Long time lurker first time poster - I’m just after some information if anyone has any relevant experience….
I suffered a serious accident at work nearly 3 years ago after a winch cable snapped and caused a machine to crush my leg shattering my knee.
I was in hospital for a week and a leg brace for approx 4 months after. I had pins and wire holding it all back together, I had this removed in June this year, it required some quiet serious work that again resulted in 2 months off work after I got an infection.
I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago as I still struggle with pain and stiffness (I only have around 60% movement) I am now booked in for cartilage regeneration surgery - this again will result in being back in a leg brace and a considerable amount of time off work.
My consultant said had I been older he would be giving me a full knee replacement, it is more than likely I will need a full replacement in years to come.
My employer admitted 100% responsibility for the accident immediately after it happened. I never went back to that job.

My solicitor is going to settle the claim with the insured in the next couple of months, I can either take a payment in full now closing the case or a payment now and leave the case open with the insurance having to cover any further costs I incur, loss of wages etc.

I have zero idea of how much compensation to expect or would be reasonable (my solicitor at the moment will only go as far to say ‘a considerable amount’) can anyone shed any light or have any knowledge of what would be reasonable to expect???

The loss of earnings is easy enough to work out but the compensation for the accident/injuries is what I would like some information on?