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    ‘It is either Oscar Piastri beats Lando Norris or he’s out basically of the sport’.
    Nico Rosberg has warned Oscar Piastri of the “really, really tough” challenge he faces next season as he goes up against Lando Norris at McLaren.
    Friday 23rd September 2022 10:00 AM.
    Michelle Foster

    Although he won three successive championships from 2019 to 2021, culminating in his Formula 2 success, F1 is a very different beast. And Norris, as Rosberg points out, is no push-over. “It’s a brave move by Oscar, it really is,” the 2016 World Champion told Sky Sports. “It is either he beats Lando or he’s out basically of the sport, so it’s really, really tough, but he believes in himself. And if you think you’re that good, you’ve got to go for it.”

    Rosberg reckons if Ricciardo can’t do, Piastri won’t find it easy either. “It is going to be tough for Oscar to do well there,” he added. “Lando is world-class, he’s World Championship material there so it’s not going to be easy to go there and do better than Daniel. Ricciardo is a multiple race winner, one of the best drivers in the world, and has found it unbelievably tough against Lando. Oscar is brand new to this sport!”

    “All the indications are that Oscar really is one of those future superstars. But I can’t really believe that suddenly Ricciardo has unlearned to drive super fast. Therefore, I think it’s Lando who’s just performing like a World Champion at the moment, he’s just driving so incredibly well. So I really think it will be a big, big challenge for Oscar next year to be close to Lando.”

    ‘Beat Lando Norris or he’s out’;

    Nico Rosberg warns Oscar Piastri could be axed from F1 altogether because of Lando Norris
    OSCAR PIASTRI will race for McLaren next season after the rookie snubbed an Alpine promotion.
    08:41, Thu, Sep 22, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Oscar Piastri could be forced out of F1 if he fails to beat Lando Norris, according to former world champion Nico Rosberg. The ex-Mercedes driver warned Piastri would find it “really tough” due to the Norris' consistent top performance.

    The former F2 star also admitted he was impressed by McLaren's long-term strategy for success. McLaren are investing heavily in their infrastructure with a new wind tunnel set to be finalised by the end of the season.

    Piastri explained: “McLaren have a competitive car. Obviously, it’s a tight battle between Alpine and McLaren right now, but they are a competitive team with a hell of a lot of winning history, and I think the environment is a great fit for me. The team has great plans and the future is exciting. I’m also looking forward to working and driving alongside Lando.”

    ‘Oscar Piastri could be axed’;

    Wolff preaches 'integrity and respect' as Piastri contract verdict due
    Thursday 1 September 2022 04:00
    Sam Hall

    Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has stated his belief in 'karma and integrity' as the deadline approaches for the FIA contract recognition board to deliver its ruling on the future of Oscar Piastri.

    Asked for his thoughts on the matter, Wolff said: “I have bigger problems than to enjoy sitting on the balcony like the Muppets in the Muppet Show and watch the show pan out in front of my eyes. "It’s important that junior programmes are being respected.”

    "I think that some of the kids should be wary of what they say on Twitter about multi-national organisations but I have no insight into the contracts. I believe in karma, I believe in integrity but I am not here to judge because as I said, I don’t know the legal situation."

    ‘Toto Wolff, not sitting on the balcony like the Muppets in the Muppet Show’;

    Toto Wolff concerned about Oscar Piastri precedent and warns ‘the boy better be quick’
    Tuesday 6th September 2022 8:15 AM
    Sam Cooper

    Toto Wolff has voiced concern that Oscar Piastri’s contentious move to McLaren has set a bad precedent in the sport. Mercedes, under Wolff’s leadership, have their own academy and have helped to nurture the likes of Esteban Ocon and George Russell to the F1 track.

    Wolff is now concerned Piastri’s manoeuvring may dissuade teams from having their own academy talents. “What I really stand firm for is all of us constructors are investing a lot of money in our junior programmes,” said Wolff, quoted by The Race.

    “We invest human resources that go to the go-kart tracks, to the junior formulas, and in some cases it’s little money, in some cases it’s more. George Russell and Esteban Ocon, we financed them a long way on. To know now a precedent has been set that if you are clever you can manoeuvre yourself out is something that’s clearly not good for the industry. So we will employ even more lawyers for even stricter contracts.”

    ‘Concern about Oscar Piastri precedent’;

    Horner: I regret passing up on Piastri

    22 September, 2022

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner has spoken of his regret at missing the chance to sign Oscar Piastri when the Australian was working his way up to Formula 1.

    The 2020 Formula 3 and 2021 Formula 2 Champion raced for the Arden team, founded by Horner and his father, in Formula 4 and Formula Renault. “There was an opportunity for Red Bull to look at him at the time and we didn’t take up that option, which is something that I regret,” Horner told Formula 1’s Beyond the Grid podcast released on Wednesday.

    “The only problem he (Piastri) now has to deal with is (that) the expectation on him will be immense,” said Horner. “He’s going to have to get in and deliver against Lando, which is no mean feat. But you either sink or swim in this business. He’s a very, very capable driver, I’m sure he’s going to do very well,” Horner added.

    ‘Opportunity for Red Bull, didn’t take up that option’;

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    Opinion: Latifi's treatment in 2022 has been cruel and unnecessary.
    The Williams driver will not be returning for 2023, but some of the treatment towards him on social media in '22 has been cruel and was not necessary.
    23/09/2022, ‎14‎:‎30
    Author Jake Nichol

    The news that Nicholas Latifi will not be returning to the Williams Formula 1 squad in 2023 is no great surprise. He has looked badly off the pace of new teammate Alex Albon - who has three points finishes to his name, while Latifi is yet to finish higher than 12th in the current campaign. Throw in Williams' courting of Nyck De Vries to partner Albon, and it always seemed likely that Latifi would be the one to end up without a seat once the music stopped and so it has transpired.

    The affable Canadian is by no means a bad Grand Prix driver. Merely to get anywhere consideration for a race seat, you must be very good. He won six F2 races and was second - to De Vries - in 2019. Latifi's treatment in 2022 unfortunately stems back to the one thing his F1 career - should this be the end - will be remembered for: crashing on Lap 53 of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    Latifi admitted to receiving death threats and other abuse on social media over the winter of 2021/22 for simply making a mistake while chasing Mick Schumacher. Thanks for the memories 'GOATIFI'' or some variant thereof will be the accompanying caption while others will no doubt post the image of him with a goat's shadow in the background. And what for? Because the guy made a mistake in the wrong place at the wrong time if you happen to support Hamilton - or believe the ending of Abu Dhabi was wrong. But there was still a racing lap in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton's driving at Yas Marina was not his best.

    ‘Latifi's treatment in 2022 has been cruel and unnecessary’;

    A replacement is yet to be announced
    10:08, 23rd Sept. 2022.
    Dalila Zanardo

    Nicholas Latifi will not race for Williams in 2023. The Canadian and Grove will part ways after three seasons. A replacement is yet to be announced. The Canadian expressed his gratitude for the team: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Williams Racing – all the people back at the factory and those I work with trackside – for the last three years. My initial F1 debut was postponed due to the pandemic but we eventually got going in Austria and, although we have not achieved the results together we hoped we would, it’s still been a fantastic journey.”

    “Getting those first points in Hungary last year was a moment I’ll never forget, and I will move onto the next chapter of my career with special memories of my time with this dedicated team. I know none of us will stop putting in every effort until the end of the season.”

    Capito: “A great team player” Williams CEO Jost Capito also declared his fondness for the Canadian driver: “On behalf of the whole team, I would like to say an enormous thank you to Nicholas for his three years of hard work with Williams. He is a great team player who has a great attitude towards his colleagues and work and is well-liked and respected throughout the business.


    Who are some of the possible replacements for Latifi at Williams?
    23/09/2022, ‎12‎:‎25
    Author Jake Nichol

    The Canadian is out at the end of 2022, but who could possibly slot into his seat alongside Alex Albon for '23? Two main contenders for Williams seat. The logical, and obvious two contenders to replace Latifi already both have links to Williams. Logan Sargeant or Nyck De Vries are the leading two drivers - both coming with considerable upsides. Sargeant is a member of the Williams Driver Academy and has enjoyed a relatively successful Formula 2 campaign in 2022 with two wins thus far.

    As for De Vries, after years of trying to get to F1 - it seems he has three teams swooning over him for 2023. Alpine, AlphaTauri and Williams are all interested in the services of the 2019 Formula 2 champion - with Williams being where he impressed with ninth on debut at the Italian Grand Prix, subbing for an ill Albon. As Williams is in its rebuilding stage, it needs an experienced driver to work with Albon to drive the team forward.

    ‘Possible replacements for Latifi at Williams’;

    The good and bad of each Williams option to replace Latifi
    23/09/2022, 14:17
    By Valentin Khorounzhiy
    The Race

    Williams’s Friday announcement that Nicholas Latifi will be off to pastures new in 2023 formalised the fact that the Formula 1 team is seeking a change within its line-up for next year.

    And while Nyck de Vries has been strongly linked to the seat alongside Alex Albon for a long time and acquitted himself extremely well at Monza, Williams will have been prudent – and is now in any case potentially forced – to cast a wider net.

    As it stands, while there are some true wildcard options that can be floated ala McLaren outcast Daniel Ricciardo, there are four relatively obvious names (some more, some less) to be considered.

    ‘The good and bad replacements’;

    Nyck de Vries forced to miss sim test as he could race in Singapore
    Alex Albon is endeavouring to be fit for the Singapore Grand Prix.
    23 September 2022
    by James Clifford

    Nyck de Vries has been unable to complete any simulator work ahead of next weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix. The Dutchman will be in Singapore as a standby in case Alex Albon has not yet fully recovered from his appendix surgery.

    De Vries was trying to get back to Grove to do some simulator running, but due to travel rules since the United Kingdom left the European Union, the 27-year-old could not enter the country using a European ID card. As a result, he will not have as much preparation as he would have liked for his potential racing duties in Singapore.

    ‘Nyck de Vries could race in Singapore’;

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    Capito: Latifi’s driving affected after Abu Dhabi crash.
    Nicholas Latifi’s performance has been affected by his crash at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, that caused the controversial Safety Car ending – claims Williams’ boss Jost Capito.
    20 September, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Latifi infamously crashed his Williams on lap 50 of the 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale bringing out the Safety Car, the sequence of events that followed leading to Max Verstappen’s maiden Formula 1 Title already well reported. The Canadian driver was subject to much abuse and social media hate after that incident, as many thought he was to blame for Lewis Hamilton missing out on a record breaking eighth F1 Drivers’ crown.

    Not that he was setting the world alight with his F1 performances, but 2022 saw Latifi dip into a new low, as he is yet to score any points, while Nyck de Vries – standing in for an ill Alex Albon – outqualified and outraced him at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Speaking to the High Performance Podcast, Williams team principal Jost Capito reflected on Latifi’s situation and form, claiming Abu Dhabi 2021 is a factor in his driver’s poor form.

    “We had to keep giving him the confidence. We said that there was nothing wrong. Everything was fine, but it was very difficult up until then because it was the end of the season,” Capito recalled. “He was not around here every single day and also we didn’t interfere too much as we knew what was happening, we knew what was going on. He switched his social media off but if we would have interfered too much, I think we would have made the situation worse,” the German insisted. “That’s something everybody has to get over on their own. He was fully aware that he had our backing, that we were absolutely convinced he didn’t do anything wrong.”

    ‘Nicholas Latifi’s performance has been affected. The Canadian driver was subject to much abuse and social media hate after that incident’;

    Capito convinced Abu Dhabi crash 'affected' Latifi's driving
    20/09/2022 at 08:27
    Phillip van Osten

    Williams boss Jost Capito believes that Nicholas Latifi's crash last year in Abu Dhabi, that set in motion the dramatic finale at Yas Marina, has had an enduring effect on the Canadian's driving. Ahead of the start of his 2022 campaign, Latifi said that he had moved on from F1's dramatic finale in Abu Dhabi.

    Capito believes there's a direct link between his driver's poor season and last year's events in Abu Dhabi. "The crash, of course, it shouldn’t have happened but if you’re racing then crashes can happen," added the German. "And we never blame a driver for that, it’s possible to crash. Otherwise, you have to stay at home if you don’t want to crash.”

    "I think that was also a part of why it took him quite a while in the season to find his competitiveness. I’m sure it affected his driving after that. It would have affected my driving a lot, I am absolutely convinced of this.”

    ‘It would have affected my driving a lot’;

    Jost Capito continues to defend Nicholas Latifi after Monza loss to a debutant
    Wednesday 21st September 2022 11:30 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Jost Capito seems determined not to throw Nicholas Latifi under the bus, saying the Canadian was under “quite more” pressure than Nyck de Vries at the Italian Grand Prix. De Vries made his Formula 1 debut at Monza, racing his way to ninth place, while Latifi’s point-less run continued with a P15. It had pundits saying the time has come for Williams to say goodbye to Latifi with former F1 driver Robert Doornbos calling on Capito to be “man enough” to drop him.

    Although Latifi was out-qualified, out-raced and out-scored by his one-off Dutch team-mate, the Williams CEO pointed to the pressure he was under compared to De Vries. “I think that’s a normal race driver’s pressure isn’t it?” he told Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle at Monza. “You always have to be better than your team-mates.”

    “And I think the pressure for Nikki is quite more than for Nyck. Because he is in the car for all year and then Nyck sets the bar knowing he just jumped in so the pressure is less on him.” Following the Monza race there were a lot of calls for De Vries to be given a 2023 Formula 1 race seat, whether it is with Williams or another team. The Dutchman has spoken with Williams and AlphaTauri with the latter reportedly leading the running.

    ‘Jost Capito seems determined not to throw Nicholas Latifi under the bus’;

    The speculation is over, Williams confirm Nicholas Latifi’s exit
    Friday 23rd September 2022 10:15 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Nicholas Latifi will part ways with Williams at the end of this season, the team has confirmed. Although Latifi stepped onto the Formula 1 grid on the back of his runner-up result in the Formula 2 championship, his time with Williams has been anything but a success.

    All too often running at the very back of the field, the Canadian has scored just seven points in 55 starts with pundits almost constantly questioning his future. The final straw was the Italian Grand Prix when Latifi, still point-less this season, was beaten by debutant Nyck de Vries, the latter crossing the line in ninth place.

    But while Williams initially stuck by their driver, team boss Jost Capito even going as far as to say last year’s Abu Dhabi crash was a blow to his driver’s confidence, the call has now been made. Latifi has thanked Williams for his three seasons with the team. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Williams Racing – all the people back at the factory and those I work with trackside – for the last three years,” he said.

    ‘The speculation is over’;

    The highs and lows of Latifi’s turbulent F1 career
    by Ashley Hambly
    14:18 Fri, 23 Sep 2022.
    Motorsport Week

    With the recent news of Nicholas Latifi departing from Williams Racing at the conclusion of the 2022 season, it looks like it could be the end of the line for the Canadian as a full-time Formula 1 driver. While there are still several seats in question, Latifi’s failure to meet expectations over his three-year span in the sport makes him less desirable than some of the contenders in question for the vacancies.

    It was a difficult rookie season for the Williams driver which was in part disrupted by the delay of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the season got underway in Austria, he found himself finishing at the very back of each of the first three grand prix. His form did improve as he got more in touch with the Williams FW43 throughout the season, only finishing at the back twice over the next 14 races in backmarker machinery.

    Russell out-qualified the Canadian driver in every race of the 2020 season and it wasn’t until the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix that Latifi would start a race ahead of the Brit. Across their two-year tenure together, Latifi beat Russell on track a total of seven times. One of those came in Budapest which secured his debut points as well as Williams’ first haul since Robert Kubica’s tenth place at the 2019 German Grand Prix.

    ‘Secured his debut points as well as Williams’ first haul since Robert Kubica’s tenth place (in backmarker machinery)’;

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    Horner explains "heated exchange" with Wolff after Hamilton/Verstappen collision.
    Christian Horner has revealed a "heated exchange" with Formula 1 rival Toto Wolff took place at the 2021 British Grand Prix.
    ‎22‎ ‎September‎ ‎07‎:‎00
    Author Jake Nichol

    Approaching Copse on the first lap, Hamilton ducked to the inside of the fast-right hander, but he and Verstappen collided - pitching the Red Bull into the barrier with an impact of over 50g. Hamilton was given a time penalty, but still won as Verstappen was taken for precautionary checks in hospital.

    The two drivers would also collide in Italy and in Saudi Arabia before the controversial ending to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - but Silverstone was where things finally boiled over. "It really permeated at Silverstone where suddenly there was an awful lot of dialogue from Toto to [then race director] Michael [Masi]," Horner told Tom Clarkson on the F1: Beyond the Grid podcast.

    "Then he's (Wolff) sending him an email, and then he's coming up. And I thought: 'Right, okay, I'm not having that, I'm going up.' B "I felt it was incredibly one sided that a team principal should not be able to lobby and influence the race director and with hindsight, Toto and I had a fairly heated exchange in Race Control. At that event, where Toto was obviously arguing his corner that his driver shouldn't be penalised, and I've got a driver in hospital and the car taken out of the race and was obviously feeling pretty aggrieved by it."

    'Right, okay, I'm not having that, I'm going up';

    Christian Horner had 'heated' argument with Toto Wolff minutes after Max Verstappen crash
    Christian Horner and Toto Wolff were embroiled in a tense rivalry last season as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought for the title.
    12:32, Wed, Sep 21, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Christian Horner has admitted he had a “heated exchange” with Toto Wolff away from the cameras in race control last season. Horner revealed he was angry at Wolff and accused him of “lobbying the race director” after he heard the Mercedes boss was sending emails to race director Michael Masi.

    Speaking on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, Horner admitted he had pushed for fans to be given access to more team radio over the TV broadcast. This came into effect last season but was dropped after it seemed to show team bosses pushing race directors into certain decisions.

    However, Horner stressed team radio messages to the FIA should have gone through the team manager and not through team principals. He said: “It was in Barcelona that suddenly I hear they broadcast Toto on the phone to Michael. And I thought that’s a bit strange because I had never had a one-to-one channel, it had always been centred through our team manager.”

    ‘Heated Argument’;

    ‘I’m not having that’: Christian Horner lashes out at Toto Wolff
    Christian Horner and Toto Wolff are not exactly the best of friends.
    22 September 2022
    by James Clifford

    Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, has revealed that he and Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, had an intense argument at last year’s British Grand Prix. The 51G collision sent the 24-year-old to the hospital for precautionary checks, and Hamilton was given a penalty.

    Wolff was arguing that the seven-time champion did not deserve to be punished for the crash, and it was one of the first occasions last year that we truly heard a team principal speaking with race director, Michael Masi.

    That same radio lobbying was heard in Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi after further incidents, and it was at the latter of those races where the title was controversially decided by a bizarre Safety Car restart.

    ‘Radio Lobbying’;

    Toto Wolff and Christian Horner disagree as Abu Dhabi GP controversy re-emerges
    Max Verstappen won the Italian GP which ended behind the Safety Car.
    13 September 2022
    by Nick Golding

    The Italian Grand Prix has caused debate as to whether the sport’s rulebook needs to be adjusted, after the race at the ‘Temple of Speed’ finished behind the Safety Car. Max Verstappen cruised across the line to claim a fifth consecutive victory, after a Safety Car was needed to recover Daniel Ricciardo’s stricken McLaren.

    The Australian came to a halt between the two Lesmos but left his car in gear. This meant marshals couldn’t push the Honey Badger’s MCL36 into a safe spot, resulting in a tractor being needed to lift the McLaren to safety.

    Unfortunately, the recovery took too long for the race to resume, resulting in it being completed behind the SC. An FIA spokesperson said: “While every effort was made to recover Ricciardo’s car quickly and resume racing, the situation developed, and marshals were unable to put the car into neutral and push it into the escape road.

    ‘Honey Badger’s Stricken MCL36, at the ‘Temple of Speed’ ’;

    Christian Horner reacts to rumoured upgrade, comments on Toto Wolff pain
    Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez look set to guide Red Bull to both championships this season.
    17 September 2022
    by James Clifford

    Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, has rubbished suggestions after the Italian Grand Prix that a new chassis is in the pipeline. An upgrade in Imola certainly helped Red Bull’s cause, and it also helped them bring the weight of the RB18 down to a more optimal figure. Verstappen has taken victory in 10 of the last 13 races, with Charles Leclerc, who won in Bahrain and Australia, claiming just one in that period, as well as Perez and Carlos Sainz.

    The reigning champion won from seventh on the grid in Monza last time out, and that came after victories in Hungary and Belgium had arrived from 10th and 14th, respectively. There does not appear to be any way to stop him right now, and the paddock rumour mill has produced suggestions that a lighter chassis is in construction in Milton Keynes.

    This would help them maintain an edge over Ferrari at upcoming circuits such as Singapore and Suzuka, which are generally expected to favour the Scuderia. Horner confirmed that this is not the case. “I don’t know where these rumours permeate from, but there’s no plans to introduce a lighter chassis,” he told Sky Sports.

    ‘Paddock Rumour Mill’;

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    Red Bull deny Max Verstappen conspiracy claims as Sergio Perez lags behind.
    Jacques Villeneuve suggested Red Bull had not impacted Perez’s progress on purpose but noted that the upgrades appear more suited to Verstappen. He commented: “Sergio Perez has lost his mojo a bit since Monaco, really strange.
    13:49, Thu, Sep 22, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Max Verstappen enjoys a commanding 116-point lead in the world championship with just a handful of races remaining.

    Jacques Villeneuve : “He (Sergio Perez) is having a hard time since the car has been fitted with adjustments, as if they work better with Verstappen’s driving style. Before that it was the other way around, which is different. That may be because Verstappen is more involved, although it is not the case that people say ‘Now we are going to develop updates that make Verstappen drive better and Perez not.”

    “The weight is an aspect, for sure, but it’s part of the set-up of the car. At the beginning of the season, we didn’t have the possibility to move the weight, then it’s part of the set-up. I think it’s everything together and after you find your performance somewhere, and it’s a little bit more tricky to set up the car. It went in the favour of Max. I think he’s able to drive any car. Now we have to find a way to give a car for Sergio to be performing and to compete.”

    ‘Red Bull deny Max Verstappen conspiracy claims’;

    Perez: Red Bull has seen I can be as competitive as Max.
    Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez has conceded the title but aims to be in the hunt next year as believes he has proved he can be “as competitive as Max.
    23 September, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    Perez: Anyone who knows me knows I’ll turn this around. The pressure is on Perez to up his game relative to the guy in the #1 car, and he knows it: “It’s in me and I’m not making any excuses at all, anyone who knows me knows that I’ll turn this around, I’ll keep working hard and I’m sure I’ll close the year well.”

    Heading to next week’s Singapore Grand Prix, Perez believes their rivals will be strong: “Mercedes is already practically in the fight. Marina Bay can be a very good circuit for Ferrari because on the road circuits they were very good. Furthermore, it is a very demanding track. “We were behind Ferrari at the start of the year but we made up for it in subsequent races. Ultimately, Red Bull had a super season and I’m looking forward to maintaining this pace until the end of the year,” said Perez.

    While the Red Bull RB18 has been fine in Verstappen’s hands, the same cannot be said of Perez who seems to have plateaued or even gone backwards relative to the mighty benchmark the Dutchman has set. And while the World Champion gets better and better, the sister car does not fare so well Perez pinpointed the problem: “In the last few races, as the car progressed. Maybe I haven’t adapted well to the new car, but that’s something I’m on working with my engineering team to return. I’m the same driver as six months ago.”

    ‘In the hunt next year as believes he has proved he can be as competitive as Max’;

    Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner says Sergio Perez has been an 'incredible servant," saying the idea of 'teammates' is misleading
    18:25 Thu, 22 Sep 2022.
    2022-09-22 T17:19:51Z
    Cork Gaines

    Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner had a blunt message about Sergio Perez's role on the team — he serves at the pleasure of the team and whatever Max Verstappen needs. Horner sat down for a lengthy Q&A for the Cambridge Union and was asked how he manages Formula One's odd dynamic, wherein teammates are also rivals but one is often asked to sacrifice himself to help the other. In his response, Horner first noted that the idea of "teammates" is misleading.

    "You know, 'teammate' is a fallacy," Horner said. "The worst thing that they are. They're definitely not mates because the guy in the other car is the only person that you are judged against. He's the only person with the same equipment. So he will either make or break your career. So it's a fine line." As for the specific situation with Red Bull, Horner made it clear that despite being one of the best drivers in the world, Perez's role on the team was to help Verstappen and Red Bull win championships.

    "I think that certainly last year, [Perez] was an incredible servant for the team, where he helped his teammate on numerous occasions," Horner said. "Certainly in that last race, when he did a stunning job of backing Lewis [Hamilton] up. Without that, Max wouldn't have won the championship." While Horner refused to say that Perez carries the dreaded label of "No. 2 driver," it is clear that is Perez's role, even if his perspective has changed a bit this season.

    ‘Idea of 'teammates' is misleading’;

    Red Bull admit their car development strategy is at fault for Sergio Perez slump
    Perez was considered to be a title contender earlier in the season, but has since struggled to find consistency amid the changes made to his RB18 that have not helped
    22:19, 22 Sep 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Red Bull have admitted the direction of their RB18 development has taken it out of reach of Sergio Perez's preferred car setup. The 2022 season threatens to be one of unfulfilled promise for the Mexican. After all, earlier in the year he emerged as a genuine contender for the drivers' title after winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

    So what has gone wrong for Perez since Monaco? Red Bull have shouldered much of the blame themselves, with technical director Pierre Waché admitting that, while their car developments have helped Verstappen's title defence, it has had the opposite effect on their other driver.

    "It is multiple factors," he said when explaining what has gone wrong for the 32-year-old. "The main factor is clearly the car balance and the confidence with a car, compared to the beginning of the year when the car was a little bit more balanced for him and a little bit less for Max. And after the development potential we have put on the car during the season, moving away from that is maybe a part of it. Finding a right set-up for him, it is quite difficult, to put him as confident as he could be to beat, or to fight with Max."

    ‘Red Bull admit their car development strategy is at fault’;

    Red Bull pinpoint why Sergio Perez is struggling against Max Verstappen
    Sergio Pérez is at risk of finishing outside the top three in the Drivers' Championship.
    23 September 2022
    by Nick Golding

    It seems like a lifetime ago when Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez was being tipped as a championship contender against team-mate Max Verstappen; however, fast forward four months and the Mexican couldn’t be any further from his dominant team-mate.

    Monaco was hugely significant, with Pérez having beaten reigning World Champion Verstappen on pace and merit alone. When the Red Bull number two was celebrating on the top step of the podium at the Principality, it really did look like he was going to take the fight to his imperious team-mate; however, Monaco almost spelled the downfall of the Mexican’s season.

    So just where has Pérez’s early season pace gone? Red Bull’s technical director Pierre Waché has put the 32-year-old’s dip in form down to “multiple factors”, with the team favouring upgrades to suit Verstappen appearing to be one of the reasons, without Waché admitting it. “It is multiple factors,” said Waché. “The main factor is clearly the car balance and the confidence with a car, compared to the beginning of the year when the car was a little bit more balanced for him and a little bit less for Max.”

    ‘Red Bull pinpoint why Sergio Perez is struggling’;

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    ‘Ferrari need to take stand, Charles Leclerc in sheer pace is the lead guy’.
    Ferrari need to acknowledge that “Charles Leclerc in sheer pace is the lead guy” if they want to have any hope of beating Max Verstappen. That’s the opinion of Damon Hill.
    Thursday 22nd September 2022 1:00 PM
    Michelle Foster

    Ferrari president John Elkann recently raised eyebrows when he told Gazzetta dello Sport the Scuderia will soon win both the Constructors’ and Drivers’ titles, and “that Charles Leclerc is in pole position”. Put to team boss Mattia Binotto that the president meant Leclerc was their number one driver, the Italian insisted he did “not mean that”.

    F1 pundit Tom Clarkson feels for Sainz, saying it was “it was very conspicuous the omission of Carlos Sainz from John Elkann”. Hill, however, believes the Ferrari’s president’s assessment was “tough but fair”. “The fact of the matter is Charles Leclerc in sheer pace is the lead guy, and Carlos has done a great job, but he still hasn’t dominated Charles has he?” he said on the F1 Nation podcast. “I mean it’s a bit like Sergio. They’re a very good team, the pair of them.”

    Had Ferrari only won four grands prix because Red Bull were the outright better team, hats off to both of them for their achievements. But Spain, Baku, Hungary and France were all won by Verstappen because of various issues for Leclerc while Monaco also went to Red Bull through a Ferrari blunder. And that’s just the wins lost, the list not including the numerous other times Ferrari threw away points. Four wins may be a sign of a success for Binotto, but for the Tifosi they’re a sign of what could have been.

    ‘Ferrari president John Elkann recently raised eyebrows’;

    Damon Hill warns Ferrari still a long way from success as Michael Schumacher example used
    Charles Leclerc and Ferrari have failed to mount a title challenge on Red Bull after a difficult campaign.
    09:25, Fri, Sep 23, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Damon Hill has stressed Ferrari is nothing like the team that won with Michael Schumacher 20 years ago. The 1996 champion claimed you used to “bet your house” on Schumacher and Ferrari winning races as he secured five crowns between 2000 and 2004.

    He said: “I mean when Michael [Schumacher] was winning, I used to say you could bet your house on him winning. You would go into race going this team, the way they operate, where he drives, you’d bet your house on. “You wouldn’t do that right now with Ferrari.” Leclerc won two of the first three races this season, suggesting the Scuderia could offer a threat to Max Verstappen.

    “In today’s Formula One, everything has to work almost perfectly to win. That was different at Ferrari in the days of [Jean] Todt and Schumacher. Ferrari sometimes had such a blatantly superior car that one or the other mistake could be concealed. That’s no longer possible today.”

    “Bet your house”. That’s no longer possible today’;

    The surprise biggest indicator of Ferrari's 2022 F1 points downfall
    Sep 20, 2022, 2:24 PM
    By: Alex Kalinauckas

    Looking back to the early races of 2022 and Ferrari’s challenge to Red Bull and Max Verstappen was going better than many expected. But it has lost so much ground a surprise rival can even pip Charles Leclerc to runner-up in the standings if given the chance

    For anyone fortunate enough to have visited, it's rather hard not to constantly miss Melbourne. And when he looks back to Formula 1's first race in the iconic Australian city for three years, that really applies to 2022 Melbourne winner Charles Leclerc.

    The Ferrari driver was dominant on a weekend where Red Bull couldn't match its red rival on outright pace or tyre performance and its star ultimately stopped at the side of the track. That put Leclerc 46 points clear of Max Verstappen and in prime position for first title glory if he and Ferrari could keep it up. As we now know, neither could.

    ‘Ferrari's 2022 F1 points downfall’;

    Damon Hill calls for Ferrari to make major Charles Leclerc change to beat Max Verstappen
    CHARLES LECLERC lies 116 points behind Max Verstappen in the world championship.
    08:21, Fri, Sep 23, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Damon Hill has stressed Ferrari needs to prioritise Charles Leclerc to challenge Max Verstappen to the title next season. Ferrari has been hesitant to favour Leclerc over Carlos Sainz which has cost the Monegasque points.

    “Carlos was actually pretty quick at Monza I thought but he’s going to have to go up another level to put Charles in the shade. And so that’s a fair point. If you’re going up into battle against Max Verstappen and Red Bull, you’ve got to put your best guys forward.
    “You’re not going to not hurt people’s feelings because there isn’t time for that in F1.” Leclerc and Sainz are separated by just 22 points in the championship compared to the 125-point gap Verstappen has built over Perez.

    ‘Damon Hill has stressed Ferrari needs to prioritise Charles Leclerc’;

    Is there still hope for Leclerc? We revisit the biggest title comebacks in F1 history
    18 September 2022
    By Samarth Kanal and Mike Seymour

    Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will head to the Singapore Grand Prix with a championship lead of 116 points over nearest rival Charles Leclerc. Can the Ferrari driver put together a shock recovery run over the final six rounds of the season to turn the tables? Or is another Verstappen triumph a formality? We reflect on some of the biggest title comebacks in F1 history to gauge just what he’s up against...
    John Surtees: 1964
    20 points behind with five races to go (points system: 9-6-4-3-2-1)

    James Hunt: 1976
    17 points behind with three races to go (points system: 9-6-4-3-2-1)
    The 1976 season was one of the most memorable in F1 history given Niki Lauda’s horrifying crash at the Nurburgring, his remarkable recovery and return, and the intriguing way in which the championship unfolded.

    Keke Rosberg: 1982
    16 points behind with five races to go (points system: 9-6-4-3-2-1)
    Alain Prost’s brace of victories put him in contention for the 1982 title before compatriot Didier Pironi took the lead – Keke Rosberg a distant fifth in the championship with five of the 16 rounds left to play.

    ‘Nelson Piquet: 1983, Alain Prost: 1986, Kimi Raikkonen: 2007, Sebastian Vettel: 2010 and 2012, Lewis Hamilton: 2017’;

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    Esteban Ocon: Only one driver has done better than me against Fernando Alonso.
    Since Alonso’s return to Formula 1, he and Ocon have gone on to form one of the most supportive team-mate relationships on the grid, something that was not a given when the two-time World Champion’s move was first announced.
    Saturday 17th September 2022 1:15 PM
    Sam Cooper

    In the immediate aftermath of Ocon’s shock win in Hungary last year, he found himself being lifted into the air by Alonso whose excellent defence against Hamilton had all but ensured the Frenchman the victory.

    But, as that partnership nears its end with Alonso’s impending move to Aston Martin, it is worth looking back to when Alonso was first announced and the dire predications that were made for Ocon’s career.

    Many thought he would be dramatically outperformed by Alonso and that it could even spell the end of his F1 career but that has not been the case. In 2021, Ocon finished just seven points behind Alonso and in 2021, he is seven points ahead. Looking back, Ocon told the Italian edition of that after all the suggestions that his F1 career was nearing its end, he is “still here.”

    ‘Only Lewis Hamilton can claim to have performed better as Fernando Alonso’s team-mate than he has’;

    Ocon: 'A very interesting future awaits me in F1'
    19/09/2022 at 16:39
    Phillip van Osten

    Esteban Ocon says an "interesting future" awaits him in F1, not only with Alpine but also perhaps beyond 2024 after his contract with the French outfit expires. Ocon's formative years in motorsport and in F1 were supported by Mercedes, and when the Frenchman was forced to sit out the 2019 season after losing his seat at Racing Point to Lance Stroll, he was placed in the wings of the Brackley squad as the team's reserve and sim driver.

    As Ocon's manager, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff then brokered the young gun's transfer to Renault in 2020, after which his contract was extended with the rebranded Alpine team until the end of 2024. That term may coincidently line up with the end of Lewis Hamilton's career in F1 with Mercedes, making Ocon a potential successor to the seven-time world champion.

    Asked in an interview with if he still entertained a relationship with Wolff and Mercedes, Ocon said that he did. "Yes, we talk, also because in the management of my career Gwen Lagrue, a manager who also works with Mercedes, is still helping me," he commented.

    ‘Interesting future awaits’;

    Esteban Ocon thinks he’s doing a ‘good job’ as he’s set to emulate Lewis Hamilton
    Sir Lewis Hamilton is the only team-mate to have beaten Fernando Alonso over the course of a season.
    18 September 2022
    by Nick Golding

    Esteban Ocon has his eyes set on becoming just the second driver to have ever beaten Fernando Alonso whilst competing in the same team, something which has only ever been done before in 2007.

    In 2007, Alonso was beaten at McLaren by rookie team-mate Sir Lewis Hamilton by one point, with the double World Champion having finished above every other team-mate he’s ever had in his Formula 1 career.

    In his first season at Alpine alongside Ocon, Alonso beat the Frenchman by just seven points; however, as it stands so far this season, the 41-year-old is somewhat coincidentally seven points behind Ocon.

    ‘Esteban Ocon thinks he’s doing a good job’;

    Where does Esteban Ocon rank among Fernando Alonso’s toughest team-mates?
    Monday 19th September 2022 9:15 AM
    Sam Cooper

    Esteban Ocon has claimed only Lewis Hamilton has done better than him as Fernando Alonso’s team-mate – but how true is that statement? When Alonso returned from retirement to join Alpine, there were many who thought Ocon’s days in F1 were numbered.

    And yet, after the best part of two full seasons, it is Alonso and not Ocon who is moving on. Looking back on his time at Alonso’s side, Ocon made a point to note only one driver could claim to have performed better – Hamilton. “I admit I find it a bit strange. In the end, in qualifying, in the comparison with Fernando we are 9-7 for him, but I have a few more points in the classification,” he told

    “Last year, if we talk about qualifying, we finished the season tied – 11-11. If I look at Fernando’s career, the only one of his team-mates who has been his equal is Lewis, all the others have not done better than me.”
    But do the numbers support what Ocon is saying? To find out, we have delved into the history books and selected five notable team-mates plus Ocon to see how they stack up against the two-time former World Champion.

    ‘Felipe Massa: 533 points fewer than Alonso, Ferrari 2010-2013, Giancarlo Fisichella: 137 points fewer than Alonso, Renault 2005-2006, Kimi Raikkonen: 106 points fewer than Alonso, Ferrari 2014, Jenson Button: 28 points fewer than Alonso, McLaren 2015-16, Esteban Ocon: Equal on points with Alonso (as of 2022 Italian Grand Prix), Lewis Hamilton: Equal on points with Alonso’;

    Ocon predicts 'tricky' Singapore GP with 'go-karts on kerbs'
    25/09/2022 at 09:13
    Andrew Lewin

    Alpine driver Esteban Ocon says that he's expecting a wild time in next weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, predicting that the bumpy nature of the track will have a big impact on this year's Formula 1 cars. It will be the first time that F1 has been to the Marina Bay Street Circuit since 2019, with the COVID pandemic forcing the cancellation of the race in 2020 and 2021.

    Ocon wasn't racing in F1 that year, but had made three previous starts, finishing on the podium in 2017 with Force India but failing to finish in 2018 after a collision. "I love Singapore, but the track itself is not my favourite," the 26-year-old French said this week. "They are go-karts on kerbs, it's going to be a tricky one.

    "It's going to be very bumpy," he explained. "I think Canada has been pretty bad, but probably it will be one of the worst ones. It always is, it's not news. A big challenge I think for us, very physical," he continued. "It's not going to be fun. But we're up for the challenge. It's going to be interesting also to see who chooses what, in terms of set-up. If you go for the car that rides well, or the car that has grip."

    ‘Go-karts on kerbs';

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    ‘Couldn’t be more untrue’: Norris’ strange Ricciardo denial amid claims car ‘suited him better’.
    Lando Norris has claimed this year’s McLaren has suited Daniel Ricciardo’s driving style more than his own, denying that the car is the reason for his considerable advantage over the Australian.
    September 23rd, 2022 12:03 pm
    Michael Lamonato from Fox Sports

    Ricciardo’s comprehensive defeat at the hands of the 22-year-old has been a major topic of paddock conversation over the last 18 months, with eight-timer race winner putting the difference down to a fundamental mismatch between his trademark driving style and the way McLaren builds its cars.

    It’s been suggested that Norris has been less affected by the MCL36’s quirky traits given he’s only ever driver cars made by McLaren and that his tenure with the team has naturally seen the team and his driving style come into alignment. But speaking to the Beyond the Grid podcast, Norris protested that this year’s car better suited Ricciardo when it first rolled out of the factory and that it’s only thanks to changes he’s made to his own driving style that he’s taken the upper hand.

    The car’s natural development cycle has opened the door to more consistent pace, and though Norris admitted that he and Ricciardo want different things from the car, he rebuffed suggestions that his feedback has been given priority and resulted in a machine that’s been built around him. And despite misleading representations in Drive to Survive suggesting there was friction between the pair, Norris said his relationship with Ricciardo was still strong.

    ‘Norris’ strange Ricciardo denial’;

    Lando Norris fiercely fires back at Daniel Ricciardo claim
    Lando Norris currently sits seventh in the Drivers' Championship after another season of outperforming Daniel Ricciardo.
    25 September 2022
    by Nick Golding

    Norris currently sits seventh in the Drivers’ Championship, meaning he leads the ‘best of the rest’ standings. The Quadrant founder is a staggering 69 points ahead of his Australian team-mate, who will be replaced next season by exciting 21-year-old Oscar Piastri.

    The British driver’s considerably better results compared to his team-mate has led to a number of reports that the team based the car around Norris’ driving style, hence why he signed a lucrative long-term deal at the start of 2022. Lando Norris has hit out at reports that the MCL36 “doesn’t suit” outgoing McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo due to the car being developed around the Brit, something he says couldn’t be “more untrue”.

    Norris has denied that the team built and developed the car around him, with the Brit admitting that he actually doesn’t like this year’s car. “There have been things said that [Daniel] doesn’t suit the car and stuff, and everyone thinks that I do suit the car and the car is made around me, but it couldn’t be more untrue,” Norris said on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast.

    ‘Norris has denied that the team built and developed the car around him’;

    Norris: Untrue the MCL36 is made around me
    23 September, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Lando Norris rebuffed reports claiming McLaren’s 2022 Formula 1 car, the MCL36 is built around him as an explanation to Daniel Ricciardo’s struggles.

    Daniel Ricciardo has not been able to get in sync with McLaren machinery ever since he joined the team back in 2021, and his struggles have been more amplified by the strong results his teammate Lando Norris has been pulling out in the same cars.

    That has prompted claims that McLaren have built their cars around their young and rising start who has inked a lucrative long-term deal with Woking back in February. Norris, however, denied such reports, claiming he actually does not enjoy driving his MCL36 when speaking to F1’s Beyond the Grid Podcast.

    ‘Lando Norris rebuffed reports’;

    Norris exclusive: I am already McLaren team leader
    25/09/2022, ‎13‎:‎00
    Author Jake Nichol
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    The fourth year McLaren driver believes he is now in a position to lead the team forward - as he exclusively told The McLaren driver is, up to and including the Italian Grand Prix, the only interloper onto the podium from outside the big three teams in 2022, with an assured drive to third at Imola.

    The grand plan for McLaren boss Zak Brown was to hire Ricciardo as the team's lead driver while Norris continued to incubate before assuming that mantle for himself. However, Ricciardo - with the exception of that win at Monza in 2021 - struggled to gel with last term's car, and the expected reset with the new ground-effect breed of machinery in '22 has failed to materialise.

    His inability to match the results and consistency of Norris is hindering the team's chances of finishing fourth in the Constructors' in the battle with Alpine, and as a result, Ricciardo is out for 2023, with the final year of his contract being paid up by the team. Rookie Oscar Piastri is being drafted in after Brown and McLaren managed to snatch him away from Alpine after the contract "shilly-shallying" (as the Contract Recognition Board put it) with the younger Australian and his management left frustrated and open to exploring options for a race seat away from Enstone.

    ‘I am already McLaren team leader’;

    Lando Norris breaks silence on Oscar Piastri replacing Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren
    LANDO NORRIS has opened up on his new teammate Oscar Piastri who will replace Daniel Ricciardo next season.
    17:42, Sun, Sep 25, 2022
    By Joshua Lees

    Ahead of their link up in 2023, Norris has revealed he is ‘excited’ to work alongside one of Formula 1’s brightest prospects. He told RacingNews365: “I'm excited to work with someone different.”

    “I've had two very different, extremely good drivers [Carlos Sainz Jr and Ricciardo as teammates] in my first few years in Formula 1, so I always look forward to working with someone new. I just hope that they're someone you can get along with and have some fun with [but] I [also] don't mind if they hate me, and they never want to talk to me.

    As mentioned by the Englishman, Norris has worked with two of F1’s strongest drivers in Ricciardo and Sainz throughout his career so far. After working alongside two of the sport’s most seasoned professionals, the youngster feels he is able to judge the fine line between being friends and rivals with his teammates. He commented: “You have to get people who are more ruthless, and at the same time don't want to be as friendly. I guess there'd be differences between Carlos and Daniel.”

    ‘I'm excited to work with someone different’;

    Norris undaunted by prospect of working with Piastri
    25/09/2022 at 13:29
    Andrew Lewin

    With six races remaining in the 2022 season, Lando Norris is already looking ahead to next year and the arrival of a new team mate at McLaren. "I'm excited to work with someone different," Norris told in exclusive comments this week. "I've had two very different, extremely good drivers in my first few years in Formula 1, so I always look forward to working with someone new.”

    But Norris caused a stir recently when he was asked whether he had any sympathy for Ricciardo's current plight: "I hate to say it, but I would say no. People will probably hate me for saying it." Norris was keen to stress that his remarks didn't mean there was any bad feeling between himself and the 33-year-old from Perth.

    ‘Norris undaunted by prospect of working with Piastri’;

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    Aerodynamic upgrades coming for Aston Martin in Singapore.
    Aston Martin will be rolling out some tweaks to their AMR22 as part of a final push to the end of the 2022 F1 season.
    Sunday 25th September 2022 11:30 AM
    Thomas Maher

    The Silverstone-based team are set to bring further updates to their car at the Singapore Grand Prix, according to their technical director Dan Fallows. After debuting a unique and eyebrow-raising rear wing design at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Aston Martin are set to use that rear wing design again next week.

    “The Marina Bay Street Circuit should suit that wing so it’s likely to be back on the car for the Singapore Grand Prix,” Fallows said in an interview for the official Aston Martin F1 website. The rear wing needed plenty of correspondence between Aston Martin’s technical department and the FIA to ensure the design conformed with the technical regulations, and Fallows said it is an example of how innovative the department can be.

    More updates on the way: Aside from the rear wing, Fallows confirmed further new components will be added to the AMR22 in a bid to improve the performance of the car in what has been a tough season for the former Racing Point squad. “As part of a programme to reduce the weight of the car, and improve the aerodynamic performance, we have some new items for Singapore,” he said.

    ‘Rolling out some tweaks to their AMR22’;

    Fallows predicting "big step" for Aston Martin

    One of several 'big name' signings at Aston Martin, Dan Fallows is predicting a "big step" for the Silverstone-based outfit next season. The Yorkshireman is one of the 'A team' recruited by Lawrence Stroll as he seeks to take Aston Martin to the front of the grid, the subject of a high-profile dispute with Red Bull that eventually saw the matter settled out of court.

    Fallows joins Aston Martin as technical director, where he reconnects with former Red Bull colleague Andrew Alessi, who has been appointed head of technical operations, (ex-Alfa Romeo Chief Designer) Luca Furbatto as engineering director and Tom McCullough as performance director, all reporting to chief technical officer Andy Green.

    Keen to be out of the spotlight that shone brightly following his controversial move from Milton Keynes. "It's really embarrassing," he admits in an interview for the team's website, "especially when you've got friends sending messages with links to articles about you. I've never really been interested in this sort of thing, I'm not in it for the publicity. All I'm interested in is making fast cars."

    ‘Predicting "big step" for Aston Martin’;

    Part of Aston Martin’s F1 2022 troubles came as a result of ‘growing too quickly’
    Sunday 25th September 2022 11:00 PM
    Sam Cooper

    Mike Krack believes the rapid expansion of the team was one of the causes behind Aston Martin’s troubles in 2022. The 2022 campaign has a tumultuous one for the team. A new team principal arrived, they unveiled a whole new car twice and their senior driver announced he was retiring at the end of the year. Krack, who has only been in the role since January, believes that the team’s rapid expansion may have played a part in their downfall this campaign.

    “We have a small structure that was relying on a few people where you put a lot of financial resources in and you grow very fast. And if you grow very fast, the whole structure cannot adapt so quickly,” Krack said in an interview with the BBC. Normally you reduce the efficiency if you grow too quickly and this is something that has happened. The [car] concept that was decided was a direction that offered ultimately very high aerodynamic potential but due to porpoising it could never be exploited.”

    ‘Growing too quickly’;

    Aston Martin ‘success has not come the way Lawrence Stroll wanted’
    Sunday 25th September 2022 9:15 AM
    Jon Wilde

    Mike Krack has praised the “patience” being shown by Lawrence Stroll over the time it is taking to turn Aston Martin into World Championship hopefuls. Aston Martin, transformed into British racing green from the pink of Racing Point, were launched in early 2021 with grand claims by team owner Stroll that titles were the aim in the foreseeable future. But despite an aggressive recruitment programme targeting some of the sport’s big hitters, and the construction of a state-of-the-art new factory at Silverstone, Aston Martin have only gone backwards.

    Fourth in the Constructors’ Championship in 2020 – it would have been third but for a points penalty – they finished seventh last year and are down to ninth this season with six races remaining. Krack is the Aston Martin team principal and as he did in a previous interview, he insisted the high-rolling Canadian businessman who funds Aston Martin F1 is not applying the thumb screws despite the disappointing results achieved with the AMR22 car.

    “The financial means he has put into this team give him the right to be demanding. But he is not over-pressurising us…” “He (Stroll senior) is around once a week or something like that and wants to know what is going on, what are the next steps, why have we performed the way we did, what do we do next and what is our strategy. And then after two hours he has other things to do. It’s not that he comes in and decides every single item, not at all.”

    ‘The “patience” being shown by Lawrence Stroll praised’;

    Krack: Lawrence Stroll has the right to be demanding
    21 September, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack claimed Chairman Lawrence Stroll has the right to be demanding given the financial investment he has put into the team. Lawrence Stroll has invested heavily in his Formula 1 outfit, Aston Martin, which he acquired back in 2019 when it was the troubled Vijay Mallya-owned Force India. The Canadian billionaire is yet to reap the rewards of his investment, as Aston Martin endure an underwhelming season in 2022, currently ninth in the Constructors’ Championship, ahead of only Williams.

    “It is justified to give your chairman an update every week at least. There are also phone calls in between but they are more like catch-ups. But, bottom line, I admire his patience, honestly,” the ‘Luxembourger added. “Because success has not come the way he wanted it from the beginning, and the patience he has shown shows he is realistic and understands what he is doing.”

    ‘The right to be demanding’;

    Lance Stroll savouring teaming up with childhood ‘bad guy’ Fernando Alonso
    Sunday 25th September 2022 2:00 PM
    Thomas Maher

    Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has revealed that as a child, he viewed his 2023 F1 team-mate Fernando Alonso as the “bad guy”. Stroll said he saw Alonso as being “like a bad guy in the movies” when he watched the Spaniard’s title battles in the mid-2000s. Having spent his childhood watching Alonso go toe to toe with his hero, Stroll laughed at the prospect that he will be team-mates with the ‘bad guy’ from that time.

    “I watched [Fernando] on TV in 2004, 2005, 2006 – when he won his titles and was fighting against [Michael] Schumacher,” Stroll told the French subsidiary of “I was a fan of Schumacher. [Alonso] was the bad guy in my eyes! I was six years old and he was the bad guy, like in the movies.

    But he was always super-exciting to watch. And he still is. He’s one of the best drivers. He’s still very lively at around 42 years old (Alonso will be 42 next July).” The 23-year-old Canadian was just seven years old when Alonso won his first Drivers’ Championship in 2005, beating McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen, with Alonso then embarking on a season-long battle with Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher to clinch his second title in 2006.

    ‘Childhood ‘bad guy’ Fernando Alonso’;

    Fernando Alonso jokes about El Plan as he reveals James Bond intention
    Fernando Alonso will join Aston Martin at the start of next season.
    24 September 2022
    by James Clifford

    Fernando Alonso is keen to feature in a James Bond movie in the future, and his upcoming ties with Aston Martin might just help him achieve that. Alonso won two world titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006, before leaving for McLaren ahead of the 2007 season.

    Now that he has gone to pastures new, he can embark on another plan to win races and add a third world title to his tally, but he would rather not get caught up in that meme again. “Let’s not start again – last year with ‘El Plan’, there was enough of a mess,” joked Alonso will speaking with Finetwork on Instagram.

    “It’s always something that is created on social media and I always try to follow what you guys say. If it has to be ‘La Misión’ (The Mission), then ‘La Misión’.” What Alonso would like is to appear in a Bond film. “What would be nice is to be in a James Bond film now I’m with Aston Martin. I would love to shoot some street scenes in an Aston Martin,” he added. “We have to talk it over with the team, hopefully it will work out.”

    ‘Joking About El Plan, James Bond Intention’;

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    Members of Formula 1 paddock upset with ‘unacceptable’ 2023 calendar.
    24 races are set to be held next season. Several key figures have been reported by the Guardian to find the 2023 calendar “unacceptable.”
    23 September 2022
    by James Clifford

    The schedule is not decided by the FIA themselves; F1’s promoters set the calendar of races, and they forward their plans to the governing body for approval.

    However, the Emirati does have the right to overrule F1 on certain decisions if he chooses to do so. Thanks to the longer hours, the more strenuous journeys and the additional time spent away from their loved ones for the team members, several key figures have been reported by the Guardian to find the 2023 calendar “unacceptable.”

    ‘Unacceptable 2023 calendar’;

    How Formula 1 ended up with its gruelling 24-race calendar for 2023
    Formula 1’s 24-race calendar for 2023 might be a sign of the series’ current health, but for many, the schedule was cause for concern.
    Sep 21, 2022, 3:01 PM
    By: Luke Smith

    For those working in the paddock, it was the first sign of just how many weekends would be spent away from home next year. People joked about the upcoming boom in business for divorce lawyers around Oxfordshire, where most F1 teams are based, and shuddered at the copious amount of time about to be spent on flights through next season. The number of races is not the surprising bit about the calendar. We knew that would be the case, given the plans to add Qatar and Las Vegas, bring back China and keep both Spa and Monaco. The 24-race limit set by the Concorde Agreement was always going to be hit.

    It is the grouping of races that has been the source of frustration for those working in F1. Pairing Baku with Miami while having Montreal a month later; putting Qatar nowhere near the other Middle Eastern races on the calendar; having Austin only a month before Las Vegas, the latter forming a double-header with Abu Dhabi to close out the season. On the face of things, some of it does not make a lot sense, particularly after F1 had stated its intention to try and regroup geographically where possible.

    And that’s before we factor in the triple-headers. Remember when the first one happened in 2018, and teams said they never wanted to do it again? And that their return in 2020 was simply out of necessity because of COVID? Well, we’re back to two triples next year: Emilia Romagna/Monaco/Spain, and USA/Mexico/Brazil. Five races in six weeks to round out the season may be exciting for fans, but it will stretch the paddock to its limit.

    ‘Upcoming boom in business for divorce lawyers around Oxfordshire where most F1 teams are based’;

    Formula 1 set for longest season ever as China returns to 2023 calendar
    Wednesday 7th September 2022 6:45 AM
    Sam Cooper

    A reported calendar for the 2023 Formula 1 season has been published and shows that China is set to return to the schedule but only on certain conditions.

    The Formula 1 calendar has been rapidly expanding of late and F1 racer turned commentator Martin Brundle warned in March that a 25-race season is “inevitable.”

    There is also persistent talks that historic tracks such as Monaco and Spa could make way for more street circuits, a move that four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel described as “horrible.”

    ‘25-race season is inevitable!’;

    Formula 1: 24-race calendar unveiled for 2023
    Romain Boisaubert - 21 September 2022

    The FIA has officially unveiled the calendar for the 2023 season, with twenty-four Grand Prix races in total. A historic season that will be the longest and most dense in history.

    With twenty-four Grand Prix, F1 is about to set a new record for the most races in a season.

    Featuring the Las Vegas Grand Prix for the first time as well as historic races such as the Monaco Grand Prix (28 May) and the Belgian Grand Prix (30 July), the 2023 season will start on 5 March in Bahrain and end on 26 November in Abu Dhabi.

    ‘Formula 1: 24-race calendar’;

    Miami Gardens “excited to bring back” Formula 1 in 2023
    September 21, 2022
    By Nick Golding

    With the 2023 FIA Formula 1 World Championship official calendar having been released, the organisers of the Miami Grand Prix have shared their excitement of finally knowing when fans from across the world will be return for the second race at the Miami International Autodrome.

    Next year’s race at Miami has been confirmed as a double header with the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with the sport to take its first trip across the pond next season from the 5-7 May. With the date being official, fans can already buy pre-sale tickets, which are set to sell-out extremely fast given how popular this season’s race was.

    ‘Excited Miami Gardens’;

    FIA Reveals 2023 Formula 1 Calendar – Las Vegas, Monaco & more
    September 20, 2022
    By: Jack Smith |

    F1’s governing body has announced a record length 24-race calendar for next year’s Formula 1 World Championship.

    The F1 circus begins in Bahrain over the weekend of March 3rd-5th, with Abu Dhabi again the final race of the season in late November. FIA’s 2023 Formula 1 calendar sees the debut of a new circuit, the return of two former locations, and movement in what will be a busy year for the sport.

    The calendar sees the return of the Chinese Grand Prix for the first time in four years. It also features the re-inclusion of Qatar in early October. Perhaps the marque piece of the announcement, the first installment of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Las Vegas will form a double-header with Abu Dhabi to close out the 2023 season.

    ‘First installment of the Las Vegas Grand Prix’;

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