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    So , with so much more of the car's downforce coming from under the car , will the stewards have to spin the cars on a rotisserie to check for compliance with the rule book ?

    I can't wait to see the F1 version of the "super flipper" at the front of the pit lane . They're flipped up , weighed , and instantly photographed and measured , all in one fluid motion , then sent on their way .

    Of course , the alternative to that would obviously be to up the pit entry speed and put in a loop for them to drive on the way in , so that everyone in the crowd as well could see that drivers stay within the rules .

    That particular idea certainly fits well with the rumoured plan to replace Masi with a robot , since it lets the crowd think their opinions matter , even if the real reason was that the robot was cheaper .

    Some speculate that the real race this coming season will be harder to see than what's under the car as the hackers may be hard at work trying to control the robot .
    Remember , that red team has a Russian firm doing cyber-security .
    And , what's the likelihood of the new FIA president owning a red car ?
    Is Lewis afraid of robots ?
    Lewis is obviously afraid of George .
    Is George actually a robot ?
    If so , don't his arms contravene the rules about moveable aerodynamic devices ?
    Normally , they would be removed and sent to the scrutineers , but , I have yet to see any news from the FIA about this subject at all .

    So many questions .
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