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    Ex-F1 champion asks Ferrari chief strategist if he was even ‘watching the race’.
    Villeneuve questioned if strategist Inaki Rueda was even “watching the race” after he called Leclerc in for Hards, instead of leaving him out on Mediums to stick with the plan.
    3 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    If Ferrari do not sort themselves out over the summer break, the former Williams driver fears that this title race could be an avalanche. “Nothing has been decided yet, there are still plenty of races to go, but if the trend continues, if Verstappen continues to drive at this level and Red Bull also continues to develop, it will be very difficult to stop them,” explained Villeneuve.

    Verstappen won the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday from 10th on the grid after more strategical blunders from Ferrari cost Charles Leclerc the win. However, that takes nothing away from the reigning champion’s impressive recovery which, in Villeneuve’s eyes, is further proof that the Red Bull driver is simply out of this world.

    “Max is a machine, he’s simply not normal!” he stated. “He wasn’t even tired yesterday, I don’t think he even needs to go on holiday! He is driving so incredibly strongly this year, and the team is not making any mistakes.

    ‘Watching the race’;

    Jacques Villeneuve lays into Ferrari: Are they not watching the race or what?
    Wednesday 3rd August 2022 10:00 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Jacques Villeneuve is mystified as to how so many of F1’s strategists, said to be “top level”, could get it so horribly wrong at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Ferrari can count themselves on that list.

    The Scuderia made headlines after the Hungaroring race, not because of a shining moment of glory as it should have been for Charles Leclerc but because of how badly wrong they got his strategy.

    The team went for a medium-medium-hard tyre strategy for the Monégasque driver only to realise the hards were not working. However, you sense if they had been properly watching the race, they would have seen everyone else who tried the hard tyres struggled for pace.

    ‘Ferrari Mystified!’;

    Hakkinen: Red Bull will finish 1-2 in standings if Ferrari doesn’t respond soon
    03/08/2022, 10:09
    by Fergal Walsh

    Two-time Formula 1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen has backed the Red Bull drivers to finish first and second in the Drivers’ standings this year if Ferrari don’t improve its form soon.

    Writing in his column for Unibet, Hakkinen has warned Ferrari that it could lose out to both Red Bull drivers soon if it doesn’t better its performances.

    “Of course Max Verstappen has the quickest, most consistent car, but the big picture on Sunday is that Russell, Leclerc, Sainz and Hamilton led at some point, and the way the cars can follow each other thanks to the ’22 regulations is very positive,” he said. “There was so much happening and, when you consider Max even had a spin, I think 3 or 4 drivers could have won this race.”

    ‘1 2 Red Bull’;

    Binotto admits to frustration under his calm persona
    Tuesday 2nd August 2022 5:00 PM
    Michelle Foster

    The Scuderia’s reliability and poor decision making has cost the driver 108 points in total while Leclerc’s own mistakes saw him drop a further 32.

    Such was Leclerc’s exasperation after the Hungarian GP, a race he should have won but instead finished P6, that he told the media it feels “like there is always something going wrong” at Ferrari. He’s not the only one annoyed with the situation.

    “I’m frustrated no doubt,” team boss Binotto insisted to Channel 4 after the Hungarian race, “even if I’m maybe not showing it too much, but I’m certainly frustrated. Because I know what is the potential of the car, what it has been so far, even if today it’s the first time in the first half of the season that the car was not so great.”


    We do the maths on a season of missed opportunities for Leclerc and Ferrari
    James Mackenzie

    Once all those numbers are totted up, they would have left Verstappen on 289 points and Leclerc on 297. Of course, a championship is never going to go entirely your way, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth knowing how thrilling a title fight we could be experiencing without Ferrari’s operational and reliability issues.

    Even with Leclerc’s two errors factored in he would only be 25 or so points back. As much as Binotto refuses to take responsibility for his team’s mistakes, repeatedly claiming they were never expecting to win the race and/or title, it is perfectly clear that it is Ferrari who have yet again thrown away a great shot at the championship.

    ‘Maths of Missed Opportunities’;

    Why Ferrari launched failed tyre gamble in Hungary
    Tuesday 2 August 2022 18:30
    Sam Hall

    Explaining why, Binotto said: "When we fitted the hard, our simulation was that it would have been a difficult couple of laps of warm-up.”

    "They would have been slower than the medium for 10, 11 laps but then they would have come back and would have been faster by the end of the stint and it was a 30-lap stint.”

    “We fitted the hard tyres at the time because, with a 30-lap stint, we were trying to protect position on Max. It would have been too long for the soft and our choice and analysis [was that] yes, it would have been difficult at the start of the stint but we could have come back by the end."

    ‘Failed tyre gamble’;

    Italian media claim Max Verstappen has ‘secured his second title’
    Max Verstappen won the Hungarian Grand Prix after Ferrari threw away a win for Charles Leclerc.
    2 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Verstappen had started the race down in 10th after engine troubles in qualifying, so his victory was labelled a “masterpiece” by Corriere dello Sport. Conversely, Quotidiano Nazionale affirmed that Leclerc “deserves more” from his team right now having been comfortably leading in Budapest.

    Writer for the publication, Fluvio Solms, gave a stinging review of Ferrari’s handling of a race that they seemingly had in the bag, and suggested that Verstappen has all but wrapped up the title. “The wave of enthusiasm on which the entire Ferrari team was surfing, dreaming of an irresistible end of the season, has been completely shattered,” he wrote.

    “It should never have happened at the Hungaroring, but it did. Right there, on the friendly circuit that requires a key quality of Ferrari – aerodynamic downforce. The Dutchman secured his second title with nine races to go.”

    ‘Surfing Dream Shattered’;

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    Mike Krack: “Taking home one world championship point is little reward for a job well done”.
    “Both drivers were relentless, our race pace was strong and our strategy allowed us to pick off the cars ahead of us.” Principal Mike Krack
    August 3, 2022
    By Ashley Cline

    Krack said that the single point the team earned isn’t quite representative of the great job they did, praising the drivers’ “relentless” performance at the Hungaroring and the competitiveness of their race package.

    Heading into summer break, Krack said that he was proud of the team’s efforts throughout the beginning of the season and looks forward to returning to Belgium refreshed and ready to compete.

    “We will take those positives into the summer break and come back stronger for the second half of the season. For now, I want to wish our whole team a well-deserved break over the summer. Everyone has worked tirelessly and I am extremely proud of our entire organisation. We will come back with fresh focus and look forward to the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August.”

    ‘Relentless Drivers’;

    Sebastian Vettel: “Saturday performance needs to be a focus for the second half of the year”
    August 3, 2022
    By Ashley Cline

    Vettel said that ninth place was in his sights near the end of the race after switching places with team-mate Lance Stroll, but ultimately wasn’t able to catch Esteban Ocon for the position with the Virtual Safety Car hindering his prospects. He ended up just over a tenth behind Ocon, narrowly missing an additional point.

    “We had to fight hard for a point today and we came close to a second point when I was chasing down Esteban [Ocon] in the final laps. The team switched cars because I had a better opportunity to catch Esteban, but obviously the Virtual Safety Car hurt us and we ran out of time. I was very close on the final lap, but I needed just one more corner to make a move.”

    Vettel enjoyed the race overall, having had good pace at the Hungaroring. He did, however, struggle with his second set of tyres, which were used mediums. Looking ahead to the rest of the season, Vettel said that improving the team’s qualifying needs to be a priority after summer break.

    ‘Performance Focus’;

    Vettel reveals Aston Martin weakness
    Wednesday 3 August 2022 09:20
    Sam Hall

    Aston Martin sits ninth in the constructors' standings with 20 points, with only Williams below it in the constructors' standings. Results have marginally improved of late, with Aston Martin scoring better than Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri and Williams over the last four races.

    Despite this improvement, Vettel has identified an area where he feels his team can make further gains. "Our weakness is the Saturday, qualifying, because in the race I believe we can stay in the mix once we qualify a little bit higher up," said Vettel

    "I was actually quite relieved on Friday. I had a good Friday. Saturday didn’t really go my way so I wasn’t happy in the night [he qualified 18th] but Sunday felt a lot better and I was able to get back in the race. The plan that we had worked [out] I’m pleased with that, but as I said, I generally tend to look forward.”

    ‘Aston Martin Weakness’;

    Feel the passion inside the Aston Martin F1 garage with 'Il Pitstop'
    Aston Martin F1

    Multi-sensory experience from Peroni Nastro Azzuro 0.0% immerses fans in the sights, sounds and smells of F1.

    The Formula One summer break sees a pause in the action on track but, off it, together with Peroni Nastro Azzuro 0.0%, we're continuing to bring the thrill of the sport to you as 'Il Pitstop' travels across Europe to give fans the chance to experience the passion inside the AMF1 garage.

    ‘Aston Martin Passion’;

    Vettel sets Aston Martin target for rest of season
    04/08/2022, ‎12‎:‎50
    Author Michael Butterworth
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Having scored the final point in Hungary after rising from 18th on the grid, Sebastian Vettel says Aston Martin need to find more pace on Saturday in order to keep improving in 2022. Sebastian Vettel says Aston Martin need to improve on their qualifying performance in order to rise up the table in the second half of 2022.

    ‘Aston Martin target’;

    Brundle: Vettel’s burned the candle hard
    3 August, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Martin Brundle believes Sebastian Vettel has burned the candle hard, as the German decided to retire from Formula 1 at the young age of 35. Vettel announced ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix that he will not be racing in F1 any further after the end of the 2022 season, making the finale in Abu Dhabi, the Aston Martin driver’s final race, his 300th in top flight.

    “It seems no time at all since he was a BMW Friday test driver and then on the grid for Toro Rosso looking like a fresh-faced uni student enjoying life some 15 years ago,” Brundle said of Vettel in his Sky Sports F1 column.

    “He has won four world championships and 53 races, third on the all-time F1 list, and he remains the youngest-ever world champion. He may only be 35 but he’s burned the candle hard,” the Sky Sports pundit mused.

    ‘Candles Burning’;

    Sebastian Vettel's F1 history – all his highs and lows
    AUGUST 2ND 2022
    Tony Dodgins

    Sebastian Vettel's 16-year F1 career has had some incredible ups and downs – Tony Dodgins charts the progression of a grand prix legend. When a youthful-looking Vettel debuted at Indianapolis in 2007, substituting for Robert Kubica at BMW after the Pole’s huge shunt at the previous race in Canada, you knew you were watching an emerging talent. But not a four-time world champion just six seasons down the road!

    Of his 53 Grand Prix victories – putting him third in the all-time list behind only Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, and two up on that other four-time champion, Alain Prost – you can make a case for his first, at Monza in 2008 with the Ferrari-engined Toro Rosso, being the very best. It was certainly the most shocking. Qualifying was held in the rain and Vettel took a stunning pole. Nobody thought that he could possibly convert it into the first ever victory by a Red Bull-backed car, but that is precisely what happened. Toro Rosso’s technical director that day was ex-Ferrari / McLaren man Giorgio Ascanelli, who had worked with Ayrton Senna. Ascanelli, who had been around the block and was not a man prone to hyperbole, reckoned it was a drive of which Ayrton would have been proud.

    In Hungary last weekend, team principal Christian Horner recalled the early days with Vettel. “The thing that stood out about Seb was that from the very beginning you could see that he was a very focused young man and his work ethic was totally Germanic. He worked late but he also had a great sense of humour. He fitted so well into a British team and embraced the culture immediately. “He endeared himself across all areas of the business, whether it was turning up with chocolates for secretaries or learning the lingo in the garage. His command of cockney slang became legendary. His ability to just relate to people and get the best out of them was great. And he was formidable in the cars that we produced in that period of time.”

    ‘Sebastian Vettel's F1 history’;

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    “We had mixed fortunes as a team” – AlphaTauri’s Jody Egginton Post Hungarian GP.
    Jody Egginton, Technical Director at Scuderia AlphaTauri believes that, despite not getting into the points, the race pace shown in Pierre Gasly‘s race was promising, following his pitlane start on Sunday.
    August 4, 2022
    By Joe McCormick

    AlphaTauri brought upgrades to their car in France, but Tsunoda claims that they are not ‘paying off’. Egginton did, however, explain that the Hungarian Grand Prix taught the team more about the update, which will also come with a lot of data.

    “Looking at the bigger picture, although we have not achieved the target of getting back to scoring points again here in Hungary, the race pace shown today is positive and with a better starting position we could have potentially delivered points with Pierre, which is a good sign.”

    “Equally as important though is the amount we have learned about the upgrade here which, when combined with the next updates, will hopefully move us forward another step. We now have a week back at base focused on analysis from this event and preparations for the next Grand Prix before everyone heads off for a well-earned break, ahead of the second half of the season, which we are all looking forward to.”

    ‘Mixed Fortunes’;

    “I must say I’m happy with today” – Gasly After Impressive Hungarian Grand Prix Performance
    August 4, 2022
    By Joe McCormick

    Having started the Hungarian Grand Prix from the pitlane, Pierre Gasly did a good job to recover to twelfth place in what was a chaotic race on strategy. In a year where Scuderia AlphaTauri have been struggling, recovering to a position near the points is certainly a good result.

    “I must say I’m happy with today. Starting from the pitlane is never easy and we managed to recover to twelfth position. There were some changes made to the set-up of the car for the pitlane start, which showed a bit more pace and allowed us to make some good moves,” the Frenchman explained.

    “The most important thing is that we use the upcoming three weeks to extract more from our package and finish inside the points consistently. I know the team and what we are capable of achieving, and with these new cars being difficult, we need time to understand how to get the best out of it,” the number ten driver concluded.

    ‘Impressive Hungarian Grand Prix Performance’;

    Gasly had 'quite open' track limits discussion with F1 race directors
    04/08/2022 at 15:07
    Phillip van Osten

    Pierre Gasly says he had a lengthy discussion in Hungary with F1's race directors over the thorny issue of track limits after a "very arguable" call by the stewards in qualifying deprived him of his fastest lap in Q1.

    Track limits were once again at the center of many discussions among the drivers in Hungary where Gasly's teammate Yuki Tsunoda and Mick Schumacher were sanctioned for a track limit infraction while a penalty handed to Red Bull's Sergio Perez was rescinded by the stewards upon further examination.

    Gasly failed to make the Q2 cut on Saturday as a result of a disputed transgression that took place at the Hungaroring's Turn 5, a decision that left the Frenchman a lowly P19 in the pecking order and very angry.

    ‘Track Limits Discussion’;

    Honda to Keep Open F1 Connection Through 2025
    Aug 2, 2022

    Red Bull asked Honda Racing Corporation to extend the current power unit agreement, and HRC was happy to oblige.

    Honda will retain a loose connection to Formula 1 through the end of 2025 after extending its technical support program with Red Bull.

    Honda announced in October 2020 that it would officially leave Formula 1 after 2021, but eventually reached an agreement that Red Bull and sister team AlphaTauri could continue to use its power units.

    ‘Honda Keep Going’;

    Marko praises Honda as agreement with Red Bull is extended
    ‎02‎ ‎August‎ ‎12‎:‎25
    Author RacingNews365 Staff

    Following the news that Red Bull and Honda have extended their technical support programme until the end of 2025, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner have given their reaction.

    Red Bull advisor Marko has expressed his thanks to Honda for their continued support, and voiced his hopes that they can clinch both championships in 2022. "We thank Honda for their positive response to working together," Marko said.

    "We are excited to continue our partnership in F1 until the end of 2025 with the PU supplied by Honda. We have had a successful relationship so far, winning the Drivers' championship in 2021 and currently leading the Drivers' and Teams' classifications, with the aim of securing both 2022 titles."

    ‘Honda Agreement Praised’;

    ‘It’s just politics’: Toto Wolff fires back at AlphaTauri team principal
    1 August 2022
    by Nick Golding

    A number of teams are against new regulations being considered by the FIA for 2023 to eliminate porpoising. It is reported that six teams are against the rule changes for next year.

    AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost believes the proposed regulation changes have “nothing to do with safety”. “The last discussions and proposals for the changing of the floor has, in my opinion, nothing to do with safety,” Tost said in Hungary.

    “It’s just politics,” he insisted. The main vocal behind the rules being changed is Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, who has watched his drivers, George Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton, fall victim to substantial porpoising for the vast majority of the season so far.

    ‘Nothing to do with safety’;

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    Steiner responds to 'white Ferrari' claims after Haas reveal updates.
    "Our car has got the same engine as Ferrari, with the same gearbox. They've got the same suspension. Why would we be copying anything else? "And they're winning races, so it's one and one is still two."
    05/08/2022, ‎10‎:‎40
    Author Anna Francis
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    After opting against any significant changes over the first half of the season, the team have applied a new floor, bodywork and suspension to the VF-22, among other items.

    Haas ran a heavily-updated car at the Hungarian Grand Prix, which has drawn comparisons to the Ferrari. Team boss Guenther Steiner has given his response.

    Steiner responds to 'white Ferrari' claims. When asked whether he expected to be accused of copying, Steiner told media, including "I expect to be fast.”

    ‘1 + 1 = 2: I expect to be fast’;

    Steiner felt K-Mag black-and-orange flag was FIA ‘mistake’
    Monday 1st August 2022 2:00 PM
    Michelle Foster

    Guenther Steiner says it was a “mistake” for the FIA to show Kevin Magnussen the black-and-orange flag in Hungary as his front wing was “clearly safe”.

    Lining up P13 for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Magnussen made a great start and was already in a points-paying position at the end of the first lap. However, he was also running with a broken front wing endplate that was listing to the side.

    While Haas initially kept the driver out, the FIA deemed the broken front wing to be a danger and showed him the black-and-orange flag which meant he had to pit for repairs. Steiner says that was a mistake.

    ‘Guenther Steiner: FIA ‘mistake’!’;

    Inside Haas decision to axe Nikita Mazepin as Guenther Steiner reveals new details.
    Nikita Mazepin was axed swiftly by Haas in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, as the team also cut times with their main sponsor owned by the racer's oligarch father.
    14:54, 31 Jul 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Reflecting on the team's actions a few months on, team principal Steiner revealed that the decision had been a simple one despite a lack of time to weigh up their options. "I was having breakfast with Gene when we both learned [of the invasion], so we knew what we needed to do and I knew that I had his backing," he told the Telegraph.

    "The decision we had to make was defined by itself. We needed to make a change. We couldn't go on with this, what had happened with the invasion." Those comments are in sync with what he said back in March, when he said the situation has been untenable.

    Axing Uralkali was a big decision for a Haas team which operates with a comparatively tiny budget, as it meant losing their main sponsor. But despite losing that important revenue stream, Steiner insists he never had any worries for the financial future of his team.

    ‘Axing Uralkali and Nikita Mazepin’;

    Guenther Steiner predicts Mick Schumacher will ‘become his own brand’
    Thursday 4th August 2022 11:00 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Haas principal Guenther Steiner believes his driver Mick Schumacher is on the way to creating his own brand. Mick was arguably the most closely followed junior racer of all time on his path towards Formula 1, understandable considering he is the son of seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher.

    The scrutiny only increased once he joined the Formula 1 grid in 2021 with Haas, while remaining a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy. The pressure ramped up as the early rounds of 2022 passed without yielding a first Formula 1 point, despite Haas’ VF-22 proving to be a marked improvement on the VF-21.

    But with back-to-back points scores, a P8 at Silverstone followed by a career-best P6 in Austria, Mick has now gone a long way to silencing the critics. Steiner though explains that Mick does not want to rely on his surname, but instead is building his own brand, something which he says the German racer is already “on his way” to doing.

    ‘The Mick Schumacher Brand’;

    Mick Schumacher fears raised as 2023 seat under threat amid "difficult" Haas relationship
    Schumacher had a good month in July as he finally broke his F1 points duck and held his own in battles with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but his Haas future is still not yet secure
    17:12, 4 Aug 2022
    By Daniel Moxon F1 Writer

    Mick Schumacher fears raised as 2023 seat under threat amid "difficult" Haas relationship Thu, 04 Aug

    Given Schumacher is currently set to become a free agent at the end of the year, the retiring Sebastian Vettel sparked speculation when he suggested his fellow German could take his place at Aston Martin. But those rumours were quickly shut down when Fernando Alonso was chosen to fill that seat just a few days later. Of the situation, pundit Felix Gorner told RTL : "Sebastian's good words to Lawrence Stroll didn't help. That means there is only Haas for [Schumacher] next season. It's now important for him to negotiate well in the next few weeks to secure his seat."

    But according to German newspaper Bild , Schumacher might even have trouble keeping hold of his own seat. "Initial talks" have taken place with Haas, but the report claims: "The relationship between the two parties is difficult. Guenther Steiner has been publicly critical of Mick in the past."

    It goes on to say the young German may even be losing the support of Mattia Binotto, which would be disastrous for his dreams of following in his father's footsteps by one day racing for Ferrari. Schumacher's uncle Ralf, himself a former F1 driver, has been critical of both his nephew and the team in the past. Just last week he said the 23-year-old "should have delivered better results", and previously slammed Haas and Steiner for their own public criticism.

    ‘Mick Schumacher future is still not yet secure’;

    “Guenther has a unique style…” Schumacher on points, pressure and his team principal
    2022 F1 season
    Posted on 4th August 2022, 14:284th August 2022, 14:43
    Written by Will Wood and Claire Cottingham

    Despite his apparent popularity, Schumacher remains one of the most enigmatic drivers on the grid. Perhaps understandably, given his family history, the second-year driver has always kept his cards close to his chest with the media. So when RaceFans had the opportunity to sit down with Schumacher and select media prior to the summer break, it was a rare chance to try and learn more about the Haas driver, who not long ago finally secured his first points in Formula 1.

    Hhow would he assess his 2022 so far? “If I exclude [Britain and Austria], I think it has been a tough season so far,” admits Schumacher. “But, on the other hand, we had those two races which kind of turned it around. So I think that we’re quite confident that we have that pace. Also maybe we did before, but we were just a bit unlucky to show it at the time.”

    How is it to have a team principal as eccentric as Steiner, who is not afraid to let the world know he needs more points and fewer shunts from Schumacher? “Obviously everybody is their own human and is their own person,” Schumacher says. “Guenther has a very unique style of doing things.” And is Steiner as straight-talking behind the scenes? “Yeah, I would say so,” Schumacher says. “I think he’s probably one of the people that has very little filter on and speaks their minds. But, at the end, it’s that thing of pressure – maybe sometimes I perform better under pressure than if I don’t have the pressure.”

    ‘Very little filter on and speaks their minds’;

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    Alfa Romeo confirm ‘fuel system issue’ halted Bottas.
    On Lap 68 of 70 at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Bottas brought his Alfa Romeo C42 to a stop, triggering the Virtual Safety Car.
    Jamie Woodhouse
    Sunday 31st July 2022 8:35 PM

    “A day that promised much at its beginning left us disappointed in the end,” said Vasseur in an Alfa Romeo statement. “The start put us on the back foot, losing five places with both cars and setting up a tough afternoon to recover some points. Valtteri was able to break into the top ten and was there until the closing stages, but in the end a fuel system issue meant he had to retire with a couple of laps to go.”

    Alfa Romeo had hoped to execute a one-stop strategy with Bottas, but as several other drivers found out, the hard tyre simply was not a good race tyre at the Hungaroring. “We committed to one-stop with the medium and hard [tyre],” Bottas told reporters.

    “And towards the end of the race I felt it didn’t work as planned, but we tried, and it was tricky to back out, but I think ultimately the hard tyre didn’t work quite as well as I thought it should.”

    ‘Disappointment at the end’;

    “We deserved a little more” Says Zhou After Disappointing Hungarian GP for Alfa Romeo
    August 4, 2022
    By Joe McCormick

    The Hungarian Grand Prix was certainly one to forget for Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, with Guanyu Zhou finishing thirteenth, and Valtteri Bottas retiring a handful of laps before the end of the race.

    After the race, Zhou explained that a bad start and an attempted one-stop strategy didn’t work out for the Italian/Swiss team, which they also attempted with Bottas.

    “Conditions today weren’t a threat per se, they were a bit mixed, especially a little more slippery on the last few laps, but overall okay,” said the Chinese driver. “I think our plan today didn’t really pay off, we struggled on lap one and on the first few laps losing ground to other cars, and as going for one stop didn’t work out, we had to do an extra one which put me on the back of the field. It was quite frustrating, as it compromised my chances.”

    ‘Deserved More’;

    Frustrated Bottas calls for resolution to Alfa Romeo's reliability issues
    04/08/2022, ‎07‎:‎55
    Author Luke Murphy
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    Valtteri Bottas believes that Alfa Romeo should place a "high focus" on their reliability issues after his third retirement of the season in Hungary. Valtteri Bottas believes that there should be a "high focus" on Alfa Romeo's reliability issues, following his Hungarian Grand Prix retirement.

    The Finn suffered his third race retirement of the season at the Hungaroring after encountering fuel system issues. Combined, Bottas and teammate Guanyu Zhou have failed to finish seven Grands Prix this season, owing to a variety of problems.

    Speaking after the race, Bottas called on Alfa Romeo to get on top of their reliability issues before it costs them big points opportunities. "We had some pace this weekend, a bit more than the previous weekend, so that's getting there, but we need to finish the race," Bottas told media, including "It's not consistent enough and we know it.”

    ‘High focus on their reliability issues’;

    Valtteri Bottas Shows Girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell a Day in the Life of a F1 Driver
    4 Aug 2022, 12:08 UTC ·
    by Monica Coman

    Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas has just surprised his girlfriend, Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, with a glimpse of his life as a Formula One driver, allowing her to try out a race car as a fun day out.

    When they arrived, Tiffany embarked on a high-level intensive car driving course, with none other than Bottas as her instructor. He captioned the video “need for speed.” On her Instagram Stories, Tiffany wrote that she’s “finally getting a small taste of Valterri Bottas’ work.” Tiffany was in full racing gear, and we couldn’t help but notice the fact that she sported Bottas’ number and initials, of course.

    Her “graduation” test was a real racing car, a model that former Finnish World Champion Nico Rosberg raced when he was at Williams. She seemed to handle the speed pretty well, and even got a Williams FW29 driving diploma at the end of her “training.”

    ‘Valtteri’s date with Tiffany’;

    Alfa Romeo reveal Bottas retirement cause
    Thursday 4 August 2022 15:08
    Sam Hall

    Alfa Romeo head of trackside engineering Xevi Pujolar has confirmed the team had no warning before Valtteri Bottas' car suffered a race-ending failure in Hungary.

    Asked as to the cause of the retirement, Pujolar said: “We had a technical issue in the fuel system that we are investigating, so it is not ideal.

    "There was no warning. Everything was okay until that lap. The first we saw was as the guys reported it on the data, Valtteri reported straight away that he was losing power and that was it. We just had to stop straight away.”

    ‘Technical Fuel System Issue’;

    FIA set to finalise stricter F1 roll hoop tests for 2023
    The FIA is set to finalise plans for stricter roll hoop tests for 2023 Formula 1 cars in a meeting with team technical directors on Wednesday.
    Aug 3, 2022, 9:33 AM
    By: Adam Cooper

    The governing body has promised to impose stricter tests as a direct result of Zhou Guanyu’s accident at the British GP, which saw the Chinese driver's Alfa Romeo roll hoop fail after contact with the track with a force that exceeded anything that had previously been foreseen. Alfa Romeo has been working closely with the FIA ever since, while other teams have also been consulted and asked for feedback on potential changes to the wording of the regulations.

    The subject will be discussed at a specially convened meeting of the FIA technical advisory committee led by head of single-seater matters Nikolas Tombazis. One possible outcome could be a move away from the "spike" hoop design that hitherto the rules allowed. Alfa Romeo is the only team using it in 2022.

    Speaking at the recent French GP Alfa Romeo technical director Jan Monchaux confirmed the Swiss outfit has been co-operating closely with the FIA. “The analysis is still ongoing, we're working since the first day with the FIA to try to reconstruct the accident and assess as best as we can,” he said when asked by about progress. Because it's not an easy task, the force involved. As yet the internal investigations are not completely finished, so I won't disclose anything. And if someone will disclose something, it's going to be the FIA.”

    ‘Alfa Romeo working closely with the FIA’;

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    Revealed: Piastri to replace Ricciardo at McLaren in 2023. has learnt that the Australian will be racing for McLaren in 2023.
    05/08/2022, ‎08‎:‎16
    Author Dieter Rencken understands that Piastri has a contract with Alpine for 2022, but not for 2023. His 2022 deal is said to contain an option on Piastri's services for 2023, but that option was not exercised within the required 30 days of signing that contract.

    What now for Ricciardo? The FIA's contract recognition board ruled that there was no valid contract between Alpine and Piastri before 2023, leaving McLaren free to agree a deal with the Australian. Piastri's deal with McLaren was said to have been finalised on the evening of July 30, before Fernando Alonso's move to Aston Martin was confirmed on August 1.

    Under Formula 1's regulations, Alpine cannot challenge the board's decision, as F1 teams have previously unanimously decided that it is the highest body that can rule on contractual matters. Piastri's move leaves Ricciardo's F1 future up in the air. The Australian's best bet may be replacing Alonso at Alpine, for whom he drove in 2019 and 2020 in its previous guise of Renault.

    ‘Piastri to replace Ricciardo’;

    Opinion: How Alpine lost Piastri
    05/08/2022, ‎09‎:‎45
    Author Dieter Rencken

    After learning that Oscar Piastri is set to replace Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren in 2023, Editorial Director Dieter Rencken explains how Alpine lost two drivers in 24 hours.

    Before analysing how Alpine found itself in this state, allow me to stress that the information learned by concerning Piastri's move to McLaren was derived not from a single source, but three different parties - on two continents, in three countries – all with knowledge of the information. Crucially, all provided essentially the same details.

    However, we have omitted items such as timelines for fear that these could jeopardise certain insiders in England and Australia. All I will say in this regard is: there is considerable dissent in the team's ranks, with some choice language peppering the details. Saliently, all pointed to a two- plus one-year deal.

    ‘ Sources: Three different parties - on two continents, in three countries’;

    Alpine boss open to re-signing Daniel Ricciardo amid Oscar Piastri dispute
    Thursday 4 Aug 2022 7:03 pm
    Callum McAvoy

    Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer has hinted that the team could re-sign Daniel Ricciardo for 2023, amid the drama surrounding Oscar Piastri.

    It has been a tumultuous week for the French Formula 1 team after their star driver Fernando Alonso revealed on Monday that he would joining Aston Martin next season, a move that completely blindsided Szafnauer.

    Then on Tuesday, Alpine announced reserve driver Piastri would be taking Alonso’s seat for 2023, but just an hour later the Australian posted a statement claiming that this was not true, and he would not be racing for the team, prompting much confusion within the F1 community.

    ‘Alpine open to re-signing Daniel Ricciardo’;

    Who could fill Alonso-Piastri void at Alpine?
    Friday 5 August 2022 12:50
    Ewan Gale

    So if Piastri isn't in the Alpine, who else could be? The obvious candidates; Daniel Ricciardo The man that holds the key to the whole saga is Daniel Ricciardo. In likelihood, if Piastri is on the grid next season then it will be at McLaren and leaving his compatriot without a drive. Pierre Gasly It would make sense from a commercial point of view for a French manufacturer to employ another French driver alongside Esteban Ocon.

    The outsiders Nico Hulkenberg Out of a full-time race seat since 2019 but has impressed each time he has filled in for Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll or Sebastian Vettel in the past three seasons, Nico Hulkenberg is an outside bet for the seat. Zhou Guanyu Formerly part of the Alpine junior programme, Zhou Guanyu cut ties when moving across to Alfa Romeo this season.

    Mick Schumacher Mick Schumacher's recent form has seen him linked to any seat that has come up - and if you ask Marcus Ericcson, the German could even end up at AlphaTauri! Théo Pourchaire From the Sauber Academy, F2 driver Théo Pourchaire is making a comeback against championship leader Felipe Drugovich. Antonio Giovinazzi A driver from way outside the box would be Antonio Giovinazzi, who has struggled to adapt to life in Formula E.

    ‘Who Could Fill Alpine Void?’;

    Insight: Dissecting the Alpine mess, and what could happen next
    17:39 Thu, 04 Aug 2022.
    by Phillip Horton

    McLaren is also not entirely new territory for Piastri. While he is officially Alpine’s reserve, and they have first dibs, Piastri has also had a reserve arrangement with McLaren in 2022. That led to a seat fitting while he was placed on standby on a couple of occasions, in Bahrain (when Ricciardo ultimately recovered from Covid-19) and in Monaco (after Norris’ bout of tonsilitis during the preceding race and build-up). Seidl, meanwhile, was team boss at Porsche’s LMP1 team when Webber raced for the marque.

    What happens next? Ricciardo may feel his time at McLaren is cooked, opening the path for Piastri, and potentially reuniting with a team he competed in 2019/20. Another outcome is that a financial settlement is reached between the respective parties, if Alpine does indeed have a valid contractual claim on Piastri, while accepting it cannot force itself on a driver who wishes out.

    ‘Dissecting the Alpine mess’;

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    Alesi to Ferrari fans: ‘Criticising the team will do no good’.
    Ferrari has come under scrutiny by a number of fans in the last several weeks, amid a series of questionable strategy calls at the team.
    Fri, 05 Aug 2022, 11:17
    by Fergal Walsh

    Speaking to Corriere della Sera, Alesi, who spent five seasons racing for Ferrari, says fans shouldn’t add pressure to Ferrari amid a difficult period. “It’s a season that feels like a roller coaster, and this increases emotions and reactions,” Alesi said.

    “Dreaming of a victory transforms a defeat into a sports drama with a passion that reminds me of football cheering. I also suffer thinking about Hungary. There have been mistakes even before the strategy. But going against Ferrari is not good for any fan, it does not bring any good to the team.”

    “I say this understanding every outburst because passion is made up of strong feelings. We could analyse the race to try to understand the how and why but now it is not needed. Rather, it serves, on my part, an invitation to hold on, to make a bank, not to destroy. Because negativity does not bring anything good, ever.”

    ‘Adding Pressure To Ferrari’;

    Jean Alesi calls on Tifosi to back Ferrari: Negativity doesn’t bring any good
    Friday 5th August 2022 10:03 AM
    Michelle Foster

    Jean Alesi has called for an end to the criticism of Ferrari, the former F1 driver saying it does “not bring any good to the team”. Ferrari’s faithful, the Tifosi, have been left disappointed in their team in recent weeks as they have watched a double title challenge fade and history repeat itself too often.

    Leclerc went into the summer break with just three wins on the board – one could say five fewer than he should have had – and trailing Verstappen by 80 points. Ferrari are 97 adrift of Red Bull in the race for the Constructors’ title.

    Between poor reliability and strategy blunders, Ferrari have robbed the driver of 108 points while Leclerc is responsible for losing 32 through crashes. Ferrari’s last mistake came at the Hungarian Grand Prix where the team put Leclerc on the wrong tyres, the hards that nobody could get to work, and he fell from P1 to P6. But rather than criticise Ferrari, Alesi has called on the Tifosi to show them love.

    ‘Tifosi Love’;

    Charles Leclerc lost the win in Budapest due to a poor strategy call from Ferrari.
    5 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has told Charles Leclerc to “be patient” with the team after he was left frustrated by another strategy error in Hungary. The Monegasque had already been let down by the Scuderia in Monaco and Silverstone when bizarre calls on the pit wall saw him finish fourth having been leading in both races.

    After the race, Leclerc was bemused as to why his team decided not to stick with the original plan of pitting for Softs towards the end of the race from the Mediums, as they did with his team-mate, who finished fourth behind third-placed Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton, who took second.

    “For some reason, I don’t know why, we went on the Hards,” he told Sky Sports after the race. “I said on the radio I was very comfortable with the medium and that I wanted to go as long as possible with those tyres because the feeling was good – I don’t know why we took a different decision.” Massa reminded Leclerc that he too had thrown away the win in France when he crashed from the lead, so told him to stay calm and avoid criticising his team in public.

    ‘Warned against ‘starting a fight’!’;

    ‘This is my way of reacting’: Charles Leclerc opens up on costly mistakes
    Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc sits 80 points behind Max Verstappen going into the summer break.
    5 August 2022
    by Nick Golding

    After spinning out of the French GP he was heard screaming down the team radio, after being furious with his own mistake. Whilst most drivers fail to admit their own errors at first, Leclerc is the complete opposite. At times when he’s been at fault this season, he’s immediately apologised to the team, usually followed by him screaming and shouting at himself.

    It’s been refreshing to hear a driver be so brutally honest, especially when there is so much at stake. Leclerc believes there is no point “hiding” his emotions, after revealing that he is always “honest”. “Every individual will react in a different way,” Leclerc continued. “This is my way of reacting to it. And I’ve always felt the benefit of being honest with yourself and just grow from it.”

    “I really don’t see the point of hiding it. And sometimes it is so obvious to everybody that the mistake comes from driver, I just don’t understand the drivers that are trying to have excuses with the wind or whatsoever. I mean, sometimes it can happen. One out of 200 crashes, you’ll get something very strange happen. But I just don’t like to lose time with finding excuses, because that’s exactly when you start to lose time, and you just don’t go forward.”

    ‘My Way of Reacting’;

    Ferrari doing everything wrong in 2022 says Marko
    AUGUST 5, 2022

    Ferrari is doing "pretty much everything wrong" in the battle for the world championship, according to Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko. Even though the Maranello-made car has arguably been quicker than Red Bull's overall so far this year, Charles Leclerc is a whopping 80 points behind reigning champion Max Verstappen.

    When asked how that is possible, Marko told Osterreich newspaper: "By doing pretty much everything wrong. "In Budapest, for example, for the first time they didn't get the tyres in the right temperature window and also chose the wrong pit strategy."

    Mercedes' Toto Wolff, however, defended Ferrari's Hungarian GP call by pointing out that Leclerc used all of his new medium tyres in practice. "Then I don't understand why they didn't use a used medium tyre, which would have been better than the hard. Instead we celebrate Toto and Mercedes as the big winners with places 2 and 3," Marko insisted.

    ‘Pretty Much Everything Wrong’;

    Hakkinen: Not first time Ferrari’s mid-race decisions questioned
    5 August, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Mika Hakkinen reflected on the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix and Ferrari’s strategy decisions claiming this hasn’t been the first time their mid-race decisions have been under question.

    In his Unibet column, Hakkinen said: “Charles, Carlos and the Ferrari team management will hopefully use the summer break to discuss how they can take the fight to Red Bull more aggressively, and also defend against an improved Mercedes. “On Sunday we saw Charles using two sets of medium tyres, then the team move him onto a set of hard tyres which really were the wrong tyre to be on.”

    “It was hard to understand that decision, and Charles knew it was the wrong way to go,” the Finn pointed out. “When the team finally put him onto a set of soft tyres on lap 54 the race was lost and he was not able to recover any positions. This is not the first time we have questioned Ferrari’s mid-race decision making, and it’s an area they will need to work on,” he warned.

    ‘Ferrari’s Mid-Race Decisions Questioned’;

    Leclerc needs this F1 break more than any of his peers
    Fri, 05 Aug 2022, 06:48
    The Race
    By Scott Mitchell

    Of all the Formula 1 drivers taking a well-earned break over August, Charles Leclerc probably needs his time off more than most. Leclerc’s growing frustration as Ferrari’s title challenge has capitulated has been obvious.

    He handled his first major setback, the engine problem in Spain in May, with diplomacy and faultless leadership. Leclerc made sure his first action was to return to the garage, console his team, and then face the media with a smile and plenty of restraint.

    Leclerc said and did all the right things – something that has quite clearly become harder to do in the races that followed. The botched calls in Monaco, another engine failure in Azerbaijan, the choice of tyres under the safety car in Britain and then for the final stint in Hungary – they’ve all chipped away at Leclerc’s patience.

    ‘Needing This F1 Break’;

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    Jost Capito: Williams has failed to meet expectations for 2022.
    Williams boss Jost Capito has admitted the team has failed to meet expectations for the 2022 Formula 1 season with it sitting bottom of the championship.
    AUGUST 2ND 2022, 13:53
    AUTHOR Edward Hardy
    Motor Sport Magazine

    Speaking in an exclusive interview for Motor Sport, the team principal said, “We are not where we wanted to be, and we didn’t achieve the objectives we set for the car.” After 13 races, Williams has only scored three points despite optimism for 2022 with the new era of F1 technical regulations.

    The team hoped to build on its eighth-place finish in the 2021 championship, which featured a podium and was the first time in four years that it finished off the bottom of the standings. Grove’s expectations for this season was to be fighting towards the top of the midfield.

    It has in fact digressed, and in order to get to where Williams wants to be, it has become apparent it needs a revamped management structure. “If we would have achieved our expectations, when we do that simulation, we would be in the upper midfield. And so it seems the objectives were right. We just didn’t have the processes yet in place to achieve these objectives, but we believe we know why we didn’t achieve them.”

    ‘Exclusive Interview for Motor Sport’;

    Williams want Albon to be ‘harder with the engineers’
    Monday 1st August 2022 10:30 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Capito feels that Albon can take another step if he takes that “fighter” attitude which he shows on the track, and also uses it with his engineers. “He’s a real fighter once he closes the sights,” said Capito, quoted by

    “But we think he could be more combative outside the car as well. He could be a bit harder on the engineers, for example. I think it would also create a better bond with them.

    “But all in all, we are impressed. His year as a reserve gave him a good understanding of how the dynamics between a driver and a team work. He has seen a team working with the drivers from the sidelines and I think that helps him a lot.”

    ‘Harder Want To Be Harder’;

    'Good learnings' for Williams and Albon after 'tricky weekend' at Hungary
    31 Jul 2022
    Formula 1.

    Following his P17 finish at the Hungaroring, Alex Albon feels "understanding of the strengths and weaknesses" of the 2022 Williams is increasing as F1 heads into the summer break after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

    ‘Good Learnings’;

    Hungarian GP: Compromised race for Williams Racing
    August 1 2022
    By Williams Racing

    The 2022 Hungarian GP would see the Williams Racing Team come away with a race that was compromised even before the end of the first lap. Both Williams drivers would suffer damage on the opening lap that would see Alex Albon forced to pit with front wing damage while team-mate Nicholas Latifi would suffer from a poorly balanced car after his front wing was also damaged. Alex and Nicholas would go on to finish well down the order in 17th and 18th, not the result for the team to see out their season prior to the summer break.

    Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance: "Unfortunately, the rain was never enough to affect the race and with both cars suffering damage on the 1st lap, we were forced into a difficult race.” Nicholas Latifi: "Unfortunately, our race was compromised at the start through some front wing damage. It wasn't great as the damage set us back with much more tyre degradation than we were hoping for.”

    Alex Albon: "The race was okay. We were a bit out of sequence with the early damage and there was a lot of tyre degradation and a lot of pitstops, which didn’t make it easy. It’s been a tricky weekend for us, but it has been a good learning weekend, continuing to understand the strengths and the weaknesses of the new package.”

    ‘Compromised race for Williams Racing’;

    Williams confirms multi-year agreement with Albon
    03 Aug 2022, 18:00
    By Balazs Szabo

    Williams Racing has confirmed a new multi-year agreement with Alexander Albon, extending their partnership that started at the start of the current season.

    Commenting on the contract extension, Albon said: "It’s really exciting to be staying with Williams Racing for 2023 and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve as a team in the remainder of this season and next year. "The team is pushing hard to progress, and I am really motivated to continue this journey and further develop our learnings together."

    Williams Team Principal Jost Capito added: "Alex is a tremendous driver and valued member of Williams Racing, so we’re thrilled to be able to confirm we will be working with him on a long-term basis. Alex brings a great blend of skill and insightful learnings that will help bring the team greater success in the future. "He’s a fierce competitor, has proved a popular and loyal team member and we are delighted that he will provide a stable base for us to continue to develop in this new F1 car era.

    ‘Williams Confirms Multi-Year Agreement’;

    Does Albon deserve more than a Williams F1 future? Our verdict
    Aug 3 2022
    The Race

    Even so, the announcement prompts many questions: Is committing to Williams longer-term the right move for Albon? Did he deserve something higher up the grid? Is Williams heading there anyway? The Race’s writers attempt to answer those below.

    Edd Straw: Albon’s earned the right to be a team leader. The Alex Albon racing for Williams this year is very different to the one who struggled at Red Bull. He’s seized his opportunity to be team leader and is a far more confident, assured and formidable competitor. Scott Mitchell: Right to show loyalty now. Williams has given Albon the chance to re-establish himself in F1. He is taking it but there is more to do. So a show of loyalty towards the team that picked up him up from the sidelines is only fair.

    Gary Anderson: Both parties benefit from committing early. Formula 1 is going through a very strange period of driver market activity and I suspect Alex Albon wanted to make sure he wasn’t the one left with no seat when the music eventually stops. Matt Beer: Midfield hero, not top team target. There’s not a compelling case for Albon to be on a top team’s shopping list these days, but he can have a long future as a midfield hero and that may well involve more podiums one day.


    Albon a 'valuable surprise' to Williams
    Saturday 6 August 2022 14:30
    Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

    Williams CEO and team principal Jost Capito has revealed how Alex Albon has provided a 'valuable surprise' to the team. Albon signed with Williams to make his F1 comeback having been dropped from Red Bull's race seat at the end of 2020.

    "He did very well beside Max [Verstappen] - you know how good Max is - he did very well, and the team is around Max, isn't it? It's very difficult for every second driver in Red Bull.”

    "We expected quite a lot of him. We believed if he gets to us, the team where he's loved, where he has a major role, then he can even excel and can even get better. I think that is exactly what happened."

    ‘Valuable Surprise To Williams’;

    Alex Albon: F1’s new rules could allow Williams to catch up very quickly
    Saturday 6th August 2022 3:00 PM
    Thomas Maher

    Williams’ Alex Albon believes the regulation changes introduced for 2022 mean teams are never doomed to remain at the back.

    Albon reckons the nature of F1’s new rules means a struggling team can always claw their way back upwards.

    The regulations introduced for 2022 have seen a move to ground-effect machines, aimed at improving the show and allowing for closer racing. Aside from this, the sporting rules have been tweaked, as well as financial regulations imposed in the form of a budget cap.

    ‘Williams Could Catch Up Very Quickly’;

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    McLaren to drop their only Formula 1 winner since 2012.
    McLaren have reportedly told Ricciardo that they plan to replace him with Oscar Piastri in 2023.
    06/08/2022, 11:34
    Beyond the Flag (Weblog)
    by Asher Fair

    McLaren plan to cut ties with Daniel Ricciardo, despite the fact that he is under contract with the team through the end of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

    “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” And that’s exactly what is happening at the McLaren Formula 1 team.

    We finally know the truth, and it’s what many have speculated all along: McLaren have no plans to continue with Daniel Ricciardo as a part of their driver lineup for the 2023 season.

    ‘Daniel Ricciardo Out Of McLaren’;

    Daniel Ricciardo told by McLaren he will be replaced for F1 2023 - what teams may fight for him?

    5 Aug 2022
    F1 Desk

    Daniel Ricciardo has been informed by McLaren that they intend to end his contract early and replace him with Oscar Piastri next season, according to reports.

    Ricciardo’s future has been a hot topic in an underwhelming campaign and, despite telling Crash.Net “I have not forgotten how to drive” several months ago, he is set to be ushered out of McLaren.

    His current contract expires at the end of the 2023 season but Zak Brown, the McLaren CEO previously revealed that clauses existed to end it early. That option will be taken at the end of this season and Ricciardo has been informed, ESPN report.

    ‘ESPN Report Early Exit Option Exercised’;

    All-Aussie F1 bombshell: Daniel Ricciardo ‘told he’ll be replaced’ by Oscar Piastri at McLaren
    August 6th, 2022 8:35 am
    Michael Lamonato from Fox Sports

    McLaren has reportedly told Daniel Ricciardo he will be replaced by compatriot Oscar Piastri next season.

    Multiple outlets including Autosport are reporting Piastri has signed a deal with the Woking outfit for 2023, initially as a reserve driver, but then in the race seat to partner with Lando Norris once Ricciardo’s exit is arranged.

    Ricciardo is contracted for next year after signing a three-year deal to prompt his exit from Renault (now Alpine) in 2020.

    ‘All-Aussie F1 bombshell’;

    F1 world reacts to McLaren sacking Daniel Ricciardo: ‘Done dirty’
    REPORTS: Ricciardo shown door at McLaren | 00:38
    August 6th, 2022 8:43 am
    Staff Writers from

    The 33-year-old’s career has been on some what of a downward spiral since his days of outdriving Sebastian Vettel and regularly challenging Max Verstappen at Red Bull. But no one wants to see it end this way. ESPN’s Nate Saunders reported four teams have sounded Ricciardo out recently to “see where his head is at” and slammed McLaren for its treatment of the Aussie.

    “It reflects very poorly on Brown and McLaren how they have treated Ricciardo over the past six months,” Saunders wrote. “Ricciardo, the only McLaren driver to have won an F1 race since 2012, has been the first to admit his performances have not been up to the standards he set at Red Bull and Renault but it feels as though he has been made as a scapegoat to deflect away from deeper problems at the team.”

    He wasn’t alone in hailing the Aussie’s class during a turbulent season. “Amid all the rumpus and pressure you have to commend Ricciardo on his grace and professionalism over these last few months,” tweeted Tom Gaymor. “Says everything about him as a man, he is a class act and I hope he keeps smiling and doing it his way.”

    ‘Done Dirty’;

    Daniel Ricciardo's message to McLaren before learning of plans to sack him
    DANIEL RICCIARDO had a defiant message for his McLaren team before learning they were planning to replace him
    15:39, Sat, Aug 6, 2022

    Daniel Ricciardo had issued a positive message to McLaren and his fans before reports surfaced the team would replace him for next season. The Australian's seat is set to be occupied by Oscar Piastri, the current reserve driver for Alpine.

    “To be honest, switching off normally gives me like a natural reset,” said Ricciardo after the Hungarian GP, quoted by “To a point where I imagine in, say, 10 days, two weeks into the break, I would have kind of got the holiday out of my system and then I’ll build that hunger back again.”

    ‘Positive Message Before ‘Replacement’ News Struck’;

    Daniel Ricciardo to join Williams or Alpine as he faces McLaren sack
    Daniel Ricciardo currently has a contract at McLaren until the end of next season.
    6 August 2022
    by James Clifford

    The 33-year-old departed the Enstone-based team for McLaren at the end of 2020, and announced his departure from the then-Renault team after just one season with them. This was said to have irritated Renault CEO, Luca de Meo, but team principal Otmar Szafnauer, who joined the French side at the start of this season, indicated that he would not have a problem putting Ricciardo alongside Esteban Ocon next year.

    “I mean, if you look at Fernando, for example, he comes and goes, and I think that happens to other drivers too,” he said before Piastri dropped his bombshell. “And I don’t think that’s an issue at all, I think what we need to focus on is, like I say, the plans that we have for the next eight or nine races.”

    “We’ve got to make sure that we complement that plan with the best driver that we can, and there are some options out there for us. And we [need to] put the best driver in next to Esteban, so that we can move forward towards what we’ve been planning.” Another possibility is that Ricciardo moves to the team that Piastri was initially expected to be loaned out to – Williams.


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    F1 promise "exciting" 2023 calendar with latest update.
    F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has claimed the sport is focused on producing "an exciting calendar" for the 2023 season.
    Saturday 6 August 2022 16:01
    Sam Hall

    The majority of races that will feature on next year's schedule are already known with long-standing contracts in place for most venues, while Las Vegas and Qatar are set to join the roster. But the future remains uncertain for some venues with Monaco, Spa Francorchamps [Belgium] and Paul Ricard [France] all out of contract at the end of the current campaign.

    Speaking on a call with Wall Street investors, Domenicali said: "As I have stated before, we will come back to this in early October due to the process of needing clearance from the World Motorsport Council.”

    "Of course, there are discussions to make sure that the calendar is robust. It is following also the fact that we would like to keep the right flow in terms of efficiency around the world when you consider the need for a calendar to be spread around the world from March to November.”

    ‘Exciting 2023 calendar’;

    Toto Wolff puts faith in F1 chief Stefano Domenicali over qualifying changes
    MERCEDES chief Toto Wolff admitted the sprint race at the Austrian Grand Prix had "less entertainment".
    17:57, Sun, Jul 17, 2022
    By Matthew Cooper

    F1 are planning to increase the number of sprint qualifying races to six next season and Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is confident that F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali will choose the right locations to stage the extra races.

    The most recent sprint race took place at the Austrian Grand Prix, but was not as exciting as previous events as the top four drivers retained their positions. And Wolff admitted the sprint had "less entertainment" and believes F1 need to ensure they choose the best venues for future events.

    "I think if I have trust in one person to choose the right sprint races, it's Stefano," Wolff said. "And Stefano will have seen [the Austria sprint race] and will take it into consideration.”

    ‘6 Sprint Races in 2022’;

    Insurance billionaire mulling over Formula 1 team bid
    Saturday 6th August 2022 11:59 PM
    Jamie Woodhouse

    Williams were the team to most recently undergo a complete change of ownership, American investment firm Dorilton Capital purchasing the outfit from the Williams family in 2020.

    Reuters report Dorilton Capital make investments for Lo, chief executive of insurance broker RE Lee International, with Lee confirming he has had “some sort of exposure” to Williams since Dorilton purchased the team.

    And Lo is taking a look across the grid for teams he could invest in, adding he is not the only one in Asia to be doing this. In fact, Lo could envisage an Asian consortium soon swooping to invest in a Formula 1 team.

    ‘Formula 1 team bids’;

    Toto Wolff predicts five Formula 1 teams capable of winning from 2024
    Saturday 6th August 2022 6:00 AM
    Jon Wilde

    Toto Wolff believes five teams will be in the hunt for F1 race wins by 2024 as the budget cap does its job and levels the playing field.

    “It is too early to judge,” Wolff told Gazzetta dello Sport. “I believe the spending cap will compact the group. “Within two years we will have five teams capable of winning races and after another three, as many fighting for the World Championship.”

    Wolff also commented on the news that a partnership between Red Bull and Porsche will reportedly be imminently announced. Porsche are set to enter Formula 1 as an engine supplier in 2026, with their arrival likely to be confirmed when the power-unit regulations for that year are finalised in the near future.

    ‘Five Formula 1 teams capable of winning from 2024’;

    Tech Draft: Time for Formula 1 broadcasters to refocus on the sport
    5 August, 2022
    Mark Kay

    As the wind blows the tumbleweed across the empty car parks of the ghost town Formula 1 factories emptied by the enforced annual leave of absence, it is a good opportunity to navel gaze and reflect on the season that has been to date, the good and the bad.

    Regrettably for readers, what the break means is an arduous three weeks ahead for them void of interesting and exciting news that has been replaced with the typical and boringly generic mid-season reviews and rankings, the stuff that is usually so mind-blowing that it forces you to fall asleep.

    I’m going to get the things that have peeved me so far this year off my chest in a series of whinges and gripes starting with my biggest issue so far in 2022, the broadcast feed available to me is appalling. When I watch an F1 broadcast I have two options, either to turn the audio off, or I am forced to endure what I find is the brain numbing tripe that is the Sky commentary. F1 has a big problem because the only feed available to me, the one that I am unwillingly forced to endure has an agenda of morals and politics that goes far beyond that which I find is necessary to provide a broadcast of an F1 weekend.

    ‘Time for Formula 1 broadcasters to refocus on the sport’;

    The American team's plan to join the grid in 2024 may be falling through
    17:04 Thu, 04 Aug 2022.
    Morgan Holiday

    Andretti Autosport has been in talks to field a Formula 1 team by 2024, but they may be running out of time.

    2024 deadlines. Andretti’s initial plan was to buy the majority of Sauber and claim ownership of the Alfa Romeo F1 team. These plans were meant to be finalised during the United States Grand Prix in 2021, but the deal fell through at the last minute.

    From there, Michael Andretti, owner of the team, put in an application to join the Formula 1 grid in 2024. Despite the benefits of having the Andretti name back in Formula 1, they have received a lot of pushback from the current teams on the grid. Most of the backlash is due to teams having to split the prize money between yet another team, making the amount they would all receive smaller.

    ‘Running Out Of Time’;

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