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    Toto Wolff explains why Audi are better option than Andretti for 11th team.
    Toto Wollf has hinted that he would be more favourable to Audi becoming Formula 1’s 11th team rather than Andretti Global.
    Sunday 7th August 2022 10:00 AM
    Sam Cooper

    The Andretti family, led by Michael, has long been trying to find a way to get onto the grid. Last year, they came close after almost agreeing a deal to buy Sauber only for it to collapse at the 11th hour, and this year the 59-year-old American announced plans to launch his own Andretti Global team which would be an 11th constructor in the pit lane, hoping to do so for the 2024 season.

    His plans have been met with a lukewarm response by the FIA and F1 as well as the current occupiers of the spots on the grid, most notably in the form of Mercedes boss Wolff.

    In May, the Austrian said that any new team would need to show it can bring value as an 11th team would mean a “dilution” for the existing 10.

    ‘Toto Wollf Favours Audi’;

    Wolff reins in Mercedes enthusiasm: 'We're still lacking to front-runners'
    05/08/2022 at 09:47
    Michael Delaney

    Toto Wolff says Mercedes must remain cautious about its improved performance on the back of its strong display in Hungary, where the team may have just "landed in the perfect window".

    "I think we need to be careful that it's not specific to Budapest that we just landed in the perfect window," Wolff suggested. "The other teams, Ferrari especially yesterday, complained about the tyre not being where it should have been.”

    "So, in my personal opinion, we're still lacking to the front runners. You've seen that Leclerc on the right tyre is still a dominant force. But at least we were in the same race."

    ‘Mercedes Must Remain Cautious’;

    Why Wolff has been enjoying Mercedes 'getting it wrong'
    07/08/2022, ‎10‎:‎40
    Author RacingNews365 Staff

    Toto Wolff admits that a part of him is enjoying the process of Mercedes "getting it wrong" in 2022 as he believes this is the key to future success.

    "I don't think it's challenging in a way because I've had much harder times in all of my life, not particularly in Formula 1, but this is actually within my comfort zone," Wolff told Square Mile.

    "I would say that I'm enjoying getting it wrong at the moment, because it's the basis for long-term future success, I believe. We have had eight consecutive World Championships that hasn't been done in any other sport. And I think I know why.”

    ‘Within My Comfort Zone’;

    Toto Wolff denies FIA technical directive will be a ‘silver bullet’ at Spa
    Saturday 6th August 2022 11:00 AM
    Jon Wilde

    Toto Wolff does not see the FIA technical directive being introduced for the Belgian Grand Prix as a “silver bullet” that will fire Mercedes to the front.

    “It will be very interesting to see what we see at Spa,” said Wolff, quoted by the German edition of “Let’s see if the difference in ride height makes a difference for the teams that ride so low.”

    “But I no longer believe in the ‘silver bullet’, as they say, that we will then suddenly be three tenths faster than everyone else, but in any case it will be interesting.”

    ‘No Longer Believe in the ‘Silver Bullet’!’;

    Wolff not interested in Constructors' P2 fight: Second means first loser!
    ‎03‎ ‎August‎ ‎12‎:‎00
    Author Michael Butterworth
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff says he isn't concerned about whether his team finish second or third in the Constructors' Championship, saying he would rather Mercedes win races on merit.

    "Second [is the] first loser," Wolff told media including

    "For me, whether it's second or third in the Constructors' Championship is not so relevant, compared to really racing and being at the front, developing the car so we can win races on merit, beat the Ferraris, beat the Red Bulls and prepare for next year, rather than really care about the championship position."

    ‘No Interest in Constructors' P2’.’;

    Mercedes ‘missing a few months’ in development race with Red Bull and Ferrari
    Sunday 7th August 2022 7:00 PM
    Sam Cooper

    Toto Wolff has conceded that Mercedes are “a few months” behind Red Bull and Ferrari after their troubling start to the season.

    “The start of the season wasn’t really any good,” Wolff said. “And there is no other way of describing it. Because if you win the Championship in December then four months on, you’re not competing with the guys in the front. That’s frustrating.”

    “Since then we had a roller coaster, we’ve been on the podium, almost every single race. We were strong on the Sundays, but never quite there in qualifying and the gap was simply too large.”

    ‘Start of the season wasn’t really any good’;

    Wolff's bizarre Russell compliment
    Sunday 7 August 2022 07:00
    Sam Hall

    Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has revealed he complimented George Russell on his maiden F1 pole lap by saying over the radio it was "not s**t".

    "I said 'not s**t' on my radio," said Wolff. "That is pretty high up in my scale by the way, that is not negative.”

    "It was quite an interesting experience because we knew it was going quick. On our used soft, it was already quite competitive."

    ‘ 'Not S**t', is pretty high up in my scale by the way!’;

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    Honda F1 chief surprised by Red Bull's huge lead over Ferrari.
    Honda are pleased with Red Bull's performance so far in 2022, though remain realistic about why the points gap between the team and Ferrari is currently so substantial.
    08/08/2022, ‎07‎:‎00
    Author RacingNews365 Staff

    Honda F1 chief Yasuaki Asaki admits that Red Bull's points advantage over Ferrari in the Constructors' Championship has come as something of a surprise. Red Bull have been aided in their success by Honda who, despite officially withdrawing from Formula 1 at the end of 2021, continue to support the team's Red Bull Powertrains operation in a partnership that was recently extended until the end of 2025.

    As such, Honda's Asaki remains closely involved with the sport, and acknowledges that certain aspects of the season have not been what he expected. Asaki has praised Red Bull for their consistency, but has warned that their advantage over Ferrari in terms of points is not necessarily a realistic picture of their performances.

    "Red Bull are making fewer mistakes than Ferrari at the moment," Asaki explained. "The difference in points between the two teams is greater than our true strength. We are now in a position where we are fighting for both championships, so we keep fighting. We had some problems at the start of the season, but we solved them. I think that's why we are where we are today."

    ‘Honda F1 chief surprised by Red Bull's huge lead’;

    Honda explain Charles Leclerc gap to Max Verstappen as Ferrari have themselves to blame
    MAX VERSTAPPEN enjoys a healthy 80-point lead over Charles Leclerc in the Drivers Championship.
    08:30, Mon, Aug 8, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Red Bull are leading the championship because they “solved” their early season reliability issues compared to Ferrari, according to Honda boss Yasuaki Asaki. Asaki also claimed Red Bull are “making fewer mistakes” than Ferrari which has proven vital to Max Verstappen's success.

    Victories for Charles Leclerc in two of the first three races, coupled with retirements for Max Verstappen, saw the Monegasque open up a commanding 46-point advantage over the Dutchman.

    Red Bull boss Helmut Marko admits the team cannot relax despite their healthy championship lead. He said it was possible Ferrari could win the next nine races if they were to completely cut out their errors.

    ‘Red Bull Cannot Relax’;

    Red Bull taking nothing for granted in Ferrari battle

    Monday 8 August 2022 07:00
    Ewan Gale

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has insisted Red Bull will take "nothing for granted" in the remaining races of the season. The Milton Keynes-based team has opened up a 97-point gap over nearest rival Ferrari despite the Scuderia's challenge this season often seeing Charles Leclerc rush ahead of Max Verstappen on track.

    But Horner has insisted complacency will not creep in for Red Bull in its quest for a first championship double since 2013. “The points tables look healthy and it’s a great way to sign off into the summer break but there is still a lot of racing to go," said Horner.

    “Ferrari are quick, Mercedes are coming back into the game…there’s still a long, long way to go in this championship, plus a sprint race, so we don’t take anything for granted. “There is still a lot of racing to do and at very different venues.”

    ‘Red Bull Taking Nothing For Granted’;

    Sergio Perez’s assessment of his ‘7/10’ season so far with Red Bull
    Sunday 7th August 2022 4:00 PM
    Sam Cooper

    Perez, who was ranked sixth on our top 10 drivers of the season so far, was asked by his team to score his season so far out of 10 and replied “7/10.”

    “I’m looking forward to some rest, it’s been an intense season,” the Mexican said. “But you can only disconnect for a week or so and then back into it. We’ve got a lot of work to do because the second half of the season is going to be very intense. We have to keep delivering.”

    “I couldn’t have imagined we would be where we are at that point [following Red Bull’s double DNF at the start of the season]. It’s great to have the team where it is at the moment, but we cannot take anything for granted.”

    ‘Sergio Perez’s Assessment’;

    Has there been a ‘clear change’ in how Max Verstappen thinks and races?
    Sunday 7th August 2022 12:59 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Now a Formula 1 veteran at the tender age of only 24, has there been a “clear change” in Max Verstappen with his thinking and racing? “You see a clear change in how he thinks and how he races,” said Coronel of Verstappen on’s Formula 1 podcast.

    “Everything is based on finishing. No longer that fierceness as we knew from him in the beginning. Very conservative and more like: ‘okay, my turn will come in a moment’. That also struck me: Max knows that if he is less fast, he has to take chances to get as many points as possible.”

    “Even if he’s fourth or fifth… I think that was in his head during the race in Hungary. But then you get one gift after another gift. Everything was right!”

    ‘Clear Change In How Max Verstappen Thinks And Races’;

    How Red Bull piled back the downforce in Hungary
    Red Bull initially feared it would be on the back foot at Formula 1’s Hungarian Grand Prix, with the team seemingly less comfortable at high downforce circuits than previous years.
    Aug 7, 2022, 8:46 AM
    By: Matt Somerfield
    Co-author: Giorgio Piola

    It’s clearly the consequence of a design direction that the team has taken with the new regulations though. For its drivers have often found themselves at the top of the speed trap figures in 2022, whereas in previous seasons they’d be at the bottom more often than not.

    In order to tackle this issue in Hungary, Red Bull introduced a new beam wing layout, pairing it with its higher downforce rear wing offering. This new beam wing design is what most of the grid would consider the conventional layout for these regulations, with two elements mounted in series, one above the other.

    And, just like its rivals, the design featured elements with a more loaded central section and tapered outer tip. Prior to this, Red Bull had bucked this trend, opting for a ‘stacked’ arrangement instead. Plus when it was required to reduce downforce and drag at higher speed circuits, it also ditched the upper of those two elements, as can be seen at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

    ‘Piled Back The Downforce’;

    Christian Horner speaks out as Red Bull poach Lewis Hamilton's former Mercedes engineer.
    RED BULL currently lead the F1 Constructors' Championship standings by nearly 100 points.
    09:56, Sun, Aug 7, 2022
    By Tom Parsons

    Christian Horner has spoken out after Red Bull poached Lewis Hamilton’s former engineer Phil Prew from Mercedes. The Austrian team have been in imperious form on the track this season and are leading the Constructors’ Championship by 97 points, with Max Verstappen also at the top of the Drivers’ Championship standings.

    Red Bull have been uncompromising in their recruitment drive recently as they look to become the powerhouse in F1 for years to come. And Horner believes Prew’s arrival is a “statement of intent.” He said: “I’m delighted that Phil is going to be joining the team and he has a phenomenal track record. He has been a key component of Mercedes’ recent success and, again, it is another statement of intent of where we want to be with the power unit.”

    “I think we have assembled great strength and depth within the business and it’s fantastic to see it really coming together and coming to life. Phil’s one of a few key signings recently that add to the very talented group of people that we have already assembled.”

    ‘Statement Of Intent’;

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    Daniel Ricciardo posts for first time after McLaren 'inform Aussie they plan to axe him'.
    It is believed Ricciardo was told the news by McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl after the Hungarian Grand Prix.
    10:28, Mon, Aug 8, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Daniel Ricciardo has broken his social media silence after reportedly being told he will lose his McLaren drive for next season. Ricciardo was photographed beaming while swimming on holiday, suggesting the Australian is not worried about his F1 future.

    He posted the image alongside a caption which simply said “hello” with a sun emoji. It comes after a source close to Ricciardo reported he had already been told of McLaren’s decision to replace him with Oscar Piastri for next season, according to ESPN.

    It is also understood Ricciardo was not interested in a seat at McLaren’s Formula E team in a bid to remain on the F1 grid. Ricciardo is tipped to sign for Alpine, securing the seat Piastri was expected to step into when Fernando Alonso announced his switch to Aston Martin.

    ‘Ricciardo was photographed beaming’;

    Daniel Ricciardo receives sponsorship boost despite McLaren saga
    Monday 8th August 2022 3:15 PM
    Michelle Foster

    Despite rumours of his pending McLaren exit, Daniel Ricciardo has renewed a sponsorship deal with Singtel Optus for a further two years. The smiling Australian first partnered with the telecommunications company in 2020, Optus saying at the time he was the perfect brand ambassador as he “radiates positivity and optimism”.

    However, there has not been much to be optimistic about of late with continued rumours this season will be Ricciardo’s final year with McLaren.

    According to reports, the team have already told the 33-year-old he will not be racing for them next season, his seat going to fellow Australian driver Oscar Piastri.

    ‘Sponsorship Boost’;

    The four contenders for Ricciardo’s signature — and the ‘long game’ twist that could sway his decision
    August 8th, 2022 8:43 pm
    Michael Lamonato from Fox Sports

    In the wake of persistent rumours that Mark Webber was lining up Oscar Piastri to snatch Ricciardo’s seat from underneath him in 2023, rival teams have been probing the availability of the affable 33-year-old for his next chapter. As many as four rival constructors have sounded out Ricciardo, per ESPN, in the weeks leading up to McLaren reportedly issuing him its intention to break his contract.

    Deducing which teams ought to be a simple case of arithmetic. Before Fernando Alonso’s bombshell move there were six teams with possible vacancies: Alpine, Alfa Romeo, Haas, AlphaTauri, Aston Martin and Williams. AlphaTauri is also moving closer to re-signing Yuki Tsunoda, who Franz Tost wants to give a third season to establish himself. Anyway, signing 33-year-old Ricciardo also doesn’t click with what’s supposed to be Red Bull’s development team.

    Aston Martin has also removed itself from the list, but with Alpine seemingly sure to need new blood, the group possible suitors is stable at four, including Haas, Alfa Romeo and Williams. So which is most likely to be seriously pitching for Ricciardo’s services, and which has the best chance of attracting his attention.

    ‘Four contenders for Ricciardo’s signature’;

    Lando Norris squashes Daniel Ricciardo ‘mind games’ accusation
    Lando Norris is currently seventh in the Drivers' Championship.
    8 August 2022
    by Nick Golding

    With Norris performing so much better than Ricciardo on a Grand Prix basis, it’s led to accusations that Norris has been playing “mind games” on his team-mate, something he profoundly denies. “Mind games?” Norris questioned the media. “In what way? What mind games can I play? No, it’s the opposite,” Norris said.

    “I’m trying to help him as much as I can. It’s for the benefit of us as a team, to try and beat Alpine at the end of the day.” It appears that Norris is doing everything he possibly can to aid Ricciardo’s improvement, after revealing that the 33-year-old is able to see all of his data.

    The British driver explained that he’s sharing more of his own data with Ricciardo than he usually would for a team-mate, highlighting Norris’ desire to get the team higher up in the championship. “He sees everything that I see in terms of data and everything,” the Brit explained.

    ‘Mind Games Accusation Squashed’;

    The reasons behind Ricciardo’s McLaren Formula 1 struggles
    Daniel Ricciardo’s pending Formula 1 exit from McLaren is set to end two difficult years for the eight-time grand prix winner.
    Aug 8, 2022, 8:57 AM
    By: Luke Smith
    Co-author: Roberto Chinchero

    So why has Ricciardo struggled so much with McLaren’s Formula 1 cars over the past two years? The important thing to bear in mind is that while the 2022 regulations may have heralded a technical overhaul for F1, they did not eradicate many of the characteristics of the McLaren car that made it so tricky to drive last year. The MCL36, just like the MCL35M, excels in high-speed corners but struggles more when it comes to the medium-speed stuff.

    At the end of last year, McLaren technical director James Key spoke of a desire to attack the weaknesses and “account for them with a blank sheet of paper”, ensuring there were “no legacy built in behaviours in a new car like that.” But Ricciardo ended up encountering the same struggles with the new car. "The regulations make the car feel different, but the DNA of the car is still very similar,” Ricciardo told in an interview ahead of F1’s summer break, before plans for him to be replaced by Piastri were set into motion.

    “Some of the things from last year which I struggled with, they are still in this car. It's something I think we are starting to understand better what it is. Because obviously I tried to describe it, but to really understand, is it aero, is it is geometry, like… you know what I mean? We are starting to understand better what it is, and Lando also does complain about it. I think he's just used to it.”

    ‘Technical Overhaul for F1 did not eradicate many of the tricky characteristics of the McLaren car’;

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    Petition for Mattia Binotto to be fired by Ferrari picks up steam.
    As such, a petition that was started in 2019, when strategic mistakes also played a part in the Scuderia’s struggles to win races, has been brought back to life.
    8 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    It was initially started by a fan from South Africa, and many more users on have now spoken out against Binotto, urging Ferrari to sack him.

    It is unknown exactly what they expect will happen as a result of the petition, as no one has any jurisdiction over whom Ferrari choose to lead their F1 team other than the board themselves.

    Further, no governmental action can have a say in that unless anything unlawful has taken place and, while throwing away races in the manner Ferrari have could be labelled “criminal,” it is in fact not at all.

    ‘Petition Picks Up Steam’;

    Binotto admits Ferrari engine failures spark feelings of 'depression'
    08/08/2022 at 16:18
    Phillip van Osten

    Ferrari's engine failures never go down well with team boss Mattia Binotto who admits that the breakdowns lead to feelings of despair although they are fortunately short lived.

    The failures were gut-wrenching for both drivers but they were just as upsetting for Ferrari's head man on the pitwall. "It is very difficult for two reasons," Binotto told Italy's franchise.

    "When it comes to engine failures, well, I've run that department myself in the past, and seeing smoke coming out of the car is never cool. And this is more of a feeling of depression. "When you are leading the race, as Charles was leading in Baku but we can also mention Carlos in Austria, these are problems you would never want to see."

    ‘Seeing smoke coming out of the car is never cool’;

    Does Mattia Binotto really deserve his Red Bull ’employee of the month’ award?
    Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have suffered no shortage of misfortune so far in 2022.
    4 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Formula 1 memers on social media have been praising Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto for the success that Red Bull have enjoyed in recent weeks, but does he deserve that? Light-hearted though the jokes may sometimes be, the criticism of the Scuderia will be painful enough for them, but the ridicule is difficult to bear watching them go through.

    The same mistakes are being made almost every week by Ferrari, who have shown a susceptibility to panicking under pressure, and sometimes under no pressure at all. Blaming one person for the downfall of the entire team is never a wise approach, but changes are needed at Ferrari, and it is clear that Rueda needs some assistance on his side.

    With the deficit as it is in the standings right now, Ferrari may be well-advised to start thinking about how to attack next year’s title challenge, because there appears to be no imminent let-up from Red Bull.

    ‘Red Bull Employee of the Month Award’;

    Why Ferrari launched failed tyre gamble in Hungary
    Tuesday 2 August 2022 18:30
    Sam Hall

    Mattia Binotto has revealed why Ferrari took its disastrous gamble with hard tyres for Charles Leclerc at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Binotto concedes data decided. Ferrari had not completed any running on the hard compound during the two dry practice sessions on Friday.

    After the race, Verstappen and George Russell confirmed Red Bull and Mercedes had ruled out using that tyre in the race. “Overall, the tyres didn’t work," added Binotto.

    "I know that they were not working as well on other cars but still, the analysis I made was based on all the data we had. Overall, as I said before, the main reason is not to look into the strategy but to look at why the car was not as good as we were hoping."

    ‘Failed Tyre Gamble’;

    Binotto denies Ferrari needs personnel shakeup
    AUGUST 8, 2022, 08 Aug 2022.

    Mattia Binotto could end up paying for Ferrari's flagging championship hopes with his job. That is the view of former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, who worked with the Italian team's current team boss when he was still in charge of the engine program.

    "He's a very good engineer - a very professional guy," the Brazilian said. "He understands a lot about it on the technical side. He's also a good guy, to be honest. But in the end, the result is not coming the way it should. So we cannot definitely blame him, but we need to say that he's part of it."

    Indeed, although Binotto should be hailed for helping Ferrari field a truly competitive car in 2022, the team's title hopes are fading due to reliability and strategy errors. Another former Ferrari driver, Jean Alesi, says the critics should hold their tongues.

    ‘Ferrari Need Personnel Shakeup’;

    Ferrari 'won't change' approach despite mistakes in 2022
    Published: 8 Aug 2022, 14:33
    By George Dagless

    Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has said that the team does not feel the need to change their approach despite some of the errors that have struck their championship challenge. The Scuderia started this season in great form and looked as though they were the team to beat in the title fight but as the campaign has worn on, Red Bull have grown stronger and stronger and the mistakes have crept in in red.

    Despite that, though, Binotto is defiant that Ferrari just need to keep doing what they’re doing and not change anything drastically: “There’s nothing to change, I think it’s always a matter of confidence, learning, building, building experience, building skills.”

    “But if I look again at the balance of the first half of the season there is no reason why we should change. I think we simply need to understand [Hungary] and address that and try to be competitive, as we have been in 12 races so far. There is no reason why we will not be [competitive] at the next.”

    ‘Ferrari Won't Change Approach’;

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    Daniel Ricciardo demanding £17million pay-out to walkaway from his McLaren contract.
    If the rumours are anything to go by, McLaren have agreed a deal with Formula 2 champion Piastri for next season, and with the thriving Lando Norris on a long-term contract with team, it is Ricciardo who will be asked to make way.
    Tuesday 9 Aug 2022 4:59 pm
    Callum McAvoy

    According to Australian publication Speedcafe, Ricciardo has the option to terminate his own contract prematurely, but McLaren do not, and with the balls in his court, the eight-time race winner has asked for $21million (£17.3m) in compensation for him to walk away from the team.

    A similar situation occurred in 2009, when Ferrari signed Alonso for the following season even though they already had Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen under contract, with the latter eventually being handed a pay-out of around £20m.

    Save from the past season-and-a-half, Ricciardo is considered one of the quickest drivers on the grid, and certainly one of the most marketable and will not be short of suitors.

    ‘£17million pay-out’;

    Daniel Ricciardo demands massive pay-off to end McLaren career amid Oscar Piastri fiasco.
    McLaren have told Daniel Ricciardo they intend to replace him with wantaway Alpine reserve Oscar Piastri, but the former Red Bull racer will not leave early without a significant pay-off.
    17:12, 9 Aug 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Daniel Ricciardo has told McLaren to give him an eight-figure pay-off if they want to replace him with Oscar Piastri for next season, according to a report.

    The final fee is expected to be less if both sides strike a deal, but still Ricciardo will earn millions for stepping aside to allow Piastri to race alongside Lando Norris. And even if he does, his F1 future is likely to be secure with several teams waiting to pounce.

    At least four teams have been in contact with the Aussie to get a sense of his intentions in recent weeks. One of them is believed to be Alpine, who would consider bringing Ricciardo back into the fold should they end up losing Piastri to McLaren.

    ‘Eight-figure pay-off’;

    Alpine F1 Team Preparing Lawsuit Against McLaren-Bound Oscar Piastri
    The team spent millions of dollars preparing Piastri for Formula 1, and wants to get it back via legal action.
    10/08/2022, 12:21PM
    By Ryan Erik King

    According to Reuters, Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer is all but certain that the team will seek compensation in the High Court of Justice in London if Piastri refuses to race for Alpine next season. The French manufacturer’s factory team announced last week that the 21-year-old Australian would replace the departing Fernando Alonso next season. The crux of the potential legal action is that Piastri bluntly stated on social media that he will not drive for Alpine next year.

    Alpine has contacted the FIA’s in-house Contract Recognition Board to resolve the dispute of whether Piastri is contractually tied to the team or not. However, the Australian could still choose not to compete in F1 at all in 2023.

    Szafnauer told Reuters, “Going to the High Court is over 90-percent certain that’s what we’ll do. If the CRB says ‘your license is only valid at Alpine’, and then he [Piastri] says ‘that’s great but I’m never driving for them, I’ll just sit out a year’, then you’ve got to go to the High Court for compensation.”

    ‘Preparing Lawsuit’;

    Daniel Ricciardo 'demands £12m to quit McLaren' as negotiations start over ending contract
    DANIEL RICCIARDO will reportedly demand an eight-figure sum to end his McLaren contract early.
    18:26, Tue, Aug 9, 2022
    By Liam Llewellyn

    Daniel Ricciardo has reportedly demanded £12m to quit McLaren as the negotiations to end his contract have commenced. Team boss Zak Brown is said to be trying to move the eight-time race winner on in order to create space to sign reigning Formula Two champion Oscar Piastri.

    Ricciardo is contracted at the team until the end of 2023 and will need to be paid off to depart early. It is understood he is the only party to have the right to cancel his current deal, and it is expected Ricciardo’s asking fee may be reduced as McLaren haggles over a price.

    Formula One expert Peter Windsor believes that the current situation leaves Brown in an uncomfortable position, with the American regretting the deal he initially gave the former Red Bull and Renault man. "What will take some time now is the deal that Zak Brown will make with Daniel,” he continued. “Daniel will be riding for him for the rest of this year, so it will not be a comfortable situation for Zak.”

    ‘Regretting The Deal’;

    Daniel Ricciardo auditions to join ‘clowns at Ferrari’.
    Ferrari's title challenge is starting to fall apart with nine rounds left in 2022.
    9 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    A video of Daniel Ricciardo juggling tennis balls has resurfaced amid Ferrari’s continued struggles in 2022. Sadly for the Scuderia, they have become a laughing stock in recent weeks due to a series of strategic mistakes, driver errors and reliability failures.

    Many have called into question Ferrari strategist Inaki Rueda, as well as team principal Mattia Binotto’s ability to lead the team. The ridicule has seen Maranello compared to a circus, and the juggling techniques of Ricciardo, as per a meme page on Instagram, would make him the ideal fit.

    Indeed, it is possible that the 33-year-old might be looking for a seat next year, as Alpine reserve Oscar Piastri is reported to have secured a deal with McLaren for 2023.

    ‘Juggling techniques of Ricciardo, would make him the ideal fit, for the laughing stock of Ferrari!’;

    Daniel Ricciardo was "expected to kick a**" as F1 star opens up on McLaren nightmare
    Ricciardo has a contract with McLaren until the end of next season, but nevertheless his F1 future is shrouded in mystery with the team eager to replace him with wantaway Alpine racer Oscar Piastri
    20:37, 9 Aug 2022
    By Daniel MoxonF1 Writer

    McLaren were puzzled by Daniel Ricciardo's slow start to life with the team as the driver claims the team expected him to "kick a**" from day one.

    "This time last year there was probably a little more head-scratching from everyone," he told Racer. "I think that’s because... the truth is, I think they just expected me to get into the team and kick a**. So there was probably still some pure head-scratching, like, 'hmm, what’s happening?'

    "And that was probably overriding what needs to happen – I'm just speculating, but maybe too much energy was put into the why's and this and that before it was, 'what do we need to do now to make him feel better?'" Ricciardo was speaking before the Piastri saga took off.

    ‘Expected to kick a**’;

    This is how much McLaren will need to pay Daniel Ricciardo to buy out his contract
    Daniel Ricciardo will be owed a fair amount of money if he leaves McLaren at the end of this year.
    by James Clifford
    9 August 20229 August 2022

    If the eight-time champions are to send their driver on his way, journalist Peter Windsor estimates that they will have to fork out an eyewatering sum to part ways. “It will be a hit in the region of twenty million,” he said in a YouTube video.

    “Maybe more, or maybe less, maybe they can negotiate it down or they can finance a seat for him somewhere else. In any case, that will be the key before everything can fall into place.” Windsor also indicated that Brown has out himself in a difficult situation, firstly by negotiating with another driver behind Ricciardo’s back, but also by giving the former Red Bull driver leverage in the original contract.

    “What will take some time now is the deal that Zak Brown will make with Daniel,” he added. “Daniel will be riding for him for the rest of this year, so it will not be a comfortable situation for Zak. He’s bound to regret the contract he drew up in the first place, which means Daniel now has so many options and he himself doesn’t.”

    ‘Not a comfortable situation for Zak Brown!’;

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    Question Mark: Is Toto Wolff too powerful for F1?
    Has Wolff’s involvement in F1 been excessive? Conflicts of interest? How would or can all this impact the future of F1?
    10 August, 2022
    Mark Kay

    Has Wolff’s involvement in F1 been excessive? Apart from being the public face of the team he runs, an important function of Wolff’s role as CEO and Team Principal is to have a strong voice in the advocacy of the best interests of his team, but is it not reasonable to question if his voice is louder than his peers, the other F1 team bosses? Consider that in recent times the 50-year-old motor racing veteran has been one of, if not the most vocal questioning the value that will be gained if the proposed Andretti F1 team entry happens, from the sidelines he certainly threw a hefty spanner in the works to keep the F1-pie down to ten teams, not the twelve which every real F1 fan wants.

    Last year’s Michael Masi aftermath… Many saw it as a sore-loser campaign with Wolff using his position to attempt to discredit the FIA, in a show of solidarity with the manner Lewis Hamilton lost the title, by not attending the end-of-year prize-giving ceremony to accept the 2021 F1 World Constructors Championship award. Granted Abu Dhabi was a disaster, but his team had nabbed an incredible eighth F1 title long before that night, yet he neglected to use the event as a public demonstration of respect to the two thousand or so dedicated employees of the Mercedes F1 Team who deserved better from their boss who until that day was all about sportsmanship. Excessive? Selfish? Or both?

    REACTION (See link below) from one poster to this article: M96/72 “I believe Wolf’s (and his Academy Award-worthy drivers) campaign to influence the floor rules (also utilizing his former employee now acting as mole and influencer within the FIA) will result in rules written that will return Mercedes to the 2-seconds faster top of the heap and hamstring RedBull and Ferrari or anyone else. This season is my last as a F1 fan and follower after 42 years. I will no longer watch ,read about or purchase any team or driver merchandise.”

    ‘Too Powerful For F1?’;

    Toto Wolff gets his wish as FIA president announces new 2023 rules changes.
    TOTO WOLFF has called for rules changes to address porpoising as Mercedes continue to struggle.
    10:32, Tue, Aug 9, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton could benefit from new 2023 rule changes after the FIA announced a plan to battle porpoising issues in a major win for Mercedes. Wolff has called for urgent action to be taken on the bouncing issues which has plagued the Silver Arrows this season.

    The team has demanded changes on safety grounds since Hamilton suffered severe back pains at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. However, Wolff has been met by opposition from rival team bosses who claimed his call for updates was purely a tactical one.

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner and Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto have both denied the need for regulation changes to solve the issues. But, the FIA has now sided with Mercedes’ argument as president Mohammed ben Sulayem announced the rules would be tweaked for next season.

    ‘Toto Wolff gets his wish’;

    Wolff explains Andretti F1 bid opposition
    Tuesday 9 August 2022 16:01
    Sam Hall

    Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has explained why he has been one of the loudest voices opposing the addition of Andretti Global to the F1 grid.

    Former F1 champion Mario Andretti confirmed in February that his son, Michael, had applied to the FIA for a position in the F1 paddock in 2024.

    Asked how the two are different, Wolff said: "I think whoever joins as an 11th team, whoever gets an entry needs to demonstrate how accretive they can be for the business. "Andretti is a great name, they have done exceptional things in the US but this is sport and this is business.”

    ‘Toto Wolff, one of the loudest voices opposing Andretti Global’;

    Toto Wolff fires back after being accused of trying to manipulate the FIA
    The FIA is considering a new set of regulations for 2023 to eliminate porpoising.
    9 August 2022
    by Nick Golding

    Mercedes F1 Team boss Toto Wolff continues to fire back at rival teams who claim that nothing needs to be done about porpoising, despite new data which suggests that drivers are at a serious health risk.

    Red Bull Racing and the Alpine F1 Team, for example, haven’t suffered from porpoising this season, with the pair being against any FIA intervention.

    Some teams who are against the proposed regulation changes have argued that porpoising hasn’t been seen as severely at recent races, and that Mercedes have improved considerably.

    ‘Trying to manipulate the FIA Accusations’;

    Wolff says Mercedes are still ‘lacking’ against Red Bull and Ferrari

    Toto Wolff downplays recent form and insists Mercedes are still ‘lacking’ up against Red Bull and Ferrari
    Mercedes have earned double podiums in the last two races but Wolff is unsure their pace is up there with the leading contenders
    12:35 Thu, 04 Aug 2022.
    Kieran Jackson
    Formula 1 Correspondent
    The Independent

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has downplayed the recent form of the Constructors champions and insists his team are “still lacking to the frontrunners” of Red Bull and Ferrari.

    Mercedes have earned double podiums in the last two races in France and Hungary, with George Russell a surprise pole sitter in Budapest - the Silver Arrows’ first pole position of the season.

    Despite not being able to hold position as Max Verstappen’s surged through the pack, Russell still finished third with teammate Lewis Hamilton second and the seven-time world champion has now been on the podium in the last five races.

    ‘Mercedes are still ‘lacking’ up’;

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    Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari’s F1 2022 errors show that he wasn’t the problem in his failed title bid.
    Sebastian Vettel was often pinpointed as the main factor behind Ferrari not winning the title in either 2017 or 2018.
    10 Aug 2022
    Connor McDonagh

    With four world titles, 53 grand prix victories and over 120 podium finishes, Vettel’s statistics put him among the very best drivers in F1 history. Despite these spectacular statistics, Vettel often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves with his failure to win the title with Ferrari often cited as to why. He got close in 2017 and 2018 but finished runner-up to Lewis Hamilton on both occasions.

    His failure to topple Hamilton was ultimately his undoing as Ferrari’s rising star - Charles Leclerc - shone in his first year with the team in 2019 which led to Ferrari replacing him one year later in favour of Carlos Sainz. Fast forward to 2022, Ferrari have - on average - the fastest car this year but Leclerc trails Max Verstappen by a whopping 80 points, eight wins to three in the Dutchman’s favour.

    Poor reliability and strategy errors have been all too common for 2022 but it was no different during Vettel’s years with the team, made worse by Mercedes often having a significant performance advantage (aside from the first half of 2018).

    ‘Ferrari’s F1 2022 errors show that Sebastian Vettel wasn’t the problem in his failed title bid’;

    How Ferrari Fumbled Away Its F1 Title Hopes in 10 Races
    Perfect storm of bad strategy, reliability issues, and driver blunders cost Ferrari chance at 2022 Formula 1 championship.
    Aug 10, 2022

    F1 Drivers' Standings After 3 Races
    1. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, 71
    2. George Russell, Mercedes, 37
    3. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 33
    4. Sergio Perez, Red Bull, 30
    5. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 28
    6. Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 25

    Current F1 Drivers' Standings After 13 Races
    1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 258
    2. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, 178
    3. Sergio Perez, Red Bull, 173
    4. George Russell, Mercedes, 158
    5. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 156

    As Maranello’s title drought looks set to extend into a 14th year, Autoweek analyzes Ferrari’s dramatic drop, its weaknesses, and where it goes next.

    ‘Ferrari Fumbled Away Its F1 Title Hopes’;

    Ex-Ferrari boss urges Mattia Binotto to axe strategy chief with contract running down
    According to reports, team chief Binotto's contract expires at the end of the season – but a former Ferrari boss believe he should stay and instead sack the team's lead strategist
    16:43, 10 Aug 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Mattia Binotto has been urged to sack under-fire Ferrari strategy chief Inaki Rueda by one of his predecessors. Cesare Fiorio, who led the team in the 1990s, does not share that view. Speaking to Italian magazine Autosprint, he said: "I certainly expected an intervention by [executive chairman] John Elkann after the events in Budapest.”

    "Unfortunately, the mistakes have been numerous. The 2022 car is very competitive and you can see that the team has made progress compared to the last two years. The credit for that must be given to Binotto, who has always been very skilled on the technical side and is leading the engineers to build a winning machine.”

    "Mattia was originally a designer and he knows how to do that job very well, as shown with the F1-75. He just needs people who fit better with the culture. Binotto needs to stay in place, but not Rueda – he has never positively influenced the different teams he has worked for."

    ‘Ex-Ferrari Boss Urges Strategy Chief Axe’;

    Massa: At Ferrari the tide needs to turn quickly
    10 August, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    With insider knowledge, Massa’s advice for Binotto and the great Italian team: “Ferrari need to be calmer when making decisions and understand what’s going on because the mistakes in strategy that were made at the beginning of the season are still being made today.

    “The tide needs to turn quickly, otherwise they may have to pay the price,” added Massa, perhaps suggesting an alternative to the current boss.

    History shows that Binotto popped into the top management position as part of a master plan of the late Sergio Marchionne who ejected Maurizio Arrivabene as team principal, putting Binotto in full charge in what at the time was reported as a powerplay for the helm of the F1 team at Maranello.

    ‘Ferrari tide needs to turn quickly’;

    Salo exclusive: Ferrari are not going to win titles this way
    10/08/2022, ‎18‎:‎00
    Author Ruud Dimmers
    Co-author Jake Nichol

    In the first months of the 2022 F1 season, it seemed to be the year of Charles Leclerc and Ferrari. In a few months, the legendary Italian team lost everything. Therefore, its former F1 driver Mika Salo is now critical. spoke extensively and exclusively with Salo, who made his debut in F1 in 1994 with the Tyrrell team, where he was a teammate to Jos Verstappen.

    He would eventually end up at Scuderia Ferrari, as a replacement for the injured Michael Schumacher in 1999, coming very close to a race victory in Austria, but he had to let through teammate and leader Eddie Irvine. In the end, Irvine was three points short of denying Mika Hakkinen the world title.

    Ferrari does not deserve to win F1 title, according to Salo. According to Salo, the pressure from the Italian media and the Tifosi should not be a reason for the series of mistakes and disappointments. He does not believe that a reorganisation is necessary and compliments team boss Mattia Binotto.

    ‘Ferrari does not deserve to win F1 title’;

    Ferrari set for power unit upgrade at Spa
    10/08/2022 at 13:21
    Phillip van Osten

    Ferrari will return to action at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of the month with a power unit that will feature an upgraded hybrid component.

    But a second homologation date set for September 1 allows manufacturers to introduce a final update limited to the PU's control electronics, energy store (battery) and the MGU-K.

    The Belgian Grand Prix will take place on August 28 which means that any updates limited to the specific hybrid elements will be within the September 1 deadline.

    ‘Ferrari PU Upgrade’;

    Ferrari will beat engine upgrade deadline in boost to Charles Leclerc's slim title hopes.
    Leclerc and Carlos Sainz desperately need a drama-free second half of the season, and more reliable power units would certainly go a long way in making that happen.
    19:24, 10 Aug 2022
    By Daniel MoxonF1 Writer

    Ferrari are set to beat the looming engine freeze deadline to introduce power unit upgrades for the rest of the season and beyond.

    Teams are working against the clock to finalise their engine plans for the next few years. It is not like with other areas of car performance, such as the aerodynamics, with teams allowed to continue tinkering with their designs whenever they want.

    When it comes to the engines, manufacturers must submit their final specifications before September 1. After that, they will be unable to make any performance-related improvements until 2026, when new power unit regulations come into force.

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    2023 F1 driver market: Mick Schumacher contract talks delayed by Haas in a strategic power play.
    Mick Schumacher’s contract talks over his future have been put on hold by Haas as the 2023 F1 driver market becomes a game of poker.
    7 Aug 2022
    F1 Desk

    Schumacher was due to resolve his future during the summer break but Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has decided to delay talks, report German broadcaster RTL. That decision is because Haas believe they are Schumacher’s only hope of remaining in F1 in the 2023 season, so they are playing hard ball in contract negotiations.

    This wave of movement in the 2023 F1 driver market has sent shockwaves through the entire grid and Haas’ decision to delay talks with Schumacher is a direct result. There are currently five unconfirmed seats among F1 teams for next season. Haas, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Alpine and Williams each have a spot yet to be decided.

    Haas don’t believe that Schumacher is a realistic target for any of their rivals, so their hand in the negotiations has never been stronger. Schumacher is reportedly one of only four F1 drivers who earn less than £1 million per season. His only other option for 2023, apart from Haas, would be as a reserve driver for Ferrari, RTL report.

    ‘Strategic Power Play’;

    Haas concede Schumacher future "up in the air".
    Schumacher is one of a number of drivers for whom the future remains unclear with F1 in its summer shutdown.
    Wednesday 10 August 2022 13:58
    Sam Hall

    Former F2 champion Schumacher scored the first points of his F1 career by finishing eighth at Silverstone and immediately backed this up with a sixth in Austria.

    Asked if ending his drought at the 32nd attempt had changed Schumacher, Steiner added: "Absolutely not. He is happy about it and it gives him a bit of confidence that he can do it.

    “You don’t see that. I think he feels it but we don’t see it because he never really lacked confidence on the outside. What you portray and what you have got are two different things.”

    ‘Future up in the air’;

    The Haas Team Principal discussed his drivers' contracts
    19:35 Fri, 05 Aug 2022.
    Dalila Zanardo

    Haas Team Principal Gunther Steiner recently opened up to discuss Mick Schumacher’s future within the American team. Doubts still surround the German’s presence on the grid in 2023 but Steiner admits no announcement is to be expected during the summer break.

    Mick Schumacher’s first season in Formula 1 was all but easy with a car that did not allow the rookie to fight for much. His second season, on the other side, had a difficult start but proceeded to then also show some sparkles of talent. Amid the negotiations with his current team Haas, however, Schumacher had also proceeded to enter talks with Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team to replace fellow German Sebastian Vettel in 2023, following the 4-times World Champion’s retirement at the end of the season.

    Consequently to Aston Martin’s announcement that 2-times World Champion Fernando Alonso will take the seat left empty by Vettel, RTL now reports talks between Haas and Mick Schumacher have also suffered a halt. In particular, according to the German media: “Schumacher will not get a new contract with his Haas team during the summer break as team boss Guenther Steiner is no longer in a hurry to negotiate an extended contract with the driver”.

    ‘No longer in a hurry to negotiate’;

    ‘Mattia Binotto is not fully convinced by Mick Schumacher’
    Monday 8th August 2022 11:00 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Guenther Steiner, though, says he had no intention of speaking with his drivers until after the summer break. He also will not wait to see what Ferrari have to say. “No, we don’t have to wait to see what Ferrari say,” the team boss told Racer. “We never decide the driver before the summer break and we will not do so this year. “Obviously I will start to speak with Gene [Haas] over the summer break and then you know how we do it — you will ask again at the next race in Europe and then we will tell you some time at the end of September or October what we are doing, and the same will be happening this year hopefully.”

    However, unlike in the past two years when Schumacher could count on Ferrari’s support, Bild claims Ferrari’s team boss is no longer enamoured with the 23-year-old. “Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is not fully convinced by Schumi Jr,” claims the German newspaper.

    Steiner has no idea what Schumacher’s deal with Ferrari entails. “I don’t want to speak about our Ferrari deal because otherwise they get upset!” he joked. “At the end of the day I don’t know the real deal between Ferrari and Mick — and I don’t need to know. If he decides to go somewhere else, I cannot change it. Only Gene and me are involved in that process.”

    ‘Mattia Binotto not fully convinced by Mick Schumacher’;

    F1 driver Mick Schumacher expected to leave Haas in 2023.
    Mick Schumacher is expected to be out at Haas for the 2023 season, per Motorsport's Adam Cooper. Why is Schumacher in this position and what is next for him?
    17:04 Fri, 05 Aug 2022.
    Austin Konenski

    Young F1 star Mick Schumacher’s days at the Haas team look to be officially over. Mick Schumacher is expected to be out at Haas for the 2023 season, per Motorsport’s Adam Cooper. This was mentioned as a possibility in a story about Schumacher on Thursday morning also. So, why is Schumacher expected to be on the way out, and what’s next?

    Things can change quickly in the business side of Motorsports, so unless something is announced during the summer break, Schumacher needs to prove he belongs and try to earn his ride at Haas. It has also been reported that Mattia Binotto, team principal of Ferrari, is no longer convinced of Schumacher’s potential at this point. The 23-year-old is a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

    This opens the door for Schumacher to possibly jump ship to another driver academy, such as Red Bull, since Binotto might not see a future for the young driver at Ferrari. It was covered on Thursday that Helmut Marko, head of Red Bull’s driver development program, has a soft spot for Schumacher and it could work out in his favor.

    ‘Mick Schumacher expected to leave Haas in 2023’;

    Formula 1: Mick Schumacher to Red Bull for 2023?
    Mon, 08 Aug 2022
    by Asher Fair

    If Haas move on from Mick Schumacher, could he end up making the switch from Ferrari to Red Bull for the 2023 Formula 1 season? Could that lead him to join Red Bull’s development program? Such a move could keep Schumacher in Formula 1 with Red Bull sister team AlphaTauri, as they have yet to confirm whether Yuki Tsunoda will be back for what would be a third season with the team in 2023.

    There is also still the belief that Pierre Gasly isn’t exactly locked in for 2023, even though the team have him under contract through next year. We all know just how much “under contract” means anymore. After this year’s silly season, and not just in Formula 1, you’d be silly not to put it right on par with the promises of a career politician running for another term in public office.

    It is also interesting to note that Vettel has long served as a mentor to the young Schumacher, just as Michael served as a mentor for Vettel. Vettel even backed Schumacher to take over his seat at Aston Martin before they signed Alonso. Is a move to the Red Bull organization, one with which Vettel won four consecutive world championships to open up the 2010s, now in the cards? Red Bull don’t currently have any F1-ready junior drivers in their development program, but the addition of Schumacher could change that.

    ‘Mick Schumacher to Red Bull for 2023’;

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    Big decisions may await Williams in quest to shed unwanted tag.
    F1’s new rules were designed to potentially shake up the order – but Williams still find themselves stuck at the bottom of the pile.
    Tuesday 9th August 2022 8:00 AM.
    Jon Wilde

    Just like in every other season from 2018 onwards, they are propping up the table in 10th – and, despite returning to Spa with those happy memories straight after the summer break, look unlikely to improve on that position before the campaign draws to a close. So what has enabled Alfa Romeo and Haas to leapfrog Williams? (And AlphaTauri and Aston Martin too, for that matter.)

    Redesigning the cars has to account for much of it. Like ninth-placed Aston Martin, who are 17 points ahead of them in the championship, Williams have already changed direction since they launched the FW44, aware that the original concept was not working as hoped. Technical director FX Demaison added of the revamp rolled out at Silverstone: “We can really call it a new car, because the list of parts we kept is much shorter than the ones we changed.”

    “We saw many other cars going in other directions. We are not [so] stupid to not look somewhere else and not look at what the others do. For this, it took a bit of time and analysis before we were ready to go because we didn’t want to copy without understanding. That’s why it was only at race 10 we saw it because we first wanted to understand the concept.” Albon, however, has had the new spec for four races now without adding to the three points he scored in Australia (10th) and Miami (ninth).

    ‘Williams Big Decisions’;

    Williams chief makes bold Red Bull and Ferrari claim – "We can now compete"
    22:20, 8 Aug 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    The Williams team remains a shadow of its former self despite being sold to new owners Dorilton Capital two years ago, though ambitious team boss Jost Capito is optimistic about the future.

    Gone are the days, however, of competitive cars and world champion drivers. Instead, those famous blue and white cars have largely been making up the numbers in recent seasons. Capito is the man charged with the unenviable task of turning things around, and he insists there is still hope of what would be a much-welcomed resurgence.

    Speaking to Speedweek, he continued: "That's a long process in Formula 1. You saw that at Red Bull Racing and also at Ferrari. The same goes for Williams. "Williams is a traditional racing team but has not been able to invest heavily in the last 10 years. If you look at the gap to the other teams at the beginning of the season, it has narrowed. We can now compete with other teams again and that's fun."

    ‘Williams F1 Can Now Compete’;

    Hong Kong billionaire backer of Williams could expand investment in F1
    08/08/2022 at 10:56
    Michael Delaney

    Hong Kong billionaire and life insurance tycoon Calvin Lo, the investor suspected to be behind Dorilton Capital's investment in Williams Racing, says he could expand his interests in Formula 1. Dorilton acquired Williams from the team's founding family in 2020, and speculation at the time pointed to Lo – the chief executive of insurance broker RE Lee International – as the man behind the US private equity firm's investment.

    Lo has neither denied nor confirmed the speculation but has admitted to having "some sort of exposure" to Williams through Dorilton, although he declined to offer more detail on the level of his investment. However, speaking to Reuters recently, Lo says Formula 1's remarkable growth of late has caught Asian investors' attention, adding that investment opportunities in the sport are being considered.

    "A lot of people, me included, are still looking to other teams, other opportunities, because...there are consistently good teams but they are not able to come up with the right car," Lo told Reuters.

    ‘Williams Racing Investment Speculation’;

    Nicholas Latifi felt ‘something was not right’, Williams couldn’t find an issue
    Monday 8th August 2022 5:00 PM
    Jon Wilde

    Nicholas Latifi wonders if there was “something wrong” with his previous Williams chassis that was causing his poor results this season. The Canadian remains the only driver on the grid not to have scored a point in 2022, his highest finishing position being 12th in the British Grand Prix. Often significantly behind the pace of his team-mate Alex Albon, Latifi had to wait two races longer to receive the big upgrades Williams had developed for the FW44.

    He got them for the French Grand Prix and while they brought no immediate improvement in terms of race results, Latifi did finish top of the FP3 standings in Hungary last time out and also set a purple fastest sector in Q1. Latifi now believes things are “on the right path” as he battles to extend his F1 racing career to a fourth campaign, needing a strong second half of the season to convince Williams to stick with him.

    “There’s been a clear shift that’s factual,” the 27-year-old Montreal-born driver told The Race. “It’s not me and my feeling, it’s on track with numbers. I know [from] one race to the next I didn’t just all of a sudden improve my pace by three quarters of a second. So I feel I have some momentum now since Silverstone and especially since getting the upgrade package.”

    ‘Something wrong with his previous Williams chassis’;

    Robert Kubica: People forget that it was I, not George Russell, who scored Williams’ point
    Robert Kubica returned to Formula 1 in 2019 after suffering horrific injuries in 2011.
    8 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Alfa Romeo reserve driver Robert Kubica has emphasised that returning to Formula 1 after his 2011 crash was one of the most difficult challenges he has ever faced in his career. Kubica was back to a round of applause in the press conference ahead of that year’s Australian Grand Prix (2019 season), and returning after a life-threatening accident eight years prior was a magnificent personal achievement.

    “It was a shame that the car was not good that year, as fans have few memories of my comeback because of that,” explained Kubica. However, at the crazy German Grand Prix that season, it was Kubica who would score the Grove-based team’s only podium of the season when both Alfa Romeo drivers were disqualified from the wet race. That point meant the world to Kubica, whose return had been vindicated after years of recovery.

    “Similarly, people forget that I was the one who managed to get a World Championship point that year, and that was no easy task with that car,” he stated. “I am still proud of that point scored at the German Grand Prix, it was an important moment in my racing career. It was the culmination of the long road I had to travel to get back into an F1 car and to get back into life at all. A moment that unfortunately very few people remember, but that is how it works in Formula 1.”

    ‘People forget Robert Kubica scored Williams’ one and only point in 2019’;

    Williams backed Alex Albon to excel at a team ‘where he is loved’
    Sunday 7th August 2022 10:30 PM
    Sam Cooper

    Jost Capito believed he could get the best out of Alex Albon by bringing him to a Williams team “where he is loved.” Albon spent a year out of the sport having become the latest driver to find the second Red Bull hot-seat just a little too hot and, having served as Red Bull’s test and reserve driver for the 2021 season, he made the switch back into full-time F1 with Williams for the 2022 campaign.

    The British-Thai driver has impressed since his return, producing a masterclass in tyre preservation to earn a point in Australia before following that up with a P9 in Miami two races later. While that remains the last of his point-scoring races this season, he has comfortably outperformed his team-mate Nicholas Latifi.

    Capito said he always knew Albon had talent and that he just needed the right conditions to thrive. “I think it was clear that he’s good, otherwise, he would never been in the Red Bull,” Capito said, as per “He did very well beside Max [Verstappen] – you know how good Max is – he did very well, and the team is around Max, isn’t it? It’s very difficult for every second driver in Red Bull.

    ‘Williams backed Alex Albon to excel’;

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    Bottas: 2022 probably my most enjoyable F1 season so far.
    Valtteri Bottas believes 2022 is "probably the most enjoyable" season he has experienced to date in Formula 1 thanks to stability over his future with Alfa Romeo.
    Aug 11, 2022, 9:57 AM
    By: Luke Smith

    Bottas joined Alfa Romeo at the beginning of the season following a five-year stint with Mercedes that saw him score 10 grand prix victories and twice finish as runner-up in the drivers' championship to teammate Lewis Hamilton. While the Finn has taken a step back from the regular front-running form he enjoyed at Mercedes, he has spearheaded Alfa Romeo's efforts in the midfield this season, scoring 41 of its 46 points so far.

    Bottas signed a multi-year agreement with Alfa Romeo for this year, providing certainty over his future that he never previously enjoyed with either Williams or Mercedes, who opted for yearly contract renewals. "This is actually the first time for me, because even with Williams, it was always one year," Bottas told in an interview.

    "This season is probably the most enjoyable so far," Bottas said. "OK, maybe you don't know always remember things, but it really feels like I'm enjoying F1 more than ever. When it gets to the racing, it's a lot of good fun, especially like in the midfield and how different it is strategy-wise in the races. It's more like one decision can jump you many places. It's a different game.

    ‘Spearheading Alfa Romeo's Efforts’;

    Bottas ready to plow through the field
    12:07 Wed, 10 Aug 2022.

    As a fan of big wheels, Valtteri Bottas couldn't resist saddling a tractor while enjoying his summer break in the beautiful American state of Wyoming.
    And while most farm equipment is usually green, the Finn naturally opted for a red tractor whose color had a vague common trait with his Alfa Romeo F1 car.
    While the machine was short on power and downforce compared to his C42, it did prove more reliable out in the field! Keep those big wheels spinning Val!

    ‘Tractor Plough’;

    Sauber Group and Alfa Romeo agree terms of new deal
    30th July 2022, 18:38
    James Phillips

    Sauber Group and Alfa Romeo have agreed to continue their partnership. Alfa Romeo has been the title sponsor of the Swiss team since 2019. The agreement also sees the Italian manufacturer provide technical expertise.

    Autosport is reporting that Sauber Group and Alfa Romeo have agreed a one-year extension to their existing deal. The agreement has seen the Italian car manufacturer return to the F1 grid, in a reduced capacity. Alfa Romeo has previously been a manufacturer team on the grid. Their last race was in 1985 before withdrawing.

    When Alfa agreed to return in 2019, it struck a unique deal with Sauber. It supplies technical assistance and title sponsorship, but race under Ferrari engines. Confirming the extension, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato revealed the deal is for one year only. “I have signed the renewal for 2023 this morning.


    Alfa Romeo’s ‘bet’ on Sauber and a unique F1 deal has paid off
    Jul 29 2022
    By Scott Mitchell

    Sauber’s renewal of its Alfa Romeo title partnership deal – which Reuters reports has now been confirmed for 2023 – extends a unique Formula 1 arrangement for another season. Alfa Romeo is a ‘works’ F1 team in the loosest possible sense. It is an extreme interpretation of an advertising campaign – title sponsorship with the perks of that sponsor being a famous car brand rather than some cryptocurrency or NFT nonsense.

    The purpose of the way this deal is structured is to keep the options open for both parties. While the Alfa Romeo money and prestige are obviously of importance to Sauber, it is not as though it shapes its entire infrastructure. And while being in F1 is of great interest to Alfa Romeo, that’s only the case while this cut-price approach remains valid.

    The arrangement currently works well for both parties. Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato – whose reported remarks today come ahead of any planned official announcement – is particularly pleased with what he describes simply as a “fantastic return on investment” for his company. “It was very simple, the guide we had together with Fred [Vasseur] is I want to be ‘up’,” Imparato told The Race about the requirements from Alfa Romeo’s side for 2022. Progress. P8, P7, P6, P5, I don’t care. Up. And with the right level of return on investment in terms of exposure of Alfa Romeo, compared with the investment we make.”


    Two-horse race to be Bottas' 2023 teammate.
    12/08/2022, 08:29
    By GMM F1

    The identity of Valtteri Bottas' teammate at Alfa Romeo in 2023 appears to be down to a two-horse race. Frederic Vasseur is personally championing the Sauber team's own junior Theo Pourchaire, the 18-year-old fellow Frenchman who is a title contender in Formula 2 this year.

    Vasseur says Pourchaire will be making a Friday practice or tyre testing appearance in 2022. "We'll find the solution, don't worry," he said recently.

    At the same time, Alfa Romeo is not yet ready to confirm that Guanyu Zhou will be keeping his seat next year - even though the team says it is impressed with the Chinese rookie. "I haven't spoken to any team yet," Zhou is quoted by the Dutch publication Formule 1. "I feel like I have already proven myself as a fast driver, now I have to show that I can perform consistently."

    ‘Two-Horse Race’;

    The painful deja vu undermining F1 2022’s early feel-good story
    11th August 2022, 11:14
    By Scott Mitchell

    Before Formula 1 signed off for its summer break, Valtteri Bottas hoped the Hungarian Grand Prix would send a message to his Alfa Romeo team. It did. Just not the one Bottas intended. A long-awaited floor and diffuser upgrade in Hungary marked Alfa Romeo’s first major development for several races. Bottas felt it was no coincidence that he promptly secured his first top-10 qualifying result since May’s Spanish Grand Prix – ironically the previous race at which the car had a significant upgrade.

    “It would be a good example for the whole team that once we bring new bits to this car, that is the key to keeping us fighting for the top 10 and in the points,” he said. Instead, though, the Hungarian GP sent another message to Alfa Romeo – and it was a very familiar one. Just when Bottas thought the team was about to correct one key 2022 limitation (a lack of development), an equally large limitation (reliability) bit him hard.

    The deja vu was palpable: a third retirement of the season for Bottas and seventh for Alfa Romeo across its two cars. Throw into that an astonishing number of car problems in Friday practice sessions for Bottas and there’s a pretty concrete case for the Alfa Romeo C42 being F1 2022’s most unreliable car. “Where we probably have suffered most is in general is reliability, where we had a few setbacks,” says technical director Jan Monchaux.

    ‘Déjà vu’;

    How Zhou is silencing doubters: 'People have said racist stuff, I do my talking on track'
    AUGUST 10TH 2022, 13:09
    AUTHOR Chris Medland

    Zhou's rookie season will be remembered for his crash at Silverstone and label as a pay driver, but that's unfair on an impressive young driver, says Chris Medland I defy anyone to hear the name Zhou Guanyu and not immediately recall an Alfa Romeo upside down hurtling towards the barrier at Silverstone, being somersaulted into the fence and landing on its side behind the tyres.

    “Everything happened so quickly but it wasn’t a nice feeling,” Zhou recalls. “When I first went upside down it wasn’t a big deal for me because I felt like maybe I would stop in the gravel – Silverstone has gravel after the tarmac – and then when I was in the gravel I was still going at a constant speed and I was like ‘OK, I’m in big s*** now’.

    The thing is, for Zhou, it’s not the crash that has been the hardest thing to shake. It was a tag that he was only in the sport due to his nationality, with the Chinese driver having finished third in his third full season of Formula 2 last year. “When I signed the contract I had a lot of people comment or say stuff about me, and some of them never followed Formula 2 or followed my career,” he recalls. “They just judged by where I’m coming from, so this sort of thing is not nice to have.”

    ‘I do my talking on track’;

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