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    2022 - Race 6 Spain

    Race 6 to Spain

    1. Leclerc 104
    2. Verstappen 85
    3. Perez 66
    4. Russell 59
    5. Sainz 53
    6. Hamilton 36

    Really need either Sainz/Perez or Mercedes to win a race here or there to really shake up the results.

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    I think Ferrari have some fairly big upgrades due in Spain, and that might change things up some more. Overall I think the Ferrari and RB are fairly close cars, both very fast and RB seems to be slowly sorting out the reliability issues some. At this point I think the drivers are playing a big part of the things at the top, with of course some good/bad luck being spread to both teams on occasion. But Charles and Max and just better overall drivers than Carlos and Sergio, so short of big mistakes I expect it to more or less stay that way.

    It would be nice to see Merc get into the hunt, but for now it seems they still haven't come to grips with things. Both drivers seem to indicate the car is difficult to get set up properly and that even minor track changes make a huge difference in what they need to get the car working. If they don't sort it out soon both drivers will end up being frustrated, as well as the team. Merc have already stated that if they don't sort things out by Canada IIRC then they will start trying radical changes.

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