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    Monaco Under floor boon

    What a boon for teams in the midfield to get an unfettered view of the underbelly of the Redbull and the Mercedes no less. The information gathered would certainly translate into some interesting developments from the teams as they rub their hands running off to the drawing boards. From the fan's perspective, this is the only area of the car that is largely unfamiliar to us, as we never get to see them on the car. We occasionally see parts of them being moved into crates but rarely the complete assembly in race trim.

    Now we get to see how so much different the modern-day ground effect cars differ from those of old which had aprons on the side of the car. The modern-day F1 car uses parts of the structure of the floor to channel air out from under the car. All the vanes and corrugations on the side of the car now make a lot of sense as we discover that they are essentially funneling air from the underfloor out the sides.

    More importantly, it goes to show how much more advanced the Redbull car is to the rest of the field. It has superior aerodynamic characteristics beneath and on the top surface of the car compared to its nearest competition. But hopefully, every team would have got a valuable lesson on how to design a championship-winning underfloor. They are clearly running their floor close to the ground than Mercedes. While the Redbull plank had scuffs and wears, the Mercceds plank was pristine without a scratch it seemed.

    The RB19 goes to show what a pointless endeavor it is to try to regulate into being a level playing field F1 car platform. Whatever the regulations, those brilliant engineers would find a way to step ahead of the rest of the field.
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