We have a thread for touring cars, might aswell have one for F1 models too. Its probably been done before, but this is a new chapter for the forum

My 1/43 F1 model list, to date.

1990. Benetton Ford B190, Piquet (onyx)
1991. Benetton Ford B191, Piquet (onyx)
1991. Ferrari 643 F1-91, Alain Prost (onyx)
1992. Benetton B192, M Schumacher (onyx)
1992. Williams Renault Fw14B, Patresse (kyosho)
1994. Jordan 194 sasol, Irvine (onyx)
1994. Williams Renualt FW16, Hill (onyx)
1994. Benetton Ford B194, Schumacher
1994. Sauber Mercedes C 13, H.H.Frentzen
1995. Ferrari 412 T2, Gerhard Berger (onyx)
1995. Footwork Arrows Hart FA16, Inoue (onyx)
1995. Benetton Renault B195, Schumacher (minichamps)
1995. Minardi Ford M195B, Tarso Marques (onyx)
1995. Jordan Peugeot EJR 195, Irvine (Minichamps)
1996. Arrows Yamaha FA 18, Hill (Minichamps)
1996. Forti Ford FG03, Montermini (onyx)
1996. Williams Renault FW18, car no 6 French GP (onyx)
1996. Tyrell Yamaha 024, Katayama (onyx)
1996. Forti ford FG03-96 (yellow) Montermini (onyx)
1996. Williams Renault FW19, German Driver (Frentzen) (minchamps)
1996. Mclaren MP4 -11, Mika Hakkinen (minichamps)
1997. Sauber Petronas, Herbert (onyx)
1997. Williams FW20 Mecachrome, Villeneuve (minichamps)
1997. Benetton Renault B 197, J Alesi (minichamps)
1998. Jordan Mugen Honda 198, Damon Hill (minichamps)
1998. Benetton Playlife B198, Fisichella (minichamps)
1998. Ferrari F300, Schumacher (minichamps)
1999. Williams Supertec FW21, A Zanardi (minchamps)
2000. Mclaren MP4 -15, Mika Hakkinen (hotwheels)
2000. Williams FW21, Ralf Schumacher (minichamps)
2000. Arrows Supertec A21, Jos Verstappen (Minichamps)
2001. Jaguar R2, Irvine (hotwheels)
2003. Panasonic Toyota TF103, Olivier Panis (minichamps)