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    Legendary F1 circuit set to stay on the calendar in 2023 despite axe rumours.
    The Belgian Grand Prix is set to retain its place on the Formula 1 in the 2023 season that is expected to run until the middle of December.
    27 July 20222
    by James Clifford

    Due to the influx of new and returning venues in the pinnacle of motorsport, the calendar is changing significantly. F1 is set to make its return to South Africa next year, while Vegas will be added to the growing list of races in the United States – Austin and Miami also have a race on the schedule.

    The Monaco, Austrian, French, Belgian and Mexican Grand Prix are all out of contract this season, and there has been genuine concern that Spa Francorchamps – the home of the Belgian Grand Prix and one of the most historic tracks in F1 – will disappear next season.

    However, it is now set to stay, while the Circuit Paul Ricard’s fate is sealed, according to Auto Motor und Sport journalist, Michael Schmidt. “France is definitely out. South Africa looks more like it will be in 2024, and if that were the case then Spa would stay on the calendar for one more year,” he said.

    ‘Legendary F1 circuit set to stay’;

    ‘A shame’, ‘just about money’: F1 drivers fear Spa’s next grand prix will be its last
    2022 Belgian Grand Prix
    Posted on 5th August 2022, 8:145th August 2022, 10:09 |
    Written by Ida Wood and Claire Cottingham

    While the 2023 Formula 1 calendar has not yet been officially confirmed, many drivers have already expressed disappointment over the widely-expected loss of the Belgian Grand Prix. This year’s race at Spa-Francorchamps will be the first after F1’s summer break, by which point the event’s future may already be known. Excitement for this year’s race, following the one-lap washout of the 2021 edition, is coupled with uncertainty over whether it could be the last to be held at Spa for the foreseeable future.

    When Lando Norris – who has Belgian heritage on his mother’s side – was asked at the French Grand Prix if he would prefer to keep the Belgian or French round at Paul Ricard on the 2023 calendar, it was an easy call for the McLaren driver. “Spa, easy,” he said. “My mum’s from Belgium, so I’m 50% Flemish. It’s as much a home race for me as it in Silverstone in a way.

    “I personally have a lot more connections to it, of course, and I love the track and so on, I grew up a lot of the time or I grew up for many years going to Belgium and spending a lot of time there with my family.”

    ‘F1 drivers fear Spa’s next grand prix will be its last’;

    2022 Belgian GP: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to be handed boost with Ferrari PU upgrade
    Ferrari trail Red Bull by 97 points in the Constructors' Standings.
    12 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Ferrari are set to rock up at the Belgian Grand Prix with an upgrades engine as they look to recover their deficit to Red Bull in the championship. The Scuderia came into the season with one of the best engines on the grid, but the power unit Honda made for Red Bull has generally eclipsed it.

    Previously known for their superior downforce, the Red Bull has been a demon in a straight line this season, and Ferrari are trying their best to change that. This is not to say that they are far off; they are really not, but more power from the engine rarely hurts.

    Plenty of points have been lost through reliability-related problems this year. This, in part, is due to the fact that Ferrari designed an engine to compete, so spent more of their allocated time on that than ensuring reliability as they endeavoured to close the gap to Mercedes and Red Bull. Changes will still be permitted to the engines after Spa, when Ferrari are set to being their final performance upgrade, but due to the impending freeze, any further changes can only be used for reliability reasons.

    ‘Ferrari Reliability-Related Problems’;

    Mercedes intrigued to see impact of Spa floor changes on Red Bull & Ferrari
    02 August 2022
    Ben Issatt

    Mercedes are intrigued to see how a technical directive coming at the Belgian Grand Prix will impact Red Bull and Ferrari. At Spa, the governing body will finally implement a new vertical oscillation metric that was created after the Canadian GP aimed at reducing the porpoising effect drivers are dealing with in the new ground effect 2022 Formula 1 cars.

    During their investigation, however, it was discovered some teams, thought to be Ferrari and Red Bull, are using special floor tricks that allow the plank under the car to flex more than intended and also protect the skid blocks that are used by the FIA to ensure the plank doesn't wear more than permitted during a race.

    The new checks are also a relief to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who thinks they are long overdue. "There was a regulatory change or like a technical directive to make clear what the FIA wishes to not see anymore at Spa and in particular on the skids," the Austrian explained. I think it was a coincidence that the FIA spotted it in one of the races, and made it very clear that this was not on.”

    ‘Mercedes Intrigued’;

    Mercedes could be quicker than Ferrari and Red Bull at 2022 Belgian Grand Prix
    5 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Mercedes trackside engineer, Andrew Shovlin, has confirmed that there are more upgrades on the way for the Silver Arrows are their impressive recent form.

    A large part of the recent Mercedes success has been down to upgrades brought in to improve an underperforming W13, and they intend to continue in that vein beyond the Belgian Grand Prix after the summer break. “Well, we’ve got more coming. We are trying to bring some performance to Spa that will hopefully close that gap,” stated Shovlin.

    “We haven’t got far to go now, but we’ll keep developing the car for a little while now. We’re quite excited though, the last few races have been the most fun we’ve had all year and we are just hoping that we can take that extra step because we definitely want to be winning races in the near future, so we are working hard to try and achieve that.”

    ‘More Upgrades on the way for the Silver Arrows’;

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    Fernando Alonso to stay at Aston Martin until 2025.
    Fernando Alonso has signed with Aston Martin for the 2023 season, and is set to stay there until the end of 2025.
    11 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    1996 world champion Damon Hill is amazed at Fernando Alonso’s ability to continue performing at the very highest athletic level even at his age. Now 41, Alonso scored his 98th career podium in Qatar last season, and might easily have added more to his tally had it not been for various moments of ill fortune so far in 2022.

    If he has the talent, Hill sees no reason why the Spaniard cannot keep going into his mid-forties. “Fernando is firing on all cylinders, and looking very strong and incredible,” he told the F1 Nation Podcast. “And of course, remember that [Juan Manuel] Fangio, he didn’t start in Formula 1 until he was 38 and he went on until he was way into his mid-40s at a time when it was extremely dangerous.”

    “So, he must have had nerves of steel and incredible skill, which is the same as Fernando Alonso. I think it’s down to whether you love it or not, if you’ve got enough energy, and you keep yourself in good shape, then why not? Why not keep going? I’m going to pick a number, when is he going to retire? I think he will retire when he’s 44.”

    ‘EL PLAN: 44’;

    Aston Martin admit Fernando Alonso will ‘demand a lot’
    Fernando Alonso has been announced as Sebastian Vettel's Aston Martin replacement next year.
    10 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack is looking forward to his working relationship with Fernando Alonso when the Spaniard joins the team next season. It was thought that the 41-year-old had already made an agreement with billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll in advance even of this season; all he had to do was say yes.

    It is indeed the sharpness of the double world champion’s mind, on top of a multitude of other things, that Krack is looking forward to next year. “[Fernando] just has that killer instinct, no matter what, you know that he will always give you everything,” he said, quoted by

    “[He will] always push 100 per cent, always extract the maximum from the car and the team, his racecraft is exceptional – a formidable combination of confidence, instinct and intelligence. He will demand a lot from us, but that’s to be expected from a multiple World Champion. “Fernando will be a driving force as we climb together and, like everyone in the team, I cannot wait to work with him.” Stroll has a five-year plan to earn the ultimate honour in motorsport – winning the Formula 1 title, but things have not gone Aston Martin’s way this year.

    ‘EL PLAN: Five-Year Plan’;

    Brundle backs Alonso to push Aston Martin ‘very hard’
    14:35 Sat, 06 Aug 2022.
    by Fergal Walsh

    Ex-Formula 1 driver-turned-pundit Martin Brundle says he expects Fernando Alonso to push Aston Martin “very hard” when he joins the team in 2023. It was a move that surprised many, however it is believed that Alpine only wanted to extend the 41-year-old on a one-year deal, opposed to the multi-season offer he received from Aston Martin.

    Writing in his column for Sky F1, Brundle also suggested that Alonso wasn’t impressed by how he was treated on the track by team-mate Esteban Ocon. “The timing of his [Vettel’s] video retirement declaration made even more sense when Fernando Alonso was surprisingly announced as taking his seat on Monday morning.”

    “It appears that Alpine couldn’t or wouldn’t offer Alonso a two-year deal, and his Aston Martin deal is officially described as multi-year. He’s also been fairly underwhelmed at how punchy his team-mate Esteban Ocon has been towards him in combat at Alpine rather than turning all their guns on their rivals.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Push Aston Martin Very Hard’;

    Krack: Alonso is a clear statement of our intent at Aston Martin
    11 August, 2022

    Aston Martin have released a mid-term interview with team principal Mike Krack, in it, he says that signing Fernando Alonso to replace retiring Sebastian Vettel is a statement of intent by Lawrence Stroll’s outfit.

    Topping the transcript of the interview with Krack was of course the team’s ‘acquisition’ of 41-year-old Alonso to lead the charge alongside Lance Stroll next year; the team boss explained the reasoning of a most unexpected move: “He just has that killer instinct. No matter what, you know that Fernando will always give you everything: always push 100 per cent, always extract the maximum from the car and the team.”

    “His racecraft is exceptional – a formidable combination of confidence, instinct and intelligence. Signing Fernando is a clear statement of our intent at Aston Martin F1. We are not on the grid to make up the numbers. We are here to win. We are on a journey to the front of the grid and Fernando’s decided to join us on that journey To have a driver of his calibre believe in the Aston Martin F1 project,” Krack continued, “is a great compliment to our team and the work we are doing.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Clear Statement Of Our Intent At Aston Martin’;

    Massa: Aston Martin has more to gain than Alonso
    06/08/2022 at 14:03
    Phillip van Osten

    Felipe Massa admitted to being surprised by Fernando Alonso's move from Alpine to Aston Martin, insisting the British outfit has more to gain from the deal than his former Ferrari teammate. "First of all, Fernando is an amazing driver," Massa told Sky Sports' Any Driven Monday show. "I had the chance to be teammates with him [for a] long time [at] Ferrari. I learned a lot with him, so he's, in my view, one of the best drivers in Formula 1. It was a little bit strange to hear that decision from him to sign with Aston Martin."

    Last year, Aston Martin embarked on a multi-year journey to build itself up as a genuine contender for the world title. But the prospect of moving significantly up the grid next year is remote, which has led many to questions Alonso's motives. "To be honest, if you want to hear what I have to say, I think Aston Martin has a lot to gain with Fernando there," Massa continued.

    "I don't know if Fernando has a lot to gain by being there with Aston Martin, in my view. The most important thing for Fernando is to have a competitive car in order to show what he's able to. But, if things stay the way it is now, Fernando [could be] fighting for 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th position. So this, I don't think will be really interesting for him."

    ‘In My View, One Of The Best Drivers In Formula 1’;

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    ‘I found it laughable’: McLaren boss Zak Brown slammed for broken F1 promise.
    McLaren boss Zak Brown is copping backlash from his own network of reserve drivers as the Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri contract saga rages.
    August 13th, 2022 4:08 pm
    Nic Savage and Matthew Sullivan from

    As the drama unfolds, the fallout has extended all the way to the United States. IndyCar drivers Pato O’Ward, Colton Herta and Alex Palou were each targeting the vacant Alpine seat, but the trio have seemingly been sidelined by Brown.

    According to leading IndyCar driver O’Ward, Brown dangled the F1 carrot in front of the Americans before going all in on Piastri. “It’s not good for me to have that illusion. It’s a dream that’s very far away, because although I’m racing at a very high level, it’s still not enough to convince them,” O’Ward told ESPN.

    “There are many things that come into play that are beyond me. “I found it laughable. I saw it and I laughed. The same prize has been put in front of many other drivers by Brown. In the end, there is only one seat and not five.”

    Found It Laughable’;

    McLaren star dubs Oscar Piastri farce "laughable" as chief Zak Brown stockpiles drivers
    Among the many impacts of McLaren's attempts to snatch Piastri from Alpine is what it means for the swathe of talented racers they already have on their books, waiting for a chance in F1
    18:58, 12 Aug 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    McLaren driver Pato O'Ward said his Formula 1 dream is now "a very distant illusion" in the wake of the team's desire to sign wantaway Alpine driver Oscar Piastri.

    But along with the impact on Ricciardo, the move would also have ramifications for an ever-growing list of drivers on McLaren's books. Many of their talents reside across the pond, with a hatful of IndyCar stars either in their stable or having been given a chance to test with the team, such as Colton Herta.

    Mexican O'Ward races for McLaren's IndyCar outfit, and now appears to have written off his chances of a future switch to F1. "It doesn't do me any good to have that illusion," he told ESPN . "Up to that point I feel that I have matured in the aspect that the illusion is a very distant illusion.

    ‘Stockpiling Drivers!’;

    Inside Line: Piastri, Webber, Alonso and Flavio
    13 August, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    The “I don’t want to drive for Alpine” Formula 1 Silly Season saga has taken so many twists and turns that it’s taken me a while to tackle this one and try to make some sense of it all. To sum up: the Silly Season really fired off in anger when Fernando Alonso defected from Alpine to replace retiring Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin which caught everyone off guard.

    Among us esteemed F1 journo Joe Saward who wrote in his blog: “I was just a tad irritated when I heard that Fernando Alonso had signed for Aston Martin because it seemed before that came that he would be staying at Alpine in 2023. “It was a big surprise in that it is utterly illogical (except from a financial point of view) and it came as a shock to everyone, even Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer.” Hard to argue about the logic of pitting Alonso in the same caravan as Lawrence Stroll but the Canadian billionaire – who calls the shots on the big stuff at AM – sees the benefits of signing the 41-year-old Spaniard.

    Again, worth quoting Joe who sums it up as I see it too: “Will Alonso and Aston Martin be a match made in heaven? “Probably not. Fernando is not easy (although he is more relaxed these days). Lawrence Stroll is not known for being an easy companion. What he is known for is his belief that Lance is an undiscovered genius, capable of winning World Championships. Being a racing dad and a team owner is not a good combination and one wonders what will happen when Alonso beats Lance every weekend. Fernando is smart, but he is not ever going to say: After you Lance…” ventured Saward.

    ‘Utterly illogical (except from a financial point of view)’;

    FIA board backed to resolve Piastri dispute
    Friday 12 August 2022 17:07
    Sam Hall

    FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has backed the Contract Recognition Board to settle the dispute between Alpine and Oscar Piastri.

    After Aston Martin surprised Alpine with its sudden announcement that Fernando Alonso would replace the retiring Sebastian Vettel next season, the French manufacturer moved quickly to confirm that reserve driver Piastri would step up in place of the Spaniard.

    Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer believes the messy situation is destined for the high court but Ben Sulayem has backed the FIA system to sort the matter. "The FIA's Driver Contract Recognition Board [CRB] was set up to deal with contract priority issues between drivers and F1 teams," said Ben Sulayem on social media. "That's why we rely on their decision to resolve any conflict."

    ‘Contract Recognition Board’;

    The controversy between Alpine, McLaren, and Piastri will be dealt with by the CRB
    10:04, Fri, 12 August 2022.
    Dalila Zanardo

    A new page in the biggest controversy of the 2022 drivers’ market sees the FIA now getting involved in the dispute. The dilemma involving Oscar Piastri’s contracts for a seat in Formula 1 in 2023 will be dealt with by the CRB, as communicated yesterday by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

    As both parties believe their contracts to be valid, the dispute has now been moved to the legal side with Alpine Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer declaring to Reuters he believes the matter will end up in front of the High Court to discuss compensation, as FIA’s Contract Recognition Board (CRB) might be ineffective in solving the issue: “Going to the High Court is over 90% certain that’s what we’ll do. If the CRB says ‘your licence is only valid at Alpine’, and then he (Piastri) says ‘that’s great but I’m never driving for them, I’ll just sit out a year’, then you’ve got to go to the High Court for compensation.”

    Now, a brief statement from FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem clarified that the priority will now be to have the question being dealt with by the FIA’s internal institutions: “The FIA’s Driver Contract Recognition Board (CRB) was set up to deal with contract priority issues between drivers and F1 teams. That’s why we rely on their decision to resolve any conflict.”


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    Horner heaps praise on Red Bull workforce for 'phenomenal' performance.
    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has hailed his workforce for dealing "phenomenally well" with the sport's recent change in technical regulations.
    ‎11‎ ‎August‎ ‎07‎:‎00
    Author Dieter Rencken
    Co-author RacingNews365 Staff

    In an exclusive interview with, Christian Horner assesses Red Bull's efforts during the 2022 F1 season after a hard-fought battle for 2021 title glory. Reflecting on the season so far in an exclusive interview with, Horner offered up plenty of superlatives over his team's performance.

    "It's been a remarkable first 13 races for us," he commented. "We came into the season off the back of last year, transitioning very late in the day compared to our opponents to this new set of regulations. I think the team has responded phenomenally well and for us to be in a competitive position from the first test is testament to the hard work that's gone on behind the scenes.”

    "Obviously, the early races, we had some frustrations with reliability in Bahrain and in Australia. But we bounced back at race two in Jeddah, winning that race, and have had some epic fights [with Ferrari]. It seems to be working pretty well, these new regs, in terms of creating closer racing, and I think we've maximised our opportunities."

    ‘Phenomenal Red Bull Workforce’;

    Horner says Verstappen’s Hungary win was ‘one of his best drives’ and backs Perez to ‘come back stronger’
    03 August 2022
    Formula 1.

    Red Bull ruled at the Hungaroring after Max Verstappen shrugged off a qualifying issue on Saturday and a spin on Sunday to win the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix – a result which left Team Principal Christian Horner singing the reigning champion’s praises. Verstappen pulled off a two-stop strategy in tough conditions in Budapest as he kept the pressure on the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the Dutchman capitalising on poor pit stops for the Spaniard and a misjudged switch to hard tyres for the Monegasque.

    “I can only focus on our performance and we did a great job today,” said Horner when asked whether Ferrari had made a mistake by putting Leclerc on hards rather than mediums for his second stint. “As soon as we saw Charles go onto the hard tyre, as soon as the white-walled tyres came out, we thought: OK, we’ve really got a chance now.”

    And Checo [Perez] was fantastic because he was on a different strategy, he let Max immediately get onto the back of Charles to make that pass. "Max then had a spin, warmed his tyres up a bit more then had to do it all again. A phenomenal performance.”

    ‘Max Best Drives’;

    Red Bull boss Horner: 2022 success 'beyond my wildest expectations'
    11 August 2022
    Ben Issatt

    An increasingly dominant 2022 Formula 1 season is beyond Red Bull boss Christian Horner's "wildest expectations".

    "Look, if you would have told me going into last year that with the biggest regulation change in 40 years, and with the effort we put into last year’s championship, we’d be sitting here with nine Grand Prix victories, two Sprint victories and leading both championships, that would have been beyond my wildest expectations," he said.

    "I think it is really a testament to the determination, dedication and hard work that has gone on behind the scenes at the factory. Now, we've seen Ferrari are very competitive also this year, we’ve seen other teams – Mercedes for sure are gathering momentum – but considering that we were probably the last team to transition [development] fully onto this car it’s been a phenomenal job."

    ‘2022 Success Beyond My Wildest Expectations';

    Christian Horner: 24-race F1 calendar is ‘right on the limit’
    Saturday 13th August 2022 6:00 PM
    Thomas Maher

    Christian Horner reckons a 24-race Formula 1 calendar is right on the limits of what’s possible over the course of a year. F1 is expected to confirm a 24-race calendar for 2023, a record-breaking season that will see the return of the Chinese Grand Prix, as well as races in Las Vegas, Qatar and, possibly, South Africa.

    However, F1’s rapidly-expanding calendar is putting more and more strain on the teams who, despite attempting to rotate operational staff between races, are finding it increasingly difficult to give their crews sufficient downtime away from travelling and racing.

    A 24-race calendar will mean almost 50% of weekends during 2023 will have an F1 race, meaning plenty of back-to-backs and triple-headers are required in order to maintain the schedule between March and December, as well as including a mandatory summer shutdown.

    ‘24-Race F1 Calendar Is Right On The Limit’;

    Horner respect for Verstappen-Leclerc racing conduct
    Wednesday 10 August 2022 07:00
    Sam Hall

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has admired how Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have conducted themselves in the race for the F1 world championship. The Red Bull and Ferrari drivers have battled side-by-side on numerous occasions so far this season without a single touch between the two cars. This is in stark contrast to the tempestuous nature of the battle between Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton last year.

    Leclerc has dropped over 100 points to championship leader Max Verstappen this season through numerous reliability and strategic errors. After crashing through his own mistake in France, the Monégasque claimed that should he lose the title by 32 points or fewer, he would blame himself for the loss.

    Even with the problems at Ferrari, Leclerc has remained calm when facing the media, something that has earned Horner's respect. Asked if he feels for Leclerc given Ferrari's struggles, Horner said: “I have a great deal of respect for the way he has conducted himself and the way that he is racing on track.”

    ‘Respect For Verstappen-Leclerc Racing Conduct’;

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    Andretti takes swipe at Wolff over F1 power.
    1978 Formula 1 World Champion Mario Andretti has hit out at Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, suggesting the Austrian has too much influence in F1.
    09:22 Sat, 13 Aug 2022.
    by Fergal Walsh

    Andretti was responding to an article from GrandPrix247, which argued that Wolff has too much power in the sport. Mario’s son Michael has been moving to form his own outfit in the F1 paddock to expand on his racing operations in IndyCar and Formula E.

    However, the movement has been met with resistance from some parties, including Wolff. Wolff was one of the more vocal team bosses that questioned Andretti’s potential F1 entry and the value that they would add to the grid. “I think that whoever joins as the 11th team, whoever gets an entry, needs to demonstrate how creative they can be for the business.,” Wolff said recently.

    “Andretti is a great name, and I think they have done exceptional things in the US. But this is sport and this is business and we need to understand what is it that you can provide to the sport.” The GrandPrix247 article questioned: “Is it not reasonable to question if his [Wolff’s] voice is louder than his peers, the other F1 team bosses?” Taking to Twitter, Andretti provided his agreement: “This needed to be said; it’s about time,” he said.

    ‘Mario Andretti Swipes Toto Wolff’;

    Ex-F1 champion claims Toto Wolff has too much influence over the FIA and Formula 1
    13 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    1978 champion Mario Andretti has aimed another dig at Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff after the Austrian’s latest protestations of the American entering a Formula 1 team in 2024.

    Wolff is a former racing driver himself, as well as an entrepreneur and a shareholder in Mercedes. He holds power in various places, and his Mercedes team also hold power in F1 along with the other teams on the grid.

    The teams work together with the FIA and Formula One Management (FOM) to help direct the sport, and an article was written recently asking if Wolff had too much power in the premier class of racing. Mario endorsed this viewpoint, tweeting: “This needed to be said; it’s about time.”

    ‘Toto Wolff has too much influence over the FIA and Formula 1’;

    Toto Wolff called out for being 'too powerful' as Lewis Hamilton's boss comes under fire
    TOTO WOLFF has been slammed over his influence within Formula 1.
    18:25, Sat, Aug 13, 2022
    By Michael Gowler

    Toto Wolff has been branded "too powerful" for Formula 1 as former world champion Mario Andretti has hit back at the Mercedes boss. Wolff has been critical of the American's attempts to see his Andretti Global outfit become the 11th team on the grid, which would provide extra challengers for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

    In response to a tweet from Grand Prix 247 which probed “Toto Wolff too powerful for F1? Is he? Worth asking questions in this age of transparency and boom times?” Andretti replied: “This needed to be said; it’s about time”.

    Wolff is considered one of F1's most divisive and outspoken figures. Hamilton's boss has also seen his Mercedes team possess a stranglehold on the sport in recent times, with the Silver Arrows having claimed each of the last eight Constructors' Championship titles.

    'Too Powerful'

    Mario Andretti Hits Back at Toto Wolff Over New F1 Team Drama.
    Wolff and other F1 bosses aren’t convinced Andretti would add value to F1. The American dynasty ain’t happy about it.
    Aug 12, 2022 3:54 PM
    By Jerry Perez

    "We have 10 franchises that we hope can increase the value and you are certainly not going to increase the value by issuing new franchises to people who cannot increase the overall value of Formula 1," Wolff added.

    Following Wolff's comments, Andretti tweeted: "This needed to be said; it's about time." No, Andretti wasn't referring to the Wolff's comments, but someone's tweet asking if "Wolff was too powerful for F1?"

    Given the gigantic $200 million “anti-dilution” fee Andretti would have to pay current F1 teams, it seems F1 bosses are whining about the very rules they've agreed to. But how could this happen?! (Sarcasm.) Also, any new team would be ineligible to receive any share of FIA money for several years—just ask Haas. The way it stands, teams are angry that F1 will have more teams to share its money with, even though they are the ones getting the $200,000,000 and the new team won't actually take any of their money for a long time.

    ‘Mario Andretti Hits Back at Toto Wolff’;

    Wolff: I’m not proud of smashing headphones
    12 August, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    Toto Wolff is probably one of the most photographed and quoted personalities in Formula 1 today, and while he is not proud of some of his viral shenanigans and accepts it as the price he pays for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

    But this year the streak has wobbled seriously this year, speaking to the Financial Times, Wolff revealed what went wrong with the radical but problematic Mercedes W13: “We got the physics wrong. F1 is physics. I often get the question: How hard is that?’

    “I had so many periods, so many episodes in my life that I would judge as difficult, that this is not on the same scale. If you stop dreaming, you’ll run out of purpose, in my opinion. That is not some kind of Instagram bullshit. That is something that I learnt from Niki, that yesterday is irrelevant,” ventured the Mercedes team principal, who also admitted of his management style: “I can’t do aerodynamics but I know everything about the guy who can.”

    ‘Not Proud Of Smashing Headphones’;

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    Haas warned against sacking Mick Schumacher.
    Former Formula 1 driver, Hans-Joachim Stuck, has told Haas that they will not be able to find a better driver than Mick Schumacher.
    13 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Hans-Joachim Stuck: “He needs to stick with it now, show himself and set an example, as he has already done this year, but not driving in Formula 1 for a year would be fatal,” he told Eurosport. Should Schumacher fail to find a drive elsewhere, Stuck suggested that it would be ill-advised from Haas not to keep him on board.

    “If for some reason it doesn’t work out for him with another team, he’ll just have to do it with Haas for another year,” added the 71-year-old. “If Mick can’t find another cockpit, I wouldn’t understand it from Haas’ perspective, because they won’t get anyone better.”

    “But I’d be surprised if Mick doesn’t find a job anywhere, he shows impeccable performances which the people in charge can see. He also has a great name. A team looking for a young driver can do no better than signing Mick Schumacher.”

    ‘Haas warned’;

    ‘Mick Schumacher belongs somewhere better than Haas’
    Saturday 13th August 2022 12:00 PM
    Thomas Maher

    Former F1 racer Hans-Joachim Stuck believes Mick Schumacher has now proven himself to be at a level deserving of a better F1 race seat.

    But Schumacher does appear to have turned his form around in the middle part of the year, earning himself plenty of platitudes. Among his supporters is compatriot Hans-Joachim Stuck, who believes Schumacher is now at a higher level than the Haas team. “He has proven his skills this season,” he said, in an interview with Eurosport.

    “He belongs in a car that’s better than the Haas. If it doesn’t work out with another team for any reason, he just has to do it with Haas for another year. But if Mick can’t find another cockpit, I wouldn’t understand Haas putting on a circus there. Because they won’t get any better.”

    ‘Hans-Joachim Stuck believes Mick Schumacher has now proven himself’;

    Mick Schumacher told he deserves 'better' than Haas amid uncertainty over future
    MICK SCHUMACHER is currently without a seat in 2023 amid an unclear future with his current team Haas.
    16:17, Sat, Aug 13, 2022
    By Andrew Gamble

    Mick Schumacher has been told he has proven himself in Formula 1 and deserves better than Haas going forwards by former driver Hans-Joachim Stuck. Schumacher has enjoyed a season of ups and downs in 2022, and there are suggestions he could be without a drive for 2023 if he looks to join a rival team and move up the grid.

    With only nine races remaining before the end of the season, Schumacher is still looking for a seat after he missed out on Aston Martin with Alonso replacing Sebastian Vettel. With the four-time world champion set to retire, Schumacher will be the only German on the grid - if he has a seat.

    Haas team principal Guenther Steiner and Schumacher are at odds after a tense season following a number of errors, but the German has improved over the last few races. Compatriot Stuck believes Schumacher operates at a higher level than his current team.

    ‘Mick Schumacher told he deserves better’;

    Haas clarifies owner's stance on team's future
    14/08/2022 at 09:21
    Phillip van Osten

    Haas team boss Guenther Steiner says the US outfit's owner Gene Haas remains committed to Formula 1 and has no intention of selling his team. Haas poor results in Formula 1 in recent seasons regularly sparked rumors that the beleaguered outfit could fold or change ownership.

    Despite Haas' struggles and pointless campaign in 2021, the US outfit survived, not only to fight another season but also to significantly improve its level of performance as it exploited F1's regulations changes.

    Haas currently stands seventh in F1's Constructors' standings with a tally of 34 points, or 17 points behind sixth-place team Alfa Romeo. And Steiner believes his outfit has a shot at snatching that position in the pecking order from Alfa if it gets "a good run" in the back half of the 2022 season.

    ‘Haas F1 Clarification’;

    Mick Schumacher refutes question over legendary F1 father as Haas driver provides insight

    MICK SCHUMACHER has insisted he only sees the positives from his famous racing surname.
    11:00, Sat, Aug 13, 2022
    By Fraser Watson

    Mick Schumacher has claimed he sees sharing the same surname as his legendary F1 father as a good thing as he continues to improve at Haas. The German is in his second season with the American team, and finally has championship points to his name after top-10 finishes at both Silverstone and then the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

    doubts remain over whether the youngster will have a seat in 2023, with Haas yet to offer him a new deal. He has thus far been outperformed by teammate Kevin Magnusson, with the Dane having racked up 22 points to his partner's 12.

    Schumacher had been touted as a possible replacement for compatriot Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin. However, it has now been confirmed that Fernando Alonso will replace the four-time world champion.

    ‘Mick Schumacher refutes question’;

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    BARRETTO: Leclerc has the mentality to be world champion – but he'll need more than that to overhaul Verstappen.
    “I will believe in the championship until the very end.” As Charles Leclerc left Budapest after another emotional weekend that has characterised his and his Ferrari team’s first half of the 2022 F1 campaign, the young Monegasque remained bullishly and refreshingly optimistic.
    13 August 2022
    F1 Correspondent & Presenter
    Lawrence Barretto

    That is a remarkable character trait for a driver who has endured a relentless run of frustrations that would test anyone’s patience. The 24-year-old, fighting for the title for the first time in his still young career, delivered the kind of performances that scream world champion material in the opening three races of the season.

    He owned up to his error in France. He didn’t blame the wind or try to make another excuse. That’s not his style. But nor did he apologise for pushing to make a gap and searching for that extra tenth of a second because in his mind, if he isn’t doing that, he isn’t doing everything he can to win the championship and bring the title back to Ferrari for the first time in more than a decade.

    “Many times it [the misfortune] was out of my control, which in those cases is very easy to put behind,” said Leclerc, whose mental toughness has emerged as one of his greatest strengths this year. “In some other cases it was in my control. In this particular case, I just go through the process of analysing why I did the mistake – and then you move on. Never been a person who stays too much on mistakes, I prefer to move on.”

    ‘Mentality To Be World Champion’;

    How Charles Leclerc can beat Max Verstappen to become new F1 world champion this year
    CHARLES LECLERC is 80 points behind championship leader Max Verstappen, but the title race is not over yet.
    09:26, Sun, Aug 14, 2022
    By Joe Krishnan

    Charles Leclerc will return from the summer break knowing that he will have to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in F1 history to beat Max Verstappen to become world champion. The Ferrari driver is 80 points adrift with nine races to go after a series of DNFs and strategy errors which have cost the Scuderia a chance of competing with Verstappen for the title.

    There is also a scenario where Leclerc would have to win all nine races and Verstappen finishes second three times and third in the remaining races that would still see the Ferrari driver crowned champion. In the event that happens, Verstappen would have 402 points under his belt — meaning he would lose out by a single point. Again, this calculation would be altered if either driver wins the fastest lap.

    To state it in simple terms, Verstappen only needs to take 155 points from the remaining nine races to mathematically confirm his second Drivers' Championship. Six wins with a fastest lap in each would be enough to get him to that milestone, meaning Verstappen could be crowned champion for a second time if he wins with the fastest lap at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka.

    ‘Simulated Scenarios’;

    Away From the F1 Drama, Charles Leclerc Is on Vacation in Italy on His New Riva Yacht
    10 Aug 2022, 09:26 UTC ·
    by Monica Coman

    There’s been a lot of drama going on in Formula One since the start of the summer break, but Charles Leclerc is not part of that. This means he can relax and charge his batteries before the upcoming race, doing that on his luxury Riva yacht with his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine.

    Given Riva's partnership with Ferrari for over two years, it's no coincidence Charles Leclerc would go for a vessel from the Sarnico shipyard. Not long ago, for Riva’s 180th anniversary, the Monegasque driver appeared in a short film for the brand, alongside soccer star David Beckham and Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino.

    Although the video posted on his channel a week ago showed Leclerc chilling on his boat at the end of the day, he is now on a full-time holiday in Sardinia, Italy, with his girlfriend, influencer Charlotte Sine, docking the luxury yacht in Porto Cervo. The two have been officially dating since December 2019.

    ‘Away From the F1 Drama, Charles Leclerc Is on Vacation’;

    Marcus Ericsson: There’s a lack of trust between Ferrari and the drivers
    Sunday 14th August 2022 2:20 PM
    Thomas Maher

    IndyCar racer Marcus Ericsson, Charles Leclerc’s former team-mate, believes there’s a fundamental lack of trust between the two sides.
    Ericsson, who won the Indy 500 earlier this year, was team-mates with Charles Leclerc during the Monegasque’s debut season in Formula 1 in 2018 as the pair raced for Sauber.

    “I think he’s very frustrated. I think that he’s been fast this year, but it’s just been a lot of issues,” he said on Sky F1’s Any Driven Monday. Ericsson pointed to the example of Leclerc spinning off into retirement all by himself, while leading the French Grand Prix in July, as an example of those frustrations.

    “What happened in Paul Ricard, one of the reasons why it happened, I think it’s because Charles is a bit frustrated – he wants to win races,” he said. “He wants to get back in the championship hunt and it just is not being the case. Then he’s pushing, maybe a bit too hard. So it’s not ideal. It’s gonna be tough for Charles because I think he’ll feel he has had the opportunity to really fight for a championship this year. And he hasn’t been able because of quite a few things out of his control.”

    ‘Lack of trust between Ferrari and the drivers’;

    The forgotten part of Ferrari’s failed F1 title bid
    Aug 13 2022
    By Scott Mitchell

    The usual subject of focus in Ferrari’s wasteful 2022 Formula 1 season has been Charles Leclerc. So, spare a thought for the forgotten failed Ferrari title bid: Carlos Sainz’s.

    Sainz has only won once this season, in Britain where he scored an unexpected pole position and then benefitted as Leclerc’s victory bid was wrecked by Ferrari’s strategic choice. He’s more than 100 points behind Max Verstappen and actually trails a Mercedes driver in the championship.

    So, to suggest he is a lost title contender might be a stretch. But like Leclerc, Sainz has a frighteningly large tally of missed opportunities.

    ‘Forgotten part of Ferrari’s failed F1 title bid’;

    Charles Leclerc’s French Grand Prix retirement is ‘still a mystery’
    Sunday 14th August 2022 10:00 AM
    Thomas Maher

    Charles Leclerc’s spin into retirement at the French Grand Prix has been branded a “mystery” by former F1 racer Hans-Joachim Stuck. Leclerc retired from the lead of the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard as he spun off into the barriers. However, on lap 18, Leclerc appeared to enter the Le Beausset corner with too much speed and simply lost control of the rear of his F1-75. Spinning off into the barriers, he screamed in frustration before climbing out of the car – a likely victory having slipped through his fingers.

    Leclerc quickly held up his hands to admit to making a driving mistake, although some rumours have swirled since that race that he was covering for a potential issue related to the throttle. His error came just a week after holding on for victory in Austria after a strange late-race problem meant his car never fully disengaged the throttle as he braked for slower corners.

    Former F1 racer and Le Mans winner Hans-Joachim Stuck has questioned Leclerc’s French GP retirement, and suspects Leclerc was following team instructions when he owned up to making a driving error. “For me, something is still a mystery – Charles Leclerc’s departure from Le Castellet,” said Stuck in an interview with Eurosport.

    ‘French Grand Prix retirement is ‘still a mystery’!’;

    Leclerc explains how mental training has helped him in title fight
    15/08/2022, ‎10‎:‎40
    Author Anna Francis

    Leclerc credits mental training as helping him to develop his skills as a driver. "To put me exactly in the zone, to be able to always be at your 110 per cent whenever you get into the car whatever the other outside pressures or whatever is happening around you; this is where mental training is extremely helpful," Leclerc told the BBC.

    Alongside this, Leclerc thinks that other changes he has made to his life have contributed towards his progression. "I think there has been a linear progression since I arrived in Formula 1 just by learning year after year and trying to modify some details," the Ferrari driver said.

    "This year, I have changed quite a few things, especially in the way I prepare myself for races. In the way I relax after the races. But this comes from experience. "It's not like last year I was not careful to all of these details. Whenever you get older – I'm still 24, so it's fine – in a way you just feel different things.

    ‘Mental training has helped him in title fight’;

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    Cops hunt driver who stunned motorists by taking a Ferrari grand prix car for a joyride on a highway - and it's not the first time it's happened.
    A bizarre video shows the moment a 'Formula One' car was spotted driving down a motorway in the Czech Republic.
    • Mystery GP2 car filmed speeding along public roads in Czech Republic
    • Driver escaped ban for similar stunt that occurred on motorway in 2019
    • Driver of vehicle cannot be identified by police due to racing helmet
    Published: 08:21, 15 August 2022
    By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

    The racing car with Ferrari livery was filmed speeding along a highway which runs out of Prague in the Czech Republic to the German border.

    The vehicle appears to be a GP2 car and was decked out in the livery of the famous Ferrari F2004 model which was used by F1 legend Michael Schumacher when he won the world driver's championship in the 2004 season.

    GP2 cars raced in the feeder competition that is one rung below Formula One, the pinnacle of the sport. A strikingly similar incident occurred in September 2019 when a seemingly identical car was sighted being driven on the same stretch of road.

    ‘a Ferrari grand prix car for a joyride on a highway’;

    Ferrari ‘don’t have inner peace and confidence’ to be successful
    Monday 15th August 2022 1:15 PM
    Michelle Foster

    Jan Lammers says Ferrari are making life difficult for themselves as even when they are in control of a race, they “try to be smarter than others” and that’s when it goes wrong.

    The early-season pace-setters, it is still widely believed that Ferrari’s F1-75 is the fastest car on this year’s grid.

    But its engine is the most unreliable, both Ferrari drivers already hit with engine penalties, while the strategists have not covered themselves in glory at all, so much so that pundits have called for heads to roll starting at the very top with team boss Mattia Binotto.

    ‘Ferrari Making Life Difficult For Themselves’;

    Fiorio: Something is wrong at Ferrari, too many mistakes
    15 August, 2022
    Paul Velasco

    Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto became the laughing stock of the Formula 1 paddock after he denied wrongdoing by his team, on a weekend Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz might have scored a one-two in Hungary last month.

    In the wake of going bonkers in Budapest, it was easy to ask and many did: Are Ferrari strategists and pitwall gifting the 2022 F1 titles to Max and Red Bull? Not so if you asked Binotto who rather blamed the car, the brilliant F1-75 which has had title-winning potential from day one when the actual culprits were their ‘butter-fingers’ when it came to strategy and pitstops. But Binotto’s one-sided excuses, clearly intended to keep the staff at Maranello protected, are starting to wear thin among pundits beyond Italy where the mass media have been surprisingly quiet on the Ferrari shenanigans.

    Former Ferrari team boss Cesare Fiorio, a respected F1 observer in Italy, told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “We must admit that this year Mattia Binotto has turned Ferrari into a team capable of winning every race. “Binotto is a great engineer, first as an engine specialist, then as a technical director, but his job today is very different to that. And as a result, something is wrong at Ferrari, too many mistakes are being made. Binotto has to go all the way, this is his biggest challenge right now. He has to find solutions to make the team work better,” insisted Fiorio.

    ‘Find Solutions’;

    Jean Alesi issues Ferrari defence despite 2022 mistakes
    Published: 15 Aug 2022, 12:05
    By George Dagless

    Jean Alesi has called for some perspective around Ferrari this season, given the progress made by the Scuderia in recent years. “It’s not such a bad season for them,” Alesi said to Give Me Sport.

    “Because the last few years they had a very bad car and a bad season. They hardly got on the podium, then last year, they recovered a bit. And now with these new regulations they came out with a rocket car [which is] very competitive everywhere.”

    “But, of course, we are in the middle of the season, and now we can make the kind of judgement on what’s happened. And they have had the moments where they made the wrong decision on the wrong moment. And you see how much a small mistake can be a big effect on the bad side.

    ‘Jean Alesi has called for some perspective’;

    Ferrari do not want ‘anything to change’ about Charles Leclerc
    Monday 15th August 2022 11:00 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies has refuted suggestions that Charles Leclerc needs to change after two crashes this season cost him points in the championship.

    While other teams would be calling for the driver to pull it back just a little bit, Ferrari’s Mekies says they want the 24-year-old to continue racing as he does even if it means mistakes “happen”.
    “This year Leclerc has shown that he has such exceptional speed that it is an aspect that should not be touched,” Mekies told “Charles does not need us to understand, as a great driver, how far he has to push in terms of proximity to the limit. He is a master at this and mistakes can happen just as we do too.”

    ‘Suggestions Refuted That Charles Leclerc Needs To Change After Two Crashes’;

    Mekies: Team orders discussed more outside Ferrari than inside
    15/08/2022 at 09:54
    Phillip van Osten

    Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies says the topic of team orders at the Scuderia is one that has been discussed more outside the team than inside the Italian outfit this season.

    In Hungary, Mekies reiterated Ferrari's stance on its drivers at the current stage of the season, insisting Leclerc and Sainz remain on equal footing while the topic of team orders is one that is especially discussed by pundits.

    "You're right in saying that it is more discussed outside Ferrari than inside Ferrari," Mekies told the media. But more seriously, we have always been very clear. We target to have the best result for the team. Ferrari comes first.”

    ‘Topic of team orders at the Scuderia’;

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    Red Bull open to Pierre Gasly exit: ‘Yuki Tsunoda already as quick over one lap’.
    Red Bull appear to be opening the door for Pierre Gasly to pursue other opportunities when his contract expires at the end of the 2023 season.
    Sunday 14th August 2022 4:00 PM
    Mark Scott

    Gasly finds himself bumping his head on a glass ceiling within the Red Bull programme, having worked his way up through the ranks and into the main senior team seat alongside Max Verstappen in 2019 only to be demoted to junior team again after just 12 races. The pathway back to the senior team for Gasly appears to be blocked as they have found a more solid option in the vastly experienced Sergio Perez and, even if Perez was no longer a Red Bull driver, it would not be a dead certainty that Gasly would have a second bite of the cherry.

    Judging by comments made by Helmut Marko via the French branch of, people may get their wish at the end of next season. When asked if Red Bull would let Gasly go to pursue other opportunities in Formula 1, he replied: “Yes. We have a good relationship. As a team leader, he has been very successful at AlphaTauri in recent years.

    “But Yuki [Tsunoda] is already at his level in terms of lap speed. In the race, things are not going as well [as in previous seasons for the Frenchman]. Nevertheless, we improved Gasly’s contract financially, even though we didn’t have to do that. Perez’s contract prevents a move for Gasly to Red Bull Racing in 2023. From 2024, Gasly is free.”

    ‘Red Bull appear to be opening the door for Pierre Gasly’;

    Red Bull's advisor has spoken about Vips' termination and who they're looking at now
    20:42 Mon, 15 Aug 2022.
    Morgan Holiday

    Dennis Hauger is the next driver in line for an AlphaTauri seat following Juri Vips’ termination from the junior academy, according to Helmut Marko. Marko defends Vips. In an interview with, Marko spoke about the decision to fire Vips. He stated that Red Bull had no choice but to remove the Estonian from their driver academy due to backlash from the media. “The English media unleashed such a sh*tstorm that Red Bull Racing had no choice but to remove him from office. I personally think he is 21 years old and has apologised.”

    “Dennis Hauger has dominated Formula 3 in an incredible way,” said Marko. “He now has ups and downs in Formula 2, he is not constant. Performance and nothing else is the deciding factor. That is changeable. “People who we thought could do it suddenly couldn’t do it anymore and vice versa. That is why it is difficult to make predictions.”

    Currently, Red Bull has four junior drivers in Formula 2. Jehan Daruvala, Liam Lawson, and Ayumu Iwasa race alongside Hauger in the category. Of the four, Hauger is actually the lowest in the standings, sitting 12th with 67 points. Daruvala, Hauger’s Prema Racing teammate, is the highest placed in fourth. Then it’s Iwasa in seventh and Lawson in eighth. Fortunately for Red Bull and Marko, Gasly has a contract with AlphaTauri for 2023 and will most likely remain with the team. That gives them at least another season to assess which, if any of those four drivers, is the most deserving of a Formula 1 seat.

    ‘Dennis Hauger has dominated Formula 3 in an incredible way’;

    What Tsunoda needs to do to keep his AlphaTauri F1 seat
    Author Dieter Rencken
    Co-author RacingNews365 Staff
    16/08/2022, ‎12‎:‎30

    In an exclusive interview with, Franz Tost reviews the progress made by Yuki Tsunoda and his chances of staying in F1 with Red Bull. AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost has given his assessment of Yuki Tsunoda's second F1 season so far, saying he has seen solid progress from the Japanese racer. Reviewing Tsunoda's season so far, Tost told "Yuki is improving. I must say his learning gradient is going up.

    "He made a fantastic qualifying at Paul Ricard, when he finished eighth. Unfortunately, in the race, [Esteban] Ocon crashed into him in the first lap. Therefore we had to call him in [to the pits], because the floor was damaged heavily, also the sidepod. This was a shame because I'm sure he would have finished good in the points, in seventh or eighth place. But anyway, this is racing, and we will see now what's going on in the second half of the season."

    Tost added that given the demands of modern-day F1, drivers need to be given time to build up their experience and show their full potential. "I'm talking about three years, because the first season for such a young driver is just flying away," he said. "In the second year, he learns all these things a little bit. But to get really deep into the details, he needs a third year, and after three years you have a clear picture of whether a driver can do it or not."

    ‘Three Years For Experience And To Show Their Full Potential’;

    Why AlphaTauri's team boss has been left in a 'bad mood'
    ‎13‎ ‎August‎ ‎12‎:‎30
    Author Dieter Rencken
    Co-author Jake Nichol

    It's been a below par season for the AlphaTauri squad in 2022, with team boss Franz Tost feeling grumpy about fine margins not going their way. Fine margins going against AlphaTauri. "We set out targets to achieve these goals [finishing fifth in the Constructors' standings] and currently we are far away. Therefore, I am in a bad mood," he exclusively told

    "It's always difficult if you can't match the expectations, and I hope that we get everything together for the second half of the season. We were sometimes a little bit unlucky with the Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car when we just had a pit-stop on [the] lap before. Two or three times [this was] the case.”

    "[In] Formula 1, it always balances [out] during the season. Therefore, I hope that [during] the second half the season sometimes we'll be a little bit more lucky with such unforeseen things like the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Cars."

    ‘AlphaTauri's Team Boss Left In A Bad Mood’;

    Why a slumping F1 team is so certain it’s about to recover
    Aug 13 2022
    By Edd Straw

    AlphaTauri headed into Formula 1’s August break eighth in the constructors’ championship after a run of five races without a point. But despite his team having only the eighth-fastest car on average and managing just six points finishes in 13 races – its worst run since 2018 – lead driver Pierre Gasly is optimistic.

    Asked by The Race if he expected a stronger second half of the year given the promising signs shown by the upgrade, Gasly replied with an emphatic “100%”. The lack of results in the first two races with the upgrade has not shaken his belief that it can be game-changing. “We knew at the start of the season that this year is a race of development; new regulations, new cars, so people are going to develop,” Gasly continued.

    “It doesn’t matter how you start, what matters is to have an upward curve through the year. We started in a decent place but got slowed down by the issues we had with porpoising etc. But it [the upgrade] is clearly bringing performance and when you see how tight the midfield is, it’s clearly going to put us back in that fight. We just need to make sure we maximise the full potential for the rest of the year.”

    ‘Certain To Recover’;

    Gasly: No explanation for AlphaTauri’s midfield struggles
    RaceFans Round-up
    Posted on 13th August 2022, 0:01
    Written by Will Wood

    Gasly said he could not explain why the team appears to be struggling to score points compared to their rivals in the midfield.

    “I don’t fully have the answer for why we seem to struggle more than than other teams in the midfield, because I don’t think we are missing something in the core of the team,” Gasly said.

    “That’s why I think it needs a bit of a step back and look at the whole situation and the bigger picture, what we’re all doing, aero-wise, which direction we do, how we decided to use the budget cap because I know since the start of the year we were already quite on the edge early on in the season. Is that the main reason? I don’t fully know. We’ll keep pushing and hopefully find some more bigger development items over the next few weeks.”

    ‘Unexplained Midfield Struggles’;

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    Toto Wolff accuses Mercedes employees of getting complacent as Daniel Ricciardo braced for F1 exit.
    The Mercedes boss has incredibly revealed what is at the heart of the side’s success, and that it actually comes from studying “great teams” who became “complacent” when enjoying a run at the top.
    16 August 2022
    by Nick Golding

    “I studied why great teams were not able to repeat great title [runs],” Wolff told the Financial Times.

    “No sports team in any sport has ever won eight consecutive world championship titles, and there are many reasons for that, and what is at the core is the human.”

    “The human gets complacent. You are not energised in the same way you were before. You are maybe not as ambitious.”

    ‘Complacent Mercedes Employees’;

    Toto Wolff studied Manchester United to learn about Mercedes failings amid drop in form
    Mercedes have struggled to compete with Red Bulla and Ferrari in the 2022 F1 season, while Manchester United have been thumped by both Brighton and Brentford already this season
    15:24, 16 Aug 2022
    By Fraser Watson Sports Trends Writer

    Toto Wolff has admitted he analysed the recent history of Man United in a bid to keep Mercedes at the top of Formula 1.

    Following an epic title duel between the Dutch star and Hamilton, it was the former who prevailed following a dramatic season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. But Wolff's team won't be gaining any kind of revenge this season, with the W13 cars being plagued by the issue of the porpoising. Despite improved showings in recent races, neither Hamilton or partner George Russell have recorded a Grand Prix win.

    Although it could be argued that their situation appears blissful in comparison to United's. Since winning their last Premier League title in 2013, the Red Devils have managed to second-placed finishes in the EPL, and have started the 2022/23 campaign in awful form.

    the Austrian has studied their dominant period under Sir Alex Ferguson, plus the struggles they've endured since the Scotsman's retirement. In an interview with the Financial Times, Wolff said: “I studied why great teams were not able to repeat great title [runs]," before citing United's spell under Ferguson.

    ‘Toto Wolff Studied Manchester United’;

    Formula 1 boss studied United’s failures following Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement
    16/08/2022, 18:14
    by Dale O'Donnell

    Toto Wolff doesn’t want team Mercedes to suffer like Manchester United post-Sir Alex Ferguson. Formula 1 team principal Toto Wolff has revealed he studied Manchester United’s failures to help with his management of team Mercedes.

    United haven’t come close to winning a Premier League title since Fergie announced his retirement in 2013. That’s something Wolff believes can be used as a lesson. “I studied why great teams were not able to repeat great title [runs],” Wolff told the Financial Times, in reference to Ferguson.

    “The human gets complacent. You are not energised in the same way you were before. You are maybe not as ambitious. I often get the question: ‘How hard is that?”

    ‘United’s Failures Studied’;

    'It's complete bull****'!: Toto Wolff quashes talk of replacing Lewis Hamilton with Sergio Perez - and insists he has had conversations with the 37-year-old about staying at Mercedes for another 'five or 10 YEARS'.
    Mercedes team principle Toto Wolff has dismissed suggestions that he is looking to replace Lewis Hamilton with Sergio Perez.
    • Mercedes' Toto Wolff has dismissed claims Lewis Hamilton is to leave the team
    • It had been rumoured that Sergio Perez was being considered as a replacement
    • Wolff rubbished the claims, saying Hamilton could stay for up to 10 more years
    • Hamilton has struggled for form and consistency at the start of the 2022 season
    Published: 12:47, 16 August 2022
    By Lewis Browning For Mailonline

    Several names have been brandished as possible replacements, including Verstappen's Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez, but Wolff has insisted he has never called the Mexican driver. 'I never called Sergio', said Wolff when questioned on the rumours in an interview with

    'He's a good guy and I respect him, but I never talked to him and I was not in contact with any other driver. It's complete bull****. 'Lewis and I, even in the face of a not-so-encouraging scenario like the beginning of this season, we are always aligned in wanting to try to make things better and be together next year.'

    ‘Toto Wolff Quashes Talk’;

    Toto Wolff breaks silence on Sergio Perez replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes
    LEWIS HAMILTON and Mercedes have struggled to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari this season
    07:03, Tue, Aug 16, 2022
    By Luke Chillingsworth

    Toto Wolff has revealed Sergio Perez will not replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes as he sets a retirement deadline for the seven-time champion. Wolff claims Mercedes have “never talked” to Perez or any other driver as a replacement for Hamilton.

    Speaking to Italy, he said: “It's complete b******. I've never called Sergio, he's a good guy and I respect him, but I've never talked to him and haven't been in contact with any other rider.

    Wolff’s comments come after Dutch racing star Tom Coronel also claimed Mercedes were eyeing up Nyck de Vries as a possible successor to Hamilton. He claimed Formula E star De Vries was Wolff’s “insurance policy” should Hamilton walk away from the sport.

    ‘Toto Wolff Breaks Silence’;

    Toto Wolff: The forgotten story of when Mercedes F1 boss was a Red Bull driver
    16 Aug 2022
    Lewis Larkam

    Toto Wolff is best known for being one of the most successful team principals in F1 history by spearheading Mercedes’ unprecedented winning streak, but there was a time he raced in Red Bull colours.

    That’s right, Wolff, the man who has played a key role in helping Mercedes to claim a record eight consecutive constructors’ world championships and seven drivers’ titles across the past eight seasons, once donned the overalls of Mercedes’ F1 nemesis.

    Between 2004 and 2006, Wolff raced in blue Red Bull overalls and a car splashed in the energy drinks firm’s branding. Alongside Karl Wendlinger, Dieter Quester and Stefano Zonca, Wolff took class victory in the 1000 Miles of Interlagos in 2004. Amid treacherously wet conditions, it was Wolff who posted the quickest lap time.

    ‘Toto Wolff The Forgotten Story’;

    Wolff admits 2021 Abu Dhabi GP still on his mind 'every day'
    16/08/2022 at 08:57
    Michael Delaney

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that eight months on from the events that marked F1's season finale in Abu Dhabi last year, he still thinks about the dramatic outcome of the race every single day.

    "I think about it every day," he said. "But I have my peace with Max winning the championship, because he's a deserving champion.”

    "How it panned out, I think I have values around fairness, and especially sporting fairness. This is what provides my fundamental love for the sport. And then that was kicked with the feet on that particular day."

    ‘On His Mind Every Day';

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