. Zhou finished the race in P16.

    ‘Front row seat for Lap 1 crash’;

    ‘Not worth the risk’: Martin Brundle shares who he thinks was at fault for Sergio Perez crash at Monaco Grand Prix
    Sun 26 May 2024 14:45
    Ben Evans
    F1 Oversteer

    The Monaco Grand Prix had an eventful start when Red Bull driver Sergio Perez had a huge crash and Martin Brundle has shared his thoughts on the incident. Sergio Perez had a torrid qualifying session at the Monaco Grand Prix having failed to get out of Q1, but it wasn’t as bad as the end result for Haas.

    Commenting on the massive accident after the first corner, Martin Brundle shared on Sky Sports F1 his thoughts on who was at fault. Reflecting on the incident, Brundle said: “[Sergio] Perez was almost stationary on the outside, he comes to the middle of the track.”

    “It was front wheel against front axle aligned with the rear axle, whoever’s fault it was, single seaters only have one person in them by definition. I believe Kevin [Magnussen] should have got out of that and given that one up. It was just not worth the risk up there, you’re fighting over pretty much last place against a Red Bull with 78 laps to go, it’s just not worth the risk up there when you’re not anyway near alongside.”

    ‘Martin Brundle: “I believe Kevin [Magnussen] should have got out of that and given that one up”’;

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    Piastri: It needed 'something pretty special' to beat Leclerc.
    "To be honest, Charles has been mega all weekend and they've been quick from the very first lap, and I think it would have taken something pretty special in quali to out do him.” Oscar Piastri.
    18:41 Sun, 26 May 2024.
    Andrew Lewin

    Leclerc got a strong launch leaving Piastri fighting off a challenge from Carlos Sainz in the second Ferrari. Contact between them left Sainz with a puncture and Piastri with light floor damage to the MCL38.

    The race was red flagged after a major accident toward the back, giving Piastri a second shot at challenging Leclerc into turn 1, but once again the Ferrari was too strong and Piastri has to accept second place.

    "The pace at the beginning was incredibly slow and I had one little half look before the tunnel, but I didn't have a small enough car to fit into a gap," Piastri said in parc ferme.

    ‘Piastri has to accept second place’;

    Piastri ‘tried my best to try and sneak past’ Leclerc in battle for Monaco win
    19:05 Sun, 26 May 2024.
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Oscar Piastri scored his best result of the season with second place in Monaco, and admitted he didn’t quite have enough to pass eventual winner Charles Leclerc – especially after his McLaren picked up damage in a Lap 1 tangle with Carlos Sainz.

    ‘Best result of the season’;

    Piastri: ‘I didn’t have an answer’ as early damage costs him late on in the Monaco GP
    Piastri admitted that the slow pace at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix helped him nurse the damage to his McLaren
    May 27, 2024
    Oliver Brindle

    McLaren driver Oscar Piastri was “very happy with the podium” at the Monaco Grand Prix but suggested that early damage in the race cost him a chance at a first win in F1. Piastri got off the line well, but a brave Carlos Sainz appeared down the inside of the Australian. Both cars went into Turn 1 wheel to wheel, and contact was made, leaving the Ferrari driver with a puncture and the McLaren with a damaged floor.

    However, there was a sense of relief for both drivers as a bigger crash behind between the two Haas’ and the Red Bull of Sergio Perez saw a red flag brought out. Piastri held on to second on the restart and maintained his runner-up spot to the finish due to the difficulties of overtaking around the principality.

    Speaking to F1, Piastri said: “I mean, obviously very happy with the podium; it’s been a great weekend from start to finish, I feel like. It’s Nice to finally get a result on the board. I feel like the last few weeks we’ve been very, very strong, with no results to show. And today, to finish second is a great result for everybody involved, so very happy with that, I tried my best to try to sneak past – but just too difficult.”

    ‘I didn’t have an answer’;

    Damage from “very small” Sainz contact initially cost up to 0.5s per lap – McLaren
    27th May 2024, 13:26
    Written by Keith Collantine

    McLaren said the contact between Carlos Sainz Jnr and Oscar Piastri at the start of the race did enough damage to cost their driver half a second per lap. “The team told me how much downforce I was losing before we tried to fix it and it was a pretty big number,” he said. “I don’t know what we managed to get it down to but obviously the length of the red flag helped us out quite a lot there.”

    Despite his team’s repair job, Piastri wasn’t able to maintain the pace of his closest rivals at the end of the race. “Being in Monaco, it’s probably the one track where having damage doesn’t hurt you as much,” he said. “It was a very, very small touch. But with these cars, especially with the floor being so sensitive to the downforce it generates, it can ruin your race very easily. So I was very happy we could try and fix it.”

    McLaren team principal Andrea Stella said the team’s repair work halved the initial performance loss Piastri suffered from the original contact. “As soon as the collision happened we observed the 20 points [of downforce] down, which here in Monaco is about half a second. But then, thanks to the red flag, we were in condition to make some repairs to the floor. The side wing of the floor was broken so we repaired it, we didn’t fix it entirely and we changed the sidepod that was broken as well. So overall the deficit was about 10 points for the entire race, which is a couple of tenths, maybe two-tenths and a half.”

    ‘Team’s repair work halved the initial performance loss’;

    Piastri relief after damage to 'sensitive part' in Monaco
    Oscar Piastri has underlined multiple factors that minimised the effect of his floor damage at Monaco.
    27 May 2024, 12:20PM
    Samuel Coop

    Oscar Piastri has highlighted the minimising factors that allowed him to take second-place at the Monaco Grand Prix, despite damage to a "sensitive" part. The 23-year-old took damage to his floor at the start of the race before the red flag intervention for the incident between Sergio Perez and the two Haas'. This allowed McLaren to fix his floor as best it could during the 45 minute delay to proceedings in Monte Carlo.

    With tyre management a concern, the leading quartet kept the slower-than-usual pace - something that prevented Piastri from accurately accessing the damage to his car. "It was okay," he replied when asked how the performance of his McLaren was after the incident with Sainz. "I think for the first half of the race, it was impossible to tell what the penalty of that was.”

    "I think towards the end, probably a combination of trying to keep the pace of the race reasonably quick, plus the floor, [I] just struggled a little bit towards the end, but overall pretty happy with it. And yeah, the last 10 laps or so, I was pretty happy we were in Monaco."

    ‘Piastri relief’;

    ‘Oscar, we do see the impact of the damage’: Why Piastri’s third F1 podium is his most telling yet
    May 27, 2024 — 1.22am
    By Russell Bennett and Jon Pierik
    WA Today

    It was Piastri’s nerves of steel in his McLaren that emerged as one of the biggest talking points of the race. The notoriously unforgiving street circuit claimed its first victims after just the first corner on the first lap, and Piastri could so easily have joined Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen on the sidelines.

    While Sky Sports F1 analyst and former driver Martin Brundle was at times exasperated by the lack of overtaking in the race – at one stage saying: “The one DRS [overtaking] zone here is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard” – even he was captivated by the “go slow” strategy employed at stages by Ferrari.
    It was done not only to preserve Leclerc’s tyres, but also to keep the other leaders of the field, including Piastri, Sainz, and Norris, bunched behind him, so they couldn’t afford the gamble of a secondary pitstop to change on to newer, quicker rubber.

    “Oscar, we do see the impact of the damage,” the radio message, broadcast by Sky F1, said. “[But] it looks like the aero balance is sensible at least.” Following the race, a matter-of-fact Piastri was full of praise for Leclerc’s win, but admitted finishing second had left him wondering might have been had he not fallen 0.154 seconds short of Leclerc in qualifying to start in second spot.

    ‘Piastri’s third F1 podium’;

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