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Those results are not correct. EWRC is currently (01:30 BST on 14 July) showing the first provisional results. Following information presented to the CofC with regards to a faulty clock at the start of SS2, that stage was cancelled and, following a JoF report, car 89 was disqualified and the results re-posted provisional. The second provisional results were declared final at 19:25 BST on 13 July.

The correct results are available here:
Following the changes Ingram finished 14.7 s ahead of Cronin and 53.4 s ahead of Evans.
No change in the 1-2-3 order though, just a slight change in the gaps.

It wasn't easy to be sure of the times as Cronin was shown with a 1.00 Penalty for a good while.

Watching the action on YT there was a clear difference in pace between Ingram and Evans. Quite a surprise when Evans has had much more time in the GR Yaris. Plus Ingram didnt even have a recce !