How to correctly choose pvc windows?

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Today, the choice of PVC windows is a rather difficult task that requires certain knowledge. Most often, upon entering the market, a potential buyer discovers many different models that have certain features. It is difficult for a non-professional to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the goods offered. Some of the windows will require alteration of the opening, which implies additional costs. In order to understand which PVC windows to choose, you need to disassemble the key features of each variety.

External signs of the quality of euro windows. Choosing a window profile, first of all, you need to examine its condition. The main elements that you need to pay attention to are the components and the quality of the manufacture of the window.

Different window manufacturers may use the same quality profile, but each manufacturer has a different window kit. High-quality assembly is easy to identify, since at the same time the PVC window looks beautiful. Joints should be neat and inconspicuous. With a high-quality profile, but mediocre manufacture, the windows have noticeable flaws in the welds and look inconspicuous.

When buying, you need to choose a window with orientation to the manufacturer of the double-glazed window. If the products use a double-glazed window from a branded manufacturer that has established itself in the market, then this indicates the high quality of the kit itself.

Plastic window block diagram

Scheme of a plastic window block.

Certified double-glazed windows are specially marked. If it is not available on the proposed product, it is recommended to refuse to purchase it, since there is a risk of acquiring low-quality PVC windows.

Today, plastic windows have a certain standard for the conservation of heat energy, so you should look at products with double-glazed windows with a wide camera. Such windows can effectively save heat and increase the level of noise insulation indoors.

When choosing metal-plastic windows, the quality of reinforcing the product must be taken into account. When placing an order for window assembly, it is necessary to indicate the thickness of the reinforcement of at least 1-2 mm. This will make the windows highly durable and durable. At the same time, the final price of products will increase by only 1%. If in the process of using the window certain difficulties arise, you can contact the manufacturer under warranty conditions, having previously measured the thickness of the reinforcing layer, and insist on remaking or replacing the existing product.

Classification and profile specifications
The profile of PVC windows is divided into categories A and B. The first category includes products that are produced for home use. The second category can only be used for glazing porches, spans or rooms without a heating system. Category A usually has a higher cost compared to category B (about 15-20%).

When making an order for the manufacture of windows, it is necessary to insist on the designation of the profile category used. Unlike category B, category A is always marked. Standards prohibit the use of the second category in the manufacture of PVC windows, so no company will oppose this. In turn, category B has the following disadvantages with respect to category A:

strength of fillet welds is 25% lower;
test results for alignment of self-tapping screws lower by 20%;
deformation test results are 15% lower.
At the same time, windows of the second category have less durability. They wear out quickly during daily use.

Most consumers do not pay attention to these characteristics, therefore, in the pursuit of profit, some companies try to apply this profile in the manufacture of windows for residential premises.

Proper design selection
The design of the frame is not only a decorative element in the interior. Convenience during operation depends on it. If you decide to purchase a structure with two opening flaps on the sides and a fixed partition in the center, get ready to be hard to wash.

A single-leaf design will provide you with comfort when servicing, in addition, such windows are much cheaper.

What nuances should be considered when choosing?
First of all, it is necessary to select a profile that does not make significant changes to the architecture of the building. This can be both the appearance and the structural features of the structure, a change in which may lead to partial destruction of the building.

Understanding the issue of how to choose windows, you need to think about the possible difficulties in servicing them. When choosing a configuration, it is desirable to exclude deaf and inaccessible areas. If the architecture of the room does not allow to put another type of structure, try to reach out to these places, they should be reachable.

When placing an order to assemble a window structure according to your own preferences, it is extremely important to take into account the opinion of professionals. It is recommended that you seriously approach the issue of making changes to the building architecture and frame configuration. Otherwise, you can spoil the plastic windows.

Window Recommendations
In the absence of a ventilation system in the house (not to be confused with an exhaust hood), you should choose a PVC profile with the presence of ventilation valves that can be manually adjusted or be automatic. Plastic windows have a high level of sealing, so in winter, condensation may form on their surface, which will lead to the appearance of mold or mildew. If there is proper air exchange in this room, this is impossible.

Be sure to specify what building materials were used during installation. PVC windows will require heat and sound insulation. These materials should be included in the installation estimates.

Pay particular attention to the installation process. If it passes without leveling, there is a possibility of sagging and further deformation of the sash.

It is necessary to consider what material the building was built from. In brick buildings, installation is carried out according to the standard, and in large-panel ones - with the frame shifted into the room.

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