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    Viewing Subscriptions!!!

    Any theories on the future of motorsport viewing? At this point I pay roughly $1000/year to watch the races that I want to watch and there are no signs of slowing down. Between Indycar practices on NBC Gold and F1tv, the hoops that there series make us jump through to watch their cars is getting ridiculous. Anybody experiencing something similar? Any tips to avoid this?UC browser SHAREit Appvn
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    I can only speak for myself. We have one step up from basic cable with Verizon. When F1 and IndyCar cost more than that to watch then I and my wife will be gone. Of course, we're both involved in local motorsport so it won't be a complete break away.
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    I don't see where these prices are coming from. F1 TV is $10 per month or $80 per year. NBC Gold shows as even cheaper. How does this equate to $1000 per year?

    We had the option of a much more expensive channel package through Verizon, or stream more stuff. We stream more stuff since the channel packages are loaded with crap we never watch. As a side note, the cost of a DVR rental through Verizon is more monthly than the cost of F1 TV, or NBC Gold, for that month.

    Sports packages often cost a lot through either providers or individually. There really isn't much we can do about it unless the demand for watching sports decreases and drives costs down.

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