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    European Autocross Championship

    Some high revving engines for the European Autocross Championship & the commentary sounds a bit German?

    Seelow, Germany 13/ 14 may '23
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    2024 calendar has been out for a month already but - AS ALWAYS - theres basically zero coverage of this championship on regular media and no social media at all. I was trying to help the "almost official" FB page with Posts in English but they just cancelled my access after some seasons.
    Nyriad is back but Prerov is out. Now Czechia have only ONE round, which is stupid, since 90% of the grid is made of Czech people.
    Deutschland and France have two rounds each. Deutschalnd will probably lose one in 2025 cuz they want to bring Nederland back. France will probably lose its second race too (Stupid move too. The French championship is huge. Lots of entries on the french rounds). They will probably add one of the races from the CentralEuropeanZone championship (Slovakia?) into EuroAX.

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