Today, cloud computing applications and platforms are rapidly growing across all industries, serving as the IT infrastructure that drives new digital businesses. These platforms and applications have revolutionized the ways in which businesses function, and have made processes easier. In fact, more than 77 percent of businesses today have at least some portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud.

While there are many cloud computing platforms available, two platforms dominate the cloud computing industry. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure services are the two giants in the world of cloud computing.

While AWS is the largest cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing and second-largest. This article focuses on Microsoft Azure and what is Azure—its services and uses. But before we delve into Microsoft Azure, here’s a look at everything you’ll find in this article:

What is cloud computing?

Why is cloud computing important?

What is Azure?

What are the various Azure migration services?

What are the various uses of Azure?

Before diving into what is Azure, you should first know what cloud computing is.

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