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    Alonso: Risk taken during Q3 laps was at an ‘uncomfortable level’.
    Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso says he went beyond the limit during qualifying as he secured a spot on the front row of the grid for the Monaco Grand Prix.
    18:23 Sat, 27 May 2023.
    by Rob Kershaw
    Motorsport Week

    The Spaniard looked set for his first pole position since Germany 2012 in the dying moments of Q3 on Saturday, before a rapid final sector from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen gave the Dutchman his first-ever pole in the Principality.

    Fernando Alonso: “We came here with some concerns about our performance on Saturdays, we seem very god on Sundays and taking care of the tyres, degradation is good on our car. But we struggle a bit on street circuits to put the temperature to hit the lap in Q3 but we are starting the first row of the grid in Monaco so I think it’s job done today.”

    Alonso drew attention the time he lost to Verstappen in the final sector, adding that this has been the team’s most problematic area over the weekend. “I don’t think so,” he said when asked if he tried a different approach in qualifying. “I think both laps in Q3 we were increasing the level of risk to an uncomfortable level let’s say I think both laps were a little bit over the limit sometimes but everything went fine.

    ‘EL PLAN: Beyond the limit during qualifying’;

    Why Fernando Alonso took ‘uncomfortable level of risk’ in Monaco pole quest
    27 May 2023 6:44 PM
    Henry Valantine

    Fernando Alonso was going all out in his search for pole position in Monaco on Saturday, and admitted he was taking “uncomfortable” risks as he tried to secure P1 on the grid. The Aston Martin driver had earmarked Monaco as a potential venue where he might have a chance of victory this season, and had sat top of Q3 heading into the dying moments of the session.

    The search goes on for Alonso for his first pole position since the 2012 German Grand Prix, but having come onto team radio and said he was “driving like an animal”, it certainly was not through lack of effort on his part. So much so, that he was even pushing the boundaries to the edge of what he was comfortable with on Saturday.

    ‘EL PLAN: “Driving like an animal”!’;

    Alonso took ‘uncomfortable’ risks in Monaco Qualifying
    Sunday 28th May, 2023 - 4:48am
    By Mat Coch

    Fernando Alonso suggests competition for pole position during Qualifying for the F1 Monaco Grand Prix saw things reach an “uncomfortable level.” Alonso will line up second for tomorrow’s race after missing out on pole by just over a tenth of a second to Max Verstappen.

    “When they told me that we were P1 just sooner than Max completed the laps, I knew the possibility was there to be P2,” Alonso said. “It’s a long race; I don’t think that overtaking opportunities will come at all as it is Monaco,” he said.

    “It is a very demanding race, on the car, on the gearbox, on the brakes, there are a lot of things that you need to care of over 78 laps. “So we have to be focussed, very concentrated, we have to be sharp on the strategy, pit stops, you know anything can happen. If an opportunity comes, we will take it.”

    ‘EL PLAN: “Sharp on the strategy”!’;

    Alonso increased risk to 'uncomfortable level' in qualifying
    27/05/2023 at 17:02
    Phillip van Osten

    Fernando Alonso says he went all-in and then some in Saturday's mesmerizing qualifying session in Monaco on his way to securing a spot on the front row of Sunday's race. Alonso seized the top spot from local hero Charles Leclerc in the final minute of the session with a lap that put the Aston Martin driver on the ragged edge more times than he cared to remember.

    But the two-time world champion's best effort was ultimately beaten by a flying Max Verstappen who edged Alonso by just 0.084s by outpacing the latter in the final sector. The 41-year-old acknowledged however that Monaco's final sector was his weakest.

    The Aston Martin garage erupted when Alonso popped to the top of the timing screens, but he knew that Verstappen would pull out the stops to snatch pole. Fernando Alonso: "So when they told me that we were P1 with just Tsunoda and Max completing the laps, I knew that the possibility was there to be P2."

    ‘EL PLAN: All-in and then some’;

    Alonso was “over the limit” in pursuit of Monaco Grand Prix pole
    27th May 2023, 16:49
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Fernando Alonso says there was little more he could have done to beat Max Verstappen to pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver came within a tenth of a second of taking pole in a closely-fought qualifying session. Verstappen took pole away from him with his final lap.

    Alonso admitted he was already pushing very hard and doubts there is more he could have done to beat Verstappen. “I think both laps in Q3 we were increasing the level of risk into an uncomfortable level,” he said. “I think both laps in Q3 were a little bit over the limit sometimes, but everything went fine.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Pushing very hard’;

    HIGHLIGHTS: Relive an action-packed qualifying as Verstappen takes pole in Monaco over Alonso
    27 May 2023
    Formula One - Official Site

    Max Verstappen left it late to take his first ever pole position in Monaco, pipping Fernando Alonso in dramatic fashion on his final attempt in Q3 to seal a P1 start in Sunday’s Grand Prix.

    Verstappen was the final driver to set a lap in Q3 and headed into the final sector two-tenths down on Alonso in provisional pole. However, a strong final sector saw the Red Bull driver pip the Spaniard by just 0.084s, with a time of 1m 11.365s.

    ‘EL PLAN: Relive an action-packed qualifying’;

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    Verstappen wins Monaco GP despite late-race rain chaos.
    Max Verstappen withstood a rain shower and two brushes with the barriers to extend his Formula 1 points lead with victory in a dramatic Monaco Grand Prix.
    28th May 2023, 16:00
    By Matt Beer
    The Race

    The Red Bull driver pulled away from front-row partner Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin in the first half of the race as Esteban Ocon’s Alpine held the rest of the pack up, effectively neutralising the potential strategic intrigue of Verstappen being on mediums but Alonso running hards in that stint.

    Both were still on their original tyres when the rain arrived with 26 laps to go. Verstappen escaped clouting the Portier barrier while Alonso initially pitted for fresh medium slicks even though everyone else was taking on intermediates at that moment. Alonso was back in the pits for inters on the next lap, but had such a big margin over Ocon that he didn’t lose second place.

    Verstappen tagged the wall again coming out of the Swimming Pool section in the closing stages, also without damage, as he headed for victory by 28 seconds. Alonso pulled clear of Ocon following his additional stop, while the Frenchman completed a race under constant pressure to take Alpine’s first podium of the 2023 F1 season.

    ‘Late-race rain chaos’;

    Monaco Grand Prix – Here are the complete results from today’s 2023 F1 World Championship race from Monaco.
    28th May 2023
    by Emer Hedderman

    Results (Classification):
    1. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing -78 laps
    2. Fernando Alonso Aston Martin +27.921
    3. Esteban Ocon Alpine +36.990
    4. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +39.062
    5. George Russell Mercedes +56.284
    6. Charles Leclerc Scuderia Ferrari +61.890
    7. Pierre Gasly Alpine +62.362
    8. Carlos Sainz Scuderia Ferrari +63.391
    9. Lando Norris McLaren +1 lap
    10. Oscar Piastri McLaren +1 lap

    ‘Monaco Grand Prix – Here are the complete results from today’s 2023 F1 World Championship race from Monaco’;

    28th May 2023, 13:10
    Becky Hart.
    Special Contributor.
    Formula One - Official Site

    ‘As it happened’;

    2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix - LIVE UPDATES! Weather causes chaos
    28th May 2023, 13:11
    Reporting By: Connor McDonagh

    Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix from pole position.

    ‘This is how it happened...’;

    Max Verstappen wins thrilling Monaco GP as rain sparks late drama
    The Dutchman led from start to finish and captured a dominant Monaco GP win
    May 28, 2023
    By Andrew Wright
    Total Motorsport

    Max Verstappen sealed a dominant and chaotic Monaco Grand Prix win from Fernando Alonso to extend his lead in the world championship to 39 points. A typically processional race around the streets of Monte Carlo came to life when rain started falling with more than 20 laps remaining, sparking a flurry of activity in the pits as teams attempted to gauge the right cutoff point.

    But there was no denying Verstappen, who opened up a healthy gap from pole in the dry phase of the race, before Red Bull got the big call correct to put their star driver on the intermediate tyres to take the chequered flag by 27 seconds and his fourth victory of the season.

    “It was quite a difficult one because we were on the medium and Fernando was on the hard. We didn’t want to go that long but we had to stay out with the rain coming,” Verstappen said. “The tyres were graining and then the pace picked up a little bit but it was still very tricky to drive. Then it started to rain and we had to make the call to go onto the inters.”

    ‘Led from start to finish’;

    Verstappen survives TORRENTIAL rain to dominate chaotic Monaco GP
    Sunday 28 May 2023 17:07
    Joe Ellis

    Max Verstappen converted his stunning pole position into a 39th Formula 1 victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. The reigning double-world champion nailed the start and built a substantial lead over Fernando Alonso, managing traffic and a downpour of rain with 25 laps to go to claim 25 valuable championship points.

    Hallelujah for rain: It looked to be a processional finish but the heavens opened with just over 20 laps to go, forcing everybody to pit for intermediate tyres. Alonso had pitted just before the rain for medium tyres but had to come back to the pitlane for treaded tyres while Verstappen stayed out and made just the one stop to pull out a big lead.

    All of the drivers were really struggling to keep their car in a straight line with George Russell, Lance Stroll, Kevin Magnussen and Logan Sargeant all having big moments. Russell even collided with Sergio Perez as he rejoined, earning him a penalty.

    ‘TORRENTIAL rain’;

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    Bungling Ferrari and Aston Martin are sending Max Verstappen flying towards a third F1 title.
    Red Bull’s life is made even easier when rivals like Aston Martin botch their tyre strategy in Monaco.
    May 28, 2023 6:07 pm
    By Kevin Garside
    Chief Sports Correspondent
    i News

    Cudda, wudda, shudda or whatever the Spanish equivalent might be, is a sentiment that might torment Fernando Alonso until Monaco harbour drains of water. What where the Aston Martin pit wall thinking, pitting Alonso for dry tyres just as the rain began to fall?

    Had he bolted on the intermediates as the conditions demanded, Max Verstappen, dicing with a sodden track on spent slicks, would have been toast and Alonso would be a Monaco winner for the third time.

    Such are the split-second margins on a street circuit where little happens until the meteorology hits the fan. The pair were out on their own, a two-man procession way ahead of the field.

    ‘Bungling Ferrari and Aston Martin’;

    Fernando Alonso call forced Max Verstappen and Red Bull strategy change in Monaco
    Verstappen judged things to perfection at the 2023 Monaco GP
    May 28, 2023
    By Ed Spencer
    Total Motorsport

    Max Verstappen believes Fernando Alonso’s opening stint on hards forced him to stay out longer during Sunday’s 2023 Monaco Grand Prix. Verstappen, who narrowly took pole, drove faultlessly, leading every lap to win for the second time in Monte Carlo and extending his lead in the Driver Standings over Sergio Perez, who failed to score any points.

    “It was quite hectic towards the end,” Verstappen said to select members of the media, including “But the whole race was all about management. Because Fernando starting on the hards [it] made me do a very long stint. Almost doubled to what we would have liked, but because of the rain, we couldn’t stop. If it had been dry, I would have put the hards on and waited until Fernando did his pitstop.”

    “But we couldn’t do that because the risk of rain was around, so we had to stay out of the tyres we’re graining, which wasn’t easy, but luckily it picked up a little bit. Even on the intermediates, it was still very slippery through the second sector, and the hard bit is you have a good lead, but you don’t risk too much but not drive so slow because you have no temperature in your tyres.”

    ‘Red Bull strategy change’;

    Max Verstappen claims hitting wall in wet Monaco GP helped him secure victory to extend world championship lead
    Max Verstappen claimed his fourth win of the season at a rain-affected Monaco GP to extend world championship lead to 39 points; Verstappen tapped the barriers at Portier when trying to negotiate wet track when still on dry tyres; Christian Horner explains why team had felt 'on the ropes'
    Last Updated: 28/05/23 8:17pm
    Sky Sports

    And Verstappen said the wall had helped prevent him from spinning out from the lead. "I locked the rears and I couldn't get out of it, so it's just trying to control it with a bit of drifting," Verstappen said. "Luckily the wall in a way stopped it from sliding even more."

    "Then it started to rain and on very worn tyres it was very difficult, I clipped a few barriers - I just had no grip. Even on the intermediates it was super slippery and it took a few laps to feel comfortable."

    But Red Bull boss Christian Horner said they had felt "on the ropes" over the weekend. "I was nervous from about the moment the red light came on. When they pull the covers off and you see quite a few have gone on the hard tyre, you think 'okay, there's rain around, if they can go far enough, if the mediums degrade…' Horner told Sky Sports F1.

    ‘Hitting wall in wet’;

    Verstappen admits being LUCKY during 'incredibly slippery' Monaco GP
    Sunday 28 May 2023 20:51
    Lauren Sneath

    Max Verstappen took his 39th career victory at the Monaco Grand Prix despite clipping the walls and enduring slippery conditions in an action-packed race. Verstappen explained that skimming the barriers a couple of times actually helped his race.

    He said: “Clipped the walls a few times, but it was super difficult out there – that's Monaco! “I locked the rears and I couldn’t get out of it, so it was just trying to control it with a little bit of drifting. Luckily the wall in a way stopped it from sliding even more.

    “It’s super nice to win it, it’s also super nice to win it in the way we did today with the weather and everything to stay calm and bring it home. A lot of points for the team as well, so that’s great.”

    ‘Being LUCKY’;

    Monaco GP: Max Verstappen Admits He Was Lucky To Survive And Win
    Max Verstappen explained that he was struggling while racing on a set of worn medium tyres, having started the race on them, as the rain began.
    • Updated: May 29, 2023
    • Agence France-Presse

    Max Verstappen tip-toed through the rainswept conditions in the latter stages of his victory in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix and then declared he had been lucky to survive several brushes with the barriers. In the aftermath of a challenging race in increasingly difficult conditions, Red Bull's defending world champion and the current series leader admitted he was fortunate in the way his car smacked the railings.

    Victory also gave some relief to agitated team boss Christian Horner who admitted he had felt apprehensive ahead of the Monaco race. "We were on the ropes here," he said. "We knew coming into this weekend that it was going to be our biggest challenge in the first half of the year and the low-speed nature was playing to their strengths.”

    ‘Lucky To Survive And Win’;

    Max Verstappen Wins In Monaco, Ferrari Disasterclass and Ocon Shines, What Happened At The Monaco Grand Prix?

    Updated: May 28, 2023 7:14 pm
    World In Sport (Weblog)

    From pole to victory! Max Verstappen claimed his second victory in Monaco within the past 3 seasons. A rain impacted race which saw him cross the line 27 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso who finished in second place. Alonso securing his first P2 finish this season, claiming a potentially crucial 18 points which could benefit himself, as well as Aston Martin in the constructors championship later down the line.

    Ferrari Impload With Rain Arrival: From Lap 50 onwards the threat of rain had started to really become a factor for all teams and the majority had to start thinking about strategy, Ferrari at the time comfortably sat in P4 (Sainz) challenging P3 (Ocon) to get a podium as well as P6 (Leclerc) fighting Hamilton for P5.

    Esteban Ocon’s Miraculous podium: Esteban Ocon take a bow! What a result the Frenchman has achieved for the team, after a superior qualifying getting P4 (which became P3 after Leclerc’s grid penalty) he managed to finish the race where he qualified.

    ‘Ferrari Disasterclass’;

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    Mike Krack laments dodgy radar after Fernando Alonso strategy botch.
    Aston Martin principal Mike Krack has defended the thinking behind the team’s strategy call in Monaco which saw Fernando Alonso miss a potential golden opportunity to pressurise race winner Max Verstappen.
    28 May 2023 6:45 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    When the rain began to fall in the second half of the Monaco race, initially drivers attempted to tiptoe through the worst-affected section around Mirabeau and stay on the dry tyres.

    The rain though would soon spread across the circuit, taking that option off the table, and that spelt bad news for Alonso who shortly before the rain started, had pitted to swap his hard tyres for mediums, having been set to run the alternate strategy to leader Verstappen.

    Krack would explain that the call was not “a gamble”, rather their radar had said that no rain was coming, and so they reacted accordingly. “We thought it was only a short shower, our radar was not very good because we did not expect any actually,” Krack told F1TV. “And then it came and it came much, much more than we were anticipating.

    ‘EL PLAN: Defended the thinking’;

    Did Alonso and Aston Martin throw away a Monaco win?
    20:31 Sun, 28 May 2023.
    Laurence Edmondson, F1 Editor

    MONACO -- With the benefit of hindsight, Fernando Alonso had a clear shot at his 33rd Formula One victory at Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix. Had Aston Martin fitted intermediate wet-weather tyres to his car on Lap 54 instead of slick medium-compound tyres, and had he then completed a clean outlap with Max Verstappen pitting on Lap 55 (as he did in reality), Alonso would have emerged in the lead with 23 laps to run.

    Arguably, given the changing track conditions, it's impossible to say what would have happened from Lap 54 onwards. But when you add up how much time Verstappen lost by staying out until the end of Lap 55 on slick tyres, and how much Alonso had to gain by switching to intermediates on Lap 54, it's also a fair assumption that the Aston Martin driver would have taken the lead.

    ‘EL PLAN: With the benefit of hindsight’;

    Explained: How Aston Martin missed their golden chance as split-second call proves costly
    May 29th, 2023 1:35 pm
    Michael Lamonato
    Fox Sports (Australia)

    In a parallel universe Fernando Alonso has won his 33rd victory after taking the chequered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix in a fairytale finish for Aston Martin in the least predictable weekend of the Formula 1 season to date. But in reality Monte Carlo ended with Max Verstappen standing atop the podium for the 38th time and probably the sport’s best hope of a non-Red Bull Racing winner this season dashed in the spray of a late-race rain shower.

    The difference between these two worlds is a single decision made with 24 laps to go. The window of opportunity was opening. But Alonso and his pit wall were indecisive over team radio. The Spaniard noted that the top part of the track was very wet but the bottom was dry. He said he wasn’t sure what tyre would be best. In the end the team made the call: it would be mediums — slick dry-weather tyres. He was called in at the end of lap 54 of 78.

    Immediately it turned out to be wrong. The track was so wet on his out-lap that Alonso had to make a second stop to switch to intermediates, which put paid to his chances of winning the race. Verstappen, on the other hand, was able to switch directly to intermediates, earning a massive 20-second advantage that won him the race.

    ‘EL PLAN: Window of opportunity was opening’;

    'Aston Martin cost Alonso a win' - F1 Twitter's best Monaco GP memes
    Sunday 28 May 2023 21:22
    Ronan Murphy

    Rain caused CHAOS at the Monaco Grand Prix, but for F1 Twitter, the most chaos of the day was caused by the decision not to put Fernando Alonso onto intermediate tyres.

    fernando alonso after aston martin pit him for slicks during a rain session potentially costing a WIN
    — j¹⁶ (@hugsricciardo) May 28, 2023

    Alonso fans to the strategist who pitted him onto slicks #F1 #MonacoGP
    — F1 Portrayed By Top Gear (@TopGearFormula1) May 28, 2023

    This is the chaos we asked for
    — F1 Reaction Pictures (@FormulaReaction) May 28, 2023

    ‘EL PLAN: Alonso fans to the strategist’;

    Fernando Alonso surprised by questioning over key Monaco strategy call
    28 May 2023 8:05 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has since revealed that the radar had told the team that very little, if any rain was going to reach the track. “I don’t know,” said Alonso when asked if that extra stop saw his victory chances slip away? “I heard this question in the TV pen as well. Which, I was surprised a little bit. I didn’t leave the race from the cockpit, as you probably saw on the outside. For me, it was very clear that the track on that lap we stop was completely dry, apart from Turn 7 and 8. So, how will [I] put the inters? It was completely dry, 99 per cent of the track. So, I stopped for dries.”

    “The weather forecast, it was small shower, and the small quantity of rain as well, what we had, as a team, and we had a lot of margin behind us, to put the dry tyres and, if necessary, the inter tyres, so, you know, maybe it was extra safe, I don’t know. But that minute and a half that it took to go through Turns 5, 6, 7 and 8 again, it changed completely, so the out-lap on the dry tyres, it was very wet when I go to those corners, but the lap that we stopped, it was completely dry.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Key Monaco strategy call’;

    Monaco GP: Did Alonso and Aston Martin let Red Bull ‘off the hook’?
    May 28, 2023
    By Luke Smith

    If there was any Formula One weekend where Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin had a shot at defeating Red Bull this year, Monaco looked like the big one.

    As other drivers switched to the intermediate tires suited for the rain, Alonso pitted — and put on slick mediums. Just a lap later, he changed his mind, pitting again to take on the inters. The double stop threw away any chance Aston Martin had of victory. Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner admitted post-race he was surprised by the call, saying it “totally got us off the hook.”

    All season, Alonso has stressed the strength of the Red Bull car means Aston Martin can only win thanks to some outside influence causing a chaotic race. We certainly got that today. Did the team miss its golden chance to win, and fuel some hope of an unlikely title challenge? Let’s get into it.

    ‘EL PLAN: ‘Off the hook’?;

    Alonso admits SHOCK before controversial pit-stop after losing Monaco win to Verstappen
    Sunday 28 May 2023 19:57
    Lauren Sneath

    Despite the drizzle, the two-time world champion was changed onto medium tyres, as most of his competitors opted for grippier intermediates. The Aston Martin soon had to head back into the pits to opt for the intermediate tyres, losing valuable time and widening the gap to the leading Red Bull.

    After the race, Alonso told Sky Sports: “I mean, it was not (an) easy race especially when the rain came. It was very difficult to put temperature on the intermediate tyres. “Turn five especially, and seven – they were very risky. At the end, we secure second place.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Alonso admits SHOCK’;

    The Spaniard is still on the lookout for his first grand prix win since 2013
    May 28, 2023
    Sam Jones

    Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso has spoken out after struggles keeping the car on track saw him lose out to current world champion Max Verstappen in the Monaco grand prix.

    “It was difficult and we started on the hard tyres, so gave up the possibility into Turn One,” said Alonso after the race. “We hoped to play the long game with the strategy but Max drove super well on the medium tyres to extend that first stint. We didn’t have any chance then the rain made things a bit complicated out there.”


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    Mercedes admit they’re looking at copying Red Bull floor after Sergio Perez crash.
    Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin has admitted that the Formula 1 paddock will be “all over” the photos of Sergio Perez’s RB19, which was risen to safety during Q1 on Saturday at the Monaco Grand Prix.
    28 May 2023
    by Nick Golding

    Sergio Perez's and Lewis Hamilton's cars were both lifted into the air on Saturday at the Monaco GP. Perez crashed in the opening stages of Q1 on Saturday at the Circuit de Monaco, with his incident at the opening corner having resulted in the session being red flagged.

    Interestingly though, Williams’ head of vehicle performance Dave Robson revealed that it’s difficult to “figure” Red Bull’s secrets out based on the images, due to their floor being “so curved”. “It’s so complex that on a 2D photo, because of the way the light is, it’s so curved, you can’t figure any of it out,” Robson said, as reported by

    “I guess it’s just coincidental they do it all like that because that’s how they get the downforce. But it doesn’t half make it difficult to copy!” Shovlin on the other hand, believes people will be looking intently at the images, more so than at their W14 which was also risen to safety on Saturday.

    ‘Formula 1 paddock will be “all over” the photos’;

    Rival F1 teams analyse Red Bull crane photos
    12:59 Sun, 28 May 2023.

    Formula One rivals hope to discover some of dominant Red Bull's most closely guarded secrets from photographs of the underside of Sergio Perez's car after it was craned off the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. The floor is the most aerodynamically sensitive area of the car, with ground-effect sculpting responsible for much of the performance.

    It is also the hardest part for rival teams to get a glimpse of, unless a car overturns or is lifted into the air -- as Perez's was after the Mexican crashed into barriers in Saturday qualifying. Monaco marshals typically use cranes to clear stranded cars from the metal-fenced track because of the close confines and lack of runoff.

    "With these regulations, the most important bit is the bit you don't normally get to see," Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin told reporters on Sunday. So the teams will be all over those kinds of photographs. Monaco is a good opportunity to get that kind of shot."

    ‘Analyse Red Bull crane photos’;

    Marko slates Perez over 'stupid' crash
    27 May 9:15PM
    Author Ewan Gale

    The Mexican hit the barrier on the exit of Sainte Devote having seemingly been distracted by an Alpine on the inside of the first corner. Perez missed his braking point and the hefty collision left extensive damage to the left-hand side of his RB19, with Team Principal Christian Horner concerned a chassis change could be needed.

    The incident leaves Perez last on the grid for Sunday's race, leaving a dent to his title hopes. "If you have a car like that, you shouldn’t be out in Q1," Marko told Sky Deutschland. "That was a stupid mistake on his part. Maybe he was thinking too much about the championship.”

    ‘Shouldn’t be out in Q1’;

    Helmut Marko’s unflattering verdict on Sergio Perez’s qualifying crash
    28 May 2023 11:00 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Marko was not at all impressed. “To Sergio,” he told Sky Deutschland, “if you have a car like that, then you shouldn’t be thrown out in Q1. That was a stupid mistake on his part. Maybe he was thinking too much about the World Championship.”

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner tried to find a reason for his driver’s costly shunt, saying perhaps he was “distracted” by traffic. “I can only think he was distracted by the Alpine on the right-hand side because he just misjudged that first turn and the circuit was only going to get faster and faster,” he said.

    “He’ll be kicking himself for that. I think he just went in too fast. Maybe he was distracted. You can see the overspeed, he had a bit of a snap on entry and it wasn’t a small tap.”

    ‘Helmut Marko: “To Sergio”;

    ‘My team don’t deserve this’ – Perez explains what happened with his session-ending Q1 crash
    27 May 2023
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Sergio Perez was at pains to apologise to his team after he crashed the car in qualifying. And given he will start from the back of the grid, the Red Bull racer isn’t holding much hope of a good result in Sunday’s Grand Prix.

    ‘At pains to apologise’;

    Perez apologises to Red Bull after “unacceptable” mistake and point-less race
    2023 Monaco Grand Prix
    Posted on 28th May 2023, 18:33
    Written by Keith Collantine and Claire Cottingham

    Sergio Perez apologised to his Red Bull team after leaving the Monaco Grand Prix empty-handed. “I think we’ve paid the price for my mistake,” he told media including RaceFans afterwards. “That’s been very costly.” Max Verstappen’s win means Perez has fallen from 14 points off the championship lead to 39 adrift. “I just have to apologise to my whole team because it is unacceptable to have this kind of mistake,” he said. “I just have to move on, learn from it, and I cannot afford another zero in the championship.”

    He tangled with Stroll as he tried to follow his team mate through while Verstappen was lapping the pair of them. He was forced to make a second pit stop when he ran into Magnussen after the Haas driver skidded on the way into the chicane and slowed. “I broke my front wing with Magnussen who just braked out of the chicane,” said Perez. “It just went bad. When you are in those positions you always have to risk a lot.”

    “I had no idea what was going on,” he added. “But unfortunately I had quite some damage.” Perez said he should have reacted sooner to the shower which hit the track late in the race. “Then the rain came, we were one of the last ones to pit,” he said. “And then I clipped the wall. It was just sort all of a mess.”

    ‘Perez apologises to Red Bull’;

    Perez endures miserable Monaco: 'It was all a mess'
    28/05/2023 at 20:21
    Andrew Lewin

    Just a month ago, Sergio Perez was crowned king of the street circuits after a mighty performance in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku City. But this weekend saw another street circuit - iconic Monaco - take a big bite out of that.

    “It was a really difficult day out there. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong,” he acknowledged. “It was the worst weekend I can remember in a while."

    Although Perez was second quickest in FP3 on Saturday, his hopes of closing the gap to his Red Bull team mate in the championship standings collapsed with a costly error at the start of qualifying.

    ‘Perez endures’;

    Perez ‘can’t afford’ another point-less weekend amid F1 title hope
    17:18 Sun, 28 May 2023.
    by Sam Tomlinson
    Motorsport Week

    Sergio Perez says he “can’t afford” another non-point finish during the 2023 Formula 1 season as he seeks to challenge for his first title this year. After crashing out of qualifying in the early stages of Q1, Perez started the race in 20th and stated prior to lights out that he expected his race to be a ‘nightmare’.

    An incident-filled race for Perez – which involved collisions with Lance Stroll, Kevin Magnussen and George Russell – saw him rise to just 16th and his deficit to championship leader Verstappen has now grown to 39 points.

    “We paid the price for my mistake [in qualifying] and that’s been very costly,” Perez said following the race. “I just have to apologise to my whole team because it is unacceptable to have this kind of mistake.”

    ‘Apologise to my whole team’;

    ‘Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong’ – Perez downbeat after failing to score in Monaco
    28 May 2023
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Sergio Perez had a tough job on his hands in Monaco as a crash in qualifying meant he started from the back of the grid – and his race didn’t go much better as he eventually came home in P16 and well out of the points.

    ‘Perez downbeat’;

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    ‘I don’t care’: Ferrari star explodes at own team as row over tactics goes public in latest flop.
    On team radio, he was heard saying: “This is exactly what I talked about.” His engineer responded: “The target was to cover Hamilton.” “But I don’t care about Hamilton,” said Sainz. “I was quick”.
    May 29th, 2023 11:19 am
    AFP from Afp
    x Sports (Australia)

    Ferrari race strategy was again under scrutiny after Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz finished sixth and eighth at the Monaco Grand Prix. A year after local hero Leclerc’s hopes of victory were upset by a late call to take slick tyres in the 2022 race, won by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, the Italian team were embroiled in another public row over their tactics.

    This time it involved a frustrated Sainz who was called in to pit against his will when he was locked in a battle with Alpine’s Esteban Ocon, who finished third. Sainz’s race engineer called him in to switch from hard tyres to medium in a bid, he said, to cover off the threat from Mercedes’s seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

    In a heated exchange, partly revealed on team radio, it was clear that Sainz objected to the decision because he wanted to stay out and fight Ocon for third. A heated Sainz continued to complain to his engineer after making his stop telling him the team were making a mistake again.

    “I was quick”;

    Carlos Sainz criticises Ferrari for ‘debatable’ first pit stop call in Monaco
    29 May 2023 11:40 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Raging at Ferrari over a perceived botched strategy, Carlos Sainz believes the Scuderia could’ve been “a bit more patient” during the Monaco Grand Prix. Sainz spent the better part of the Monaco Grand Prix starring at Esteban Ocon’s rear wing as the Spaniard wasn’t able to find a way past, and when he did try at the Nouvelle Chicane, he broke the front wing endplate off of his SF-23.

    His mechanics took up their positions in the pit lane with a new front wing but Sainz insisted on staying out. That turned out to be the first of three occasions where he was told to pit but refused to with the other two relating to tyre changes.

    He eventually came into the pits on lap 34 to switch from hard tyres to medium, one lap after Ocon had pitted, with Sainz questioning why he hadn’t been left out to run longer especially as he came out behind the Alpine driver.
    Sainz: “What the f***! This is exactly what I talked about!”
    Race engineer Riccardo Adami: “The target was to cover Hamilton.”
    Sainz: “I don’t care about Hamilton, I was quick!”

    ‘“What the f***!’;

    Carlos Sainz growing frustrated with Ferrari as Lewis Hamilton rumours swirl
    Ferrari had to settle for P6 and P8 in Sunday’s Grand Prix after poor qualifying saw them start the Monaco GP on the backfoot.
    29 May 2023
    by Edward Hardy

    Carlos Sainz had a disappointing weekend in Monaco, as he failed to make progress through the field after suffering contact with Alpine’s Esteban Ocon early in the opening stages of the race.

    The Spaniard suffered minor front wing damage as he fought for a podium against Ocon but he was unable to get past the Frenchman, as the Alpine driver proved unpassable.

    When rain started to fall on the track, Sainz suffered even more frustration, having to double stack behind his teammate Charles Leclerc, dropping down to eighth place. “We had a bit of an eventful race always chasing Ocon and on the gearbox of Ocon,” Sainz explained post-race.

    ‘Double stack frustration’;

    Sainz: Ferrari should have been 'more patient' with Monaco strategy
    28/05/2023 at 18:41
    Michael Delaney

    Carlos Sainz says he was surprised by Ferrari's decision to call him in for a switch from hards to mediums after 33 laps, insisting the team just have been "more patient". Sainz held his own in fourth place just behind Alpine's Esteban Ocon during the first half of his Monaco Grand Prix.

    As the pair battled in the early stages of the race, Sainz hit the Alpine driver's car as they barreled into the Nouvelle Chicane, a contact that damaged the Ferrari's front wing endplate. However, having started the 78-lap event on the hard tyre, Sainz justifiably pressed on hoping to extend his stint to the full life of his hard tyres.

    Ferrari made several dummy calls, urging Sainz to box to force Ocon into pitting, but Alpine didn't take the bait. But when the Scuderia's pitwall called in Sainz for real after 33 laps, just after Ocon had suffered a slow stop, the call backfired and left the Ferrari charger once again chasing the Frenchman.

    ‘Dummy calls’;

    ‘The pace was there but we didn’t get the calls right’ – Sainz frustrated after P8 finish in Monaco
    28 May 2023
    Formula One - Official Site (Video)

    Carlos Sainz reckoned he absolutely had the pace to challenge for the top positions in the Monaco Grand Prix – but was hampered by his pit stop strategy before coming home in eighth place.

    ‘Didn’t get the calls right’;

    Vasseur defends Ferrari strategy after Sainz airs frustration
    29 May 9:50AM
    Author Anna Francis
    Co-author Aaron Deckers

    Vasseur: No regrets over Ferrari strategy calls. "I think that it was a good strategy because when we asked him to pit it was to cover Hamilton, and it was to avoid [losing] a position against Hamilton," Vasseur told media, including

    "I think it was a good call because position [is] key on track. It would have been better to extend if we [were] not at risk with Hamilton, but in this situation I think it was the good call."

    ‘Frederic Vasseur: Good call’;

    Ferrari defends Monaco strategy call after Sainz criticism
    29/05/2023 at 10:52
    Phillip van Osten

    Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur countered Carlos Sainz's criticism of the team's strategy in Monaco, insisting it had made the right call regarding the Spaniard's race given the circumstances at the time.

    An angry Sainz vented his frustration to his crew over the radio, but was told that the call was made to protect his position against the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton in fifth place which was gaining ground on the Ferrari. "I don't care about Hamilton," Sainz quipped. "This is weak!".

    Vasseur begged to differ however, the Frenchman explaining after the race that Sainz would have likely lost out to Hamilton had he extended his stint on the hard tyre. "I think it was a good strategy because when we asked him to pit it was to avoid losing a position against Hamilton," said the Scuderia boss.

    "This is weak!" Vasseur begged to differ’;

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    Aston Martin got Fernando Alonso’s strategy wrong at Monaco – but he should have overruled them.
    Spaniard is experienced enough behind the wheel and should take some responsibility for missing out on chance to end Red Bull’s winning run.
    29 May 2023 • 11:36am
    The Telegraph

    Did Aston Martin throw away victory? That is difficult to say as there are a lot of ifs and buts but they certainly threw away their best chance of winning. Alonso and Verstappen had differing strategies from the start. Neither had pitted by lap 50, with Alonso on the more durable hard tyre and Verstappen with worn mediums on which he was starting to struggle. Alonso and Aston Martin then had the advantage and the luxury of being able to go longer than Verstappen, wait for the rain to come – or not – and then make their decision.

    You could hear the uncertainty from Alonso’s radio messages in the run-up to his stop. He was confused about what to do and was then told he would go onto a fresh set of medium tyres. It all happened so quickly but need not have. The team’s thinking was perhaps that their best chance of beating Verstappen was to be on fresh slick tyres if the rain stopped soon enough and was light enough, with the Red Bull driver either on old mediums or new intermediate tyres. It was a left-field choice more fitting of a team with a driver in 15th, not second.

    Aston Martin would not have lost much by waiting another lap or so. Alonso’s hard tyres at that stage were perfectly fine and he is skilled enough to keep it on the track in those conditions. The longer they waited, the easier the call would have been. Instead they gambled at an outside chance of victory. It was a decision that did not need to be made when it was.

    ‘EL PLAN: An outside chance of victory’;

    Gary Anderson: Aston didn’t use Alonso enough in key Monaco call
    May 29 2023
    By Gary Anderson
    The Race

    When it comes to Formula 1 strategy calls it’s the old saying that hindsight is 20/20 vision. However, you can also look at that two ways: you can be part of the 20 that got it right or you can be part of the 20 that got it wrong. I have always looked at race strategy as a living thing. Yes you need a basic plan or two in place before the race starts but if you set your plan in stone then for sure someone else will do a better job.

    As the laps unfolded the gap between them got bigger, opening up to around 10 seconds. Being on the hard tyre, and with Verstappen starting to complain about his mediums, Alonso had the best opportunity to go long and actually wait for the light rain that was in the area to either intensify or move off. But instead Aston Martin pitted on lap 54 for new mediums, and it sounded over the radio as though this was exactly as planned pre-race. Team boss Mike Krack said Aston did take the changing weather into consideration but thought it was going to dry quickly and that new medium slicks would handle a briefly damp track better than old hards would. But that wasn’t the reality of what was happening on track.

    Your best weather feedback is your driver. They are the ones that know the track conditions and the grip level all around the track. In Monaco it was dry in the pits but wet from the Casino Square down to the entry to the tunnel, so I believe Alonso with his experience should have overruled the team’s decision to pit and done at least one more lap on his hard slicks. I also believe there should have been much more communication between the team and the driver about the track conditions.

    ‘EL PLAN: Aston didn’t use Alonso enough’;

    Did Alonso throw away a shot at the Monaco GP victory?
    29 May 4:30PM
    Author Rory Mitchell

    It was Fernando Alonso's first legitimate chance of victory against Red Bull, so how would it have turned out if he pitted for Intermediates instead of Mediums? It was three laps of chaos midway through the Monaco Grand Prix which decided the fate of Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin.

    The pivotal point for Alonso came on Lap 53 when his times dropped as low as 1:30.862, it was at this stage that Aston Martin decided to call him in for his scheduled stop. Over team radio Alonso discussed the conditions with his engineer, initially saying he would go for Intermediates but believed the track was too dry throughout.

    Alonso: "Turns seven and eight, I'd normally go for inters but the rest of the track will be too dry I guess. I don't know mate." Chris Cronin: "Ok mate, we're going to box this lap. And it will be for Mediums." He later claimed that the track was "99 per-cent dry" when he elected to come in, however at the same time both Mercedes drivers and Alpines stopped for Intermediates.

    ‘EL PLAN: Throw away a shot at the Monaco GP victory?’

    Kravitz reveals how Verstappen MISTAKE could have led to Alonso victory at Monaco GP
    Monday 29 May 2023 13:12
    Matthew Hobkinson

    Ted Kravitz has claimed that Fernando Alonso would have still needed Max Verstappen to have made a mistake in order to win the Monaco Grand Prix, despite Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack admitting they made the wrong decision to send the Spaniard back out on slick tyres when the rain came.

    ‘EL PLAN: Alonso victory at Monaco GP’;

    Analysis: Why Aston Martin made medium tyre call – and did it cost Alonso victory?
    2023 Monaco Grand Prix
    Posted on 29th May 2023, 13:3929th May 2023, 15:53
    Written by Keith Collantine

    After the Monaco Grand Prix Fernando Alonso was quick to reject suggestions that his Aston Martin team had cost him victory by not putting him on intermediate tyres when he made his first pit stop on lap 54. Alonso defended the decision to fit another set of dry weather tyres, the medium compound, despite the rain which was falling around the track. But other drivers who pitted shortly before Alonso and also took slick tyres admitted after the race their teams had made a mistake. Did Aston Martin therefore slip up, and could they even have squandered an opportunity to win?

    Among the drivers to come in was Alonso’s team mate, Lance Stroll, who took a set of intermediate tyres two-and-a-half laps before his team mate. Unfortunately their opportunity to gain information from his experience was lost when he retired soon afterwards.
    Driver Team Lap Time Tyre
    Pierre Gasly Alpine 47 16:04:16 Medium
    Lando Norris McLaren 50 16:08:48 Hard
    Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 51 16:10:46 Intermediate
    Lance Stroll Aston Martin 51 16:10:52 Intermediate
    Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo 52 16:12:35 Intermediate
    Alexander Albon Williams 52 16:12:37 Intermediate
    Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri 53 16:13:18 Intermediate
    Logan Sargeant Williams 52 16:13:19 Intermediate
    Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 54 16:13:32 Medium
    Nyck de Vries AlphaTauri 53 16:13:47 Intermediate
    George Russell Mercedes 54 16:13:57 Intermediate

    Aston Martin asked Alonso if he wanted intermediates, and he answered that depended on whether the rain would intensify. Aston Martin were convinced the rain would only be brief and light:
    Alonso Yeah it’s raining also out of 10.
    Cronin Report of rain at turn three, bit of rain turn three.
    Alonso Yeah. What is the forecast rain?
    Cronin So our forecast is saying it’s light, light rain only.
    Alonso Yeah, the hard tyre is not the best, man. I don’t know what to do.
    Alonso Yeah raining heavy in seven. Very slow.
    Cronin Is it still medium tyres, though? Still medium tyres? Turn seven.
    Alonso How is the pace?
    Cronin Slippery track ahead. So similar to Verstappen, very similar to Verstappen. Just have a think if you think it’s inters.
    Alonso Depends on the forecast, mate
    Cronin We think it is a short shower on the radar.

    ‘EL PLAN: Analysis, Analysis, Analysis’;

    Would Alonso have won in Monaco if he'd made the right tyre call when the rain hit?
    09:51 Mon, 29 May 2023.
    Mark Hughes
    Special Contributor
    Formula One - Official Site

    The closest Fernando Alonso came to denying Max Verstappen his dominant Monaco Grand Prix victory was when the rain came in the second half of the race. The timing of their respective pit stops and the choices made there brought a momentary uncertainty to the outcome.

    Everyone was delaying pitting because it wasn’t clear if the rain was going to quickly pass – in which case stopping for intermediates would have been disastrous – or continue, in which case stopping for fresh slicks would have been potentially ruinous.

    Because his tyre temperatures were falling and losing him 1-1.5s per lap to Verstappen, Alonso pulled the trigger first, but as he made his in-lap it was still only those three corners from the hairpin which were seriously wet. In discussing with his engineer what the choice of tyre should be when he stopped, intermediates or medium slicks, Alonso emphasised they should do something different to Verstappen. Doing the same wasn’t going to win them the race.

    ‘EL PLAN: Should do something different to Verstappen’;

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