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    Red Bull admit they won’t make weight with major Spanish GP upgrade.
    Red Bull adviser Dr Helmut Marko has confirmed that the upgrade his team are bringing to the Spanish Grand Prix will not quite enable them to reach their “minimum weight.”
    15 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    The Milton Keynes side are said to have lost up to 5kg with the changes they made ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix a few weeks ago, and it has helped Max Verstappen to two wins on the trot in Imola and Miami.

    The Austrian outfit looked quicker than Ferrari in both of those races, and that is despite still not managing to get their weight down to the 798kg limit set by the FIA. While they are starting to get there, Dr Marko confirms that they will need to wait until after the Spanish Grand Prix before they do.

    “We plan our updates in such a way that we always lose weight with each update, because unfortunately we still haven’t reached the minimum weight and we won’t quite reach it with the next update either,” he told

    ‘Waiting to get to the minimum weight, 798Kg’;

    Newey doesn’t agree that ‘things are looking pretty good’ for Verstappen and Red Bull
    Red Bull Racing claimed their second win in a row after Max Verstappen stormed to victory at the inaugural Miami Grand Prix.
    14 May 2022
    by Nick Golding

    Verstappen performed brilliantly on Sunday at the Miami International Autodrome, following a somewhat disappointing qualifying. The Dutchman missed out on the majority of Friday practice, after suffering yet more reliability issues. A mistake on his final Q3 lap saw the reigning champion qualify in third, behind both Ferraris.

    With Red Bull appearing to have the fastest car this season, Newey was asked on the F1 Nation podcast if “things are looking pretty good” for the team. “It’s so close, you really can’t say that,” he said.

    “We’ve only got to look back at last season, [and] the few races where we had some pretty good, dominant wins – Austria, Mexico – and then the next race it swings around. You really can’t be relaxed at this point, that’s for sure.”

    ‘So close, can’t be relaxed’;

    Horner: Very hard to bring continuous development
    16 May, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner revealed that continuous car development during the 2022 Formula 1 season is very hard due to the cost cap and current inflation. The Briton was reviewing his team’s campaign so far in 2022 after Miami, while looking ahead to the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

    Horner was quoted by F1’s official website saying: “You saw in Imola how quickly things can move around and I think we’ve got some interesting races coming up. The car’s running well. We’ve got some developments coming hopefully later in the summer that will help as well. We need to save a little bit of weight.”

    “You can always improve everywhere,” he added. “We need to improve the slow [corner] stuff, we need to lose a couple of kilos off the car; tyre deg is then the result of weight so it’s all those little incremental gains that you’re always chasing.”

    ‘Continual Incremental Development’;

    Verstappen rates Perez's performances amid Red Bull renewal talk
    ‎14‎ ‎May‎ ‎16‎:‎10
    Author Luke Murphy
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Max Verstappen has given his backing to teammate Sergio Perez, who is in the process of negotiating an extension to his Red Bull contract. After the Miami Grand Prix, Perez revealed that he and Red Bull have commenced talks over a new contract for the 2023 season.

    When asked about Perez's performances this season, Verstappen believed Red Bull were happy with his teammate's efforts, noting that Perez appeared more comfortable in the car since the regulation changes at the start of the campaign.

    "It seems like he's a lot happier in the car, so that's really good for the team," Verstappen told media, including "Of course, I think it helps to have a year with the team, and I think the new rule changes also helped, because everyone had to start from zero."

    ‘Sergio Perez Performances Rated’;

    Verstappen urges Red Bull to resolve 'hit and miss' reliability.
    Max Verstappen has called on Red Bull to continue to focus on the reliability issues that have hampered their 2022 championship campaign.
    Author Luke Murphy
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Despite Verstappen's victories in Saudi Arabia, Imola and Miami, retirements in Bahrain and Australia have resulted in a 19-point deficit in the Drivers' Championship to Ferrari's Charles Leclerc. The race-winning weekend at the Miami International Autodrome also suffered an early setback with hydraulics issues in Friday practice, which threatened to reduce his chances of victory.

    Verstappen's Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, also suffered a sensor issue partway through the race en route to fourth place, hampering his efforts to take the final podium position. "We're still having a few issues that we have to solve," Verstappen told media, including

    "We are quick but, as you could see, my Friday was terrible, which is not great if you want to have a good weekend. Also Checo [Perez] had a few issues in the race, so we have to be on top of that. Clearly there is a lot of potential and we just need to make sure it's reliable."

    ‘Lot of potential, need to solve reliability’;

    Horner reveals "brutal" factor in F1 upgrade race
    Friday 13 May 2022 07:00
    Ewan Gale

    Whilst the new regulations have seen radical changes for every team on the grid, Red Bull has had another headache to contend with. The Milton Keynes-based outfit was known for its extreme rake angle during the previous generation of F1 with the front of the car pointed into the track surface and the rear wing sat up in the air.

    Yet ground-effect aerodynamics dictates low-running, low-rake designs, adding to Red Bull's understanding period. "Obviously it is very different this year with the set-up," explained Horner.

    "We are running... there is no rake in the car essentially. We have developed a car that has good straight-line speed and we have seen that at pretty much every race this year."

    ‘Car with no rake’;

    Christian Horner predicts Verstappen v Leclerc could go down to the wire
    Published: 16 May 2022, 12:47
    By George Dagless

    Red Bull’s Christian Horner has said that the fight between his team and Ferrari and their drivers could go down to the wire, similarly to 2021. “Look, there is a long, long way to go and it is so tight with Ferrari. There has been some great racing,” said Horner.

    “You can see there is a great respect between Charles and Max, they are enjoying racing each other, you can see that. I was rather hoping we weren’t set for another competitive year like last year but it looks like this one could well go all the way as well.”

    It’s proving a very exciting battle between the two drivers at the moment and another battle between them is very possible this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix.

    ‘Going down to the wire’;

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    Why Barcelona will be a reference point for teams in F1's development race.
    The Spanish Grand Prix weekend will offer F1 teams a valuable reference point as to how far they have been able to develop their cars during the opening five races of the season, says Williams driver Nicholas Latifi.
    ‎16‎ ‎May‎ ‎16‎:‎10
    Author Tom Leach

    F1 returns to Europe after a busy weekend in Miami, with an interesting reference point approaching in the upgrade battle. After a weekend of rest following the Miami race, F1 will head back to Barcelona this weekend for the first time since pre-season testing. It was this behind-closed-doors test that allowed teams to run their newborn cars in anger.

    But since then, developments have been bolted on in the quest for either more performance or fixes for gremlins, with the return visit giving teams a chance to see how far - or not - they have come.

    So far, Red Bull appear to have made the most progress, closing in on Ferrari and securing back-to-back race wins in Imola and Miami. However, the Spanish GP could bring big upgrades throughout the field.

    ‘Big Upgrades and Development Reference Point’;

    Ferrari aiming to reduce drag with Spanish GP upgrades
    Both Ferrari and Red Bull are bringing upgrades to the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix as the championship battle intensifies.
    16 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    A new diffuser is among the changes that Ferrari are making to their F1-75 at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix as they look to improve the straight-line speed of their 2022 challenger.

    Ferrari plan to amalgamate different parts that they have been testing in recent rounds of the championship, including the new “skids” they brought to the Miami Grand Prix.

    The floor they used at the controversial tyre test in Imola was the same one that they had already used in pre-season testing in Barcelona, but changes have now been made after they managed to cross reference its performance, and the floor in Spain should now be the optimum version of it.

    Ferrari Diffuser Upgrade’;

    Mercedes admit they could bring radical upgrade for Spanish GP
    The new technical regulations have wreaked havoc with Mercedes in 2022.
    10 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    They unveiled a new design of the W13 at the second pre-season test in Bahrain which saw the sidepods all but removed from the car, leaving the underbody exposed as the resulting extrusion only seemed to aggravate the bouncing.

    New winglets in Imola did little to improve their fortunes, but a revised front and rear wing as well as much a much thinner wing beam appeared to make somewhat of a difference, but their pace was still a long way away from Red Bull and Ferrari.

    Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has said that anything is possible as the Silver Arrows ponder the changes they might make in a bid to improve the performance of the car.

    ‘Mercedes Radical Upgrade’;

    Red Bull to develop even bigger aero upgrade package after Spanish GP

    Red Bull's upgrade at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has helped Max Verstappen to two consecutive victories.
    17 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Red Bull are reported not to have exceeded 18 percent of their development budget in 2022 amid reports that they had almost exhausted it.

    They are so happy with their current situation within the spending cap, in fact, that they have already begun work on an upgrade for the British Grand Prix in Silverstone which is set to feature “major aero changes.”

    Assessing the areas of improvement are part of the reason that Ferrari have waited until the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend to unleash their first batch of major upgrades, which include a new diffuser and a revised floor. Red Bull were slightly less circumspect in their approach, and they opted to bring their first evolution of the RB18 to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

    ‘Red Bull Bigger Upgrade After Spanish Grand Prix’;

    McLaren outline aims for Spanish GP after Miami struggles
    17/05/2022, ‎14‎:‎30
    Author Anna Francis

    Like many teams, McLaren will be bringing updates to their car in Barcelona, and Norris is optimistic about the impact this could have.

    "The team are working flat out to bring upgrades to the car as we speak, so hopefully that will give us the boost we need as we head into this double-header. Let's keep at it!" the Briton added.

    Team boss Andreas Seidl: "We are bringing some upgrades to the car for the weekend. I know it's been an extremely busy week or so for many of the teams making changes ahead of Barcelona, so it's going to continue to be a tight fight for points.”

    McLaren Updates and Upgrades for a boost’;

    Norris: McLaren working flat out to bring upgrades
    16 May, 2022

    McLaren are working flat-out to get upgrades to their car for this weekend’s 2022 Spanish Grand Prix, so says their driver Lando Norris who suffered a DNF in Miami last time out. Zak Brown’s team may fancy a shot at dysfunctional Mercedes, who are currently ahead of them on points. But it is early days.

    In the McLaren preview of the Grand Prix weekend in Spain, Norris revealed: “The team are working flat out to bring upgrades to the car as we speak, so hopefully that will give us the boost we need as we head into this doubleheader. Let’s keep at it!”

    Team principal Andreas Seidl confirmed: “We performed well at this track in pre-season testing so it will be interesting to see how our car will perform with the upgrades we’ve made since then. Hopefully we can have some good battles and get both cars back into the fight for good points,” concluded Seidl.

    ‘Flat Out McLaren Upgrades’;

    Alfa want ‘easier’ Barcelona weekend with new upgrades
    Date published: May 16 2022
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Alfa Romeo will roll out the upgrades for the Spanish Grand Prix, which they hope will be a trouble-free race weekend.

    The ideal scenario is a clean, productive run through the practice sessions, gathering as much data as possible, but such an experience has been hard to come by over at Alfa Romeo, with Valtteri Bottas losing out on a big chunk of practice time in Imola and Miami.

    So, team boss Frederic Vasseur is now very much hoping for a change of fortunes come Barcelona. “I would love to have a more easy weekend, something very calm with good sessions,” he told

    ‘Alfa Romeo Hope Upgrades, Trouble Free and Easy’;

    Alpine to bring new F1 rear wing to Spanish GP
    May 17, 2022, 4:06 PM
    By: Jonathan Noble
    Co-author: Matt Somerfield

    Alpine is to bring a new rear wing to Formula 1’s Spanish Grand Prix as part of its upgrade push to help Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon.

    With a lot of squads bringing developments for Spain, Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer has revealed that the most notable upgrade for its A522 will be at the back of the car.

    “We’ve got a new rear wing coming for Spain,” he said. “It should be more efficient than the last time we ran there and it should be a little bit more performant, so we will have that for both cars.”

    ‘Alpine New Wing Upgrade’;

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    Spanish Grand Prix 2022: Will F1 upgrade race mix up order?
    With the teams racing at the venue that also held the first pre-season test, this poses the perfect comparison between start of season specifications against their upgraded packages.
    Tuesday 17 May 2022 06:00
    GPFans Staff

    F1 returns to Europe for round six of the world championship at the Spanish Grand Prix with major updates expected from the majority of the grid.

    ‘Upgrade Order Mix Up’;

    Why Barcelona will be a reference point for teams in F1's development race.
    ‎16‎ ‎May‎ ‎16‎:‎10
    Author Tom Leach

    F1 returns to Europe after a busy weekend in Miami, with an interesting reference point approaching in the upgrade battle.

    After a weekend of rest following the Miami race, F1 will head back to Barcelona this weekend for the first time since pre-season testing. It was this behind-closed-doors test that allowed teams to run their newborn cars in anger.

    But since then, developments have been bolted on in the quest for either more performance or fixes for gremlins, with the return visit giving teams a chance to see how far - or not - they have come.

    ‘Reference Point’;

    Haas still holding fire on upgrades for VF-22
    16/05/2022 at 16:44
    Phillip van Osten

    Haas won't be introducing any updates for its VF-22 at this week's Spanish Grand Prix as the team holds off on its development programme "a little bit longer". "Normally Spain is the obvious place to bring upgrades and I think quite a few teams are planning them," said Steiner in Haas' Spanish Grand prix preview.

    "We have decided to wait a little bit longer with upgrades as I still think we have performance in the car without them which we have to get on the track, so sometimes we achieve it, sometimes we don’t.

    "We have a good upgrades package in about four or five races coming, so I’m confident about that and what the other ones are bringing, as of right now I don’t know, but I will know a lot more next Monday."

    ‘VF-22 Still Holding Fire On Upgrades’;

    Szafnauer sets out Alpine’s programme of upgrades
    Date published: May 16 2022
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer spoke of a “constant flow of evolutions” for the A522, starting from the Spanish Grand Prix.

    “There are parts for Spain, which is the sixth race,” Szafnauer told AS. “There will be parts two races later (Baku), and at the tenth race (Silverstone). It will be a constant flow of evolutions.”

    “I expect the Alpine to be strong in Barcelona,” Szafnauer predicted. “It’s a circuit that suits us and a lot of people say that if you are strong in Barcelona, you will be strong in most places.”

    ‘Constant Flow Of Evolutionary Upgrades’;

    Will Mercedes give up on their W13? Spanish GP F1 talking points.
    18 May 2022
    F1 Connor McDonagh

    The F1 Spanish Grand Prix could be the last chance for Mercedes to salvage the W13. After the Miami Grand Prix, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff refused to discount giving up on their current car concept but wanted to see how Barcelona plays out before making any drastic decisions.

    “We are still committed to the current concept and we need to be, because if we don’t believe and we give the other one a 50 per cent chance, then you better switch now,” Wolff said.

    “We’re faithful to the current concept. We’re not looking at the lady next door and if we like it more or not, because it’s still good. As a matter of fact, we need to understand - before you make a decision to switch to another concept – where did this one go wrong? And what is the goodness of the concept and what is the badness of the concept?”

    ‘W13 Concept’;

    TECH TUESDAY: Charting Red Bull's 2022 upgrades before Ferrari aim to hit back in Spain
    17 May 2022
    Technical contributors
    Mark Hughes and Giorgio Piola

    Mark Hughes looks at Red Bull's race-by-race updates – with illustrations from Giorgio Piola – ahead of a crucial Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

    But, ahead of what Ferrari hope will be upgrades which will neutralise those recent Red Bull gains, here we can summarise the changes which have made the RB18 such a formidable package, one in which Max Verstappen has won all three races in which he has finished.

    ‘Red Bull Updates Review’;

    McLaren confirm updated MCL36 for Spanish GP
    Date published: May 16 2022

    McLaren’s MCL36 will be updated with new parts for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, the team’s first major changes of the season.

    “We are bringing some upgrades to the car for the weekend,” McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl said in his official race preview. “I know it’s been an extremely busy week or so for many of the teams making changes ahead of Barcelona, so it’s going to continue to be a tight fight for points.”

    “Having tested here back in February, we have more of an idea on what to expect under the new regulations than we do at other race weekends. It will be good to see where we can make improvements and put the upgrades we’re bringing to the test.”

    ‘Testing Upgrades’;

    De Vries to get Williams FP1 run in Spain
    17th May 2022
    by Emer Hedderman

    For the current Formula 1 season all teams must allow rookies, who have at most two Grand Prix starts to their names, to drive in at least two FP1 sessions over the course of the year. De Vries’ take over of Alexander Albon’s FW44 this Friday will see Williams as the first team to tick off one of those mandatory rookie slots.

    The Dutchman, who became Formula E’s inaugural World Champion last season, has been the test and reserve driver for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team since 2020 but has only made appearances for them at the end of season Young Driver Tests.

    ‘Mandatory Rookie Slot’;

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    ‘Maybe he should’ve stopped’: Hamilton is ‘mired in mediocrity’ and could ‘finally snap’.
    Lewis Hamilton arrived at the Miami Grand Prix wearing three watches, a bracelet, a ring on every hand, and two necklaces.
    May 13th, 2022 11:18 am
    Jacob Polychronis from Fox Sports

    Former driver Ralf Schumacher slammed the 37-year-old’s antics as “childish”. It can be hard to find sympathy for the most successful driver — and one of the best paid — in the history of F1.

    The display might have been partly in jest, but it was largely in defiance, offering a telling glimpse into the mindset of Hamilton. The Briton is a picture of tranquillity when the going is good, but is no stranger to a tantrum when it gets tough.

    Hamilton was said to be on the verge of retirement in the off-season given the sour taste the controversial Abu Dhabi decider of 2021 left. Since December’s shambles, it has been one gut punch after another for Hamilton, whose brooding has become a staple of F1 weekends. The most significant blow has been Mercedes’ shocking relegation from near-untouchable world rulers to the fringes of title battle, now dominated by Red Bull and Ferrari.

    ‘Three watches, a bracelet, a ring on every hand, and two necklaces’;

    Hamilton told ‘you just don’t drive’ as jewellery row with the FIA risks boiling over
    The 2022 Formula 1 season has seen the introduction of two race directors, namely Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas.
    17 May 2022
    by Nick Golding

    Sir Lewis Hamilton has one race remaining before being awarded a fine and a potential race ban, should he continue to race whilst wearing jewellery.

    The British driver has received support from both fellow drivers and his team, however, McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is less sympathetic on the matter.

    “For me, it’s just a topic that gets a bit too much hyped up in the entire paddock– from drivers, but also from the media side,” said the McLaren boss, “If you don’t like to take off your jewellery, or if you don’t want to put the fireproof underwear on, you just don’t drive – it’s quite straightforward and simple.

    ‘One Race Remaining’;

    Hamilton furious at Masi return as Wolff reminded he doesn’t ‘run’ Formula 1
    Mohammed ben Sulayem has not ruled out Michael Masi's return to Formula 1 as race director.
    16 May 2022
    by James Clifford

    Typically, Formula One Management (FOM) the FIA and the teams themselves are involved in the bulk of the decision-making in the sport – and ben Sulayem reportedly wants to remind Wolff that he is not at the helm.

    “He doesn’t want anything himself, financially or in any other way. He maybe feels that Toto has got a little ahead of himself. It’s not up to Toto to run Formula 1.”

    With Wittich having presided over the opening four rounds of the season, Freitas is set to take the reigns at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

    ‘Toto Wolf not at the helm’;

    'Astonished' Lewis Hamilton made 'urgent phone calls' after FIA's Michael Masi comments
    LEWIS HAMILTON was denied a world championship by Michael Masi's decision making in Abu Dhabi last year.
    06:23, Tue, May 17, 2022

    An interview given by Ben Sulayem has apparently stunned Hamilton into making ‘urgent phone calls’. The Mercedes ace felt robbed of a world title last year after Masi made a contentious decision towards the culmination of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    The departure of Masi came after pressure from senior figures at Mercedes. However, Ben Sulayem told the Daily Mail last week: “Michael is there and we might use him. We are open to everything.”

    Masi’s sacking was seen as a victory for Mercedes, with team principal Toto Wolff publicly backing the dismissal. Masi was replaced by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas, who have alternated in the role for the first five races of the 2022 season.

    ‘Urgent Phone Calls’;

    Ex-McLaren mechanic reveals engineers 'fought not to work on Lewis Hamilton's car'
    LEWIS HAMILTON may have been underestimated by McLaren before his debut season in
    05:07, Wed, May 18, 2022

    Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley claims that the team fought to avoid Lewis Hamilton during his rookie season in favour of working with Fernando Alonso. The Brit defied expectations by going close to the world title in his first year as an F1 driver, despite having teamed up with a reigning double world champion.

    The mechanics and engineers fought among themselves to work in Fernando's garage," Priestley told the Pitlane Life Lessons podcast. "People didn't want to work on Hamilton's car, because they didn't expect so much from him."

    ‘Lewis Hamilton Underestimated’;

    Lewis Hamilton using Red Bull’s harsh words as ‘fuel’ to bounce back
    Sir Lewis Hamilton has scored points in four of the first five races in 2022, but his best finish of P3 came back in March.
    14 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Sir Lewis Hamilton has revealed that racing in the midfield having become accustomed to winning is “still racing,” just not as he knows it.

    Red Bull adviser Dr Helmut Marko joked that Hamilton “should have stopped” last year after his onerous weekend in Bologna, while 1997 champion Jacques Villeneuve said the Briton is “not coping at all” with the changes caused by the ground effect aerodynamics.

    Hamilton labelled such remarks “disrespectful,” but confirmed that they will only drive him forward. “That’s a part of life, naturally I’ve seen some of the things [from] people I’ve grown up admiring and even people in the sport that have come out with certain comments, some disrespectful, some just not particularly respectful of my name.”

    ‘Bounce Back Fuel’;

    Lewis Hamilton insists he is 'fuelled' by criticism and that he will 'come back stronger' following poor start to the Formula One season and retirement jibes from Red Bull chief Helmut Marko
    Lewis Hamilton is already 58 point off the lead of the world championship
    Published: 09:43, 7 May 2022
    By Dan Ripley for MailOnline

    Lewis Hamilton has vowed to prove his doubters wrong following one of his poorest starts to a Formula One season. 'People always love you when you're up, and love to kick you when you're down - and that's a part of life,' he stated.

    “I've seen some things that people I've grown up admiring as a kid and even in my sport, that have come out with certain comments. Some disrespectful. I take that as fuel, I put that into the pot and I turn it into a positive and I'm going to come back stronger. We are going to come back stronger as a team.”

    “Four, five, six, seven, ten bad races are not going to stop me doing what I love doing. They're not going to stop me in my tracks. I've been racing 29 years and have had way more difficult times than this and always bounced back. So it's not how you fall, it's how you get up. For those people it just highlights that nothing is going to stop me in my tracks.”

    ‘Criticism fuels, ‘Come Back Stronger’!’;

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    The defending Formula One champion has chipped away at Leclerc’s advantage by stringing together consecutive victories, reducing the difference to 19 points ahead of Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix.
    18/05/2022, 10:38

    The sixth event of the season promises to be yet another episode of the Red Bull vs. Ferrari rivalry that has completely eclipsed Lewis Hamilton’s struggling Mercedes.

    “It’s not a surprise that we may have a package in Barcelona, which will be important for us,” Binotto said. “I hope the package we are introducing is working as expected and in that case, it can be a good boost in order to try and catch up the current gap we’ve got to the Red Bull.”

    When Verstappen's car has not failed him, he has managed to get the better of Leclerc, a rival of his since the days they drove go-karts as youngsters.

    ‘Chipping Away Momentum’;

    Ferrari motivated by extraordinary omen as F1 records to set to be broken - Spanish GP stats and facts
    Ferrari are the most successful constructor here with eight victories and are seeking their first win on Spanish soil in nine years.
    Wednesday 18 May 2022 17:30
    GPFans Staff & Sundaram Ramaswami

    If Sainz can claim the top step on Sunday, apart from it being his maiden race win in the sport, he’ll also become the fourth driver to win their home race in the hybrid era after Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen.

    Charles Leclerc has an unenviable record on home soil, but for Carlos Sainz, it’s quite the opposite. The latter has a 100% points-scoring rate in Spain.

    Sainz has had to suffer a few retirements this year but his last 4 race finishes have all produced podiums. Ferrari have taken pole position at this circuit on 7 occasions, the last of which came in 2008. Each time they’ve done that, they've won the Constructors' title that year.

    ‘Ferrari Omens’;

    Sainz determined to win in front of home crowd at Spanish GP.
    19/05/2022, ‎07‎:‎00
    Author Anna Francis

    It has been a difficult start to the 2022 season for Carlos Sainz, but the Spaniard is being spurred on by the possibility of success in front of the local fans at the Spanish Grand Prix.

    "The goal, as in every other race weekend, is to extract the maximum out of our car and try to win the Grand Prix," he explained.

    "The fact that it's my home race makes it even more special because of all the fans and the support we get there, but in terms of goals, we need to always push and fight for the best result possible."

    ‘Goal to Extract the Maximum’;

    Verstappen explains why Spanish GP will be a special weekend for him
    18/05/2022, ‎17‎:‎00
    Author Tom Leach

    Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was the scene of Verstappen's first-ever Formula 1 victory on his maiden weekend for Red Bull. The then-18-year-old had only recently been promoted from sister team Toro Rosso when he saw Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton crash out of the race ahead of him.

    "I have a lot of good memories at the track, from my first win in Formula 1 back in 2016 when I was 18. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going from the last few races with a clean start from Friday onwards."

    "Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a track that we all know very well as a team, due to the amount of testing we have done there over the years so, unlike Miami, we have a substantial amount of data to use ahead of the race.”

    ‘Know the track so well’;

    Verstappen: I’ve had some time to rest
    18 May, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    After his sensational victory at the sweltering Miami Grand Prix, Max Verstappen looked like he needed a long rest and that’s what he got ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix where he starts as favourite.

    Previewing the weekend in Barcelona the Red Bull driver said: “We had an incredible week in Miami, I’ve had some time to rest with my family since and now I’m looking forward to driving in Barcelona again.”

    In contrast, Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez has a best finish of fourth in Spain, when he did so in 2017 but will fancy his chances of changing that record and, if the stars align for him, a victory is not out of the question, particularly if Max hits trouble in the sister car.

    ‘R & R’;

    F1 LIVE - Perez sets sights on Spanish GP gift for newborn son
    Wednesday 18 May 2022 16:45
    GPFans Staff

    Perez's new addition ahead of Barcelona

    Sergio Perez has an extra incentive to secure a positive result at the Spanish Grand Prix having announced the birth of his newest child.

    The Mexican previewed the weekend by saying: "Since Miami, I have had a new baby, Emilio, so it would be amazing to welcome him to the world with a great result." Congratulations Checo!

    ‘Perez Sets his sights on a positive result’;

    Mercedes targets 'another step forward' in Spain but Hamilton questions progress
    18 May 2022
    Ben Issatt

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is hoping for "another step forward" at the Spanish Grand Prix after learning the lessons from Miami. Wolff is hopeful the push to solve the W13's problems will continue in Barcelona. “With the third quickest car underneath us, we extracted the maximum points possible in Miami,” the Austrian reflected in his Spanish GP preview.

    While Wolff thinks Mercedes is on the path to progress, star driver Lewis Hamilton is less optimistic. “Unfortunately not," he said on if Miami had been a "positive step" for the team.

    “We’re the same speed as we were in the first race and we just haven’t improved in these five races. But I’m hopeful at some stage we will. We just have to keep trying and keep working hard.”

    ‘After five races, speed is the same as the first race’;

    Will Mercedes give up on their W13? Spanish GP F1 talking points
    18 May 2022
    F1 Connor McDonagh

    Last chance saloon for the W13. The F1 Spanish Grand Prix could be the last chance for Mercedes to salvage the W13. Mercedes debuted their W13 back in the Barcelona test in February, wowing the F1 paddock with their innovative no sidepod concept.

    Mercedes hope to use the data they’ve gathered this season to see whether they’ve actually improved since February when pre-season took place. It’s a crucial weekend for Mercedes as they continue to look to find answers about whether their season can be saved. It’s a big weekend for Mercedes.

    Another uncompetitive showing from the eight-time champions could spell the end of the W13’s current car concept and thus making this year a potential right-off in terms of competing with Ferrari or Red Bull. On the other hand, Mercedes could find the answers they need, with the introduction of some new upgrades, to get their season back on track.

    ‘W13 Last Chance Saloon’;

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    Mercedes offer first glimpse of vital W13 car upgrades for Spanish GP after private test.
    Mercedes have provided a first glimpse of the car upgrades they hope will get their season back on track at this weekend's Spanish GP.
    Last Updated: 19/05/22, 7:05pm
    By Matt Morlidge in Barcelona

    F1's world champions for the past eight seasons have fallen well behind frontrunners Ferrari and Red Bull at the start of 2022's new era and the Spanish GP is crucial as Mercedes both bring much-needed updates, and compare them against the car they debuted at pre-season testing.

    The W13 car was rolled into the garage on Thursday in Barcelona and - while there will be much more clarity around the new parts during Sky Sports F1's exclusively live Spanish GP coverage, starting Friday - there are already clues that the Silver Arrows have a few tricks up their sleeve.

    There also appears to be subtle changes to the floor, an area of weakness for the porpoising Mercedes so far this year, with the edge of the floor tweaked on the W13. The changes follow a filming day for Mercedes at Paul Ricard on Wednesday, where Sky Sports understands Mercedes shook down the car they intend to run this weekend.

    ‘W13 Upgrades Glimpsed’;

    Ferrari to bounce back this weekend? 2022 Spanish Grand Prix: what to watch for
    F1 May 19th 2022, 10:47.
    Author Edward Hardy

    F1-75 is easier on the harder tyre compounds, will this come in handy for the Spanish Grand Prix? With its many turns, mostly mid-to-low speed, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is well known to be hard on the tyres.

    The Spanish GP in recent years has been a two-stop race, so efficient tyre use is crucial for this weekend. Pirelli will be supplying teams with the C1 compound as hard tyre, C2 for the mediums and C3 for the softs – the hardest compounds for each tyre. This should come in handy for Ferrari – as pointed out by Mark Hughes, the F1-75 fires up the front rubber more readily than the Red Bull.

    With the Ferrari getting its tyres up to a more efficient temperature quicker than the RB18, the two-stop strategy could favour the F1-75. Considering this, the signs point to a successful weekend for the Scuderia but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    ‘F1-75 Scuderia Favourite?’;

    Spanish Grand Prix Picks and Predictions: Ferrari Fights Back in Blossoming Title Race
    Publishing date: May 19, 2022
    Author of the article: Alistair Corp

    The European portion of the F1 calendar and a new phase of the season will get underway in Barcelona this weekend, with Spanish Grand Prix odds favourite Max Verstappen looking to continue to make up ground in the title race.

    Adding a layer to race weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya is the importance this race has to the calendar. As the location of preseason testing, a track that has been in on the calendar for years, and one that’s fairly varied in its characteristics, it’s where teams will begin to bring in major upgrades to that season’s car.

    This season has been defined by the blossoming title fights contested between Red Bull and Ferrari — and their drivers Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Red Bull and Verstappen have the lead in wins, 3-2, while Ferrari and Leclerc have the lead in points, fastest laps, and pole positions. The fight appears to be one that will swing back and forth depending on the circuit and in saying that, Spain should see Leclerc extend his championship lead after Verstappen made major grounds in the previous two races.

    ‘Picks and Predictions’;

    Max Verstappen: “Hopefully we can keep the momentum going” in Spain
    May 19, 2022, 19:08
    By Paul Hensby

    Max Verstappen will look to continue his remarkable 2022 run of winning every time he finishes in this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

    The Oracle Red Bull Racing driver has won three of the opening five races – as well as the sprint race at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – but retired in the other two races in Bahrain and Australia. He currently sits second in the Drivers’ Championship behind Scuderia Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

    After an ‘incredible’ week racing in Miami last time out, Verstappen is heading to Barcelona, the scene of his maiden Formula 1 victory back in 2016, with a lot of confidence, and he hopes the momentum Red Bull has had in recent races can continue.

    ‘Keep the momentum going’;

    Verstappen: It’s all going to be about car development
    20 May, 2022

    Max Verstappen said ahead of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix that the race towards this year’s Formula 1 Title will be all about car development. Verstappen however is not concerned about his team’s development and said: “There’s plenty left in the tank!

    “There’s always things we can do better, and I think at the moment the main one for us is reliability, so we’ll just try to get on top of that first. “I think we just have a team working really well on-track, but also back at the factory, it’s very efficient, and I think that, of course, with the cost cap is very important.”

    “But I think we’re definitely one of the best on the grid with that,” the reigning World Champion added. “I expect us to do well here, but of course, you have to wait and see what the other teams are going to bring. We’ll see. I’m pretty relaxed. It’s a long season and I know that it’s all going to be about development in the car anyway. So, step by step, every race,” he explained.

    ‘Title will be all about car development’;

    Major Aston Martin F1 car upgrade revealed before Spanish GP
    Thu, 19 May 2022, 18:33
    The Race
    By Scott Mitchell

    Aston Martin’s significantly revised Formula 1 car has broken cover ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix with major visible changes. The AMR22 has a completely different sidepod design and a new floor as part of a package designed to solve its porpoising problem and help it step out of the lower reaches of F1’s midfield.

    Team principal Mike Krack had previously hinted upgrades designed to improve its situation would be ready in time for this weekend’s race and that has been confirmed by images on Thursday at Barcelona showing a dramatically different AMR22 in the pitlane.

    The most striking change is the elimination of the aggressive ‘twin-floor’ style sidepod, replaced with a more conventional sidepod undercut at the front and a wide, flat top surface that angles down all the way towards the rear tyres. As a consequence of the new design, the cooling louvres have been repositioned from the top of the sidepod to the back of the monocoque and onto the engine cover.

    ‘AMR22 Upgrade’;

    Haas drivers face seven-race wait for team’s ‘quite big’ upgrade package
    2022 Spanish Grand Prix
    Written by Keith Collantine and Claire Cottingham
    Posted on 19th May 2022, 14:22

    Haas is planning to bring a significant upgrade for the French Grand Prix, team principal Guenther Steiner has confirmed. Several of the teams’ rivals are expected to run upgrades at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. But the Haas drivers will have to wait another seven races for the team’s first significant change to its car.

    “You will see when we bring the upgrade it’s everywhere,” said Steiner. “We will make a nice package. I wouldn’t say ‘everywhere’, that’s exaggerated, but quite a big one. It’s not just a turning vane or something like this, it’s quite a few changes.”

    “It’s not only the upgrades, it’s also you understand the car better,” he explained. “You make improvements. Especially this year it’s difficult to say with the bouncing because if you have bouncing you are really slow. Then if you sort that one out you go really fast.”

    ‘Seven Race Upgrade Wait’;

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    Leclerc leads Ferrari 1-2 in 1st practice for Spanish GP.
    Leclerc posted a session-leading lap of 1 minute, 19.828 seconds. Defending world champion Max Verstappen had the third best time at 0.336 seconds off Leclerc´s pace in his Red Bull.
    Published: 14:28, 20 May 2022
    By Associated Press

    MONTMELÓ, Spain (AP) - Formula One leader Charles Leclerc and Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz set the fastest times in the first practice session for the Spanish Grand Prix on Friday. Ferrari is hoping that upgrades it has brought to Spain can help it match the race speed that Red Bull has enjoyed in the last two races, when Verstappen beat Leclerc.

    Mercedes´ George Russell was fourth, followed by Alpine´s Fernando Alonso in fifth and Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes in sixth.

    Teams often roll out major upgrades at the Spanish GP with a handful of races already in the bag and this well-known circuit, where teams also test in winter, is perfect for gauging progress.

    ‘Ferrari 1-2’;

    Stewards hand down verdict on Alonso/Hamilton incident
    20/05/2022, ‎16‎:‎10
    Author Mike Seymour

    Fernando Alonso has escaped with a reprimand after being investigated for impeding Lewis Hamilton during first practice for the Spanish Grand Prix. Alonso was found guily of blocking Hamilton at Turn 12 in Friday's first session at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, landing him his first reprimand of the season.

    "The stewards reviewed video evidence and determined that the driver of car 14 was driving slowly on the racing line between Turn 12 and Turn 13 and unnecessarily impeded car 44, requiring car 44 to take avoiding action," read the stewards' explanation.

    "Consistent with the drivers' request for the stewards to enforce impeding during P1 and P2 this season, the stewards issue a reprimand (driving)."

    ‘Alonso/Hamilton incident’;

    Mercedes drivers receive new power units for Spanish GP
    20/05/2022 at 16:04
    Phillip van Osten

    Mercedes has allocated new power units to Lewis Hamilton and George Russell for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

    The Brackley squad's engine swap includes for each driver a new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), a new Turbocharger, Motor Generator Unit-Heat (MGU-H) and Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic (MGU-K).

    Mercedes has also fitted a new Exhaust System to both its cars. As the changes are the first undertaken by the team this season, no penalties apply.

    ‘New Mercedes Power’;

    Spanish Grand Prix Free Practice 1 - Results
    20/05/2022 at 14:15
    Michael Delaney

    Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
    1 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:19.828s 27
    2 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:19.907s + 0.079s 27
    3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:20.164s + 0.336s 28
    4 George Russell Mercedes 1:20.590s + 0.762s 28
    5 Fernando Alonso Alpine 1:20.768s + 0.940s 24
    6 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:20.811s + 0.983s 27
    7 Lando Norris McLaren 1:21.279s + 1.451s 24
    8 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:21.422s + 1.594s 23
    9 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 1:21.737s + 1.909s 23
    10 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1:21.814s + 1.986s 28

    Full results from Free Practice 1 for the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona, round 6 of the 20221 Formula 1 World Championship;

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    Leclerc leads Mercedes drivers in second Barcelona practice.
    Charles Leclerc was quickest in the second practice session for the Spanish Grand Prix ahead of the two Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.
    2022 Spanish Grand Prix second practice
    Posted on 20th May 2022, 17:20
    Written by Will Wood

    Just as he had been in the opening session in the afternoon, Leclerc was fastest of all on the soft tyres to cap off a promising start to the Barcelona weekend for Ferrari. Carlos Sainz Jnr was fourth, with Max Verstappen fifth quickest in the Red Bull.

    Position Number Driver Team Model Time Gap Laps
    1 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari F1-75 1’19.670 29
    2 63 George Russell Mercedes W13 1’19.787 0.117 27
    3 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W13 1’19.874 0.204 25
    4 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr Ferrari F1-75 1’19.990 0.320 31
    5 1 Max Verstappen Red Bull RB18 1’20.006 0.336 27
    6 14 Fernando Alonso Alpine-Renault A522 1’20.203 0.533 25
    7 11 Sergio Perez Red Bull RB18 1’20.632 0.962 30
    8 5 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22 1’20.703 1.033 31
    9 31 Esteban Ocon Alpine-Renault A522 1’20.745 1.075 27
    10 47 Mick Schumacher Haas-Ferrari VF-22 1’20.757 1.087 25

    ‘Ferrari 1-4, Mercedes 2-3’;

    (FP2) Second Practice Results – 2022 Spanish Grand Prix.
    Barcelona, Spain
    20th May 2022, 17:02.
    by Emer Hedderman

    Spanish Grand Prix 2022 - Practice 2
    Live Commentary

    LIVE UPDATES: F1 Spanish Grand Prix - Friday Practice

    Follow Friday practice for F1's Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with's live blog;

    AS IT HAPPENED: Follow all the action from first practice for the Spanish Grand Prix
    20 May 2022

    LIVE COVERAGE: Follow all the action from second practice for the Spanish Grand Prix
    20 May 2022

    Wolff hoping for ‘mini milestone’ at 2022 Spanish Grand Prix
    20 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff heads to the Spanish Grand Prix full of hope that his team can overturn their deficit to Red Bull and Ferrari.

    The Silver Arrows have struggled under the new technical regulations this season, and have managed a best finish of third through Sir Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain, and George Russell in Australia.

    These results, however, have been a result of reliability failures for Red Bull and mistakes from Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, and they have generally been way off the pace of the leading two teams.

    ‘Mini Milestone’;

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    Delighted Hamilton says Mercedes upgrade has brought rivals within range.
    Lewis Hamilton is hopeful Mercedes can get within range of Ferrari and Red Bull after their new aerodynamic package gave promising results in practice for the Spanish Grand Prix.
    2022 Spanish Grand Prix
    Written by Keith Collantine
    Posted on 20th May 2022, 17:52

    Mercedes have been as much as a second per lap slower than Ferrari and Red Bull over the opening races of the season. However, they ended Friday practice at the Circuit de Catalunya second and third on the times sheets.

    Hamilton said the first day of running with the updated car had been “positive” for the team. “I’m super-happy with the progress so a big, big thank you to everyone back at the factory for not giving up and for continuing to push. We’re not the quickest yet but I think we’re on our way.”

    George Russell set the second-quickest time of all, a tenth of a second off pace-setter Charles Leclerc. Hamilton lapped within a tenth of a second of his team mate.

    ‘W13 Positive’;

    Everything that happened in second Spanish GP F1 practice
    20th May 2022, 17:07
    By Valentin Khorounzhiy
    The Race

    Ferrari’s Formula 1 championship leader Charles Leclerc completed a clean sweep of Spanish Grand Prix Friday practice sessions, as Mercedes produced another strong FP2 showing.
    Key moments:
    – Leclerc quickest but chewing through tyres
    – Mercedes duo in top three
    – Alonso stars in sixth for Alpine
    – Short sessions for Bottas and Norris

    ‘Spanish GP F1 practice Review’;

    Why Ferrari’s pace may flatter to deceive, and teams face a tricky tyre decision
    2022 Spanish Grand Prix Friday practice analysis
    Posted on 21st May 2022, 0:27 |
    Written by Will Wood

    The 2022 edition of this race promises to be the most volatile race weekend in Barcelona for some time due to a myriad of factors that revealed themselves after the first day of running on Friday.

    Despite being slower than both Ferraris in both Friday sessions, Verstappen seemed happy with his day’s work and how the Red Bull appeared to perform over the 55 laps he completed around the Barcelona circuit over the course of the day. Especially given that he had the fastest average lap time on the long runs at the end of second practice out of the Red Bulls, Ferraris and Mercedes.

    Red Bull’s optimism explains why Leclerc seemed more cautious than might have been expected, given that he was the fastest in both sessions. “Our qualifying runs don’t look bad, but we have some work to do, in particular on our race pace and on tyre management,” Leclerc explained after Friday’s running.

    ‘Tyre Management’;

    5 things we learned from Friday practice at the Spanish Grand Prix
    20 May 2022
    F1 Correspondent & Presenter
    Lawrence Barretto

    Chants of ‘Fernando’ and ‘Carlos’ rang out at a bustling Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Friday, as an impressive crowd – keen for success from one of their own in Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz – watched the teams gather data on their 2022 machines, many of which were heavily updated, ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. Here are five things we learned from the two 60-minute practice sessions…

    Mercedes appear to have turned a corner
    Red Bull leading the way in race trim
    Ferrari hold the edge on low fuel
    Alpine and McLaren fighting for best of the rest
    New Aston Martin shows potential

    ‘Five Observations’;

    Spanish GP: Leclerc quickest, Mercedes in the mix in Practice 2
    20 May 2022, 17:25
    Ben Issatt

    The Ferrari driver made a two-tenth improvement on his best time in the first session as he posted a 1m19.670s on soft tyres.

    Right behind, the two Mercedes' once again showed signs of their potential with George Russell second and Lewis Hamilton third.

    Carlos Sainz was fourth in the second Ferrari ahead of Max Verstappen as the top five was separated by just a third of a second.

    ‘In the Mix’;

    Red Bull plan internal investigation over whether information leaked to Aston Martin
    2022 Spanish Grand Prix
    Posted on 20th May 2022, 18:52
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is planning an internal investigation to discover whether Aston Martin received information on the design of their RB18.

    Aston Martin turned up at the sixth round of the championship with an upgraded car bearing several striking similarities to the Red Bull. Horner suggested Aston Martin had copied the RB18, but the FIA confirmed the team had shown they had designed the new parts.

    “They’ve followed a timeline and they’re accepting of what Aston Martin have presented here,” Horner told Sky. “Of course if any evidence of foul play came to light, it becomes a different issue.”

    ‘Internal Investigation’;

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    Leclerc recovers from a spin to take Spanish GP pole for Ferrari
    Formula 1 championship leader Charles recovered from a spin on his first run of Q3 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to post blistering final flying lap of 1:18.750 to claim pole position.
    MAY 21, 2022 in Motorsport

    2022 FIA Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix – Qualifying
    1 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:18.750 -
    2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:19.073 0.323
    3 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:19.166 0.416
    4 George Russell Mercedes 1:19.393 0.643
    5 Sergio Pérez Red Bull 1:19.420 0.670
    6 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:19.512 0.762
    7 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 1:19.608 0.858
    8 Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 1:19.682 0.932
    9 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren/Mercedes 1:20.297 1.547
    10 Mick Schumacher Haas/Ferrari 1:20.368 1.618

    ‘Qualifying Review’;

    F1 – Leclerc on pole for Spanish Grand Prix as Verstappen hits trouble

    Formula 1 championship leader Charles recovered from a spin on his first run of Q3 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to post blistering final flying lap of 1:18.750 to claim pole position for the 2022 FIA Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix ahead of Max Verstappen who suffered a power loss at the start of his final lap. Carlos Sainz will start his home grand prix from third place on the grid alongside Mercedes’ George Russell.

    ‘Blistering Final Lap’;

    Leclerc: Ferrari still needs to get on top of tyres to win Spanish GP
    May 21, 2022, 4:34 PM
    By: Jonathan Noble

    Charles Leclerc thinks his pole position for Formula 1's Spanish Grand Prix will count for little if his Ferrari team does not get on top of its recent tyre degradation struggles.

    "I am in a strong position to start the race, but we've been struggling with tyres in the last few races compared to Red Bull," he explained.

    "Max is just behind and if we don't manage those tyres well we will lose that. So we need to get on top of it and do a good job tomorrow with tyre management."

    ‘Ferrari tyre degradation weakness’;

    Verstappen optimistic after DRS failure hinders Spanish GP qualifying
    Max Verstappen was beaten to pole in Spain by Charles Leclerc after a DRS issue late on.
    21 May 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Verstappen cannot say whether pole was on the cards had he been able to complete his second Q3 lap, but he certainly would have loved to be able to complete it having missed out on a final run for the second race running.

    “I mean it’s always difficult to tell but yeah I couldn’t do my final run,” he explained. “Either the DRS didn’t open or I just lost power so it’s bit of a shame but I think to be on the front row for us here looking at the whole weekend so far, it was a good achievement.”

    The reigning champion is aware that his car is better on its tyres than the Ferrari is, but he also maintains that the Circuit de Catalunya is a very difficult track to pass at – 22 of the 32 races in Barcelona have been won from pole.

    ‘Max Optimism’;

    Lewis Hamilton “gutted” to lose out to George Russell in F1 Spanish GP qualy
    21 May 2022
    Lewis Larkam

    Lewis Hamilton says he is a “little gutted” to have lost out to Mercedes teammate George Russell during qualifying at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix. The seven-time world champion finished sixth in qualifying at Barcelona, just over a tenth of a second and two places behind Russell, who secured Mercedes’ best Saturday result so far this season.

    “We don’t have bouncing in a straight line which is a huge improvement for us and the car has generally been nicer this weekend. We do have some bouncing through high speed corners like Turn 3 and Turn 9, so we need to keep working on that and see if we can improve it and gain a bit more downforce elsewhere.”

    Lewis Hamilton: “I am a little gutted because I wanted to be further ahead. You’ve seen George is further ahead than me. But I will keep pushing.”

    ‘Gutted, will keep pushing’;

    F1 fans taunt Lewis Hamilton with George Russell banner at Spanish Grand Prix
    19:06, Sat, May 21, 2022

    After five races, Hamilton is already 23 points behind Russell, who was expected to do little more than cling onto his partner's coat tails during his debut season with the Silver Arrows. Aside from an unlikely podium in the season's curtain-raiser, Hamilton has endured a frustrating few weeks.

    At Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, one group of spectators unveiled a huge banner which read: "HAMILTON! RUSSELL IS FASTER THAN YOU." Indeed, that has broadly turned out to be the case since the start of the new season, and Saturday's session in Spain proved much the same.

    When Sunday's Grand Prix gets underway, Hamilton will attempt to avoid being beaten by his much younger team-mate for a fifth successive race. Indeed, Russell is the only driver in the entire field to have finished in the top five on every occasion this year.

    ‘Frustrating weeks’;

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