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    Aim SOLO 2 DL Experiance

    Interested to find out other people's experience with the AIM SOLO 2 DL. Our team procured one because it was easier to buy one than to engineer one and code the lap predictions. However, we are having a lot of issues with it capturing accurate GPS and lap data.

    So far, we have used it at two different race courses. In Mid-Ohio, it wouldn't pick up laps so it considered each heat a single lap. Eventually, one heat worked properly and the lap prediction was extremely useful for our driver. Then we used in at Summit Point in a track configuration that wasn't in the system. We had a lot of trouble with track learning and only got a single heat recorded, which again considered the entire heat as 1 lap.uc browser shareit appvn

    I've tried setting it back to factory settings and removing customization to make sure I didn't setup something improperly. I'm just extremely frustrated with $700 product when the free TrackAddict app on a $100 burner phone has proved to be better. It works fine in my neighborhood with testing but when it matters, the AIM SOLO 2 DL doesn't seem reliable.
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