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One of the better filmed 'Launch Controls' with the usual hyperbole commentary. Pastrana returns. Block burns, McKenna punctures.
Higgins and co average more than 128 km/h/ 80 mph on some of these stages. Like to see Higgins given a test in an M-Sport wrc or r5 to see how he measures up against current euro wrc crews.

Higgins wins at Ojibwe, Bouffier quick on a few stages with mirage proto.
Way too much super-slowmotion..Come on, they go super slo-mo for shots of Higgins and little kiddies.. Super slo mo in the middle of ordinary corners... 3 minutes was all I could stand.

And man are there some stupid fast stages in Maine... Been there 3 times for US Nationals...Won 2wd once (1995), DNFes while leading 2wd once (1995 winter) and duff coil but finsihed way off the pace--coil broke up softly--like soft cut rev limiter above 5000 rpm..and that hurt badly there.
But 80mph +average on some of those stages...with those big rocks and trees?..
year after year?
Too fast.

(Then again that's because we have big trees AND most of the guys complain bitterly is the road is narrow, or narrow and rough so organisers choose WIDE! easy roads.)