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    Russell is having the most underrated performance of the season.

    Kubica has said multiple times that he isn't affected by his injury, and Russell is absolutely destroying him in both race and qualy pace. He xvideos xnxx xxx also comfortably beat Norris and Albon in F2 last season and I genuinely think he'd be doing as well as either if he was in their car. I really hope he doesn't end up falling by the wayside like Ocon seems to be doing.
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    Kubica wouldnt have a F1 seat if he ever admitted that his injuries have impaired his performances so I wouldnt place any value on what he said. I regard him as an unknown quantity but strongly suspect that he is not the same Kubica he once was.

    Despite not having a real yardstick to measure against this season Russell looks solid, he has impressed me a lot as a person and driver. Fingers crossed he makes it.

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    Earlier today I was thinking that Kubica might just not be that bad and he's simply been stacked up against a formidable teammate who might just be Hamilton levels of good. We don't know for certain, but he definitely doesn't look like a slouch.

    That said, of course a driver who is coming back to F1 after lots of years without racing competitively isn't much of a reliable benchmark, so yeah, he's still a bit of a question mark. But I wouldn't be surprised if Russell were to put in extremely good performances when given a proper racing car.

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