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Rovanperä showed up all of the other R5 driver's, many with good cars and good teams behind them. It wasnt just the BRC guys.

The younger Brits like Greensmith and Ingram (while he lasted) did well.

And driver's like Cave and Yates show we have some decent prospects coming up.
No doubt there are fast young Brits. Perhaps more now than ever. Greensmith, Ingram, Cave, Bogie, Pryce, but only one of them felt compelled and was able to raise a budget to do the BRC this year, and seemingly Bogie may not be interested next year.

More positively, just came across this video on the BBC Sport site. A short but really pretty comprehensive review of the conclusion of the BRC from Rally GB. Sounds like the BRC might have found a friend at BBC Northern Ireland? Good job. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/motorsport/45795413