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    What to expect in 2024 Season?

    2023 season is now over and we have seen a season where Red Bull Racing has dominated. Are we going to see more competition from the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren in the next season? Which drivers are likely to switch teams or make an entry in the F1 in 2024? Let's discuss anything about 2024 F1 season here.
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    Probably more Red Bull dominance while Ferrari and Mercedes play runner-up. I do not see McLaren being consistently on the podium and Aston Martin will probably be close but not where they were this season.
    Alpine have two drivers who dislike one another and will probably not meet any expectations.
    Maybe Williams will score more points. Other than that I do not see the rest doing anything different than this year.
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    Red Bull had the car for sure this year and right out of the gate too. I was surprised that Mercedes was so far off the mark at the start and we'll see if they can fix that for 2024. Ferrari may be closer next year, its a solid team. I'm picking Haas for the tail enders next year. The real open question is: Can McLaren keep the competitive spirit they found toward the end of the season?

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    I think Redbull shall still be the top dog in 2024. With Vasseur settled into Ferrari, l am expecting to see Ferrari be much closer to Redbull. Also with the shuffle in the Mercedes design team, there is a good chance that Mercedes may find their mojo in 2024. But all eyes are really on Mclaren. They showed the most promise of getting closer to Redbull.

    Verstappen shall most likely win his fourth driver's title, matching Vettel. Mostly because the competition would be tripping themselves up with their driver pairing fighting each other. I am hoping that it is not going to be another boring 2023 replay. It would be ideal if the gap at the sharp end is greatly reduced to less than a quarter of a second.

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    What to expect in 2024 Season?

    A better car for Ferrari, so we can fight for the Title
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