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    Quote Originally Posted by Zico View Post
    Pirelli reckon the time differences between the tyre grades in testing were...

    Mediums to softs: 0.8s
    Softs to supersofts: 0.4s
    Supersofts to ultrasofts: 0.6s
    Ultrasofts to Hypersofts: 0.7/0.8s

    Ferraris 1:17.182 came on the hypersoft compound while HAAS's 1:18.360 on the Supersoft.... when you work out the compound time differences it suggests that HAAS have either made a HUGE leap forward... or that Ferrari engine is a beast.

    Yes, I know, I know... it is indeed almost impossible to glean anything from testing times due to sandbagging. The apparent pace of the HAAS who might have less reasons to sandbag?.. was just a bit of an eye opener for me.

    One thing is for sure, the 2018 cars are substantially quicker than last year. A 3 way title fight is all thats needed now..
    Actually, l would not be too surprised if Ferrari leads the way at Oz. But testing finished with the Ferrari engine emitting some mysterious fumes on startup. Mercedes thinks Ferrari might be hurt by the new oil burning regulations, hence the fumes. If that is the case, Ferrari might actually be behind the Redbull; until they resolve this issue. That said, it has not stopped Vettel from banging out fastest lap times during testing.

    Realistically, l cannot see any team giving the Mercedes any trouble at Oz. They seem most prepared this season than they were last season. Also bear in mind that the new Mercedes engine now torques out a massive 1000 BHP. All the signs suggest that Mercedes is going to be mighty this year.
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