I am writing making this thread because I think my time has come to stop watching F1. I have watched it since the mid 1990s and I am watching the sport these days thinking "why am I watching it?" I used to be buzzing and excited for a whole weekend. Now I honestly see nothing exciting or interesting in most races. Occasionally one is OK but the sport in my opinion is dying.

I watch BTCC and even lower level single seaters as well as World Endurance and Le Mans. The racing is a lot more pure. It is men in cars racing, pushing hard and making errors and being punished for doing so.

I look at F1 and it is missing almost every element of good motor racing. Men battling with their cars, the art of defending (not really possible now), pushing hard in races, overtaking that means something and not DRS bullshite. No spins, no collisions and not retirements.

People on TV coverage in the UK seem to do all they can to come up with ways to convince the stupid fans the racing is good. Today its that Hamilton is on a knife edge with problems and will he win or not. Now 10 seconds clear of everyone else.

They all say its great we don't loose cars from the race and still have 20 runners. I couldn't agree less. Some of the best races I have watched have had 6-10 finishers. The fear of collisions and crashes puts me on edge and the survival element. Which drivers can not make any mistakes and keep it on the road was always part of motorsport but now F1 is mostly run on huge car parks like Paul Ricard today. So any mistakes are not punished. The fact that cars dominated in the past was not always an issue as they may be unreliable and so the tension of getting a car to the finish was exciting. Now hardly any cars have issues.

All of these things have taken away from the racing. Now we have 6 cars up front in the same order as lap 2 with the drivers all cruising around saving tyres. Its rubbish. No close racing, no tension and no interest.

Then every move is looked at and penalties because he came back on track unsafely blah blah. I would have race tracks with gravel round and if drivers make mistakes they are out of loose time. It promotes steller driving and no mistakes.

Technology also sadly seems to make it worse. The cars are so reliable now as I said. It is no fun.

So I think that my interest in proper motorsport must now take me away from F1. I used to post on here regularly but the lack of interest has lead to me not visiting much.

So I wondered without driver bias and grudges to affect thinking. I want to ask. Do you guys who still watch and have watched for years like me feel the same? Do you really enjoy these races? Or all the sterile action we have?

Maybe its just me but from a sport I would get up in the middle of the night to watch with butterflys in my stomach and re watching most races 1996-2008 many times, I now find myself barely wanting to watch. This is not all about being angry at the sport but rather sad. I feel so sad that the sport I once loved is so awful.

Anyway. I have said what I feel. I wondered what anyone else though.