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    All of this banning

    am new to this site and have sent the following to different members.
    Usually I never post or have even registered. When this came up I decided to take the time I have (2weeks)and just went through post after post of people that you have banned.
    To be perfectly candid you are using a double standard. You have rules you adhere to and others that you ignore. The "you" is plural.
    You banned an individual months ago,Gluaistean.

    Good place to start. Then you stated you banned Monadvspec and said he was coming in as a different person.
    You then state that the universally used # is to be considered a letter. Well, it's very simple to contact people these days and of the many banned and the two mentioned here as they are identified by you. I am alarmed to say the least that you banned either of these people when going back through all the threads (call me crazy) and did not ban a member named Bob Riebe for what he suggested happen to the Kennedy family. The response from Gluaistean was very vocal but not in the least vitriolic or should be a ban. Bob Riebe should be banned.

    Now you come to Monadvspec and you ban him because he used # instead of a letter and was banned under another name. Tell me or the other members who that person is so that there is a fair representation of the reasons why he was banned initially. We can all look and you can supply the date.
    I have been a member of a website that supports this forum for many many years. I came here this morning and was reading why posts were closed. At that time it was two. I then went to the "general tab" or whatever it is called and saw two more posts.
    Members stating Monadvspec was whining in the open thread by a poster. This individual has an Estonian flag and is also a friend of Starters. Appears as though he is in lock step with the so called moderator and as such will agree like a puppy dog with what he says.
    My next task, and one that YOU Mark said you did not want to see happening, was for someone to point to the # where members were not banned. Well, that was an invitation and a telegraphed desire on your part because you know full well that you choose discriminate and ban whom you wish and to hell with the so called forum rules.
    I do not know the level of education that any of the people that moderate have attained, however, it is very much an idiotic and conflict of interest and fair debate. It's akin to the moderator of a presidential debate adding his opinion in favor of a candidate of his choice.
    The next post will show those not banned for using a # sign. Interesting since I just touched the surface. You will ban this post, but, by the time you do it will have been seen by many.

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    Why the **** should I care about the islamand it's people? It's just hypocrite and troublesome folk here in TheNetherlands. Especially the children, they're having a big mouth and they'realways seeking trouble. Also don't forget when you're gay in Iran you'll getthe death penalty by hanging. It's a stupid religion, and it's causing moretrouble then that it's doing good things for this world. I don't have areligion, but I prefer Christian or Catholic instead of being a ****ing beast.

    Sorry if people don't like my comment, but it's how I see the most muslims aredoing nowadays in The Netherlands. Luckily I live in a good town where youcan't find those young trouble seekers, but in the big cities you can see thosestupid trouble seekers in every street. It's not that I hate every muslim, onthe contrary, I'm having friends which are muslim, but I really dislike thereligions' rules and the lots of ****ty youth in the cities here.


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    1. Thread: Another shooting of innocents in US

    by Bob Riebe





    No ****sherlock!

    No **** sherlock!

    Don't worry donK, you can take pills forit.

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