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    Formula 1 Entries/Rumours that never happened

    Can include non-starters as technically they entered but never actually raced and tests that never went anywhere.

    The failure of Michael Andretti to buy out Alfa Romeo/Sauber means Colton Herta won't be entering F1 anytime soon if ever.

    Colton's father Bryan Herta also tried unsuccessfully for a Minardi seat for 2003.

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    Keeping track of the F1 rumors is like herding cats!

    Since it's low hanging fruit, how about USF1? They reached a certain point, had tubs and some stuff built... and vanished.

    As for Herta, that seemed to come to rumors and then a stop fairly quickly at least. I wasn't aware of his father trying for a Minardi seat though.

    Maybe another interesting thread would be the things that everyone thought were insane but still happened?

    Schumacher back to F1, but not in Ferrari

    Kimi back to Ferrari

    Nico one title and out with a shout

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