All of their eggs in one basket is what comes to mind when I see whats happened to UK rallying this year. Ok so Ireland has closed roads however the vast majority of events take place in the woods and on private land on mainland Britain. Therefore at a stroke the sport has come almost to a grinding halt other than a couple of minor s/v events "behind closed doors" when the various FCs etc withdrew their consent. Contrast that with the rest of Europe and in deed the world, even NZ has had stage events and look at what lengths they went to lockdown, a quick check of Youtube is the proof.

Problem is though in most other countries, and its going to pain me to say this, rallying is still "a thing", a pretty big thing at that. Today 25 years ago a certain Scots duo in a blue and yellow car won this countries first World Rally title. There were probably a million spectators out over the week/end cheering them on. Contrast that 25 years later where a UK driver stands a great chance of claiming the title again and what coverage is he likely to get? Italy has suffered terribly from Covid yet rallies have taken place nearly every weekend certainly since the summer, the majority on public roads through villages that have probably seen a lot of loss yet they came out to watch and cheer on the crews, which just goes to show their acceptance of the sport. Can you imagine that happening in the UK? Not if it stopped someone getting to Ikea or Maccy D's, in fact part of the reasons the NW Stages has been canned is to not upset public opinion.

If we get a vaccine in the numbers they are talking about, and despite all the other crap thats going on in this country, we may get back to something late summer however what that means for rallying, its various championships and everyone involved only time will tell.