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    Title fight is turning into a Red Bull rout as Verstappen resists Sainz for another win.
    Max Verstappen took another useful step towards winning a second world championship by resisting lap after lap of pressure from Carlos Sainz Jnr to win the Canadian Grand Prix. On a day when his two closest championship rivals started outside the top 10, Verstappen did everything he needed to maximise his advantage.
    2022 Canadian Grand Prix review
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 7:00 |
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Before the race, anticipation was high as to what irrepressible veteran Fernando Alonso might do from his first front row start in a decade. Championship leader and pole-winner Verstappen would surely not risk going wheel-to-wheel with the Alpine driver. But within moments of the start, that prospect fizzled out. Alonso’s reactions were fractionally slower down the pole winner’s and Verstappen never looked in danger of losing his lead.

    race which had promised so much for Alonso ended on a sour note. Having argued unsuccessfully with his team to be allowed back in front of Ocon, Alonso resorted to some extreme defensive moves in an effort to keep Valtteri Bottas behind which earned the censure of the stewards. A five-second time penalty dropped him from seventh place to ninth, promoting Bottas and team mate Zhou.

    While Sainz’s wait for a first win continues, Verstappen’s pursuit of a second championship looks more credible with every passing race. Having delivered his team’s sixth victory in a row, a championship which began as a Ferrari resurgence is in danger of morphing into a Red Bull rout.

    ‘Red Bull Rout’;

    Stu Cowan: Experience fuels Verstappen's win on 'old school' track
    The driver who once had a reputation for being young and reckless takes his first checkered flag on Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.
    Publishing date: Jun 19, 2022
    Stu Cowan • Montreal Gazette

    Verstappen was only 20 at the time and was earning a reputation as a young and reckless driver in Formula One after being involved in crashes or other incidents in each of the first six races that season.

    When asked what he would have to do differently that year at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, Verstappen said: “Not hit a wall. It’s as simple as that. And I don’t need to change my approach for that. It’s just a little bit more finesse, I guess. But you know, sometimes s–t happens.”

    Verstappen didn’t hit any walls in that year’s race, finishing third behind Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas. The next year, Verstappen finished fifth at the Canadian GP, with Lewis Hamilton taking the checkered flag. Last year, Verstappen won his first F1 world championship and on Sunday he won his first Canadian GP, finishing 0.993 seconds ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and 7.006 seconds ahead of Hamilton in his Mercedes.

    ‘Max Experience’;

    Max Verstappen wins Canadian Grand Prix in thrilling finish
    June 19, 2022 8:16pm
    By Emily Selleck

    MONTREAL — Red Bull’s Max Verstappen narrowly claimed his sixth victory of the Formula 1 season after withstanding pressure from Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in the closing stages of the Canadian Grand Prix.

    The reigning world champ, 24, crossed the checkered flag less than one second ahead of the Spaniard, 27, extending his championship lead to 175 points.

    “I knew I couldn’t make a mistake, but it was good racing,” Verstappen said of battling Sainz, his former teammate. “It was more difficult than I expected.”

    ‘Max Pressure’;

    ‘It was a masterclass’ – Horner on ‘super cool’ Verstappen’s Canadian GP victory
    19 Jun 2022
    Formula 1.

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner was impressed not only with Max Verstappen's speed and race management, but also at how he soaked up the pressure from Carlos Sainz during the final laps in Montreal.

    ‘Max Masterclass’;

    Sainz: I gave it my all to pass the Red Bull
    20 June, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Carlos Sainz came as close as ever to winning his first ever Formula 1 race in Canada on Sunday, but could not get through Max Verstappen’s Red Bull despite giving it his all.

    Sainz was the only Ferrari driver fighting at the front for the Reds in the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix, as Charles Leclerc was starting from 19th down the grid having taken a new power unit after the last one went out in smoke in Baku a week earlier.

    Sainz drove a strong race, while Ferrari’s strategy was helped by late Safety Car caused by Yuki Tsunoda’s crash, as it set up the Spaniard for a final sprint to the flag chasing Verstappen down on fresh rubber over 20 laps or so. But the Sainz could not make a move stick on the Dutchman who soaked up the pressure and held on for the win.

    ‘Gave it my all’;

    Leclerc frustrated by “DRS trains” and slow pit stop in climb from back row to fifth
    2022 Canadian Grand Prix
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 7:45
    Written by Hazel Southwell and Will Wood

    He started the race on the back row of the grid after collecting a series of penalties for power unit parts changes. He finished in fifth, having predicted fourth was the best he could expect heading into the race.

    Having spent many laps stuck behind other drivers, a slow tyre change cost him an opportunity to run in clear air. “Unfortunately with the pit stop this put us a bit in a bad situation because we had cleared the DRS train and we got another DRS train after the slow pit stop,” he explained.

    “I had to push on the tyres and that cost me a little bit at the end. But overall it was just a race where I had to be patient. “At the beginning I was stuck behind a DRS train. In the middle part of the race I was stuck behind Esteban [Ocon], who had much newer tyres and was very good out of turn 10 so that was enough for him to keep me behind. Then when I had free air I think the pace was really good but it’s like this,” Leclerc concluded.

    ‘Ferrari Frustration’;

    McLaren boss APOLOGISES to Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris for shocking mistake that cost drivers any chance of finishing in the points - as under-fire Aussie beats his teammate again
    Andreas Seidl has apologised to his drivers after McLaren had a shocking race
    Published: 03:29, 20 June 2022
    By Kristy Williams For Daily Mail Australia

    Unfortunately both the car and the team let the two drivers down during the race, with Seidl telling the team's website it was a 'tough weekend'. 'We didn't give Lando or Daniel the package they deserved today, so we have to offer them an apology,' Seidl said.

    'We also have to use this as an opportunity to learn, and come back stronger in two weeks for our home race at Silverstone.' The worst part of the race for McLaren was a double-stack pit stop during the Virtual Safety Car period that completely backfired on both drivers.

    Ricciardo came in first and lost a couple of seconds when the pit crew couldn't get the front right tyre off quickly enough. That meant Norris was delayed by almost eight seconds, destroying any chance of the Englishman winning points.

    ‘McLaren Woes’;

    Magnussen says damage which triggered black-and-orange flag “was nothing”
    RaceFans Round-up
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 0:01
    Written by Hazel Southwell

    Following minor contact with Lewis Hamilton in the opening laps of the Canadian Grand Prix, Magnussen was shown the black-and-orange flag, instructing him to pit to repair front wing damage. Having run in fifth place initially, he failed to return to the points-paying positions after the early pit stop.

    “We were forced to pit with the damage we had but it was nothing,” Magnussen said after the race. “The car was perfect to drive, there was no effect on the car. This is normal, you’ve got to be able to finish the race with some scratches on your car.”

    A Virtual Safety Car period soon after he pitted cemented his position at the back of the field. “We could’ve got back in, but we were forced to pit and then there was a Virtual Safety Car and then everyone else pitted,” he said. “It’s frustrating – it’s now four races or something where we haven’t scored points, so we want to get into the points again.”

    ‘Damage Was Nothing’;

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    Toto Wolff 'absolutely apoplectic' in team principal meeting over new FIA rules.
    Toto Wolff was “absolutely apoplectic” in a team principal meeting ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, claims Sky Sports F1 host Simon Lazenby.
    20:46 Sat, 18 Jun

    It is understood the Mercedes boss spoke to other team principal on the bouncing and porpoising issues affecting drivers on the grid. However, it is believed the talks did not go well as planned with a lot of division remaining in the paddock over any rules changes.

    Lazenby said: “We understand he was absolutely apoplectic in that meeting a little bit earlier. Worried for the safety of his drivers." His comments were backed up by Martin Brundle who said that he had heard the team principal meeting this morning was “feisty”.

    The former driver claimed Wolff had got “quite upset” with other team bosses during the heated exchange, something the Mercedes team boss agreed with.

    ‘Toto Wolff: ‘Absolutely Apoplectic’;

    Wolff slams ‘pitiful’ rivals as FIA intervention issue escalates
    Jun 19 2022
    By Scott Mitchell

    Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff has accused “pitiful” rivals of being “disingenuous” and playing “political games” while the FIA tries to help address the worst traits of the 2022 cars. The situation appears to have reached boiling point in Montreal, where Wolff is said to have made his dissatisfaction very clear in a meeting of F1’s team bosses.

    He said after qualifying in Canada: “This is a sport where you’re trying to keep a competitive advantage or gain it, but this situation has clearly gone too far. “All drivers, at least one in every team, have said that they were in pain after Baku, that they had difficulty in keeping the car on track, or blurred vision.

    “And team principals trying to manipulate what is being said in order to keep the competitive advantage, and trying to play political games when the FIA tries to come up with a quick solution to at least put the cars in a better position, is disingenuous. That’s what I said.”

    ‘Wolff Slams Rival’;

    Christian Horner tells Toto Wolff to 'sort your own house out' as tempers boil in meeting
    TENSIONS are said to have spilled over at a meeting between the Formula One team principals ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.
    08:43, Sun, Jun 19, 2022

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner reportedly told Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff to 'put his own house in order' after the pair clashed at a meeting between Formula One team principals on Saturday. A summit was called as the Silver Arrows continue to struggle with this season's new regulations, though other teams are less inclined to implement further changes.

    In response to this, Horner allegedly told Wolff to 'put his own house in order'. Ferrari's softer-spoken principal, Mattia Binotto, is understood to have waded in and disagreed with Wolff that there was a need for more regulation reform. The Italian reportedly went so far as to suggest Wolff only wanted alterations as Mercedes had not succeeded with this year's re-design of the cars.

    "It was a row on a different scale from any of the press conference spats we have seen before," said one source with knowledge of the meeting, as quoted by the Mail on Sunday.

    ‘Row On A Different Scale’;

    Wolff: Team principals trying to manipulate what is said, just pitiful
    19 June, 2022
    Jad Mallak

    Toto Wolff slammed manipulative team principals that brief their drivers what to say regarding Formula 1‘s ongoing “porpoising” row as pitiful.

    The Mercedes team boss was speaking to the media after qualifying in Montreal on Saturday, with the main topic being the FIA’s recent drive to reduce the bouncing of the 2022 F1 cars which, like everything in F1, has created controversy and debate.

    Wolff himself, and Mercedes have been accused of raising this storm around “porpoising”, because their W13 is the worst car of the 2022 lot to suffer from it, and the eight-time Constructors’ Champions are unable to sort it out, hence their push to change the regulations. When this was pointed out to him, Wolff responded: “So of course, people will question whether my position is sincere or not. That’s why I’m saying it’s not only our problem.”

    ‘’Toto Wolff: Manipulative Team Principals’;

    Livid Toto Wolff accuses Christian Horner and F1 bosses of 'ganging up' in angry row
    MERCEDES principal Toto Wolff has endured a poor season so far in Formula One.
    10:50, Sun, Jun 19, 2022

    Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has accused his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner and other Formula One bosses of 'ganging up on him' at a team principals meeting in Montreal on Saturday, per reports.

    Team principals met up on the Saturday morning to discuss the season so far - something that caused friction between Wolff and Horner amongst others.

    Porpoising, regulation changes and the current campaign so far were on the agenda, although things turned sour against Wolff as he became agitated, according to the Daily Mail. And the argument got so heated that witnesses claimed that the Austrian 'lost his s**t' at his fellow principals.

    ‘Lost His S**t’;

    Christian Horner claims Toto Wolff rivalry is an F1 feud like no other
    Sunday 19 June 2022 18:00
    Graham Shaw

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner claims his 2021 rivalry with Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff was like nothing he has seen in F1. Horner versus Wolff became a major subplot to the Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton title battle which raged up until the final lap of a thrilling season and beyond.

    Mercedes this year has so far failed to challenge at the front, leaving Ferrari to become the main rival to Red Bull for championship glory. Horner claims the Red Bull versus Ferrari rivalry, and his relationship with Scuderia team principal Mattia Binotto, is very different.

    "It has been contained to being on track, which is healthy," added Horner. "It’s the way it should be. Last year it bubbled over into a lot of off-track politicking, and other things in the background. It’s a lot less personal now.”

    ‘’F1 Feud Like No Other’;

    Christian Horner: 'Element of theatre' in Toto Wolff's F1 safety concerns
    20th June 2022, 12:25

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has accused his opposite number at Mercedes, Toto Wolff, of overplaying concerns about the ride of the current generation of Formula One cars.

    Horner, whose Red Bull cars have won the last six races and are among the least affected by the bouncing, has long argued that the bouncing is not a matter for the FIA to address but for the teams to sort out independently.

    Asked if Wolff was perhaps playing up to Netflix cameras present in the meeting to record footage for the next season of the docuseries "Drive to Survive," Horner added: "I think there was an element of theatre going on in that meeting, so maybe with Lewis's new movie coming along he's getting in role for it."

    ‘Wolff, The Movie’;

    Toto Wolff says Mercedes' porpoising problems solved but demands action on "phenomenon"
    18:34, 20 JUN 2022
    BY Mark Whiley

    Mercedes were brimming with positivity following the Canadian Grand Prix which saw Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finish third and fourth respectively and show strong pace. Mercedes have confidently declared they have solved porpoising problems following their strong showing at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

    "I think in a way we have dissected what we define as porpoising or bouncing, and it is that the porpoising, which is the aerodynamic movement of the car, I think that's solved and we got on top of this around Barcelona," he explained.

    "It is more that the ride of the cars is really what causes the comments of the drivers. The cars are simply all too stiff. The kerb ride is bad, the bump ride is bad and I would say that now, with dissecting this problem, you can tackle it better."

    ‘Toto Wolff: Porpoising Solved’;

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    Ocon proud of ‘awesome’ race in Canada as he scores ‘big points’ with P6.
    Esteban Ocon said he had "maximised the potential" he had in the Canadian Grand Prix after coming home in sixth – equalling his best result of the year.
    19 Jun 2022.

    ‘Maximising Potential’;

    Fernando Alonso claims he's '100 times faster' than teammate Esteban Ocon in Canadian GP
    After a qualifying session to remember, Alpine's Fernando Alonso endured a race to forget as he suffered an engine problem, was kept behind his teammate and then hit with a five-second penalty
    16:40, 20 JUN 2022
    BY Mark Whiley

    The Canadian Grand Prix started with such promise but ended in extreme frustration for Fernando Alonso. He clearly didn't have the pace of Sainz and Hamilton and eventually dropped down the field, but still looked capable of a strong points finish. However, the decision not to stop under the two early virtual safety cars appeared to be the wrong call and he found himself in seventh place behind teammate Estaban Ocon in the closing stages.

    Alonso was also managing an engine problem, which affected his speed in a straight line and led to him being told to hold position in seventh spot. That clearly irked Alonso, who complained about the call to his engineer over the radio. "Even with a straight line issue, I'm 100 times faster."

    If that wasn't annoying enough for the veteran, he was then hit with a five-second penalty after being found guilty of excessive weaving as he tried to hold off the Alfa Romero of Valtteri Bottas. With the field bunched up due to a full safety car, it cost Alonso two places, consigning him to a ninth-place finish and just two points.

    ‘EL PLAN: 100 times faster’;

    Alpine disagree with Alonso’s penalty for weaving on the final lap
    2022 Canadian Grand Prix
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 13:18
    Written by Keith Collantine and Will Wood

    Alpine team management defended Fernando Alonso after he was penalised for weaving on the final lap of the Canadian Grand Prix. Alonso was penalised, as Lance Stroll was in Australia, for the defensive moves he performed while trying to keep Valtteri Bottas behind. Bottas drew close to the Alpine on the final lap as Alonso had a snap of oversteer at the exit of turn nine.

    The stewards ruled Alonso violated the International Sporting Code regulation which states “more than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted.” They called Alonso’s driving a “clear breach” of the rules, but Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer disagreed. “Was it deserved? No,” he commented after the race.

    It is the second time this year Alonso has lost points due to a post-race penalty. His five-second time penalty yesterday dropped him from seventh to ninth; in Miami the same cost him a points finish. On that occasion Alpine complained they had not been able to make representations to the stewards about their driver’s penalty.

    ‘Alonso Penalty Debate’;

    Alpine boss Szafnauer keeps it real in Mercedes fight
    Tuesday 21 June 2022 13:55
    Sam Hall

    Otmar Szafnauer claims Alpine must remain "realistic" of its position after Fernando Alonso lost out in his battle with Lewis Hamilton at the Canadian Grand Prix. Reflecting on the weekend, team principal Szafnauer said: "[It was] good points. Without the safety car it could have been a little better but you can't control that.”

    "The pace of the car in the wet was good; the pace of the car in the dry, we thought we would be not as fast as the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, but about as fast as the Mercedes. "As it turned out, the Mercedes got us because of some circumstance.”

    "But in the championship overall, we're not going to beat them, we're not going to finish third. We have to be realistic. So in fighting for fourth, I'm really happy that we've scored a lot of points."

    ‘Alpine being realistic’;

    ‘It’s against the regulation’: Alpine boss warns Mercedes upgrade could be ‘protested’
    The FIA began a clampdown on "porpoising" and bouncing at last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.
    Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer was not convinced by the FIA’s initial decision to allow Mercedes to run an extra stay on their car during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.
    20 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    One of the caveats of the directive was that, since it was passed at such short notice, the teams could install an extra stay on the floor to keep the car stable. According to a report by Auto Motor und Sport, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull were all wondering how and why Mercedes happened to have another one ready.

    However, the fact that some teams were able to gain an advantage due to the directive was something Szafnauer had one or two queries about. “As far as the process goes, it’s a technical directive – and technical directives, as we all know, are not regulations,” he commented.

    “So it could very well be that we shouldn’t be running this in qualifying in the race. If teams have brought those stays, I would imagine they could be perhaps looked at after and protested. So it’s against the regulation as it stands today. We definitely don’t have one. And unfortunately, if you do have an extra stay, you can run the car lower and stiffer, and gain some advantage.”

    ‘Mercedes Upgrade Could Be Protested’;

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    Bottas full of praise for rookie team mate Zhou after double points finish for Alfa Romeo.
    Valtteri Bottas was pleased with his points finish Canada – a result made all the sweeter as his Alfa Romeo team mate Guanyu Zhou was also in the top 10.
    19 Jun 2022
    Formula 1.

    ‘Alfa Romeo Double Points’;

    Alfa Romeo’s Frédéric Vasseur: “I can’t fault either of the drivers for their races”
    June 22, 2022
    By Paul Hensby

    Frédéric Vasseur says he cannot fault the performance of either Valtteri Bottas or Zhou Guanyu during Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, with the team scoring a seventh and eighth place finish at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

    Vasseur, the Team Principal at Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, says the team can be happy with the performance they showed throughout the weekend in Canada, and to score points with both drivers was a good result heading into the British Grand Prix next month. “We achieved a really good result as a team and we can be really pleased with our performance,” said Vasseur.

    “Both Valtteri and Zhou executed their races well and were able to bring home their cars in the points, which is a nice reward after a few tough weekends. It shows the spirit of this team, we didn’t let our heads drop and we came back fighting here in Canada.”

    ‘Alfa Romeo Performance Happy’;

    'Alfa Romeo can fight for race wins,' says Valtteri Bottas
    June 21st 2022 - LAST UPDATED: JUNE 22ND 2022
    Author Motor Sport

    Valtteri Bottas has set a target to win races with Alfa Romeo believing the team can build on its 2022 F1 season. Valtteri Bottas believes that he can win races with Alfa Romeo if his team can build on its strong “base performance” in seasons to come.

    The Finn, who left Mercedes with a career tally of ten grand prix victories, says that finishing on the podium is a realistic goal thanks to Formula 1’s budget cap, which prevents smaller teams being vastly outspent by larger rivals. Speaking on Motor Sport’s My big break podcast, Bottas says that with “a lot of hard work”, Alfa can be fighting with the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull at the top of F1.

    Having signed a multi-year deal with the team, Bottas can see himself spearheading the charge for grand prix wins. “We’re not at the peak,” said Bottas. “I can see that and the people know it, that we still have so many things that we can do better.”

    ‘Build On Strong Performance’;

    Valtteri Bottas: “The timing of the Safety Car was ideal, I was like ‘happy days!’”
    June 22, 2022
    By Paul Hensby

    Valtteri Bottas was lucky with the timing of the safety car during Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, with the Finn securing seventh place as a result. Yuki Tsunoda’s crash at turn two as he exited the pits on cold tyres brought out the safety car, with the timing falling in line with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN driver’s solitary pit stop to switch from the Hard to Medium Pirelli tyre.

    “We can be pleased with today’s race, especially with the pace we have shown throughout the afternoon,” said Bottas. “It’s always good to get double points, particularly after a couple of difficult races, but the most important thing was to see that we could fight the cars around us and that we are back at the level we had at the start of the season.”

    ‘Ideal Safety Car Timing’;

    'I think everyone will be proud of me back home' – Guanyu Zhou on his best F1 result so far
    19 Jun 2022
    Formula 1.

    Rookie driver Guanyu Zhou was classified P8 in the Canadian Grand Prix – his best result yet since joining the F1 grid – and he joined Will Buxton on the F1 Live Post Race Show to explain what it felt like from inside the cockpit...

    ‘Proud Back Home’;

    Zhou happy to give points to 'proud' Chinese F1 fans
    21/06/2022 at 10:03
    Phillip van Osten

    Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou helped deliver to the Swiss outfit in Canada its second double-points finish of the season, an achievement that he hopes his fans in China are proud of.

    It was Zhou's second run in the points after Bahrain, and a reward that went a long way towards dissipating the frustrations accumulated by the Chinese driver in the past month. "Yeah, happy to see the chequered flag first of all as there’s been frustration going on before this weekend," Zhou told F1 TV.

    "This weekend, a new track, we arrived here with no clue what it’s going to be but I’m just so happy with the performance as a team. Yesterday [Saturday] was good, today we’ve finally got both cars in the points after Bahrain, so we showed good momentum for the coming races."

    ‘Happy to see Chequered Flag’;

    Bottas Almost Quit F1 in 2018 After Failing to Challenge Hamilton
    Updated June 22, 2022 3:43 PM
    By Madeline Coleman Sports Illustrated

    Valtteri Bottas revealed that he not only almost walked away from Mercedes but Formula One entirely following the 2018 season. Two years into his time with Mercedes, the Finnish driver had struggled to challenge teammate Lewis Hamilton, sometimes landing into more of a support-type role while the Brit battled Sebastian Vettel during the German’s time at Ferrari.

    Bottas tallied 21 podiums that included three wins and six poles in those first two years while Hamilton scored 30 podiums (20 wins) and 22 pole positions. “At the end of 2018 I almost stopped. It was so close,” Bottas told Motorsport Magazine’s My Big Break podcast. “Just because of the fact I couldn’t understand and take in the fact I couldn’t beat Lewis in those two years.”

    “I put so much pressure on myself. Towards the end of ’18, especially when I started to have the support role, I really couldn’t take it, I really struggled. It was not fun.” He said that he found himself in a “dark place” after the season and was ready to walk away, saying he “was done.”

    ‘Bottas Almost Quit’;

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    Stroll praises ‘great work’ by Aston Martin after finishing 10th in home Grand Prix, as Vettel reflects on frustrating race.
    Lance Stroll said he was “super-happy” after the Canadian Grand Prix, with the Aston Martin driver taking the final points paying position in 10th at his home race – while his frustrated team mate Sebastian Vettel rued his misfortune in the race after finishing 12th.
    21 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Stroll started the race 17th and did 47 laps on the hard tyre in the first stint, as he made his way all the way up to P8, where he defended from the fast-charging Alfa Romeo of Zhou Guanyu.

    After pitting for the medium tyre, Stroll was able to pass the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo on Lap 63 for P10, to seal his points finish since Miami. And the delighted Canadian praised the work done by his team, after a "challenging" start to the season.

    "We had a great strategy for this race, and I am super-pleased to have been able to score a point,” said Stroll. “We did a great job deciding to go long on the first set of tyres to make a one-stop race work, managing to keep a string of cars behind me. The overtake on Daniel [Ricciardo] was a nice bonus – we were on fresher tyres, so it was a pretty easy move.”

    ‘P10 Stroll, Great Work’;

    Stroll credits 'good strategy' for points finish in his home Grand Prix
    19 Jun 2022
    Formula 1.

    Lance Stroll said his Aston Martin wasn't "very quick" in Montreal, and said his first points finish in four races was thanks to a good strategy from the team.

    ‘Good Strategy for P10’;

    Superfan Henry meets Lance Stroll at his home race
    Aston Martin

    Everyone dreams of meeting their hero, and for young superfan Henry, he got the chance to have a personal video call with his Canadian idol Lance ahead of the 2021 Monaco GP.

    This year, with the return to Montreal for the first time since 2019, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team organised a special visit for Henry to come to the track ahead of the Canadian GP.

    Henry was taken behind the scenes to the team's paddock, given some AMF1 merch, and, most excitingly, had a chat with our very own Lance Stroll.

    ‘Super Fan Henry’;

    Stroll ‘not yet really that confident’ with Aston’s AMR22
    22/06/2022, 11:21
    by Phillip Horton

    Lance Stroll says he is striving to get into a “more comfortable place” with Aston Martin’s AMR22 after revealing a lack of confidence with the car. Stroll has endured a subdued season so far, often trailing team-mate Sebastian Vettel, and has been towards the lower end of Formula 1’s midfield.

    “We’re always learning but I think just on my side I want to get into a better and more comfortable place with the car,” said Stroll. “I still feel that I’m not really that confident in the car, and [not] feeling very precise and just predictable in the car.”

    “Yeah, I think I’ve still got to get working to get back to the place I felt I was at last year and the year before where it was just more predictable and more comfortable. Right now it’s still a little bit difficult for me and I’ve got to keep working with my engineers and try and sort that out.”

    ‘’Working with my Engineers’;

    INSIDER: How does an F1 mechanic's job vary during a race weekend?
    Aston Martin.

    It's not just the race cars in the garages that need to be well-maintained, but plenty of spare parts that are kept ready to be used throughout a race weekend. Lewis O'Brien, Floating Trackside Mechanic, explains more.

    The unpredictability of a race weekend means that things can change at a moment's notice, both on and off the track. Keeping any spare parts maintained and making sure they're all on standby in case they need replacing ensures that the team is ready to make any changes or upgrades as efficiently as possible.

    ‘Aston Martin Upgrades On Standby’;

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    Lando Norris laments Montreal "weekend from hell".
    Lando Norris has described McLaren's Montreal misery as "a weekend from hell" as their rollercoaster 2022 season took a fresh turn.
    Tuesday 21 June 2022 10:35
    Graham Shaw

    Writing in his column in the Telegraph, Norris conceded: "Montreal was, truth be told, a bit of a weekend from hell for us at McLaren. "But there is no reason to believe we cannot turn things around and be a lot more competitive at our home race at Silverstone next week.”

    "After all, we went from 15th at the first race of this season at Bahrain, where we were miles off the pace, to fifth in Australia two races later, and then a podium finish at Imola. It felt a bit like everything that could have gone wrong in Montreal did go wrong. In qualifying, we had an issue with the power unit which ruled me out of Q2.”

    "That was a blow because those changeable conditions were just what we would have wanted, offering opportunities to make up places. Given the lack of overtaking in the race the following day, every place on the grid was invaluable."

    ‘Weekend from Hell’;

    What went wrong in McLaren’s double-stack Canadian GP stop
    Jun 20 2022
    By Edd Straw

    McLaren Formula 1 team principal Andreas Seidl has blamed a “communication issue” for the disastrous double-stack pitstop that cost both Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris time in the Canadian Grand Prix.

    Ricciardo ran ninth between the two Alfa Romeos, with Norris 13th, when Mick Schumacher parked his Haas at Turn 3 on lap 20 after suffering a power unit problem. The virtual safety car was deployed while the McLaren pair were on the back straight, making it a logical decision to call both in. Ricciardo’s stop was around four seconds longer than it should have been, which was thanks to a slow front-right wheel change.

    “It was a late call and therefore that’s why it was a little scrappy,” said Ricciardo of his pitstop. “It was only when I was pulling off, I went to look in my mirror [to see] if there was another car and I saw Lando, so we did double stack. I guess probably not a well-polished race.”

    ‘Late Call, Scrappy Pit Stop’;

    McLaren’s tough Canadian GP showed “the car’s not good enough” – Norris
    2022 Canadian Grand Prix
    Posted on 20th June 2022, 12:16
    Written by Keith Collantine and Hazel Southwell

    Lando Norris said the Canadian Grand Prix was a wake-up call for McLaren that their car is not competitive enough. Neither McLaren driver scored after encountering a series of problems during the weekend. Norris was compromised by a power unit fault in qualifying and both drivers were delayed by a slow pit stop when McLaren attempted to service both cars consecutively during a Virtual Safety Car period.

    McLaren’s form has been patchy this season. Norris reached the podium at Imola but hasn’t finished in the top five since. He said their lack of performance in Canada showed “the car’s not good enough. At times it’s strong,” he continued, “I was a little bit more optimistic after Friday that we could achieve more today.”

    “But when I was stuck behind the Williams they’re so fast, probably the quickest in the straights, and we’re probably the slowest in straights and then it’s literally impossible to overtake so we can’t do anything.”

    ‘Car Not Good Enough’;

    McLaren has to "up game" after disastrous Montreal F1 weekend
    McLaren Formula 1 boss Andreas Seidl admits that the team has to up its game after a communications error cost Lando Norris time in the pits in the Canadian Grand Prix. 16:50 Tue, 21 Jun
    By: Adam Cooper

    Seidl also conceded that the team has to find more performance as midfield rivals continue to improve their cars. Norris started only 14th after a power unit sensor issue struck him in qualifying, obliging the team to go back to an older unit for the race, at a cost of some straightline performance.

    On the plus side, Seidl believes that the power unit taken out of Norris's car before the race can be returned to the pool. "What happened yesterday on Lando's PU was an issue with a sensor which was then causing a loss of power and a misfire, that's why we had to abort Q2.”

    "We did an analysis afterwards and in the garage we took the decision to switch on the power unit back to the other one which is in the pool, in the morning. We expect that the PU from [Saturday] can be repaired, and therefore at the moment there's no sign that we couldn't finish season with three power units."

    ‘Performance Analysis’;

    Seidl: McLaren clearly needs to 'up its game'
    22/06/2022 at 12:47
    Michael Delaney

    McLaren F1 boss Andreas Seidl says his team's results of late, and especially last weekend in Canada, clearly indicate that the papaya squad needs to "up its game'. Seidl owned up to his team's downbeat performance, and even felt compelled to apologize to his drivers for not supplying to them the package they deserved.

    "Obviously a disappointing day for us, a highly disappointing weekend for various reasons," acknowledged the German, quoted by "Reliability issues, an operational issue today in the race, but also in terms of pace, and where we want to be.”

    "On the operation side during the pitstop today, we had a communications issue that was in the end snowballing into this issue that we have seen. We need to analyse and come back stronger. Obviously, I don't want to go too much into detail, because it's something we have to review internally, as a team what went wrong there," he said. "Like I said before, in the end it was down to a communications issue within the team and that was causing the delays then."

    ‘McLaren Needs To Up Its Game’;

    Seidl: McLaren has to improve ‘in all areas’ after ‘disastrous’ Canadian GP
    22 June 2022, 15:56
    Hamilton Lyndon-Griffiths

    McLaren must up its game “in all areas” if it wants to remain in contention for fourth place in the constructors’ championship, insists Formula 1 team principal Andreas Seidl.

    The Woking-based team came away from last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix having had neither car finish inside the points paying positions, while its nearest rivals secured top-10 finishes.

    Lando Norris was struck with an engine issue in qualifying that left him only 14th on the grid, forcing him to revert to an older-spec power unit for the race. Norris’ chances to make progress in the grand prix were dashed when McLaren pitted both its drivers together under the virtual safety car, only to not have his tyres ready.

    ‘Improvements Needed, After Disaster’;

    No more major upgrades for McLaren this season

    Jun 22 2022
    The Race.

    McLaren has suggested any further upgrades to its 2022 Formula 1 car will only be “small, little changes” as it focuses on unlocking performance from its existing package. The MCL36 has been an erratic performer in F1’s midfield so far this year, ranging from the third-fastest car at its peak (Australia) to the eighth-fastest (Bahrain).

    McLaren has failed to score points in three races but also has a podium finish from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, further highlighting the inconsistent nature of its season. However, the solution to addressing that inconsistency will not lie in “major upgrades” to the car, according to team principal Andreas Seidl.

    “The main thing at the moment is still to try to unlock more performance from the package that we have,” he said. “And then we need to see which further small little changes to the car will come throughout the course of the season.”

    ‘Unlock Performance From The Existing Package’;

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    Gasly “very disappointed” as brake trouble spoils Canadian GP weekend.
    After claiming his best result of the season so far with fifth place in Azerbaijan, Gasly suffered an elimination in Q1 in Canada, and took the chequered flag in 14th place.
    RaceFans Round-up
    Posted on 21st June 2022, 0:01
    Written by Keith Collantine

    Gasly suffers litany of woe. He said afterwards he was “very disappointed” with the problems which materialised during qualifying. “We had this brake issue so the front brakes glazed and we were basically braking on three tyres and it put us out of position.

    “Then after when we started from the back we know it’s always harder but we just struggled massively for pace. Massive understeer, poor traction, struggled with the brake temps and everything. So just a very, very difficult day for us.”

    Tsunoda ‘pushed too much’ Yuki Tsunoda was in no mood to elaborate when he spoke to RaceFans following his exit from Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix: “I was pushing too much at the pit exit and that’s it.”

    Canadian Disappointment’;

    Pierre Gasly mystified by AlphaTauri Canada struggles
    Tuesday 21 June 2022 15:00
    Sam Hall

    Pierre Gasly was left baffled by AlphaTauri's lack of pace at the Canadian Grand Prix after finishing 14th. AlphaTauri scored points at each of the first four races of the season but in the five most recent outings, the team has failed to feature in the top 10 on three occasions.

    Gasly made a shock exit Q1 in wet conditions in Canada after registering the second-fastest time in the equally sodden final practice session. Although the Frenchman climbed two positions from 16th to 14th on Sunday, this can be attributed to the retirements of drivers that started ahead of him, an outcome that left the 26-year-old scratching his head.

    "I don't know if it's track-specific or whether it's a certain set-up direction on some tracks that we need to have people look into," explained Gasly. “But clearly, at the moment, I don't know why, but in Canada, we were just not competitive."

    ‘Mystifying Canadian Struggles’;

    'I just pushed too much on the pit exit' explains Tsunoda after his Lap 49 crash
    19 Jun 2022
    Formula 1.

    Yuki Tsunoda said his crash in the Canadian Grand Prix was simply down to him pushing too hard when he came out of the pit lane after his stop.

    ‘Pushing Too Hard’;

    Tsunoda apologises to AlphaTauri: I screwed up
    ‎21‎ ‎June‎ ‎12‎:‎50
    Author Tom Leach
    Co-author Dieter Rencken

    It is thought that the Japanese driver struck a bump while pushing "too hard" to return to the track ahead of his rivals, a bump spotted and commented on by others during practice.

    "I screwed up," he said to the media, including, as he criticised his mistake. “I’ve already been to apologise to all the team. I just pushed too much on pit exit and, unfortunately, I went into the wall."

    Tsunoda added: "The pace was good today, and we’d made a strong recovery up until that point, even if it was hard to overtake, so I’m disappointed with that ending.”

    ‘Striking a Bump’;

    Gasly describes midfield battle as ‘death’
    Date published: June 24 2022
    Sam Cooper

    Pierre Gasly has described the midfield battle this year as “death” following his disappointing start to the campaign. Since he rejoined Red Bull’s sister team, Gasly has been improving year on year. Earning a 10th place finish in the World Drivers’ Championship in 2020 and improving that by one place last season.

    “The season has not started as we expected, we are having more difficulties with the car than we had planned at the beginning,” Gasly said at a Hawkers sunglasses event. “It is a completely different car than last year’s and it has given us a lot of unforeseen events, as well as bad luck in several races.

    “We have lost several points due to team mistakes and it’s a shame. We are trying to improve all together and I hope we will soon get the results we deserve.” AlphaTauri are lagging behind in the midfield battle and are closer to the bottom of the table than they are to fourth. Gasly described this year’s fight for the ‘best-of-the-rest’ title as “death.”

    ‘Midfield Battling’;

    ‘Proud’ Gasly’s 2023 AlphaTauri F1 drive now official
    24th June 2022, 10:24
    By Scott Mitchell

    “He is definitely in the group of the best and most competitive drivers in F1 and has proven his abilities during all the time he has spent with us,” said Tost.

    “Pierre can undoubtedly play a major part in our having a successful season next year and it will be down to us to provide him with a competitive car, so that he can continue to deliver excellent results.”

    However, unsurprisingly, the announcement only covers the 2023 season. It is likely Gasly will explore options to leave the Red Bull family for 2024 and beyond.

    ‘Pierre Gasly Options’;

    Liked by Pedro Gaseoso – The Updated Pierre Gasly Meme Everyone in Formula 1 Loves
    20 Jun 2022, 14:55 UTC ·
    by Monica Coman

    Pierre Gasly has been a meme in the Formula One community for years because of how much time he spends liking posts on social media. But after a Spanish newspaper translated his name to Pedro Gaseoso, we have the "Liked by Pierre Gasly" 2.0.

    If you haven’t been up to date with the “Liked by Pierre Gasly” meme, here’s the place to find out what this is all about. It all started in 2016 when a Twitter user who went by PetaPan17 tweeted that Gasly liked one of his tweets, therefore he was now a fan.

    Now, we have an update to the meme and a suggested new name for the French racing driver. A Spanish newspaper translated his name to Pedro Gaseoso in a breakdown about the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as shared by a user called @roccoleclerc. Other names received variations as well, including “Luis” Hamilton, "Carlos" Leclerc, and “Jorge” Russell. The names of the teams were not exempt from the weird translation either, with AlphaTauri becoming "Alfa" and Alpine getting the name “Alpino.”

    ‘Pierre Gasly Fan Club’;

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    Formula 1 community slams Air Canada after pregnant Williams employee removed from flight.
    A pregnant member of the Williams team was one of those removed from the flight.
    25 June 2022
    by James Clifford

    The Formula 1 community has expressed its frustration at Air Canada after a number of people, including a pregnant Williams team member, were removed from a flight from Montreal to London.

    After the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, a plane carrying multiple members of the paddock was held on the ground by armed forces who, with little to no explanation, decided to eject people from the plane.

    F1 publication Motorsport Week reported that one of their employees had also been removed, and that no support or help was given to them when they disembarked and headed back to the gate.

    ‘Armed Forces in Canada’;

    F1 employees, other passengers thrown off Air Canada flight for no reason?
    Publishing date: Jun 24, 2022
    Author of the article: Denette Wilford

    Jordan Conlan, 28, part of the Williams team, and 24 other passengers were tossed from a flight headed to London from Montreal, following the Canadian Grand Prix, the Daily Mail reported. He said everyone on board was quiet, “behaving properly” and all appeared to be wearing masks. After an hour of sitting on the runway, an airport security staffer entered the plane and began walking up and down the aisles. “Then all of a sudden, a long line of five or seven police officers came on the flight,” Conlan told the Mail.

    One by one, passengers were ordered off the plane including three of Conlan’s teammates — one with a broken leg, a pregnant woman, and their colleague. The latter two “were both crying and very upset. They just could not understand it.” When it was Conlan’s turn to be ejected, he asked why but said he wasn’t given a reason.
    Four members of the Aston Martin F1 team were also booted along with someone from the Red Bull team who was not allowed to get his bag — which had his passport, wallet and phone — from the overhead compartment.

    Two Canadians sitting next to Conlan were also forced to leave. The Mail also reported on a British couple was removed from the flight after their four-week “dream holiday” in Canada. They were all taken to the baggage area, though the plane ended up leaving with their bags still on board. They were told by an Air Canada employee that they may have been either been drunk or not obeying mask-wearing rules, although all of them insisted they had done nothing wrong. They weren’t booked on new flights by Air Canada due to their “behaviour,” the staffer added.

    ‘Long line of five or seven police officers’;

    Thrown off 'for no reason' by armed police: F1 team ordered off Air Canada flight
    Jun 24, 2022

    Jordan Conlan, 28, and his workmates including a pregnant woman were ejected just before the Heathrow-bound plane left Montreal after last weekend's Grand Prix in the city. MailOnline revealed yesterday how at least 25 passengers were thrown off without being given any proper explanation.

    They were later told in the terminal that they may have been either been drunk or not obeying mask-wearing rules, although all of them insisted they had done nothing wrong. Air Canada has admitted it is investigating 'allegations' that some of the passengers were thrown off the plane in error as it sat on the tarmac before taking off.

    ‘Thrown off 'for no reason' by armed police’;

    Air Canada throws off more than 20 passengers from flight without explanation
    24/06/2022, 10:48
    Laurene Rey-Millet

    Some 25 other passengers were ejected from an Air Canada flight on Tuesday 21 June, with no explanation given as to what they had done wrong.
    Passenger Jess McFadyen was onboard flight AC866 to London Heathrow from Montreal when she filmed the moment, calling it “absolutely disgraceful”.

    Air Canada confirmed that 25 passengers were “deplaned” from the flight.

    A statement from the airline said: “‘We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident involving a group of 25 customers who were removed from our flight from Montreal to London Monday night, due to disruptive behaviour.”

    ‘Absolutely Disgraceful’;

    EXCLUSIVE: Second British passenger reveals he and five F1 colleagues were ordered off Air Canada flight by armed police 'along with 25 others' after being wrongly accused of 'being drunk or flouting mask rules'
    EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Conlan, 28, from Williams Formula 1 team ordered off an Air Canada flight
    He and five others from the team were ejected just before the plane left Montreal
    They ejected by armed police with no explanation from Heathrow-bound flight
    Published: 15:16, 23 June 2022
    By Andrew Young For Mailonline

    Jordan who works for a company installing garage walling for the Williams team said he believed around 30 passengers were ordered off the plane on Monday night. In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, he said: ‘Everyone on the plane was behaving properly and it was very quiet.

    ‘People were as quiet as anything and going to sleep as they waited to get underway. There was no rowdy behaviour and everyone seemed to be wearing masks.

    ‘We had been sitting on the runway for an hour when a member of security staff from the airport who was in a stab vest began walking up and down the plane.

    ‘Ordered off Air Canada flight by armed police’;

    F1 Team Members Removed From Montreal Flight Bound For London With Little Explanation
    Posted on June 23, 2022
    BY Sebastien Bell |

    Members of the Formula 1 community were frustrated and angry after dozens of passengers were removed from an Air Canada flight leaving Montreal on Monday night, a day after the Canadian Grand Prix. The plane was headed for London with several team members and journalists aboard.

    As many as 23 people were removed from the flight, Jess McFadyen, the Director of Digital Strategy for the Motorsport Network who was among the people on the flight, said on Twitter. She claimed that people were taken off the plane “totally at random.”

    A spokesperson for the Montreal Trudeau International Airport told confirmed to the Toronto Star that airport patrol responded to “a situation” aboard the plane and that several passengers were removed “at the request of the flight captain and crew.”

    ‘Little Explanation for Removal’;

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    Canadian GP: Tricky race for Williams Racing.
    In what was described by Alex Albon as a tricky race the Williams Racing Team would see their drivers Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi finish in 13th and 16th positions.
    June 20 2022
    By Williams Racing

    Nicholas Latifi: "The overall experience of the weekend has been pretty special. It’s great to finally have my first home race and the support I felt from my family, friends and all the fans in the grandstands was amazing.”

    Alex Albon: "Going into this weekend, we knew this track was going to be difficult and despite our good qualifying, in the first 3-4 laps I could tell it was going to be a struggle.”

    Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance: "It was always going to be difficult to hang on to what we learnt yesterday, and we didn’t have the pace to hold off the quicker cars that started behind us.

    ‘Tricky Canadian Racing’;

    Albon hopeful Williams’ upgrade package aids balance issues.
    Alex Albon is hopeful that Williams’ impending upgrade package will assist the squad in unearthing better balances from its FW44.
    by Phillip Horton

    “Everyone’s been upgrading and we haven’t had a major upgrade in a while now,” said Albon, who reckoned his result was the maximum possible. Williams is poised to introduce a major upgrade package at the British Grand Prix and Albon is optimistic that it can help alleviate some of the FW44’s issues.

    “Balance-wise we have weaknesses in the car, which aren’t so clear to be able to fix with what we’ve got right now,” said Albon. “With updates most things are predominantly down to the through corner characteristics of the car, hopefully that’ll put it in a better window.”

    “It does make things tricky, depending on the circuits, here [in Montreal] you have high-speed chicanes and very tight corners. It’s hard for us to find a good compromise through the lap, so it escalates.”

    ‘Hope for Williams’;

    Latifi: Pace is ‘just not there’ in any form for Williams
    Date published: June 24 2022

    Williams’ Nicholas Latifi has bemoaned the performance level of the FW44, revealing there are “no answers” to their lack of pace.

    Having finally had an opportunity to take part in his home race in his third season in Formula 1, Latifi was left a disgruntled 16th at the chequered flag after struggling for any sort of pace all weekend.

    The Canadian racer finished 15 seconds behind team-mate Alex Albon, despite a late-race Safety Car bunching the pack back together in the closing stages of the race.


    Latifi enjoys 'special' home crowd and little else on the way to P16 in maiden Canadian Grand Prix
    22 June 2022
    Formula 1.

    Nicholas Latifi gave a frank assessment of his performance in his first-ever home Grand Prix after the Canadian finished 16th at Montreal – despite the crowd spurring him on.

    “In terms of the actual on-track stuff, there was nothing really enjoyable about the race. We were just lacking a lot of pace. We have to try and understand why, because at the moment there’s no answers.

    “Low fuel, high fuel, the pace is just not there, so we have two weeks now to try and do a bit of analysis because it’s not just this race, it’s even from the previous ones. There’s something not quite right there. We’ll see what we can find.”

    ‘Pace Lacking, Pace Not There’;

    Capito remains coy on Renault engine speculation
    Date published: June 25 2022 - Mark Scott

    Williams boss Jost Capito would not be drawn on speculation linking the team with a deal to be powered by Renault engines in future. The Renault engine only powers one team, Alpine, on the current Formula 1 grid having lost Red Bull and AlphaTauri as customer teams at the end of the 2018 campaign.

    Senior figures at Alpine have stated their openness to adding a customer team to their ranks again, with one of the main benefits being a significant increase in available data with more cars clocking up the miles to provide more valuable insights into power unit performance and reliability.

    Williams could be the team to move away from the Mercedes pool, but Capito has said there is still a long way to go before the team’s current agreement with the Silver Arrows expires.

    ‘Williams Engine deal’;

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    Michael Schumacher would tell Guenther Steiner 'where to go' claims Bernie Ecclestone.
    He said: “If Michael was here, he would tell Gunther where to go. That would help a lot."
    Fri, 24 Jun 2022, 14:04

    Mick Schumacher has cost the team millions of pounds in damage after accidents at the Saudi Arabian and Monaco Grands Prix.

    The incidents prompted Steiner to hit back at the young German, claiming after Monaco it was “not very satisfactory” to have another big crash again. He also gave no assurances over his future, hinting Schumacher could be ditched at the end of the season.

    Steiner simply said: “We need to see how we move forward from here." The Haas team principal has since added “no team would be happy” about the two accidents and stressed “things hadn’t gone to plan”.

    ‘Where To Go’;

    Steiner won’t be ‘scapegoat’ for Schumacher’s struggles
    Date published: June 17 2022
    Henry Valantine

    Guenther Steiner has said he’s not going to take blame for Mick Schumacher’s problems so far this season, insisting that the team has not placed “unnecessary pressure” on him as he looks to improve, while emphasising that “everyone is expected to perform” at this level.

    “I’m not going to be the scapegoat for the fact that things haven’t gone as planned for Mick this year,” Steiner explained to Sky Deutschland. “The fact that he has no points is a fact. The two accidents too. No team would be happy about that. But it’s complete nonsense that we put Mick at a disadvantage or under unnecessary pressure.”

    “The team doesn’t ruin any chances on purpose. Nothing better can happen to us than Mick scoring points. I have no problem with Mick. But he has to understand that Formula 1 is a competitive sport in which everyone is expected to perform. If I put my arm around one of my drivers, he won’t be half a second faster.”

    ‘Won’t Be Scapegoat’;

    Schumacher's father would stop criticism says Ecclestone
    JUNE 24, 2022

    The 91-year-old former F1 supremo admitted, however, that the performance of F1 legend Michael Schumacher's son is currently "difficult to assess". "We don't know how good or bad the car is," Ecclestone told the German broadcaster NTV. "It makes a big difference whether the car suits his driving style or not."

    Indeed, 23-year-old German Schumacher has struggled not just to keep up with experienced Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen this year, but has been widely criticised for his spate of high speed crashes. "If Michael was here, he would tell Gunther where to go," he said. "That would help a lot."

    As things stand, though, Ecclestone admits that the situation for Schumacher's F1 career is serious. "If he upsets the team and they kick him out, the question then becomes whether another team is ready to take him on. So he's suffering a bit and hoping someone will give him a chance," he said.

    ‘Giving Him A Chance’;

    Steiner: Schumacher must improve while still staying safe
    16/06/2022 at 08:54
    Andrew Lewin

    Haas F1 Team boss Guenther Steiner says that Mick Schumacher needs to find a better balance between playing it safe while still maximising his performance over race weekends. Schumacher has had two big accidents this season in Saudi Arabia and at Monaco, with two cars effectively written off which has strained the small team's budget to the limit.

    Steiner says that the young German needs to find a better compromise between keeping the car safe while also being competitive in future. “It is for sure a tricky situation at the moment for him and for the team as well,” Steiner told the media in Baku, as quoted by

    “This is a performance sport, and what do you need in a performance sport? Performance," he said. “But I think he did the right thing [playing it safe in Baku] because if he would have wrecked again, that wouldn't be good, you know?" he acknowledged.

    ‘Stay Safe and Improve’;

    Haas ‘so far behind’ with new parts production
    Date published: June 14 2022
    Jon Wilde

    Guenther Steiner says Haas are struggling to have new parts available for the VF-22 – as they did not expect so many would need to be produced. Haas have faced costly repair bills this season as a result of crashes involving Mick Schumacher in Saudi Arabia, Miami and Monaco.

    “At the moment, the problem is actually getting the parts made because we are so far behind with production now because we didn’t envisage making this many parts,” Haas team principal Steiner told Channel 4. “The production is just the bottleneck at the moment. So we are trying to catch up, just staying alive.”

    Asked if that increases the pressure on Schumacher, who has yet to score a point in 30 Formula 1 starts, Steiner said: “Absolutely. Last year was a year when we said we had no expectations, this transition, don’t put any pressure on. “Then you have the second year and you think ‘oh, I did well in the first one’, then Kevin comes in out of F1 retirement and he immediately gets points in the first race. For sure, especially Mick being so young, at some stage you doubt yourself a little bit.

    ‘New Parts: So Far Behind’;

    Haas to delay upgrade

    Guenther Steiner has revealed that the upgrade originally planned for the forthcoming French Grand Prix will now be introduced a week later in Hungary.

    However, speaking to the media as the Canadian Grand Prix weekend got underway, Steiner admitted that due a desire to check on "something in the windtunnel" the upgrade will be held over.

    "Maybe it will be Hungary," he said. "We took a step back because we wanted to check something else in the windtunnel, but now we are full steam on in production for Hungary. "That is the aim," he added. "We try to better it, but I don't know where we get to.

    ‘Haas Upgrade Delay’;

    PALMER: How Haas left Canada without points despite Magnussen and Schumacher's qualifying heroics
    22 June 2022
    Special contributor: Jolyon Palmer

    The start and first lap of the Grand Prix is the most exhilarating time for the drivers. Qualifying sets you in your grid slot and we all know what a huge outcome it can have on your race weekend, but the work can be undone in an instant as the lights go out. Alternatively, you can cement a good position, or even make progress from a disappointing Saturday immediately.

    It’s the time when all the cars are together and you have the most jeopardy in the race, both in terms of incidents, but also in terms of just getting a poor start and being shuffled out by a number of rivals, changing the whole outlook of your race, which has been meticulously planned in the morning team briefings.

    In Montreal, Haas had their joint best-ever qualifying, but somehow managed to end up with no points at all, for the fifth race in a row. Part of this was due to bad luck for Mick Schumacher, who retired early on with a mechanical failure, but I believe it was also in part down to Kevin Magnussen fighting too hard with Lewis Hamilton at the start, in a move that I’d say was off kilter in the risk vs. reward balance. For the second time in four races Magnussen has been running alongside Hamilton, having had a superb qualifying, but both times they have ended in tears for the Dane.

    ‘Risk Vs. Reward’;

    Haas set Mick Schumacher contract timeframe
    Saturday 18 June 2022 11:30
    Ewan Gale

    Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has set the timeframe for discussions with Mick Schumacher over his future with the team. Asked as to when talks would begin with the 23-year-old on plans for next year, Steiner said: "We won't be getting into anything before the summer break."

    Schumacher is still without a point in his F1 career and Magnussen's early-season haul has further highlighted the improvement the German needs to cement his position on the grid. "It isn't easy for him at the moment," explained Steiner. "After the crashes in Jeddah and Monte-Carlo, it is the best he can do in these two races to not do any more damage because that would knock his confidence even more.

    "But he is aware of that and he tries to manage. On tracks where you've more space to find your limit, hopefully, he can come back. But the most important thing for him is to keep his nose clean, just to calm himself down and calm down everyone around him as well."

    ‘Steiner: Important for Schumacher to keep nose clean’;

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