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    Lando Norris predicting a lengthy wait before first F1 title challenge.
    Few would doubt his talent but Lando Norris believes he is still some way off from competing for a Formula 1 World Championship.
    Thursday 19th January 2023 7:23 AM
    Sam Cooper

    In 2019, he scored his first points. In 2020, he stood atop the podium for the first time and in 2021, he improved that tally to four including a career-high P2 at Monza. But while 2022 saw him stagnate with just a single podium and 38 points fewer than he acquired the year previous, there are few who would argue that was down to the ability of Norris.

    The Brit has been occupying the ‘best of the rest’ category for a while now, picking up six seventh place finishes in 2022, but while some say a title battle is soon on the horizon, Norris himself is a little more hesitant.

    “With everything I’ve learned, maybe I could win a race, but I’m unlikely to win a championship until possibly that time,” he told GQ magazine of his contract end date in 2025. “I know I need to be at the absolute top of my game in those years.”

    ‘Lengthy wait’;

    Even in Formula 1, the topic of mental health is often still taboo. Norris is fighting against the stigma.
    19 Jan 2023, 08:40
    Lena Ferle

    Since Norris first set foot in Formula 1 in 2019, he has repeatedly struggled with mental health issues. For several years now, he has spoken openly about it. Norris wants to use it to help other people open up.

    Norris and his team McLaren are working with the mental health charity Mind. Since the start of this collaboration, Norris has made several appearances on television shows. On “This Morning”, he talked about how mental health affected him in the early stages of his Formula 1 career.


    Brown reveals Norris' only bad habit that 'frustrates' him
    19 January 10:25AM
    Author Rory Mitchell

    Zak Brown has admitted that the one thing about Lando Norris that occasionally "frustrates" him is the Briton's punctuality. "What frustrates me about Lando?" said Brown in an interview with GQ magazine.

    "He’s been five minutes late more than once. If we’re supposed to leave at 8.00, it might be 8.07." It's a minor problem for the team boss though, who insists that Norris is very good at integrating himself within the team and has matured since joining.

    He added: "The great thing about him is he is very honest and owns everything. And he’s definitely improved.” Norris' calm nature is the thing that has impressed Brown the most, with the team CEO believing that his driver will be World Champion within the next "10 to 15 years" of his career.

    ‘Briton's punctuality’;

    Lando Norris got on 'pretty well' with Daniel Ricciardo despite Drive To Survive 'tension'.
    11:30, 18 JAN 2023
    BY Mark Whiley
    Daily Star

    Lando Norris has opened up about his relationship with now-former McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo, insisting they got on “pretty well”. Recent series of the hit F1 documentary Drive To Survive have suggested tension between Norris and his last two stablemates, Carlos Sainz and Ricciardo.

    Norris’s negative portrayal in the Netflix series has attracted criticism, most notably from F1 world championship Max Verstappen, who boycotted the show over what he saw as fabricated events and rivalries, although he made himself available for interview for series five, which airs next month.

    ‘Got on pretty well';

    Lando Norris admits what he 'hated' about Daniel Ricciardo relationship at McLaren
    Lando Norris has opened up on his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren.
    09:46, Thu, Jan 19, 2023
    By Luke Chillingsworth
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Lando Norris has admitted he and Daniel Ricciardo both “hated” being beaten by each other on race weekends. But Norris also stressed the pair also didn't enjoy getting the better of each other as a result of their great relationship.

    Norris added they got on “pretty well” and “respected each other” away from the race track. The Brit told GQ Magazine: “Carlos [Sainz] and I get on extremely well. I kind of grew up with him. Daniel I got on with pretty well. He and I were the perfect competitors: we hated beating each other like we hated getting beat by one another.

    “Away from the track we respected each other massively. I keep it separate; I can be the biggest competitor I need to be on the race track, but I can also respect and be good mates with other people.” His comments come after Netflix’s Drive to Survive producers hyped up a rivalry between Norris and Ricciardo. In the series, Norris asks his engineers to tell Riccardo to hurry up as he is driving too slow.

    ‘Opened up on his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo’;

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    De Vries in legal dispute ahead of full F1 debut.
    Ahead of his first full Formula 1 season, Dutch rookie Nyck de Vries has found himself at the centre of a legal dispute.
    19 Jan 2023, 06:13

    The supposed terms of the deal involved payment of 3 percent interest per year, plus 50 percent of de Vries’ earnings once he got to Formula 1. Reportedly, the loan would be waived if de Vries did not make it to Formula 1 by the end of 2022, prompting the dispute.

    In reality, the Dutch driver made his one-off grand prix debut at Monza last year, in the ill Alex Albon’s place. That performance attracted the attention of Dr Helmut Marko, who decided to sign de Vries for the full season at Red Bull-owned Alpha Tauri this year. According to de Vries’ lawyers, he reportedly repaid about EUR 190,000 to Schothorst while test driver at Mercedes.

    The Alpha Tauri driver’s lawyer, meanwhile, said de Vries made a proposal to repay the full loan in addition to the EUR 190,000 already paid, which was rejected by Schothorst. The Amsterdam court is set to issue the judge’s ruling in writing on 3 February, with Schothorst having demanded the full disclosure of de Vries’ contracts between 2018 and 2022.

    ‘50 percent of de Vries’ earnings’;

    De Vries sued by former investor who helped fund F1 career
    Thursday 19 January 2023 09:03
    Sam Hall

    Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has now reported that this outing has caused De Vries legal problems, with real estate millionaire Jeroen Schothorst demanding considerable remuneration for investments in the 27-year-old's junior career.

    It is reported that Schothorst lent EUR 250,000 to De Vries through his Investrand investment company in 2018 to fund an F2 campaign. In the summons issued after Schothorst initiated proceedings, it is indicated that the loan to De Vries would accumulate three percent interest per year with a payment of fifty percent of income from his F1 activities.

    If De Vries had not made it to F1 by the end of 2022, it is reported that this loan would have been waived. So far, De Vries has repaid almost EUR 190,000 due to his activities as a test and reserve driver.

    ‘De Vries sued’;

    Nyck de Vries reveals huge family sacrifice as he finally gets to live his F1 dream
    After a longer wait that he would have hoped for and many years of hard work and sacrifice, de Vries will finally race regularly in Formula 1 this season with AlphaTauri
    21:41, 16 Jan 2023
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer
    The Mirror

    It has been a long time coming for Nyck de Vries, but this year will be the first in which he is finally a regular fixture on the Formula 1 grid.

    The first race of the season in Bahrain won't be his debut – that came unexpectedly at Monza last year, and gave him the opportunity to shine that he grasped with both hands. That cameo for Williams in Italy went a long way in helping the Dutchman to finally live out his F1 dream.

    After all, De Vries has been waiting a long time. He went through the same rigorous process every young driver experiences as he worked his way up the junior formulae, but even after winning the 2019 Formula 2 championship there was still no place in the top category for him.

    ‘Huge family sacrifice’;

    'Max is my big brother in the F1 paddock', says de Vries
    15/01/2023 at 15:11
    Andrew Lewin

    Ahead of his first full season in Formula 1, Nyck de Vries has been talking about his close relationship with Dutch compatriot and fellow world champion Max Verstappen.

    "Max and I have known each other since a very young age as we grew up karting at a similar time, although we’ve never actually raced against each other," de Vries said in an AlphaTauri website Q&A session.

    "We have a great relationship, the way we grew up in racing, with our fathers being very involved and karting through Europe has been very similar and we have a great respect for each other.”

    'Max is my big brother’;

    Nyck de Vries opens up on ‘big brother’ Max Verstappen
    Nyck de Vries will replace Pierre Gasly at AlphaTauri this season, with the Frenchman moving further up the grid to join Alpine.
    14 January 2023
    by Jack Devonport

    “Max and I have known each other since a very young ages, as we grew up karting at a similar time, although we’ve never actually raced against each other,” he said.

    “The first time we actually raced together was in Monza last year, and we happened to be next to each other on the grid, so that was amazing.”

    “We have a great relationship, the way we grew up in racing, with our fathers being very involved and karting through Europe has been very similar and we have a great respect for each other. We’re obviously from the same country, speak the same language and we just get along.”

    ‘Big brother’ Max Verstappen’;

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    Ferrari reportedly gains ‘at least one second’ with 2023 F1 car.
    Ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season, it is reported that Ferrari’s challenger could be over one second faster than its predecessor.
    19th Jan 2023, 12:06
    by Fergal Walsh
    Motorsport Week

    fans of Ferrari may have something to look forward to this year, as writes that its car is over a second faster than the 2022 F1-75 in the simulator.

    Over the winter break, key areas of improvement that the team has been focused on are improving engine reliability as well as performance gains in medium and low-speed corners.

    Ferrari has made a major change through the team boss role, with Frederic Vasseur replacing Mattia Binotto, who departs the company after over two decades. Ferrari is looking to bring an end to its title drought, which stretches back to the 2008 campaign when it topped the Constructors’ Championship.

    ‘Ferrari’s challenger could be over one second faster’;

    Ferrari gain “at least one second” with F1 2023 car? Latest rumour emerges from Maranello
    19 Jan 2023
    Lewis Larkam

    There are already positive noises coming out of the Ferrari camp ahead of the F1 2023 season, if reports in Italy are to be believed.

    Italy’s report that Ferrari’s 2023 F1 car - dubbed project 675 - is at least one second faster than its predecessor in the simulator.

    According to the report, sources within the Maranello team have revealed Ferrari’s simulations predict “at least” a one second gain with their 2023 car compared to the F1-75.

    ‘Project 675’;

    New 2023 Ferrari reportedly 'one second faster' in simulator
    19/01/2023 at 15:26
    Phillip van Osten

    Enrico Gualtieri remains in charge of engine development, including the design of Ferrari's future power unit that will be produced according to F1's 2023 engine regulations.

    But Gualtieri is now assisted by Davide Mazzoni who returned to Ferrari last November after several years with Maserati to deal exclusively with the 2023-spec unit's Internal Combustion Engine.

    After last year's spell of reliability issues, Ferrari's efforts have been largely directed at improving durability, with its engineers undertaking long sessions on the test bench at Maranello with results that warrant a "cautious optimism" according to

    ‘Long sessions on the test bench at Maranello’;

    Ferrari said to have gained "at least" a second

    Reports coming out if Italy suggest Ferrari's 2023 contender is at least a second quicker than its predecessor.

    While the claim is based purely on simulator work it will give hope to the tifosi, drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz and all those who want to see Red Bull given a run for its money this season.

    With an engine freeze in place, the only changes that can be made to the engine relate to reliability, safety, cost saving and minor changes in order to allow the power unit to be installed correctly. Improvements cannot be made to the performance of the engine.

    ‘Claim is based purely on simulator work’;

    Ben Sulayem: 'Only a matter of time' before Ferrari wins championship
    19/01/2023 at 10:39
    Phillip van Osten

    FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem believes that it's "only a matter of time" before Ferrari returns the F1 title to Maranello. "The decision was made on the basis of performance," commented Ben Sulayem when asked in Saudi Arabia last week about Ferrari's prospects.

    "When Ferrari won they had a lot of diversity, but it’s not about whether Italians are better than French or Germans. It’s about finding the right person. Even if all teams have the same engine and the same team boss, only one team can win at the end," he added.

    "Whether they have the right ingredients, no one knows except Ferrari itself. But winning races and winning championships is not something new for Ferrari. It’s only a matter of time until they win again."

    'Only a matter of time';

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    Alpine 'suspicious' about Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari developments before new F1 season.
    Alpine's F1 executive director has shared his thoughts on F1's top teams supposedly making gains during the offseason.
    14:13, Thu, Jan 19, 2023
    By Liam Llewellyn
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Alpine F1 have grown suspicious of their biggest rivals during the offseason with the new campaign fast approaching. The French-based outfit finished fourth in the 2022 Constructor standings and they will be keen to close the gap to Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes this season.

    “In reality the modifications to increase the reliability of the engine, even without a direct performance purpose, also helps the power,” the report reads. “And Ferrari seems to be the one ahead from this point of view.”

    As a result Apline are reportedly 'suspicious' over their rival's increase in horsepower, while their power unit changes haven't brought any performance gains. Commenting on the subject, Alpine executive director Bruno Famin, the head of the team’s engine base in Viry-Chatillon in France, explained to The Race: “There is no real margin to be honest because, by rule, you cannot improve the performance of the engine.


    Alpine ‘suspicious’ of F1 rivals amid engine improvements – report
    15:20 Thu, 19 Jan 2023.
    by Fergal Walsh
    Motorsport Week

    Alpine is said to be “suspicious” of rival power unit manufacturers who have reportedly unlocked performance through reliability improvements. Gazetta dello Sport reports that Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull have made gains on their engines ahead of the 2023 season.

    Gazzetta writes that “in reality the modifications to increase the reliability of the engine, even without a direct performance purpose, also helps the power. “And Ferrari seems to be the one ahead from this point of view.” It says that Ferrari has found a 30hp increase, with rivals Mercedes and Red Bull being boosted by 16hp and 10hp respectively.

    Speaking recently to The Race, Alpine executive director Bruno Famin outlined that performance gains from reliability corrections are known to the FIA, who monitored the situation in 2022. “Behind the reliability issue you often have a potential performance gain, of course,” he said. “The limit is not exactly always super clear. Now I am expecting the FIA to be a bit stronger in the future.”


    Alpine urge FIA to take action against Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda trickery
    Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull will all have a more powerful engine in 2023, despite their being an engine freeze on performance upgrades.
    18 January 2023
    by Nick Golding

    Alpine executive director Bruno Famin has questioned “what is a pure, genuine reliability issue?” Following reports from Italy that Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes have all increased the power of their power units.

    “The process in 2022 with the FIA and the other PU manufacturers has been quite good, it has been transparent at least in that everybody was aware of the request and this is very good. It has been well managed by the FIA. “Now I am expecting the FIA to be a bit stronger in the future. It has been quite tolerant in ‘22 and I think it was quite normal because everybody was affected by a reliability issue.”

    “We had 30, 40, 50, 70 requests from the different manufacturers. Then everybody was affected by this kind of problem. I am expecting the FIA to be a bit stronger in the future, but I have no new information.”

    ‘Urge FIA to take action’;

    Alpine reportedly ‘suspicious’ after rivals find horsepower gains through reliability fixes
    Wednesday 18th January 2023 12:15 PM
    Michelle Foster

    At a time when F1’s engine manufacturers may only make changes to their power units to improve reliability, Alpine are said to be “suspicious” of rivals who have found extra horsepower. That, Gazzetta dello Sport reports, is a huge concern as all three of their rival engine manufacturers – Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull – have reportedly made gains.

    Alpine executive director Bruno Famin, the head of the team’s engine base in Viry-Chatillon in France, recently explained to The Race: “For example, we can imagine changing the inlet line or exhaust line to allow our colleagues from Enstone to make better aerodynamics. This is where we are working. We’re working of focus in the use of the energy management, but here again we are going to be very limited as we’re going to have only one software version per year now.

    “We are pushing like that, but it’s more on the on the drivability. We are going through the ideas to progress, which is very small margins. It’s not pure performance, it’s more drivability and integration/aero gains.” But while Alpine fell short, Ferrari have 30hp extra as last season they were forced to decrease the power as they tried to avoid yet more DNFs with their unreliable engine.


    Alpine outline their ‘100-race plan’ after Fernando Alonso misery
    Alpine finished as the best of the rest in 2022, holding off a late charge from McLaren.
    16 January 2023
    by Jack Devonport

    When Renault rebranded to Alpine in 2022, many fans were excited to see exactly what the team could achieve, especially after they managed to bring the legendary Fernando Alonso out of retirement to race for the team.
    Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi claimed that the team had a 100-race plan in place, but never actually described the details of this plan or where he expects his team to be in the near future.
    The team have been impressive since joining the sport, finishing fifth and fourth in their two seasons in Formula 1, achieving a win and a podium along the way as well.
    Alpine look to be a team on the rise under the major regulation changes that came into effect last year, as without their major reliability woes, the French team could have scored over 100 more points, with Alonso alone being forced to retire from six races.

    ‘100-race plan’;

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    Aston Martin find “clever innovations” in F1 rule loopholes - Good news for Fernando Alonso?
    Loopholes within the F1 rules have enabled Aston Martin to find “clever innovations” on their 2023 car.
    20 Jan 2023
    Lewis Larkam

    Hopes for 2023 are high at the Silverstone-based outfit after they were boosted by the arrival of Fernando Alonso, with the two-time world champion replacing fellow multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel, who has retired. Aston Martin are aiming for a marked improvement following two underwhelming seasons and a disappointing seventh-place finish in the 2022 F1 constructors’ championship.

    Although there are no major rule changes for the upcoming campaign - unlike the regulation overhaul in 2022 - Aston Martin’s deputy technical director Eric Blandin has suggested there are loopholes teams can take advantage of.

    “We've implemented a few clever innovations on the new car – they're the icing on the cake,” Blandin said in an interview on the official Aston Martin website. “They’re a nice-to-have, but not a must-have.”

    “Clever innovations”;

    Aston Martin says its 2023 F1 car is more than 90 per cent new
    20th Jan 2023, 09:47
    by Fergal Walsh
    Motorsport Week

    Speaking in an Aston Martin pre-season interview, deputy technical director Eric Blandin outlined how fresh the AMR23 will be compared to its predecessor. “We took all our learnings from last year’s car and applied them to this year’s car,” he said.

    “So much of the AMR23 is new, it’s completely different from the AMR22. We’ve changed more than 90 per cent of the parts and more than 95 per cent of the aerodynamic surfaces are different.”

    ‘90 per cent new’;

    This year's car is set to be "completely different" to Aston Martin's 2022 contender.
    20th Jan 2023, 15:39
    Jasmine Hughes

    The Silverstone-based team has a “few little things” up its sleeve as Aston Martin finds “loopholes” it can use to its advantage.

    A positive outlook for 2023. In Blandin’s view, Aston Martin’s F1 project is now “coming together”. With new state-of-the-art facilities on the horizon, the team’s future in F1 is looking bright.

    “You can feel the energy. Even if we don’t get it right this year or next year, or don’t make the step forward we’re aiming for, we will eventually,” he said. “There’s a strong feeling, a belief, that we’re on the right path. It’s going to take a few years to become championship contenders, but soon we will have everything we need to be successful.”


    Fallows: Aston Martin won’t ‘replicate’ F1’s big teams to beat them
    11:09 Tue, 17 Jan 2023.
    Hamilton Lyndon-Griffiths
    Read Motorsport

    Aston Martin cannot just “replicate” Formula 1’s big three teams if it aspires to be fighting at the front of the grid, says technical director Dan Fallows. “The important thing for us is to make sure that we don’t just replicate what our competitors are doing,” said Fallows, as quoted by The Race.

    “We don’t believe that’s going to help us overtake the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari.
    “We have to develop our own way of doing things. That does take time, but we’ve got a hugely ambitious group of people.”

    “One of the things about seeing the new factory come together is it demonstrates this momentum, this vision, this wish to accelerate the process of moving up the grid and get into a winning situation.”

    ‘Cannot just “replicate” ‘;

    F1: Fernando Alonso shows off incredible reactions with light speed test
    Published: 20 Jan 2023, 08:58
    By George Dagless
    Give Me Sport

    Fernando Alonso embarks on his 21st Formula 1 season this year with Aston Martin and it looks as though his reactions are as sharp as ever.

    Many want to see Fernando out in front battling with the likes of Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and old rival Lewis Hamilton because there’s a genuine belief he’s still absolutely got what it takes to win races providing the car he is in is good enough.

    It remains to be seen what the AMR23 that Aston produce is like, then, with it due to launch on February 13th, but it’s clear Fernando has kept himself in top shape both physically and mentally over the off-season ahead of another busy year on the grid.

    ‘Incredible reactions’;

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    Haas boss Guenther Steiner targeting 5th in F1 standings ahead of new season.
    Guenther Steiner believes the gelling process among new staff at Haas will stand them in good stead for the 2023 season.
    16:11 Thu, 12 Jan 2023.

    Such has been their rate of progress, in fact, that Steiner hopes to see Haas climb back to their 2018 peak of fifth place in the Constructors' standings in the next couple of seasons. "I think we are in a better place," Steiner explained on the Beyond The Grid podcast.

    "As I say, I'm cautiously confident looking at next year that these guys did a good job again, but not because they just worked together for a year, they're just getting better, or the organisation is getting better. They're just more efficient. “

    “They know each other. They know their weak points, their good points, everything. So they're working just like a team now, and that should give us a better car for the future – and that is where we came up in the last two years."

    ‘Targeting 5th’;

    Guenther Steiner sends reassuring message about Haas’ future in F1
    Sunday 15th January 2023 10:00 PM
    Sam Cooper

    With a new title sponsor on board, Guenther Steiner believes Haas fans do not have to worry about the future of their team in the sport.

    Formula 1 is one of the most expensive sports on the planet to compete in and Haas have one of the smaller budgets on the grid in comparison to those further up the field.

    While at times that has made Steiner’s life in particular more difficult (need we mention the boat?), the 57-year-old can breathe a little easier now that the team has a new title sponsor.

    ‘Reassuring message’;

    The debate around technical relationships between teams reared its head once again last season
    09:34 Tue, 17 Jan 2023.
    Katy Roberts

    Over Haas’ satisfactory 2022 season, Guenther Steiner ignored suggestions of a controversial team relationship with Ferrari. The American team has repeatedly faced criticism surrounding its technical collaboration with the legendary constructor.

    In 2018, both Force India and McLaren spoke out against the partnership after Haas arrived at testing with a car resembling the previous season’s Ferrari. McLaren’s Zak Brown has frequently been one of the biggest critics.

    However, the so-called A and B-team system is a great way for smaller teams to enter the sport, according to Ross Brawn. “If you are good, you are a copycat; if you are doing bad, nobody cares,” Steiner told Autosport. “It’s like, alright then, keep on saying it, we have heard this before. It’s a broken record. It doesn’t do anything to me. I couldn’t care less about it.”


    Guenther Steiner lashes out over Ferrari dig as Haas critics are "like a broken record"
    Haas team principal Steiner rarely minces his words, and he stayed true to form as he was asked about those who criticise his team's links with engine suppliers Ferrari
    22:26, 17 Jan 2023
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer
    The Mirror

    Guenther Steiner takes no notice at all of those who dismiss Haas as nothing more than a Ferrari 'B-team'. Steiner, in his usual unflappable way, says he couldn't care less what other have to say about his team. He told Motorsport-Total : "We have got used to it. If you're good, you're a copycat. If you're bad, nobody cares.”

    "It's like, 'alright, keep saying it, we've heard it before'. It's a broken record. It doesn't bother me. I don't care at all." While Haas have benefitted from that Ferrari relationship, their efforts last season were hampered by reliability issues from those power units.

    But Steiner appears confident those woes are now over. "It should be okay now with the new power units that are coming in, and hopefully for next year it is resolved because we had quite a few issues this year, with a few crashes and then power unit problems, they have not helped us," he told Mirror Sport at the end of October.

    "Like a broken record";

    Guenther Steiner snaps back at criticism of Haas' Ferrari relationship - 'Don't care'
    F1 team Haas enjoy a close relationship with Ferrari.
    19:08, Wed, Jan 11, 2023
    By Fraser Watson
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Gunther Steiner has insisted he doesn't care about scepticism over the relationship between his Haas team and Ferrari. The American outfit have long purchased engine parts off the Scuderia, whilst also acquiring staff members. They also have a 'hub' at Ferrari’s Maranello base in Italy.

    The likes of Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff, Alpine’s Otmar Szafnauer and McLaren’s Andreas Seidl have all previously raised Haas’ close ties to Ferrari. However, none have submitted an official complaint to the FIA on the matter.

    The issue of replicating in F1 kicked off in 2020 when Racing Point (now Aston Martin) produced a car dubbed the ‘pink Mercedes’ for its resemblance to the W10 from 2019. As a result, Racing Point were docked 15 Constructors’ points and fined £359,000 for copying the brake ducts.

    'Don't care';

    ‘You are a copycat’: Guenther Steiner hits back at cheating claims
    Haas entered Formula 1 in 2016, bringing an American owned team to the paddock under the leadership of Guenther Steiner.
    17 January 2023
    by Jack Devonport

    The A and B team style of management in Formula 1 has been a very successful one for numerous teams, with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes partnering with smaller teams on the grid to share parts.

    Haas’ technical partnership with Ferrari has been heavily criticised in the past, as the team’s success during its first couple of seasons in the sport was credited to Ferrari. McLaren and Force India both protested against Haas’ relationship with Ferrari in 2018, as the car produced by the team looked awfully similar to the car produced by the Scuderia the season before.

    Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has now hit back at these copying claims, suggesting the rival teams only use this partnership as an excuse when Haas are doing well and fall silent when the team are less successful.

    ‘Hits back at cheating claims’;

    [B]‘Rich people’: Guenther Steiner fires thinly veiled jibe at Toto Wolff[/B]
    2023 is set to be the longest season in the history of Formula 1, with 23 races having been confirmed following the cancellation of the Chinese GP.
    by Nick Golding
    12 January 2023

    Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has admitted that the American side are “not as privileged” as the “rich” teams on the grid, with the Italian revealing that there are no plans for mechanics and engineers to be rotated during the upcoming season.

    Steiner actually enjoys going to all of the races and has even stated that he’ll only miss a race if he’s “sick”. “I’m not as privileged as them, you know, I have to go to the races, actually – these are the rich people which can afford not to go because they’ve got so many people working for them,” Steiner said on Formula 1’s Beyond the Grid podcast.

    “And to be honest, I don’t dislike to go to races. This is what I’m doing, what I like most. Going racing, it’s one of the things I do like. I will go, hopefully, with 24 races you never know if you’re sick on one race or something – I hope I’m not – and I will go to all the races.

    “I have to go to the races”, “This is what I’m doing, what I like most”;

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    A reality check for anyone expecting a closer 2023 F1 season.
    It is going to take time for the field to close up, but there are reasons to expect it to do so. This is the most comprehensive rules overhaul in F1 history and given it’s such a complex sport, it will inevitably require years, rather than months, for the full effect to be felt.
    Jan 21 2023
    By Edd Straw
    The Race

    One of the main objectives of Formula 1’s recent rule revolution is to close up the field. Conventional wisdom states the longer the rules are stable, the closer the competition gets, so the hope is things will get tighter in 2023.

    Historically that trend is broadly true, although it’s never quite as linear as that. Both a look back at F1’s past and the current situation in F1 suggests it won’t be that clear-cut and even though it’s hoped 2023 will be closer, there could be a painful reality check for those expecting it.

    F1’s 2022 regulations aimed to make the field more competitive in multiple ways and it is realistic to expect them to have a positive effect. This objective has been attacked not only technically, but also through the financial and sporting regulations, as well as the Concorde Agreement that binds together the teams, the FIA and commercial-rights holder Liberty Media.

    ‘A reality check’;

    F1 rule changes - The feud between three team bosses over 2023’s biggest update
    F1 have altered with their ride height rules for 2023.
    10:01, Sun, Jan 22, 2023
    By Luke Chillingsworth
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Toto Wolff, Christian Horner and ex-Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto were all involved in a tense feud over one of F1’s major rule changes. The three team bosses had a “heated exchange” at the Canadian Grand Prix after the FIA issued a technical directive to combat porpoising issues.

    New rule changes launched a metric to measure oscillations to ensure cars were not being run too close to the floor. This was eventually brought in from the Belgian Grand Prix but the directive also promised a technical meeting to define more long-term solutions to the issue.

    The FIA have since adopted a string of new rule changes for 2023 in a bid to improve safety. Ride heights will be raised by 15mm for this season while more stringent lateral floor deflection tests and sensors will also be introduced. The car’s underfloor diffuser throat will also need to be raised from the start of the new season.

    ‘The feud between three team bosses’;

    Liberty Media rejects huge bid from Saudi Arabia to buy F1
    Liberty Media have made it clear that Formula 1 is not for sale
    January 22, 2023
    By Adam Dickinson
    Total Motorsport

    Liberty Media have reiterated that F1 is not for sale after rejecting a huge bid from Saudi Arabia to purchase Formula 1. The American media group bought the sport for $4.4 billion in 2017.

    Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, which also owns Newcastle United, reportedly bid over $20 billion in an attempt to buy the sport, as part of Saudi Arabia’s ever-growing sporting sphere of influence.

    They reportedly remain committed to the project of buying F1 and would be one of the frontrunners if Liberty does look to sell its asset in the coming years, but have been rebuffed for the time being.

    ‘Reportedly bid over $20 billion in an attempt to buy the sport’;

    Why Time Is Becoming a Factor in Andretti F1 Bid
    Mario Andretti says that son Michael Andretti's Formula 1 effort will need decision from F1 in the next few months.
    Jan 20, 2023
    By Global Motorsport Media

    Formula 1 needs to give the Andretti-Cadillac F1 is entering a critical phase and that time is starting to matter. So says 1978 Formula 1 world champion Mario Andretti, whose son Michael Andretti is bidding to bring his Andretti Autosport empire into the sport with General Motors' backing.

    However, while FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem has shown support for the new team to enter F1—most likely in 2026 when the sport's new regulations kick in—the bid is facing major opposition from existing teams who fear a dilution of their value and official income.

    It means that, for the moment, the Andretti bid has the brakes on.

    ‘Time Is Becoming a Factor’;

    Six F1 teams which could have more team-mate tension than Ocon v Gasly
    Saturday 21st January 2023 7:00 AM
    Henry Valantine

    Pierre Gasly against Esteban Ocon at Alpine is one of the big F1 duels we are all looking forward to in 2023, but the new Alpine driver does not see what the fuss is about when their fractious relationship is spoken of.

    Gasly has been keen to play down any talk of tension between them, however. “I think this is a subject that is talked about far too often,” he told the French edition of “We get along well. We may not be best friends, but we can go through a door together.”

    “When I go over the paddock and the relationships between other team-mates, there are certainly relationships that are worse than ours. If the relationship between Esteban and me needs to be discussed, you can talk about 60 per cent of the paddock.” So with Gasly inviting talks about six other teams in the paddock, we got our heads together for a think about which teams he could be referring to.

    ‘Six F1 teams’;

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    Sergio Perez will be an F1 world champion, claims father.
    Sergio Perez will one day win the Formula 1 driver's championship, his father Victor has claimed.
    Sunday 22 January 2023 23:01
    Paul Macdonald

    In an interview with Mexican outlet En Cancha MX, Antonio Perez Garibay discussed his son's exploits and his development into becoming Max Verstappen's Partner at Red Bull. He believes that his son needs to up his game, but that he also has the capacity to compete – and ultimately win – the world title in the future.

    Perez Sr. said: "These last two years have been the most important for him. The best thing is his relationship with Red Bull. "It must be remembered that Checo was not at this level and he found it, after he lost everything at Force India and Racing Point, when he was fired and left without a job, but these two years they have been the most important in all terms for Checo.”

    "This is an experience that is very difficult for Mexico to repeat and we have to enjoy it. I tell you that the best of Checo Perez – we have not seen it yet. He has much more to give, and surely with the passage of time Mexico will have a F1 champion."

    ‘One day, Formula 1 driver's champion’;

    What Perez needs to do to take title fight to Verstappen
    Monday 16 January 2023 13:20
    GPFans Staff

    Former Red Bull driver David Coulthard has revealed what Sergio Perez must do to take the fight to team-mate Max Verstappen for the F1 drivers' title this year. Coulthard explained: "For Checo to look at how many victories Max had and how many he had, it's not like he is just having to polish a few corners.

    "This is a major rewrite, a software update. If you use the same ingredients in the cake you will get the same cake. You need to change it if you want something different."

    "He has access to the data of the world champion," added Coulthard. "He can see where he's quicker, and where he's slower. Checo will be quicker in some areas. It's just Max is putting it all together more often than not."

    ‘A major rewrite, a software update’;

    Sergio Perez is eyeing a title-winning 2023 season as he works on consistency and strength
    10:10 Tue, 10 Jan 2023.
    Catherine Micallef

    The Mexican joined the Austrian outlet in 2021 after he unleashed a racing force like no other in his last season with Racing Point in 2020. He proved to be a great “second driver” by helping slow down other drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and contributing to Max Verstappen’s title winnings in 2021. In 2022, Perez was essential in Red Bull’s mission to win Constructors’ too.

    Perez is not wasting time. The season might be taking a break, but the Mexican is working non-stop to ensure he’s prepared for the 2023 season. At age 32, he feels like he’s at his prime and is determined to win even more. He told Formula 1: “I’m constantly working on it. I think it really depends on how comfortable I am at the start of the season with the car, as I was in the beginning of the season, then it slipped away.”

    “I think as Formula 1 drivers, we are constantly working for new challenges all the time. But I do feel, at this time, I’m pretty much at my best. I really want to carry it on and start next year on a very high [level]. Certainly, [2022] started really well. [We had] some reliability issues in the beginning, but things were looking on track. We were in the mix for the championship early on. I had a couple of bad races that really put me [out of] contention for the championship, so there is some work to do in that regard, together with the team.”


    Sergio Pérez's best moments of 2022.
    30 Dec 2022
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Even though Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez missed out on second place in drivers' championship, Mexican still had an exceptional season as he conquered the streets of Monaco and Singapore. Sit back and enjoy some of Checo's defining moments in 2022.

    ‘Sergio Pérez's best moments’;

    Horner: Brazil team order row 'a mistake on our part'

    21/01/2023 at 17:07
    Andrew Lewin

    Christian Horner has admitted that the row that blew up between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez about team orders at the Brazilian Grand Prix had been down to Red Bull failing to foresee how things would play out. Looking back, Horner acknowledged that it was the team which had been responsible for the breakdown in Verstappen and Perez working together on that occasion.

    “I think the root cause of the problem was we had never envisaged being in a situation, being in the final few laps, being in sixth and seventh place in that Grand Prix,” Horner said. “It was something that, as we hadn't envisaged it, we hadn't discussed it before the race, and I think that was a mistake on our part," he admitted.

    "We should have thought through, or tried to think through every single scenario. I think that was a mistake as a team that we didn't discuss it and come up with a very clear plan," he noted. "Obviously it was unfortunate what happened."

    ‘Mistake on our part';

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    Massa: Ferrari have 'many, many problems' to fix.
    Felipe Massa believes Ferrari needs to fix 'many many problems' to give Charles Leclerc a chance of winning this year's F1 title.
    Monday 23 January 2023 06:59
    Paul Macdonald

    Ferrari's questionable strategy decisions plagued its 2022 season despite a strong start, and Massa, speaking in an interview with Polish site, said in order to win a title, certain situations have to be perfect – something Ferrari must bear in mind. "First of all, I think Charles is doing a fantastic job," said Massa. "He's a great driver, he really deserves to be in a competitive car. He deserves to have the opportunity to fight for the championship as a driver.”

    "But yeah, I think they need to fix the problem. They need to improve the things that are not working, on the strategy but also on so many other things. They have mechanical issues at the beginning of the season. They had problems in the pit stop, many, many problems with the strategy.”

    "In the end, to win the championship, everything needs to be perfect. For me, when you have a season like this, it's important to fix things in the right way. If you start to change things and you change in the wrong way, that is not good. So, you need to change things in the right way and fix them quickly. You need to fix now until the last race to be better for the next season."

    ‘Everything needs to be perfect’;

    Ex-F1 star disagrees with Charles Leclerc as new Ferrari boss told to act 'like a parent'.
    Ferrari's strategic errors cost them a shot at the title in 2022.
    11:30, Mon, Jan 23, 2023
    By Luke Chillingsworth
    Daily and Sunday Express

    Former F1 driver Emmanuele Pirro has claimed Ferrari shouldn’t favour Charles Leclerc amid a team orders row at the Prancing Horse. Ex-boss Mattia Binotto refused to prioritise Leclerc last season as he maintained equal footing at the Scuderia.

    However, it is a move which is understood to have led to the downfall of Binotto and Leclerc’s relationship as Max Verstappen and Red Bull cruised to the crown. But, new team boss Frederic Vassuer has been urged to stand strong to make sure the team achieves the best results.

    He also called on Leclerc to “make the difference" himself instead of asking for favours. Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Pirro said: “It depends on the drivers you have available “In Red Bull, the problem doesn’t even arise, with Verstappen so much stronger than Perez. With team-mates who can be compared today such as Hamilton-Russell or Leclerc-Sainz, the team principal must support those who are more in difficulty, like a parent with a weaker child.”

    ‘Act like a parent';

    ‘Charles Leclerc a better bet for 2023 F1 title than Lewis Hamilton, George Russell’
    Monday 23rd January 2023 3:00 PM
    Oliver Harden

    A respected Formula 1 observer believes Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is a better bet to be crowned World Champion in 2023 than Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Speaking via his Twitch stream, former Williams and Ferrari team manager Peter Windsor sees Verstappen as the strong favourite to make it three in a row in 2023, but sees more scope for improvement at Ferrari and Mercedes as F1 enters the second season of the ground effect regulations.

    He said: “As far as how [Ferrari] will go in 2023, I’m not sure that is in the hands of either Charles Leclerc or Freddy Vasseur. It’s in the hands, ultimately, of the technical team. No matter how much the new coach can say, ‘we’ve all got to work hard, we’ve got to focus on this, we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that’, ultimately it comes down to talent and it comes down to brainpower.”

    “It doesn’t come down to resources, it doesn’t come down to money. It comes down to talent and brainpower, which is why Red Bull are as good as they are because it’s ultimately Adrian Newey’s design team that creates that car. So how good a car will the technical department at Ferrari create in 2023 based on what they had in ’22 and bearing in mind the regulation changes are relatively small and we’re fixed now on power units? The logical thing to say is that Ferrari will be a bit nearer Red Bull probably.”

    ‘Talent and brainpower’;

    Ferrari definitely needed 2023 shakeup says Alesi
    JANUARY 23, 2023

    Ferrari needs to rely on a pair of French talents to put the fabled team back on track in Formula 1. That is the view of Jean Alesi, one of the most well-known former French F1 drivers who famously raced for the Italian team in the 90s.

    "Certainly, in order for the team to move forward, it is necessary to implement changes for the better in a number of aspects," Alesi said. The most obvious change for 2023 was the axing of Ferrari's Italian team boss Mattia Binotto, as he is replaced with Alfa Romeo's French principal Frederic Vasseur.

    But Alesi says Vasseur will now work very closely with Ferrari's existing sporting boss Laurent Mekies - who is also French. "I believe Vasseur will have to rely a lot on Laurent," he said. "He has been working at Ferrari for several years and is ideally suited for the role of helping the new leader to figure out which areas need to be reformed and which do not need to be changed.”

    ‘2023 shakeup’;

    How Ferrari added to FIA organisational "crisis"
    Monday 23 January 2023 10:47
    Ronan Murphy

    Former F1 driver and FIA steward Emanuele Pirro has revealed how Ferrari played a part in the governing body's "crisis" following the death of Charlie Whiting. Long-time F1 race director Whiting passed away in the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix in 2019.

    Pirro, who left F1 to forge a successful endurance racing career, has explained how Ferrari's decision to hire Laurent Mekies as racing director threw the FIA into further disarray. "With Whiting gone, the system went into crisis," Pirro told Corriere della Sera. "Laurent Mekies, who was supposed to replace him, was taken by Ferrari."

    Following Masi's departure, Pirro added: "Wittich and Freitas were the best available, but alternation cannot work. You have to create a long bench because the race director can only grow in that room, you cannot recruit him from outside."

    ‘FIA organisational "crisis" ‘;

    Ferrari "politics" blamed for Mick Schumacher's 2023 F1 absence amid AlphaTauri admission
    Schumacher might have been offered another seat on the 2023 F1 grid despite being axed by Haas, but the chief of the interested team has blamed Ferrari for that not happening
    18:51, 23 Jan 2023
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Franz Tost has admitted he would have liked to sign Mick Schumacher to race for AlphaTauri this season. But, as he explained, there was a reason why such a move didn't materialise. Schumacher was released by Haas at the end of last season after just two seasons, leaving the German to take up a reserve role with Mercedes rather than another race seat.

    AlphaTauri had already signed Nyck de Vries by that point, to replace Pierre Gasly. But even if that wasn't the case, long-serving team principal Tost explained there was another key reason why there was never any hope of signing Schumacher.

    ‘Ferrari "politics" blamed’;

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    Haas goes for earliest 2023 F1 reveal date so far.
    The Haas VF-23 will debut its colours in what it has acknowledged is a livery launch only on January 31, with the team having promised a “rebranded livery” when it originally announced its MoneyGram partnership.
    25th Jan 2023, 14:20
    By Valentin Khorounzhiy

    Of course, many of the actual 2023 cars – rather than ‘show cars’ or simple livery reveals – will only make their proper appearance closer to, or even right before the February 23 start of, pre-season testing in Bahrain. The Haas livery unveiling is scheduled for 2pm GMT next Tuesday.

    In addition to Magnussen and Hulkenberg, the team recently confirmed it has retained two-time F1 grand prix starter Pietro Fittipaldi in a reserve role – with the Miami-born Brazilian eligible to drive the VF-23 in the two practice session each team is required to make available to rookies.

    F1 2023 LAUNCH DATES
    Haas – January 31 (livery reveal)
    Red BullFebruary 3
    Williams – February 6 (season launch)
    Alfa Romeo – February 7
    AlphaTauri – February 11
    Aston Martin – February 13
    McLaren – February 13
    Ferrari – February 14
    Mercedes – February 15
    Alpine – February 16

    ‘Haas VF-23 Debut’;

    Haas confirm 2023 F1 season launch
    25 January 3:10PM
    Author Rory Mitchell

    Haas will reveal their 2023 livery on Tuesday 31st January ahead of the new season. The online event will see the team unveil how the new branding will look on the car, after they revealed a new logo that incorporates their title sponsor MoneyGram.

    MoneyGram was confirmed as the team's main sponsor on a multi-year deal at the US Grand Prix last year, following the termination of their agreement with Russian sponsor Uralkali at the beginning of 2022.

    The team is expected to unveil their actual car to be driven by Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg at pre-season testing, which starts on the 23rd February.

    ‘Haas Launch’;

    Steiner explains reservations on Haas fielding US F1 driver
    16:48 Tue, 24 Jan 2023.
    by Taylor Powling
    Motorsport Week

    Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has professed that he retains an interest in signing Logan Sargeant for the future but has warned they will only consider recruiting an American driver once they have acquired Formula 1 experience elsewhere.

    “Absolutely we would like to see it, but I think the answer is not a simple ‘what would it take?’. I mean, what would it take is a consequence”, the team boss told Texan television station KVUE.

    “So I think what we need to see is to make a development of an American driver, which is very difficult.”


    Steiner Still Wants American Racer to Join Haas in F1, Links Sargeant with Future Move
    January 25, 2023
    By Paul Hensby

    Guenther Steiner insists the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team would like to see an American driver join the team in the future, and he has hinted that Logan Sargeant could be that driver once he earns experience within the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

    However, the fact there are currently no drivers from the United States with Formula 1experience meant they went with Nico Hülkenberg alongside Kevin Magnussen for 2023.

    With Formula 1 becoming ever more popular in the United States and Haas being the only American team on the grid, they have always been linked with American drivers since they joined the grid in 2015. This link has been increased in 2023 with American sponsors MoneyGram joining Haas, while there will also be three races in the country in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

    ‘American Racer’;

    F1: Pietro Fittipaldi retained by Haas as reserve driver
    Published: 24 Jan 2023, 18:00
    By George Dagless
    Give Me Sport

    Haas have confirmed that Pietro Fittipaldi will be retained by the team as their reserve driver for the coming year. The team sees a change to its driver line-up for 2023 with Nico Hulkenberg replacing Mick Schumacher alongside Kevin Magnussen.

    Part of the reason behind the switch was due to Guenther Steiner wanting more experience behind the wheel of his two cars, and it seems as though Haas have opted to go with a familiar face in terms of their reserve role as well.

    Indeed, Fittipaldi has been with the team for several seasons now and has regularly taken on testing and reserve driver duties, though without ever looking massively close to getting a full-time drive with the team – with him taking on sportscar duties as well.

    ‘Pietro Fittipaldi Reserve Driver’;

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