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    Canada Predicted Qualifying - F1 Analytics

    Continuing the theme from Monaco, my goal is trying to predict Canada's Qualifying outcome. This time I tried to put a lot more analysis into the modeling, and I'll try to go a little bit more in-depth. Hopefully the results go as well as they did in Monaco!


    I collected all of the sector and qualifying times from the races in 2018 and 2017, as well as so far in 2019 to compare. For consistency, I used the best sector or lap time set during qualifying in a given weekend, from either teammate as the measure of performance to predict against.


    My analysis shows that Bahrain Qualifying performance was a great predictor of Canada Quali performance, explaining about 78% of outcome between teams (R2, for stats nerds). Here's a graph comparing 2017, 2018, and my predictions for 2019:
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