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    Sebastian Vettel viciously booed by Canadian Grand Prix crowd during drivers' parade.
    Sebastian Vettel was widely booed by the packed crowd at the Canadian Grand Prix during the drivers' parade.
    19 Jun 2022, 17:49

    SEBASTIAN VETTEL got a less than warm welcome by the thousands of fans at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver has used his platform a global sports star to raise awareness on several climate change issues around the world.

    This week has seen Vettel take aim at Canada's controversial use of oil sands and the operation in place in Alberta. It appears as though some of those in attendance for Sunday's race didn't take too kindly to Vettel's strong words though and booed the driver as he made his way around the track in the hours before the Grand Prix.

    Vettel didn't mince his words in Friday's press conference, when he called out "Canada’s climate crime. I find this – fascinating might be the wrong word – but there’s a lot going on. We live in a time and age where we are so much aware of a lot of things," he said. “I think what happens in Alberta is a crime because you chop down a lot of trees and you basically destroy the place just to extract oil and the manner of doing it with the tar sands mining, oil sands mining is horrible for nature.”

    ‘Less Than Warm Welcome: Widely Booed’;

    Sebastian Vettel makes environmental destruction plea after Canadian "crimes"
    Friday 17 June 2022 19:10
    Sam Hall

    Sebastian Vettel has accused the Canadian government of committing "a crime" with its environmentally destructive oil mining in Alberta's tar sands. The Aston Martin driver, who has backed a number of causes in recent years, did not hold back when offering a damning verdict of Canada's mining of the third-largest oil reserve on the planet.

    "I think what happens in Alberta is a crime because you chop down a lot of trees and you basically destroy the place just to extract oil," explained Vettel.

    "And the manner of doing it with the tar sands. Mining oil is horrible for nature and obviously, Canada's greenhouse emissions have gone up since they started doing it.”

    Environmental Destruction Plea’;

    Ted Kravitz points out Sebastian Vettel protest contradiction at Canadian Grand Prix
    17:29, 19 JUN 2022
    BY Mark Whiley

    Sebastian Vettel is wearing a special helmet at the Canadian Grand Prix in protest against the country's oil sands mining, but has been labelled a hypocrite in some quarters. Sebastian Vettel is continuing his activism by sporting a special helmet at this weekend’s F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

    The four-time world champion has been vocal about a number of issues in recent years, including gay rights and climate change. For the Montreal race, the German is wearing a helmet which reads ‘STOP MINING TAR SANDS’ and ‘CANADA’S CLIMATE CRISIS’.

    It refers to Canada’s oil sands mining. Extracting oil from the heavy sands is said to be three to five times more energy-intensive than pumping it from wells and can have an adverse environmental impact. However, Vettel’s message has been labelled hypocritical in some quarters as his helmet also carries the logo of Saudi oil company Aramco, one of his Aston Martin team’s main sponsors.


    Vettel removed controversial ‘climate crime’ helmet for Canadian Grand Prix
    2022 Canadian Grand Prix
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 8:20
    Written by Keith Collantine and Will Wood
    Sebastian Vettel did not wear his helmet drawing attention to “Canada’s climate crime” during yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix. However his Aston Martin team insisted they did not require him to stop wearing the helmet, which he sported on Friday and Saturday at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

    Vettel’s helmet and accompanying T-shirt bearing the slogans “Stop mining tar sands” and “Canada’s climate crime” made him a focus of attention after a local political accused him of “hypocrisy”. Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack denied the team had told him to stop wearing the design.

    “No, no,” he said when asked. “I mean, he wanted to create awareness with the T-shirt and the helmet. And then at one point, he decided the awareness is created, let’s say, and that was it, and took it off. And he cannot wear the same T-shirt every day!”

    ‘Create Awareness!’;

    Sebastian Vettel hits back at Canadian politician's personal attack
    Saturday 25 June 2022 07:00
    Ewan Gale

    Sebastian Vettel has hit back at Canadian politician Sonya Savage for levelling a personal attack at him over his environmental stance.

    But the Aston Martin F1 driver has agreed with the Alberta energy minister's claim that he is a "hypocrite". Vettel has been outspoken in his push for environmental awareness as well as his ongoing campaign against societal rights abuse.

    The German has highlighted a different issue at each grand prix, typically with a slogan written on a t-shirt. The race in Canada last weekend was no different as Vettel picked out oil mining on Alberta's tar sands.

    ‘Sebastian Vettel’s Environmental Awareness Campaign’;

    Vettel reveals why he’s become an activist as he’s matured
    Date published: June 26 2022

    Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel has become known for highlighting important social and environmental concerns as one of the F1’s elder statesmen.

    Vettel, who turns 35 years old in July, is now one of Formula 1’s eldest drivers, with the four-time World Champion not afraid to use his stature within the sport to highlight issues he feels command more public knowledge and pressure.

    At last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, for instance, Vettel chose to highlight Canada’s mining of tar sands and wore a helmet early in the weekend to display imagery of the ecological damage being caused by such mining. It led to a backlash from several prominent Canadian politicians, who labelled Vettel a ‘hypocrite’ for his stance, given his profession and team sponsorship from Saudi oil company Aramco.

    ‘Matured Activist’;

    EDITORIAL: Sebastian Vettel needs to quit racing — right now
    Publishing date: Jun 20, 2022
    Author of the article: Postmedia News

    If Sebastian Vettel really thinks Alberta’s oil and gas sector is a “climate crime” then so is his day job as an F1 racer. He needs to stop being a hypocrite and quit racing. Right now.
    Vettel smugly arrived at the Montreal Grand Prix wearing a t-shirt that read “Stop Mining Tar Sands” and “Canada’s Climate Crime”.

    The shirt had a picture of a pipeline. The helmet he wore to race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve over the weekend bore a similar message. We’re getting more than a little tired of wealthy celebrities flying in to denounce our oil and gas sector. They’re hypocrites, the whole darn lot of them.”

    “But Vettel takes things to a whole new level. The guy burns up way more emissions than a regular person. In fact, it’s literally all he does. Formula One is a very gas-guzzling activity and Vittel drives cars in a circle all day. “I have seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but this one takes the cake,” Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage tweeted in response to Vettel.

    ‘Smugly Takes The Cake’;

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    Bernie Ecclestone agrees with Ferrari's concerns over 'dangerous' FIA move.
    Bernie Ecclestone: “She (Shalia-Ann Rao) told them about the new directive, obviously!”
    09:19, Sun, Jun 26, 2022

    BERNIE Ecclestone commented on a new FIA appointment that has previous links with Mercedes. Bernie Ecclestone shared the same point of view with Ferrari regarding a new FIA appointment. Shalia-Ann Rao has been made the new interim head of Formula One at the FIA, and she is a former advisor to Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. She served as the FIA's legal director from mid-2016 to the end of 2018 before joining the Silver Arrows.

    The decision was made following the departure of Peter Bayer, who served as the FIA's F1 executive director since last year and secretary general for sport since 2017. An explanation for the Australian's departure has yet to be explained and nothing points to Rao’s appointment relating to the controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

    Therefore, Ecclestone was unhappy with the announcement, fearing there may be a conflict of interest. “It's bloody dangerous,” he said. “Toto started all this nonsense about the cars needing to change. She told them about the new directive, obviously. She worked with Toto for two or three years.

    ‘Bernie Ecclestone: “She (Shalia-Ann Rao) told them about the new directive, obviously!” ’;

    Ferrari boss hints at foul play after Mercedes develop new part.
    Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto was left confused as to the speed of Mercedes’ turnaround of an additional floor stay ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.
    23 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    The FIA introduced a technical directive to counter "porpoising" and bouncing in Canada. Because the TD was introduced at short notice, the governing body allowed for an extra floor stay to be installed to keep the car stable, and Mercedes would show up for practice with an extra one on the car.

    This would have meant a small team of mechanics flying all the way back to the UK to get them, before bringing them back, which would have taken too long, so Mercedes have kept some workers back, before bringing them out with the new parts when the TD was passed.

    Binotto is not entirely convinced by this, but settles on Toto Wolff’s word that they flew some mechanics out later with the additional stays. “Toto says they did it overnight. Ferrari would not be capable of doing this,” he said. “I’m surprised that a team is so strong to manage it overnight. I can only trust what he says.”

    ‘Foul Play Hinted’;

    Marko: TD ‘backfired’ on Mercedes, must solve their own issues
    Date published: June 26 2022
    Sam Cooper

    Helmut Marko suggested Mercedes had inside information about an FIA technical directive but claims “it came back like a boomerang.” While the data was just being collected in Montreal and the rules would not be enforced until Silverstone, the lateness of the announcement meant all but one team did not have time to change their cars in line with the new regulation.

    That one team was Mercedes, who raised suspicion when they appeared with a different floor during one of the practice sessions before swapping it back out. Red Bull’s Marko has suggested the team must have received inside information in order to get the replacement ready in time. “I was very surprised when I saw their floor with that second support,” Marko told the Dutch edition of

    “When the technical directive came out, it was clear that there would not be enough time to supply such a part.” Marko was reportedly then asked if he believed Mercedes have inside information and he replied: “Otherwise you can’t explain what happened.” The 79-year-old also suggested that although Mercedes had been the team that had campaigned the hardest for new rules to be introduced, they may find it does not work in their favour. “It could come back like a boomerang,” he is quoted as saying.

    ‘Mercedes Backfiring!’;

    ‘It’s against the regulation’: Alpine boss warns Mercedes upgrade could be ‘protested’
    The FIA began a clampdown on "porpoising" and bouncing at last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.
    20 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer was not convinced by the FIA’s initial decision to allow Mercedes to run an extra stay on their car during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. A new metric was brought in last weekend to determine how much oscillating movement the cars are producing over several health concerns were raised regarding “porpoising” and bouncing.

    One of the caveats of the directive was that, since it was passed at such short notice, the teams could install an extra stay on the floor to keep the car stable. According to a report by Auto Motor und Sport, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull were all wondering how and why Mercedes happened to have another one ready.

    The Silver Arrows confirmed that they had left some people behind in Brackley, and they then flew out later than the rest of the team with the stays in tow. However, the fact that some teams were able to gain an advantage due to the directive was something Szafnauer had one or two queries about.

    ‘Wondering How Mercedes, JUST HAPPENED, to have one ready!’

    Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren concerned about Mercedes cheating after new upgrade unveiled
    The FIA have taken measures to try and mitigate the effects of "porpoising" and bouncing.
    18 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren are all said to be bemused as to how Mercedes happened to have an extra floor stay ready, despite the new directive only being announced on Thursday. Mercedes then had an extra one ready to install on the cars of Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell on Friday and, according to Michael Schmidt of Auto Motor und Sport, three teams find that rather odd.

    “Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren are not only upset that the FIA is changing the rules in the middle of the season and allowing for a second underbody support, they also openly question how Mercedes had such a stay and attachments to the chassis and floor on hand in just one day,” he (Michael Schmidt of Auto Motor und Sport) said.

    A Mercedes spokesperson said that the team had left some people behind at Brackley ready for a late call-out with the extra parts. “We had people who flew late to Montreal and took the material with them. Because of our problems with the ground, we were prepared for anything in terms of the stays,” they clarified.

    ‘Bemused how Mercedes had stay and attachments ‘on hand’ in a day!’

    Marko makes joke about Hamilton’s back pain as he criticises the FIA
    Sir Lewis Hamilton suffered back pain during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, before ending on the podium in Canada.
    23 June 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Hamilton had trouble getting out of his car after finished fourth in Baku, but hopped out much more easily after ending third in Canada last weekend, so Dr Marko could not resist a jab in the ribs. “Hamilton got out of the car quickly today. When he’s on the podium, it’s a lot easier,” he joked.

    Dr Marko is unhappy that his team face the possibility of being pegged back to help Mercedes, whom he believes have an easy job to do to fix the bouncing – they just do not want to do it. “I don’t think the FIA’s decisions are right,” he told Sky Germany.

    “One team, Mercedes, have the biggest problems and then you react in the middle of the season. There is a simple solution: you just have to raise the car. Then you no longer have this bouncing, but you lose speed. The fact that they are now reacting in this way and trying to impose such powers on the FIA, which practically determine the set-ups of the cars, is a quick fix that has certainly not been thought through.”

    ‘Imposing Powers On The FIA’;

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    Torquing Point: Silverstone preview and a look at F1 22.
    After a week off, Formula 1 is back this weekend as the teams head to Silverstone for the historic British Grand Prix.
    Date published: June 27 2022

    Torquing Point previews the upcoming British Grand Prix as well as the race-packed month of July as we head towards the summer break.

    Four drivers on the grid will take part in their hometown race but it is all eyes on Max Verstappen who will be looking to both build on his Championship lead but also avoid a lap-one exit unlike he did last year.

    Henry Valantine is joined by Sam Cooper to preview the race as well as take a look at a bumper July that sees four races in five weekends as we gear up for the summer break.


    Red Bull suggest improving Mercedes will be a 'factor' at British GP
    27 June 2022
    Ben Issatt

    Mercedes can be a "factor" at this weekend's British Grand Prix, Red Bull boss Christian Horner has suggested. Something that more than caught Horner's eye.

    “Mercedes’ pace in the race was, you know, they were competitive," he said in Montreal. "Smooth circuit [at Silverstone], they could be a factor. We know the Ferrari’s good in the high-speed stuff, we saw that in Barcelona, so you’d think it would swing perhaps back towards Ferrari’s domain.”

    “We knew Azerbaijan and this race [Canada] were tracks that might favour us and we’ve nailed those two results, which I’m really delighted with. It’s always a thrill to race at Silverstone,” Horner added.

    ‘Always a thrill at Silverstone’;

    An all-British Mercedes line-up and Leclerc on the attack – 5 storylines we’re excited about ahead of the 2022 British GP
    27 June 2022
    Special contributor Chris Medland

    From a Montreal venue that hasn’t been on the calendar since 2019 to one that was a regular host of races throughout the pandemic, here are some of the topics we’re looking forward to as the paddock heads to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix.

    1. Leclerc on the attack
    2. The promise of a stronger Mercedes
    3. Teams getting technical with the FIA
    4. McLaren vs Alpine
    5. A special track and crowd

    ‘Silverstone Excitement’;

    Horner predicts Silverstone will be 'a strong race' for Ferrari, as he plans to 'put right what happened last year'
    27 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner believes that on “pure form,” title rivals Ferrari will have the advantage at next weekend’s British Grand Prix, but says his team are “fired up” to win at Silverstone, after losing out on victory last year.

    Red Bull currently sit at the top of the constructors’ championship – having won seven out of the opening nine races of the season – and now lead second-placed Ferrari by 76 points.

    However, despite Red Bull’s lead, Horner is anything but complacent, believing that Ferrari’s form and the possibility of upgrades make them the favourites at Silverstone, as he also warned of the recent improved performance of long-time rivals Mercedes.

    ‘Fired Up, To Put Right’;

    Mercedes say they 'definitely want to win' Silverstone – but Wolff warns that team must 'really grind away'
    27 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Mercedes enter Silverstone with a sterling record at their home circuit – but this year, they’re not the class of the field. Team Principal Toto Wolff and Technical Director Mike Elliott offer their early verdicts on how the Silver Arrows could fare in the 2022 British Grand Prix.

    While George Russell has maintained his streak of top-five finishes and Lewis Hamilton managed to score a podium in Canada, Mercedes are far from the heights that helped them clinch a record eight consecutive constructors’ titles from 2014-2021. But they’re still aiming high this weekend.

    “One thing you can be sure of is we will push as hard as we can,” said technical boss Elliott. “We will be bringing new bits to Silverstone, we will be trying to push the car forward, trying to get some pace from the car we've got, or from the package we've got, as well as the new bits we are going to add to it.”

    ‘Grind Away’;

    BRITISH GRAND PRIX 01 - 03 july SILVERSTONE - Silverstone

    Silverstone hosted the very first race in the history of Formula 1. It took place on 13 May 1950, to kick off the inaugural season of the Formula 1 World Championship. British Grand Prix might be its official title, but to the vast majority it’s just Silverstone, signaling a weekend when on really gets a sense of what it is to be passionate about motor sport.

    The race has been held an impressive 70 times, but not always on this former disused airfield. Silverstone has staged 53 British GPs, while 12 were held at Brands Hatch and 5 at Aintree. The British Grand Prix is one of the races still known as the “Grandes Epreuves,” one of the old European races that holds its own, despite fierce competition from richer venues outside the Old Continent.

    BRITISH GP: THE HOME STAGE FOR MANY TEAMS. It is the longest running event on the F1 calendar, an honour it shares with our home race, the Italian Grand Prix. Silverstone is always one of the highlights of the season as it’s home to the majority of race teams. Even we are at home here, given our wind tunnel is just down the road in Bicester.

    ‘Silverstone; Grandes Epreuve’;

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    Why Ferrari are confident of a strong British Grand Prix.
    After a strong race day in Montreal last weekend, Ferrari are confident that both drivers will be competitive in this weekend's British Grand Prix.
    29/06/2022, ‎15‎:‎10
    Author Robyn Schmidt

    Leclerc started at the back of the grid in Canada, yet he fought back to finish the race in fifth place after a very strong drive up through the field. Therefore, there is really no doubt that the upcoming British Grand Prix should see him back at the front of the field and fighting for the victory he couldn’t secure in Montreal.

    With a nice fresh engine in the back of his Ferrari, he is expected to be extremely competitive and hunting for a third win against rivals at Red Bull Racing.

    “Yeah, with a clean package, and Charles's last words were ‘we need to arrive in Silverstone and smash it’. And you know he's going to be right back,” (Jock) Clear told F1 Nation.

    ‘Silverstone: Smash It’;

    Sainz: Car tweaks allowing me to 'push without fear'
    29/06/2022, ‎09‎:‎30
    Author Luke Murphy
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Carlos Sainz believes he is closer to "pushing without fear" after his turbulent start to the F1 2022 season. Carlos Sainz believes progress is being made in his bid to increase his competitiveness in the F1 2022 season.

    The Ferrari driver has had a frustrating start to the season; despite Ferrari's competitive car he has fallen below the performance levels of teammate Charles Leclerc and Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

    Sainz believes a change of tactic to focus on his own preparation and getting comfortable with the car contributed to an improved race pace versus their Red Bull rivals. "As I said a few races ago I want to take it a bit more race by race, and not thinking too much about the championship or anything like that," Sainz told media, including

    ‘Push Without Fear, Race By Race’;

    Domenicali: Too early to say the championship is finished
    28 June, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali insists the 49-point lead Max Verstappen has over Charles Leclerc can still change claiming its too early to say the Championship is finished.

    F1 CEO, Domenicali insists that Title fight is far from over, and told the Evening Standard: “If you remember after three races of the season, the comment from Max Verstappen was that the game was over and Ferrari was leading by 40 points or so.”

    “Now, it’s the other way around, because Max is leading the championship by 49 points,” he added. “I would say we need to be prudent,” the Italian warned. “The championship is very long and is going to have lots of ups and downs.”

    ‘Championship Not Over Yet’;

    Rosberg: Ferrari has nothing to lose anymore – must 'go for it'
    27/06/2022 at 17:24
    Phillip van Osten

    The F1 season has yet to reach its halfway point, but Nico Rosberg says Ferrari is already in a position where it has "nothing to lose" versus championship leader Red Bull.

    Ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Rosberg believes Ferrari has no other choice but to pull out the stops and go on the attack. "It’s kind of nothing to lose anymore," the 2016 F1 world champion told Sky Sport’s Any Driven Monday. "So just go for it and then see what can be maximised.

    "Of course, they need to get on top of their reliability issues but the pressure is kind of off a little bit now. I mean, they were huge favourites after the first couple of races but now they’re so far behind. So you have nothing to lose. Go for it. Big push and let’s see what they can do."

    ‘Nothing To Lose’;

    Charles Leclerc given firm instructions from Ferrari boss as Max Verstappen pulls ahead
    15:15, Tue, Jun 28, 2022

    FERRARI boss Mattia Binotto hopes Charles Leclerc can close the gap on Max Verstappen in the 2022 Formula 1 world championship.

    Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has ordered Charles Leclerc to ‘attack and recover points’ as he bids to fight back in the title race against leader Max Verstappen. The Dutchman has been in dominant form recently, winning five of the six races since his DNF in Australia.

    errari have endured a dismal run of form after flying out the gates to start the 2022 season, as Leclerc has been forced to retire twice due to reliability issues. The Monegasque driver was then the victim of poor strategy decisions by the Scuderia, leaving him to drop from first place to fourth in his home race.

    ‘Firm Instructions: Attack’;

    Charles Leclerc must go on attack to revive title bid - Binotto
    Tuesday 28 June 2022 11:50
    Ewan Gale

    Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has claimed it is important for Charles Leclerc to "attack and recover points" after losing significant ground on title rival Max Verstappen. "It [PU change] was something we decided very soon after Baku. It was something he'd been aware of for many days so he had time to digest and be prepared for the race weekend," explained Binotto.

    "He was focusing his weekend knowing he would have to start from the back of the grid for the race. "So even his Friday and Saturday programmes were focused on the high-fuel runs so he was prepared for the race itself.”

    "Now he has fresh power units for the next races. We've four races to the summer break and they will be important for him to attack and recover some points if he can."

    ‘Fresh PUs, Attack! Attack! Attack!’;

    Gary Anderson: Ferrari and Mercedes’ similar new wing ideas
    23 hours ago
    By Gary Anderson

    It has taken a while for the Formula 1 teams to get on top of the new-for-2022 rear wings and start to introduce their full new ‘family’ of assemblies for the different circuit requirements. This process is still ongoing as teams build a better understanding of the trade-offs and compromises involved, but the recent Canadian Grand Prix weekend produced some interesting case studies.

    In Montreal, Ferrari tested – and on Charles Leclerc’s car raced – a new specification of rear wing, while Mercedes split its approach with Lewis Hamilton on the latest low-downforce version and George Russell on an earlier, higher-downforce, version. By contrast, Mercedes seems to have changed the philosophy of the overall rear wing package.

    It’s the endplates circled [SEE ARTICLE] in red on both illustrations that interest me. It’s strange to see two teams as far apart as Ferrari and Mercedes in terms of car concept turning up with a similar solution in this area.

    ‘Trade-offs and Compromises’;

    Wolff says Red Bull and Ferrari’s reliability issues are ‘funny’
    Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have both finished every race so far in 2022.
    28 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    Because Mercedes have not suffered with reliability issues yet in 2022, that does not mean that they can blindly trust it will remain that way. It is for that reason that Wolff advises caution when it comes to finishing races.

    “It’s funny that both teams keep having their cars stop but you can’t be complacent about that because it can swing in the other direction very quickly,” he said.

    “We’re happy about our reliability,” added Wolff. “Last year, when we look at how we went with the engine, we had the other problems. That’s why I don’t want to get too excited too soon. Reliability is certainly important, as important as the performance, but I don’t think will be the only factor.”

    ‘Toto Wolff: Can’t Be Complacent’;

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    Rain threatens to deliver dramatic weekend at British Grand Prix.
    Friday showers at Silverstone. According to our weather provider, WeerOnline, Friday will be a showery day at Silverstone with rain across Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.
    29/06/2022, ‎15‎:‎20
    Author RacingNews365 Staff

    Rain to have a say on Saturday. The weather forecast for Saturday remains uncertain. There is rain expected north and east of the circuit while forecasts south of the venue show that it will remain dry. Showers are likely with a storm possible just as the cars take to the track for qualifying.

    Will the skies clear in time for race day? The answer looks set to be no - but that does not mean we will see rain during the British Grand Prix.

    Sunday is expected to be a cloudy day with moderate wind and rain is possible, but for now, is unlikely. The temperatures are expected to climb no higher than 20 degrees Celsius.

    ‘Dramatic Weekend of Weather!’;

    Lewis Hamilton faces Silverstone ban with Mercedes star set for FIA collision course again
    LEWIS HAMILTON could be prevented from racing at this weekend's British Grand Prix.
    22:41, Wed, Jun 29, 2022

    Lewis Hamilton faces being prevented from racing at this weekend's British Grand Prix over the FIA's hardline stance on drivers wearing jewellery when behind the wheel. The 37-year-old is known for regularly sporting a nose stud and earrings during races and has taken exception to the FIA's decision to enforce their firm view on the matter over the course of this season.

    The Mercedes driver was initially given a two-race medical exemption which covered him until the Monaco Grand Prix, at which point an extension was agreed by the relevant parties. If Hamilton decides against removing his nose stud when he takes to the cockpit for FP1 at Silverstone on Friday, the worst-case scenario could see him banned from racing until he is able to take his jewellery out.

    A number of alternative options will be available to the stewards, though, including reprimands or fines. It remains to be seen whether Hamilton will be able to comply with the FIA's demands or if he will face the unfortunate prospect of being prevented from racing at his home Grand Prix when the on-track action gets underway on Friday.

    ‘FIA Collison Course’;

    Lewis Hamilton could be BANNED from this weekend's British Grand Prix as the row over his nose stud reaches boiling point... with neither the seven-time champion or new FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem backing down over jewellery row
    Lewis Hamilton could be barred from the British Grand Prix over jewellery row
    Hamilton refuses to back down despite the jewellery ban from the FIA
    Published: 22:30, 29 June 2022
    By Jonathan McEvoy for the Daily Mail

    Lewis Hamilton faces possible expulsion from the British Grand Prix as the row over wearing jewellery in the cockpit reaches boiling point. In the most extreme circumstances, Hamilton could be barred from competing at his home race for taking to the track in jewellery - a move that would test the ire of 140,000 fans due at Silverstone on Sunday.

    The grace period regarding wearing jewellery expires today, yet Hamilton retains his contentious nose stud. The FIA are not backing down, either. At least for now.

    President Mohammed Ben Sulayem is keen to stick to his insistence that the previously unenforced jewellery rule is an important safety issue. If Ben Sulayem is not talked into a compromise position, Hamilton could either be fined or, in extremis, prevented from racing.

    ‘Testing the ire of 140,000 Silverstone fans’;

    British Grand Prix: Payback for Verstappen a year on?
    30 June, 2022

    Last year, Silverstone marked a low point on Max Verstappen’s road to the 2021 Formula 1 title but the Red Bull driver is riding higher than ever ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix where he will return seeking payback. A year ago, Verstappen was 33 points clear of Mercedes’ seven times F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton after winning the sport’s first Saturday Sprint race for pole position at Silverstone.

    The pair then collided at speed on Sunday’s opening lap, with Hamilton going on to win for a record eighth time at home while a bruised Verstappen went to hospital with his lead slashed to eight points. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner accused Hamilton of putting his driver’s life at risk while Verstappen slammed the Briton’s podium celebrations as unsporting and disrespectful.

    “We went from winning the sprint race on the Saturday and having a very healthy lead in the world championship to having a driver in hospital on Sunday evening and 26 points immediately wiped out,” Horner recalled. “It will be great to race in front of probably the biggest ever crowd that Silverstone has had, and hopefully we can be competitive there and try and get some form of redemption for last year.”

    ‘Max Payback, Max Redemption’;

    Alpine braced for ‘big week’ as they bring major upgrade package to 2022 British GP.
    Alpine sit fifth in the Constructors' Championship after nine rounds of the 2022 season.
    28 June 2022
    by Rob Kershaw

    Alpine driver Esteban Ocon is very pleased with the progress his team are making on the developmental side of things. Ocon has been in the points in seven of the opening nine rounds of the season, but neither he nor team-mate Fernando Alonso have been on the podium just yet.

    “So yeah, big hopes, it’s going to be a big week, starting from Tuesday for us, so a lot of work going ahead. “And yeah, hopefully we can perform well, because the car is where it should be.” The 25-year-old divulged that a lot of the progress happening right now is taking place earlier than anticipated.

    “And, it’s delivering it’s going in the right direction. And I think since the beginning of the year, we have improved more than a lot of other teams. So yeah, we can be satisfied, and it’s going in the right direction.”

    ‘Alpine ‘Big Week’ Upgrades’;

    “The British Grand Prix... let’s go!" - Daniel Ricciardo is fired up for Silverstone
    Published: 29 Jun 2022, 13:41
    By George Dagless

    McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo says he’s looking forward to driving in McLaren’s home race at Silverstone this weekend. The British Grand Prix is always an exciting moment on the British sporting calendar and up at the front Ferrari, and potentially Mercedes, are bidding to halt Red Bull’s progress up at the top.

    Ricciardo is eager to get going, too, with him explaining why Silverstone also holds a special place in his heart despite hailing from the other side of the world: “The British Grand Prix… let’s go! It’s a home race for the team and that means we’ll definitely feel the support in the grandstands. There was a sea of papaya last year, so I’m excited to head there again this year. It’s the race where I made my F1 debut, so it holds a special place in my heart anyway, but it’s also a great circuit to race on too, so I can’t wait to get out on track.

    “Silverstone offers some good overtaking opportunities, so it will be fun to see what we can do in these new regulation cars. I’m excited to get on track and hopefully get back up the pointy end for our home crowd – we have awesome fans so we will do everything we can to deliver for them.”

    ‘Let’s go!, Let’s go!, Let’s go!, ‘Let’s go!’;

    Lewis Hamilton told to ‘stay at home’ ahead of British GP
    AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost is not inclined to show a lot of sympathy for drivers who are complaining about the “porpoising” and bouncing issues due to the new technical regulations.
    29 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    “When this new regulation was created, it was clear from the very beginning onwards that these cars will not be easy to drive,” he (Franz Tost) said. “Why? Because this floor, with a Venturi principle, makes it necessary that the cars are set up quite stiff; that the cars are quite close to the surface, and that the front and rear ride-height is quite low.”

    “At least, you will gain a lot of performance if the car’s setup as low as possible, and as hard as possible. In addition to this, you have the 18-inch tyres, therefore it is clear that there is less damping coming from the tyres, and that the cars are not any more so comfortable to drive as it was in the past. Now, the drivers complain about it.”

    “On one hand, I can understand – it’s not so easy for them. On the other hand, this is a Formula 1 car. I remember back when the wing cars were out there, there was a driver coming to me on Sunday evening and said ‘tomorrow I have to go to the dentist because I lose my fillings because the cars are so hard to drive.’ It’s nothing new.”

    ‘Losing Dental Fillings’;

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    Vettel to demonstrate his ex-Mansell 1992 Williams at Silverstone using sustainable fuel
    Sebastian Vettel will demonstrate Nigel Mansell’s 1992 Formula 1 world championship-winning Williams FW14B ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday.
    2022 British Grand Prix
    Posted on 30th June 2022, 16:31
    Written by Will Wood and Claire Cottingham

    Vettel, who races for Aston Martin in this year’s Formula 1 championship, personally owns the car having purchased the model emblazoned with the famous ‘red five’ some years ago. Vettel says that the demonstration run was his idea and will be the first time he has driven the iconic machine that claimed 14 pole positions, nine grand prix victories and 12 podium appearances en route to the British driver’s sole world championship title 30 years ago.

    “It was my idea. It’s my car,” said Vettel. “I bought the car some years ago – I think four years ago.” Vettel said the 1992 model with Mansell’s famous red number five holds special sentimental value to him from his earliest memories of watching Formula 1 as a child. “The ‘red five’ is the car from ’92 with the red five on it and means a bit more than just the car from 30 years ago,” he said.

    “Obviously I’ve got the number five on my car. I won my first championship with the red five – even if it was a little bit smaller on our car back then – but still it was number five. I was wearing number five throughout karting quite a lot and I’m having number five now, so there’s a link there. I think the early nineties is the memories that I have from Formula 1, the first sort of memories – that car, the years after. So it was my idea, my initiative and I thought exactly 30 years after it won the championship in 1992, but it also won the British Grand Prix 30 years ago, it’s a great, great idea.”

    ‘Red Five’;

    ‘I’m expecting to have fun’ says Vettel, as he prepares for carbon neutral-fuelled Silverstone run in Mansell’s 1992 Williams
    30 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Fans at this weekend’s British Grand Prix are in for an extra treat this Sunday as Sebastian Vettel will be hitting the circuit in Nigel Mansell’s Williams FW14B for a demonstration run around Silverstone – 30 years after Mansell took a famous victory at the track.

    In Mansell’s hands, the active-ride car was dominant in the 1992 season and the moustachioed Englishman won nine Grands Prix across the year on his way to the World Championship – including the British Grand Prix, where he qualified on pole a staggering 1.919s ahead of his team mate Ricardo Patrese.

    A keen F1 history buff, Vettel bought the famous ‘red five’ car – so named for Mansell’s race number emblazoned in red on the nose cone – two years ago and decided a demo run at Silverstone would be the ideal way to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Mansell’s crowd pleasing triumph.

    ‘Having Fun, Fun and More Fun’;

    Williams’ new Red Bull-esque sidepod design is a “much-needed upgrade” – Albon
    2022 British Grand Prix
    Posted on 30th June 2022, 20:44
    Written by Keith Collantine and Claire Cottingham

    The team has brought an upgrade package for Albon’s car only to this weekend’s British Grand Prix. He said the new car is closer to Red Bull’s in design. “As you’ve seen, everyone’s been going towards a certain concept,” said Albon. “Everyone started a bit different and it’s either the kind of the Ferrari concept or the Red Bull concept that seems to be adopted and our one looks more like the Red Bull car. But I wouldn’t call it a like-for-like.”

    Williams are languishing at the bottom of the standings after the first nine races. Albon said “a lot of work” has gone into the upgrade. “This is a big update. There isn’t many things on the car have the same part as two weeks ago. So it’s pretty big.” However he dismissed rumours the team expects to gain as much as a second per lap from the revised aerodynamics.

    “It’s hard to say what we’ll do,” he said. “I think a second is very… if we took that, we would be very, very happy. But until we drive the car we won’t really know.” He said it may take more than one race for the team to unlock the performance from their revised car.

    ‘FW44: Unlock the Performance’;

    Mercedes mystery lingers in title race as defining moment arrives: British GP burning Qs
    July 1st, 2022 10:57 am
    Michael Lamonato from Fox Sports

    A crucial month of racing begins this weekend with the British Grand Prix. Crucial because four races in five weekends makes July a particularly lucrative month for championship aspirants. Crucial because momentum counts for much in motorsport, and carrying some into the mid-season break could set up the second half of the season for success.

    Crucial because the return to traditional racing circuits will be a relief to many after the better part of two months racing on temporary streets. And most of all, crucial because everyone wants to win at Silverstone.

    The British Grand Prix is in an exclusive club of heritage races that can trace their roots all the way back to the beginning of the world championship. The track itself is iconic, challenging and good for racing, and the routinely packed-house crowds are among the best in the sport.

    ‘Silverstone, Silverstone, Silverstone’;

    Alpine couldn’t have fitted upgrades anywhere but Silverstone
    Date published: June 30 2022
    Michelle Foster

    Said to be bringing a significant upgrade to the British GP, Otmar Szafnauer says it is only possible because Alpine’s factory is close enough to Silverstone to rush through spare parts if needed. Following on from their Baku updates of revised sidepods and front and rear wings to their beam wing in Montreal, Alpine will again be introducing new parts at this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

    According to Auto Motor und Sport’s Tobi Grüner, the Alpine package will include a ‘new floor to Silverstone’ that ‘according to wind tunnel and CFD data should provide a decent step’.
    A step that team boss Szafnauer says would not be possible were it not for location of the team’s factory in Enstone. A mere 30 miles from the Silverstone circuit, should the team need extra parts to replace damaged pieces, they can easily be driven to the circuit.

    Szafnauer told Sky Sports: “If this upgrade wasn’t to be taken to Silverstone from Enstone, we probably wouldn’t have we wouldn’t have done it So are our spares are going to be driven up there on Saturday morning – hopefully we won’t need them. Had it been any further than we probably wouldn’t have upgraded the car.”

    ‘EL PLAN: Silverstone Location Advantage’;

    Silverstone chasing ‘festival feel’ for new long-term deal
    Date published: June 30 2022

    Silverstone intends on making the British Grand Prix have a festival vibe, as it chases a new long-term deal with Formula 1. Silverstone’s current deal with F1 comes to an end after the 2024 race, but the venue for the first-ever Formula 1 Grand Prix is hopeful of securing a new long-term deal going forward.

    “It is becoming a different sport. There’s a whole new load of people coming into it. The challenge I set our team here at Silverstone is how do we keep pace with that? How do we do that in our own distinct style? “How do we do that in our own way without being becoming some homogenised American-based product, but we keep the unique identity of the British Grand Prix?

    “The answer is we make it more of a British summer festival. You’re going to see a big upscale in the quality of the music acts over the next few years.” The goal is to create a mini-music festival, to try keeping fans on site and entertained. This will also have the effect of reducing fan travel – a key aspect of F1’s current plans to become net-carbon zero by the year 2030.

    ‘Silverstone Festival’;

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    F1's ultimate playboys and their sauciest sex stories - including bonking 5,000 women.
    Formula One's biggest playboys and their sauciest sex stories, from infamously bedding 5,000 women to 'partying' wearing only Ugg boots
    20:31, 30 JUN 2022
    BY James Moore

    Down the years motor racing has had more than its fair share of playboys and lotharios, famous for revving up the romance. Britain’s James Hunt had the motto: “Sex, breakfast of champions” sewn into his racing overalls. It was fitting as the dashing blonde driver boasted of bedding 5,000 women. He once slept with 35 air stewardesses at the Tokyo Hilton ahead of the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix, where he would go on to scoop the world title.

    Described as ‘the greatest driver never to win the World Championship’, Sir Stirling Moss won 16 Grand Prixes and notched up plenty of romantic conquests along the way. In a home filled with James Bond style gadgets he had a cabinet where he stored black notebooks to keep track of what he called his “crumpet”.

    He was nicknamed ‘El Chueco’, meaning the ‘bandy legged one’, but Argentine racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio had no problem running off with a string of lovers. Winning five F1 titles in the 1950s, the short, balding speed merchant was an unlikely sex symbol who, it’s rumoured, even dated famous first lady Eva Peron. His body was exhumed in 2015 in a paternity case involving two men with different mothers claiming to be his son. DNA tests showed they both were!

    ‘F1 Playboys’;

    It's Coming Home - 2022 British GP Preview
    Published Jul 1, 2022 3:00 AM
    Inside Line F1.

    After the legendary Steve Slater narrated some of the finest British GP memories a few days ago, our show regulars are back with the 2022 British GP Preview.
    But this episode has a special guest, too. Daniel Ricciardo's physio Michael Italiano joins us to explain how drivers have coped with porpoising & what it takes to be race fit through a demanding and compact Formula 1 calendar of 22-odd races.

    The Inside Line F1 Podcast is brought to you by Eight Sleep, the most-trusted name in high-performance sleep. Would you like to sleep on a bed-mattress designed by Formula 1 engineers to enhance your sleep quality? Here's an exclusive offer for our listeners.

    ‘It’s Coming Home’;

    Alex Albon: Silverstone“a special circuit made better by all the fans who come out to show their support”
    June 30, 2022
    By Ashley Cline

    Alex Albon is excited to return to the British Grand Prix, a race weekend that is particularly special to both him and Williams Racing as their home event. Silverstone Circuit is a track that holds many memories for the Thai-British driver, and is also a favourite from a driving stand-point.

    “Silverstone is a home race for the team and half for me too! It’s a special circuit made better by all the fans who come out to show their support. Silverstone is also where I first got my karting licence at 8 years old, so it’s really where it all began for me. It has to be one of the most enjoyable circuits for a driver and I think it’ll be pretty fun in these cars.”

    Team-mate Nicholas Latifi looks forward to the atmosphere of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, from the passionate fans to the exciting driving experience Silverstone creates. “I’m very excited to be heading to Silverstone. It’s the team’s home race so it’s going to be a special weekend in that regard. Silverstone is an incredible circuit, especially with the huge turnout from the fans and the atmosphere they create.”

    ‘Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone Atmosphere’;

    British GP: Thursday's build-up in pictures
    30/06/2022 at 20:00
    Michael Delaney

    As the 2022 F1 World Championship nears its midway point, teams are back at Silverstone, Britain's very own temple of speed.
    Check out our pictures from Thursday's build-up to the what will be a home race for most teams this weekend.

    ‘Home Race, for Most Teams’;

    What is the weather forecast for the 2022 British Grand Prix?
    30 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Formula 1 heads to Silverstone for the 10th round of racing at the 2022 British Grand Prix, but can we expect rain or will the sun be shining for the drivers this weekend?

    Red Bull are on a run of six straight victories, with Max Verstappen winning five of those to lead the drivers’ championship by 46 points over team mate Sergio Perez.

    The outlook at this stage suggests that there is a slight chance of rain on Friday and Saturday for the practice sessions and qualifying – but it should be sunny for the race.

    ‘British GP Weather Forecast’;

    Leclerc ‘still believes’ 2022 title possible – but says next four races will be crucial as he looks to end win-less run
    30 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Engine penalties, strategy missteps and retirements have all conspired to mean that Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc now hasn’t taken victory since the Australian Grand Prix back in April. But the former championship leader said ahead of the British Grand Prix weekend that he still believed a title tilt was possible in 2022.

    While Leclerc headed the standings by 34 points following his Melbourne win – his second victory in the opening three Grands Prix of the year – a stunning fightback from Red Bull has seen them win every race since, Verstappen taking five of those, while power unit issues in Spain and Azerbaijan took Leclerc out of race-leading positions.

    But asked ahead of the British Grand Prix whether he still believed he could win the title with Ferrari in 2022, Leclerc replied: “Obviously we’re not in the best situation with the last few races. We are always pushing to the limit, at the end, that’s what we need to do if we want to win this championship. “So on that, I’m pretty sure that the team will push 100%, I will push 100% and everybody is extremely motivated to have... cleaner races and get the rhythm and get back the points that we’ve lost in the last three races.

    ‘100% Ferrari, will push 100%, to the Limit 100%’;

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    Bottas leads Hamilton and Sainz in a wet first practice at the British Grand Prix.
    Valtteri Bottas led the first free practice session of the 2022 British Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit.
    July 1, 2022
    By Sudha Sundararaj

    Lewis Hamilton finished in second position, 0.532 seconds slower than the Finn. Carlos Sainz finished in third position at the end of the session.

    The first free practice session of the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit started with air temperatures at 16 degrees C and track temperatures at 26 degrees C. The track was wet and the drivers went out on the intermediate tyres.

    The Pirelli tyre choice at this race is the white-striped hard compound tyres (C1), yellow-striped medium compound tyres (C2), and red-striped soft compound tyres (C3), the hardest range of compounds in the Pirelli tyre range.

    ‘Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz’;

    (FP1) First Practice Results – 2022 British Grand Prix
    Silverstone, UK
    1st July 2022
    by Emer Hedderman

    Results (Classification):
    1. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo – 1:42.249
    2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.532
    3. Carlos Sainz Scuderia Ferrari +0.718
    4. Charles Leclerc Scuderia Ferrari +1.552
    5. Mick Schumacher Haas +1.646
    6. Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo +3.922
    7. Kevin Magnussen Haas +5.912
    8. Lance Stroll Aston Martin +8.994
    9. Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri +9.124
    10. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin +16.919

    ‘British Grand Prix – Here are the complete results from FP1 ahead of this weekend’s 2022 F1 World Championship race around Silverstone’;

    Bottas goes fastest in the rain: British GP practice round-up
    Valtteri Bottas went quickest in Free Practice 1 at the British GP, with Lewis Hamilton second in a wet session
    July 1st 2022
    Author James Elson

    Valtteri Bottas headed a stop-start Free Practice 1 which saw intermittent rain delay running and only half the field set a time.

    The Alfa Romeo driver posted a fastest lap of 1min 42.49sec as all cars used intermediate tyres for most of the hour, before a few cars tried the soft compound on a drying track at the death.

    Lewis Hamilton, looking to put a week of controversy behind him, was one of these as he went second-fastest, 0.5sec off Bottas, while an earlier time by Carlos Sainz was good enough for third.

    ‘FP1: Intermittent Rain Delay Running’;

    Bottas quickest in wet British GP opening practice
    JULY 1, 2022

    Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas set the quickest lap of a damp opening practice session for this weekend’s 2022 FIA Formula 1 British Grand Prix, finishing ahead of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

    Rain began to fall ahead of the session and as such there was a muted start to the session as teams kept their drivers in the garages as they waited for conditions to improve.

    In the end it was local favourites Hamilton and Mercedes team-mate George Russell who were the first to take to the track, followed soon after by the Ferraris of Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

    ‘FP1: Damp Opening Practice Session’;

    HIGHLIGHTS: Watch how the rainy opening practice session unfolded at Silverstone
    01 July 2022
    Formula 1

    Wet conditions made for limited running in FP1 for the 2022 British Grand Prix, drivers doing their best to turn laps before Lance Stroll spun with seconds remaining.

    Valtteri Bottas equipped himself with inters to set the fastest time in FP1 for Alfa Romeo – with ex-team mate Lewis Hamilton finishing second, half a second off, having opted for soft tyres on his Mercedes.

    Rain made for tough going, teams choosing to save their sets of inters and limit their lap counts, Hamilton setting the most with 10 and Bottas clocking eight laps of Silverstone.

    ‘Opening Practice Session’;

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    FP2: Sainz leads British duo of Hamilton and Norris in second practice at Silverstone
    01 July 2022
    Formula 1.

    Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz clocked the quickest time in second practice for the British Grand Prix, ahead of home hero Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes at Silverstone.

    The track had fully dried after the rain-affected opening practice, with Sainz fitting fresh soft tyres on his low-fuel run to clock a 1m 28.942s, 0.163s clear of Hamilton in front of an impressive crowd that is set to hit 400,000 over the course of the weekend.

    McLaren’s Lando Norris, who was running the returning pedal camera, was third, a fraction further back, as championship leader Max Verstappen, voicing his unhappiness with the car throughout, took fourth.

    ‘Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Fastest’;

    (FP2) Second Practice Results – 2022 British Grand Prix
    Silverstone, UK
    1st July 2022
    by Emer Hedderman

    1. Carlos Sainz Scuderia Ferrari -1:28.942
    2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.163
    3. Lando Norris McLaren +0.176
    4. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +0.207
    5. Charles Leclerc Scuderia Ferrari +0.462
    6. Fernando Alonso Alpine +0.753
    7. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing +0.811
    8. George Russell Mercedes +0.857
    9. Daniel Ricciardo McLaren +0.960
    10. Lance Stroll Aston Martin +1.000

    ‘British Grand Prix – Here are the complete results from FP2 ahead of this weekend’s 2022 F1 World Championship race around Silverstone’;

    Sainz tops a dry second practice ahead of Hamilton and Norris at the British Grand Prix
    July 1, 2022
    By Sudha Sundararaj

    Carlos Sainz topped the second practice session at the 2022 British Grand Prix. After the restricted running in the first practice session, this was a dry session.

    Lewis Hamilton finished second with a good lap which was only 0.163 seconds slower than the fastest lap. Lando Norris with a good lap early in the session finished in third position.

    The second free practice session at the Silverstone Circuit started with air temperatures at 18 degrees C and track temperatures at 29 degrees C. The track was dry and the drivers were on the track immediately after the curtailed running in the first session.

    ‘Sainz on Top’;

    Hamilton puts Mercedes in British GP contention with Sainz fastest despite off
    Friday 1 July 2022 17:01
    Ewan Gale

    Lewis Hamilton gave Mercedes fans hope of a competitive British Grand Prix weekend as Carlos Sainz dubiously took second practice honours.

    The Ferrari driver lapped the Silverstone circuit in a time of one minute, 28.942secs almost two-tenths faster than Hamilton's Mercedes after Charles Leclerc headed a Ferrari one-two after the initial medium-tyre runs. But Sainz's time would likely be deleted if set during qualifying, with the Spaniard running well wide at Copse.

    Hamilton had raised fears of further woes across the weekend for the Silver Arrows with a radio message complaining of bouncing after just nine laps of the session, but the W13 looked much more settled during his qualifying simulation run.

    ‘F1-75 Off, W13 Bouncing’;

    LIVE COVERAGE: Follow all the action from second practice for the British Grand Prix
    01 July 2022
    Formula 1.

    That is the end of the first day of running here at Silverstone, as Sainz sets the fastest time of the day to top the leaderboard in FP2. Hamilton comes home in second place - his highest practice finish of the season - while Norris finishes in third.

    ‘FP2: As it happened’;

    2022 British GP FP2: McLaren’s rear jack fails during Norris practice pit stop
    01 Jul 2022
    Formula 1.

    McLaren’s rear jack fails during a practice pit stop for their driver Lando Norris during FP2 at the 2022 Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

    ‘Jack Fails’;

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    5 things we learned from Friday practice at the British Grand Prix.
    The British fans were out in force on Friday at Silverstone, with 106,000 braving the rain and enjoying the following sunshine at the home of motorsport. So after two practice sessions – of which only one was dry – who’s looking hot, and who has work to do overnight?
    01 July 2022
    F1 Correspondent & Presenter
    Lawrence Barretto

    1. Ferrari at home on Silverstone’s sweeping turns. There's just something about this place that has brought out the very best of Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari driver having finished third, third and second in the last three runnings of this event – but it was his team mate Carlos Sainz who shone the brightest on Friday.

    2. A long night ahead for Red Bull after tricky day. Red Bull were the favourites heading into Silverstone, not just because they have won the last six races on the bounce but rather because they have a car that boasts a straight-line speed advantage over their immediate rivals.

    3. Upgraded Mercedes seems like a step forward. The good news for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell is that the W13 wasn’t bouncing on the straights. The bad news was that it was bouncing quite a bit through the sweeping turns.

    ‘4. McLaren look handy on home soil & 5. Alpine could be dark horses’;

    F1 2022 results: British GP – Second Practice session.
    Carlos Sainz built on his encouraging return to form two weeks ago by clocking the quickest time in FP2 for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.
    Date published: July 1 2022
    Jon Wilde

    When the flying laps began, it was immediately the Red Bulls and Ferraris that assumed their customary 2022 places at the top of the timesheet, although Verstappen was reporting an unusual noise in his RB18 as he was outpaced by Leclerc to the tune of more than six tenths of a second on their opening efforts. The team appeared unconcerned, however, and the World Champion was told to stay on track.

    Just before the halfway mark of the hour, Lando Norris gave the home fans something to cheer by leaping to the top of the standings by more than a third of a second in his McLaren, on soft tyres, but was swiftly eclipsed by Sainz even though he had appeared to exceed track limits by running wide at Copse.

    Runner-up in Montreal, the Ferrari man outpaced his team-mate Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, the duo who have won eight of the first nine races this term between them. There was also good news for Lewis Hamilton, who took second place in the upgraded Mercedes as he aims to set a new record for the most victories at a single grand prix.

    ‘Lando Norris Cheered by Home fans’;

    “The weather is likely to continue in this unsettled vein” – McLaren’s Andrea Stella
    July 1, 2022
    By Nick Golding

    It was a good start to the British Grand Prix for the McLaren F1 Team, who ended the opening day of their home weekend with Lando Norris in third and Daniel Ricciardo in ninth. Both drivers sat out the morning session, with the typical British weather providing plenty of rain during Free Practice One.

    Following the opening day, McLaren’s Executive Director, Andrea Stella, evaluated the team’s start to the British Grand Prix where they have plenty of positives to take into Qualifying.

    “The mixed weather conditions today at Silverstone presented us with an opportunity to study the car on both a wet and a dry track, which was useful because the weather is likely to continue in this unsettled vein across the remainder of the weekend. It was also quite windy today, which makes the car a little unpredictable and tricky to drive – especially in the high-speed corners.”

    ‘Unsettled Weather Continues’;

    Hamilton: Mercedes “not miles off” Red Bull and Ferrari after W13 upgrades
    2022 British Grand Prix
    Posted on 1st July 2022, 19:57
    Written by Will Wood

    Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes are “not miles off” rivals Red Bull and Ferrari at the end of the opening day of practice for the British Grand Prix. Hamilton ended Friday second quickest, just 0.16 seconds slower than the fastest time set by Carlos Sainz Jnr in the Ferrari.

    Mercedes have introduced another raft of upgraded parts to their W13 for this weekend, including revised front suspension, sidepod inlets, the rear wing and the floor. Speaking after practice, Hamilton said he was encouraged by the performance of Mercedes relative to their rivals.

    “It has been a good day,” Hamilton said. “P2, [I’m] feeling pretty good. I think it’s bouncing still quite a bit, not necessarily in a straight line, but through the corners it’s pretty harsh. Not physically harsh, but just like in the car, on the tyres and everything. So we’ve still got work to do, but it feels like a small step forwards – just got to keep working.”

    ‘Not Miles Off’;

    Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his 33rd birthday like a proud Aussie with a crafted SHOEY cake ahead of British Grand Prix

    Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday
    McLaren presented him with a 'shoey' cake ahead of the British Grand Prix
    Published: 01:22, 2 July 2022
    By Andrew Prentice For Daily Mail Australia

    Daniel Ricciardo has celebrated his 33rd birthday in style, with a shoey cake presented to the F1 star ahead of the British Grand Prix this weekend. McLaren uploaded two images on Twitter, showing the larrikin Aussie loving the cheeky gesture from his team. Ricciardo popularised the victory celebration where he pours champagne or beer into his sweaty boot and then takes a deep swig.

    The cake from team officials also featured a honey badger - the animal that is also Ricciardo's nickname - poking its head out. Attention now turns to trackside at Silverstone, where the Perth born driver is gunning for a podium finish. He also acknowledged McLaren are collectively working tirelessly to ensure they will be competitive against the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari.

    'I know the team has been trying to dial the car in more, looking to get better,' Ricciardo said. 'For us and my engineering team, it was sim work, trying different set-ups and trying to nail this car.”

    ‘Sweaty Boot Champagne’;

    In profile: Adrienne Watson, Motorsport UK Steward at the British Grand Prix
    Friday 01 July 2022
    Motorsport UK

    Adrienne Watson, a Motorsport UK Official, is taking on the role of the Motorsport UK-appointed Steward at the 2022 FORMULA 1 LENOVO BRITISH GRAND PRIX .

    The British Grand Prix features high-profile drivers competing in W Series, women dedicating their time as volunteers and women delivering at the top end of the sport in engineering and strategic roles.

    Watson is one of the many women in motorsport in and around the paddock this weekend and Friday 1 July marks Women in Motorsport Day, as Motorsport UK, W Series and Silverstone recognise and showcase the success of women in all areas of motorsport.

    ‘Women in Motorsport Day’;

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