How To Find Russian Stamps For Collector

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The hobby of stamp collecting has really been made much easier than it was in the past. With the ease of computer software, and the internet, the task of finding a stamp for collector should not be that difficult. You have a certain stamp in mind, and you have not been able to find it, yet. This article will seek to tell you how to go about it.

Here are a few ways to help you find either special stamps, or to keep up on the latest issues that come off the press.

1. Do Some Research

This is almost always going to be the case, whenever you want the most informative and up-to-date news about stamps. Since new websites are being added all the time, and the old ones will be updating their services and quality of their web page, it pays to do an occasional check to see what is the latest - unless you find a place that can offer all your needs - at the best price.

If you are simply looking to know what is coming off the press, here is an easy way to keep current.

2. Bookmark Favorite Websites That Offer The Most Recent Information

By bookmarking a limited number of the best sites, you can easily find out what is new on the market in the way of new releases. One that seemed to be very current is: . There you can find Russian stamps, plate blocks, sheets, regular issue stamps, souvenir sheets, booklets, and much more. There is even a list of stamps that will be coming up for the next nine months.

There are also a couple of unique features here, such as: stamps for gift ideas, commemorative year sets, gift certificates, and, he will even buy stamps that you may not want any more. You can purchase your stamp collecting supplies here, too.

3. Sign-up For Catalogs or Newsletters That Offer The Latest Information

One Russian stamp catalog, that is very popular, is called . It has more than 60 pages, and comes in either a print or online edition. There are also a number of other tips that the site offers to beginner stamp collectors.

4. Pre-subscribe For The Latest Stamp Editions

The above website , will also, for a pre-set fee, send you a regular supply of the latest preselected items, up to a specified dollar amount. You can choose just about any form of stamps printed, and have it delivered to your door on a regular basis, such as, every 30, 60, or 90 days - and have it billed to your credit card.

If you are looking for a particular stamp for collector, you might try and register for a stamp search, or similar name, which can be found at some of the websites.

5. Post A Message On A Stamp Collector's Bulletin Board

This one has been around for about ten years, and also has a very extensive e-mail system - just for stamp collectors. Your message for a stamp for collector can be seen world-wide by other stamp collectors in 90 countries, and someone can help you find what you are looking for. They also offer a daily digest through your e-mail.

6. Check With E-bay

Many stamps are bought and sold daily on e-bay. Some are just general stamps ripped off of envelopes, and someone wants to get rid of them, for a little profit. Some stamps are sold for a penny. In some cases, you may even be able to find whole stamp collections available for a song. Don't overlook this opportunity when looking for a stamp for collector.
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