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    F1 2022 review: The 5 standout performers on this year's grid.
    The 2022 F1 season provided us with plenty of drama, excitement and talking points, with Max Verstappen proving the cream of the crop in the end as he sealed a second world title.
    Published: 22 Nov 2022, 15:17
    By George Dagless

    Time, then, to take a look at the five drivers that perhaps stood out more than anyone else this season and we have to start with the 25-year-old…
    Max Verstappen: Is it fair to say we’re watching an all-time great in Max Verstappen? Perhaps it’s too early to judge but if you look at stats and stats alone then it is a conversation that should be had.

    Charles Leclerc: Sure, Leclerc finished a distant P2 this year in the end but this was a season that showed he has it in him to win a world championship, make no mistake.
    George Russell: Very few teammates outscore Lewis Hamilton so George Russell deserves full credit for doing just that this season.

    Lando Norris: If there were any doubts about Lando Norris being a genuine star before, there are surely none now.
    Alex Albon: Back in F1 after a year away and back to his very best, Alex Albon might not have a big points tally to write home about but don’t let that suggest he did anything less than a great job for Williams this season.

    ‘5 standout performers’;

    F1 2022 season awards: Best race, most improved driver, biggest shock, and more as Max Verstappen takes title
    Max Verstappen won his second F1 world championship, but who else takes home a gong at i’s F1 2022 season awards?
    November 21, 2022 7:00 am
    By Daniel Austin
    Sports writer

    This is how i saw the season as a whole…
    Driver of the year: 15 wins. Two sprint race victories. Seven pole positions. 454 points. Plenty of records broken. Who else could it be than Max Verstappen?

    Team of the year: Red Bull’s strategy team and pit stop crew barely missed a beat across 22 races. They fully deserved to win both championships for the first time since 2013.

    Race of the year: British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where a breath-taking race saw Carlos Sainz take his first ever F1 victory ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton.

    Overtake of the year: Sebastian Vettel hunted down Kevin Magnussen on the last lap and harassed him around the outside of every turn, before making the move stick with a daring dash around the high-speed right-hander before the penultimate corner. Superb stuff.

    Biggest farce: The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was a joke. The safety of drivers was put at risk as an explosion at an oil facility occurred just six miles from the circuit…

    ‘Best individual drive of the year, Most improved driver, Most improved team, Biggest disappointment, Biggest controversy, Most shocking moment’;

    The final F1 2022 team-mate battle results
    08:17 Mon, 21 Nov 2022.
    by Fergal Walsh
    Motorsport Week

    The 2022 Formula 1 season officially came to a close on Sunday evening in Abu Dhabi, with the results finalising the team-mate battles from the 2022 season. Throughout the grid, there were close battles while elsewhere, one driver dominated their team-mate during the year.

    In the qualifying head-to-head, Lando Norris from McLaren was the most dominant, as he out-qualified Daniel Ricciardo 20 times from 22 races.
    The closest qualifying head-to-head was witnessed at Alpine, with Fernando Alonso just edging Esteban Ocon.

    ‘2022 team-mate battle results’;

    The ten drivers ranked 11-20 in the F1 2022 season
    Saturday 26th November 2022 8:30 AM
    Jon Wilde

    Part one of our driver rankings for the 2022 F1 season focuses on those in the ‘could have done better’ category.

    To be fair, in some cases they were hamstrung to an extent by the machinery at their disposal, while others will know improvement is needed in 2023 – if they even have a chance to produce it.

    Like an old-school chart show, here, pop pickers, is our countdown from numbers 20 up to 11.

    ‘Driver rankings’;

    F1 drivers react to their amusing 2022 pre-season predictions
    25 Nov 2022
    Formula 1.

    The class of 2022 find out how good they are at guessing the future as their pre-season predictions are revealed.

    ‘F1 drivers react’;

    2023 Formula 1 Preview & Review.
    25/11/2022, 07:20
    Motorsport Forums

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    Formula 1: Ranking every driver's season, including Verstappen, Hamilton & Vettel.
    Formula One in 2022 saw a change in regulations, tyre sizes and tracks as Mercedes were usurped at the top of the standings for the first time in eight years.
    Published: 21 Nov 2022, 11:01
    By Sam Pearce

    It was Red Bull’s season in 2022 who will go into the off-season full of confidence and drive to achieve the same results next season, but I’m sure there will be hungry horses and eager Silver Arrows on their tails. With the season now over, we’ve compiled a tiermaker of how all 20 drivers got on this season, ranking them from ‘simply faultless’ to ‘one to forget’.

    ‘One to forget’: Lewis Hamilton, Nicholas Latifi, Alex Albon, Daniel Ricciardo, Mick Schumacher, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Lance Stroll.

    This is probably the most controversial category on the tiermaker, with plenty of drivers falling into this category. Starting off, we have Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time champion of the world. Any outcome that isn’t winning the title is seen as a failure for someone like Hamilton.

    ‘Ranking every driver's season’;

    PlanetF1’s 10 best drivers from the F1 2022 season
    Sunday 27th November 2022 7:00 AM
    Jon Wilde

    You probably won’t need more than one guess at who tops the class of 2022, but which other drivers can look back at their season with most pride?

    The latest F1 campaign did not produce widespread success across the grid, with only five individual race winners, yet there were nine drivers who achieved an average mark of over 7/10 for their performances over the 22 grands prix. Here’s our top 10 countdown.

    ‘PlanetF1’s 10 best drivers’;

    From Lewis Hamilton to Pierre Gasly: Five drivers glad the 2022 F1 season is over
    Wednesday 23rd November 2022 9:00 AM
    Oliver Harden

    With Red Bull winning all but five races in 2022 as Max Verstappen claimed his second successive World Championship, there wasn’t much for the other teams and drivers to shout about as the Formula 1 season ended in Abu Dhabi last weekend.

    But who will be most relieved that the season is finally over? Here, we pick out the five drivers – from Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes to Alpine-bound Pierre Gasly – glad to see the back of 2022…

    ‘Five drivers glad the 2022 F1 season is over’;

    Toto Wolff says 2022 didn’t have ‘any more or fewer games’ that a usual F1 season
    Wednesday 23rd November 2022 11:45 AM
    Michelle Foster

    After a season in which porpoising and budget caps created headlines, Toto Wolff says politics in Formula 1 is “quite normal” as team bosses want to “protect” their own teams.

    But while it may seem as if this year’s seen more political wrangling off the track than usual, Wolff says that’s not so, the Mercedes motorsport boss saying politics has always been a part of the game. “It’s about protecting your own team” he said as per the Spanish edition of

    “I think we all do that, trying to stay ahead or protect ourselves or, in a way, understand where [team] policy is going. I think it’s quite normal. I don’t think there are more games or fewer games, everyone lives by their own rules, I think it’s quite normal.”

    ‘2022 didn’t have ‘any more or fewer games’ that a usual F1 season’;

    Jolyon Palmer's Analysis: The defining stories of the 2022 F1 season
    24 Nov 2022
    Formula 1.

    Armed with data, former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer analyses the defining stories of the 2022 season, including the new regulations, Red Bull's dominance, Mercedes' woes and Ferrari's comeback.

    ‘The defining stories of the 2022 F1 season’;

    2023 Formula 1 Preview & Review.
    25/11/2022, 07:20
    Motorsport Forums
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    Conclusions from the F1 2022 season: Max Verstappen unstoppable, Ferrari’s failure and more.
    With 22 races completed, the 2022 season was not quite the longest campaign in Formula 1’s history – but with one driver winning 15 of them, it certainly felt like it at times.
    Monday 28th November 2022 6:00 AM
    Oliver Harden

    Max Verstappen and Red Bull were very worthy winners of the World Championship, with the team taking both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles for the first time in nine years. So what did we all learn from F1 2022? Here are our biggest takeaways from the year…

    Welcome to the Max Verstappen era. The most terrifying thing about Verstappen’s 2022? This may be just the beginning. With Verstappen and Red Bull well placed to potentially paint an era orange, one of F1’s greatest-ever seasons in 2021 looks increasingly like a bridge between one generation of dominance and the next. But, we will continue to live in hope.


    Charles Leclerc singles out his most painful moment of the F1 2022 season.
    Charles Leclerc has revealed the loss of a victory at his home race at Monaco was the hardest pill for him to swallow in the 2022 season.
    Saturday 26th November 2022 12:00 PM
    Henry Valantine

    The Ferrari driver had been leading in soaking wet conditions around the Principality in May, but while some drivers went straight from full wet tyres to slicks and others had pitted before him, Leclerc’s stop for intermediates was followed by an extra stop just three laps later for dry tyres.

    This dropped the Monégasque driver from the lead down to fourth on the road at his home race, eventually finishing off the podium in an extremely disappointing afternoon which saw him lose a probable home win.

    He vented his anger at the move after the race, saying over team radio: “No words. The season is long, but we cannot do that.”

    ‘No words’;

    Norris dissatisfied with solitary podium finish: “One isn’t enough”
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 25th November 2022, 8:1424th November 2022, 22:10
    Written by Ida Wood and Claire Cottingham

    McLaren’s Lando Norris says scoring a single podium in 2022 “isn’t enough” for himself or the team. Despite taking home his second highest points haul from a season in his Formula 1 career, and his second highest championship position, by finishing seventh, Norris could not match his achievements of the last two years, including four podiums and a second place in a McLaren team win in 2021.

    Norris only finished in the top five in three grands prix out of 22 but took third place at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Asked if being the only driver outside of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes to score a podium meant anything to him, Norris said “a little bit”.

    “A podium always means something,” Norris said. “It means something to me, it means something to the team, but one isn’t enough. One is like ‘we got lucky’ – you want to feel like you deserve to be there every time. We deserve to be there for sure, [but] we weren’t quick enough to be there. We were kind of way ahead of where we deserved to be.”

    “One isn’t enough”;

    Mercedes explain their ‘table of doom’ which predicted worst tracks for W13
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 24th November 2022, 7:1525th November 2022, 9:10
    Written by Keith Collantine and Claire Cottingham

    Mercedes referred to its internal metrics which predicted which circuits would be best and worst for its problematic W13 as the “table of doom”. The team began the 2022 Formula 1 season well off the pace of eventual champions Red Bull and their early rivals Ferrari. Although the team gradually made progress with the W13, even by the end of the season it found the car worked considerably better at some tracks than others.

    This was highlighted over the final two rounds. Mercedes won at Interlagos but one week later at Yas Marina were only the third-quickest team. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff revealed on Saturday the team’s “table of doom” had foreseen that swing in performance.

    “We always knew that we need to be prudent and not set our expectations based on the Brazil result,” he told media including RaceFans. “I think that circuit perfectly suited our car and everything ran very, very smoothly. And Abu Dhabi in our ‘table of doom’ was one of the worst tracks.” The team’s chief strategist James Vowles explained the thinking which went into the “table of doom.”

    ‘W13 as the “table of doom” ’;

    How many victory chances did Hamilton have in his first winless F1 season?
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 23rd November 2022, 13:0623rd November 2022, 14:05
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Last weekend Lewis Hamilton ended a Formula 1 season without winning a race for the first time in his career. At the opening race in Bahrain, Hamilton’s Mercedes lost over a second per lap to the race-leading Ferrari and Red Bull. It was clear the W13 wasn’t going to win races any time soon.

    But by the mid-point of the season the team were starting to lead grands prix, and on a weekend where the track and conditions suited them, and the stars aligned in their favour, victories finally started to seem possible. So how many chances to win a race did Hamilton have before the end of the season? And how many of those might he realistically have converted?

    ‘How many victory chances?’;

    2023 Formula 1 Preview & Review.
    25/11/2022, 07:20
    Motorsport Forums

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    F1 2022 end-of-season report: Best driver, biggest surprise, most under pressure.
    The 2022 F1 season was dominated by Max Verstappen as he secured his second drivers’ title, while Red Bull secured their first as a team since 2013.
    29 Nov 2022
    Connor McDonagh

    Despite not having the quickest car for most of the season, Verstappen enjoyed a record-breaking campaign. Verstappen won 15 of the 22 races, taking the title with five races to spare at the Japanese Grand Prix.

    Ferrari and Charles Leclerc should have made it a closer fight, but a combination of poor reliability and operational errors meant they never stood a chance. There might not have been an exciting battle for the major honours, but there’s still plenty to talk about as we look back on 2022.

    ‘F1 2022 end-of-season report’;

    Podcast: 2022 F1 season review with Medland, Hughes and Smith.
    22 races, 20 drivers and 10 teams — our experts look back over a dramatic 2022 Formula 1 season
    November 28th 2022

    The season dawned with the launch of a new generation of Formula 1 cars and, 22 races later, saw Max Verstappen crowned world champion after a dominant season.

    Relive the thrilling racing, dramatic moments and disappointments of the year, along with the key questions we’re left with after a whirlwind series of races.

    Why did Ferrari’s challenge falter — and why won’t the team get the cure that it needs? How did Mercedes turn its season around? And what did Red Bull gain — or lose — from breaching the cost cap?

    ‘2022 F1 season review’;

    Ross Brawn on a stellar 2022 season, pride at seeing F1 ‘as strong as it’s ever been’ and his next chapter
    28 November 2022
    Ross Brawn
    Formula 1 Managing Director, Motorsport

    With the curtain falling in Abu Dhabi, Formula 1’s Managing Director of Motorsports, Ross Brawn, reflects on the 2022 season – which saw the introduction of revolutionary new cars and the second year of a brand-new cost cap – and his time working at Formula 1 with Liberty Media.

    We had some great races during the season. We had the slow start from Red Bull; they stuttered a bit at the beginning. Ferrari made a great start and we then we witnessed the Red Bull fightback.

    From my perspective the wonderful thing was the close racing, the greater entertainment, the greater heartbeat that we all felt so many times in races – and that was a real reward to me that we saw much better racing this year.

    ‘Stellar 2022 season’;

    Brawn still unsure what “optimum number” of sprint races is for F1
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 28th November 2022, 17:02
    Written by Will Wood

    The number of sprint races on the Formula 1 calendar will double to six next year but the series’ outgoing managing director of motorsports admits he remains unsure what the ideal number should be.

    Ross Brawn is retiring from F1 this off-season, bringing to an end a career of over four decades in the sport. He spent the last five years working with Formula One Management after its takeover by Liberty Media and has introduced major changes to the sporting side of Formula 1 in that time, including the budget cap and sprint races. Three sprint races were scheduled during each of the last two seasons. The format will expand to cover six of the 24 rounds on the 2023 F1 calendar.

    Brawn told the official F1 website he isn’t sure how many sprint races F1 should hold in a season. “The sprint was an initiative which seems to have worked,” Brawn said. “We’re expanding to six sprints next year. “I don’t know what will be the optimum number we will settle at long-term. Some argue we should have it at every race. We’ll see if that is how it evolves. The sprint has certainly livened up the whole weekend and gives us a full three days of action.”

    “Optimum number”;

    F1 drivers take a look back at their 2022 season predictions
    Formula 1 predictions are hard to make, which makes it reassuring to see that even the drivers themselves are not all that accurate.
    Tuesday 29th November 2022 6:00 AM
    Sam Cooper

    Regulation changes feature heavily: As we know, F1 drivers possess bundles of self-belief, so the makers of the predictions avoided each driver suggesting they would be World Champion by instead asking them first what racing in 2022 was going to be like.

    Charles Leclerc is embarrassed at how boring he was: Leclerc’s season was anything but dull but the Ferrari man was disappointed by just how tame his predictions were. The 25-year-old predicted racing will be “exciting” to which he said “that was a very boring prediction.”

    Drivers predict their party places: The drivers were also asked to suggest where they will be celebrating and Yuki Tsunoda and Latifi also took the opportunity to highlight their home races. Fewer f-words, Ferrari World Champions and “Full Send Operation!”
    While Magnussen’s prediction of fewer f-words for Haas team boss Guenther Steiner did not prove correct…

    ‘Look back’;

    The drivers who surprised RaceFans readers by beating their team mates in 2022
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 28th November 2022, 12:49
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Red Bull: Prediction: 96% of readers expected Verstappen would finish ahead. Result: Verstappen 454 – 305 Perez
    Ferrari: Prediction: 54% of readers expected Sainz would finish ahead. Result: Leclerc 308 – 246 Sainz
    Mercedes: Prediction: 69% of readers expected Hamilton would finish ahead. Result: Russell – 275 – 240 Hamilton

    ‘Beating their team mates in 2022’;

    2023 Formula 1 Preview & Review.
    25/11/2022, 07:20
    Motorsport Forums

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