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Thread: Here comes 2022

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    Here comes 2022

    The calendar is decent: (I mean, I'd have Fontana and Milwaukee if I could...)
    St.Pete, Texas, LongBeach, Barber, IMS, Indy500, Detroit, Road America, MidOhio, Toronto, Iowa, IMS2, Nashville, Gateway, Portland and Laguna

    The line up is getting fun and the rivalries starting to form... Only 16 cars confirmed so far tho. O'ward, Pallou, Herta. Grosjean on Andretti, Callum Iliott coming from europe.
    I dont think Rosenqvist should continue on McLaren tho. And McLaughlin did waaay worst than I expected. Power is not that energetic anymore and gooooooood loooord wtf is Jimmy Johnson doing in Indycar haha. Hope to see Larson trying some races, hope to see Askew doing some races too. I'd looove to see Felix daCosta trying some races this year too.

    And its the last year with this "car", right? It was fun.

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    Going to see my first IndyCar race in person (Gateway) in about 20 years. Thank you, Cap’n Penske.
    "Every generation's memory is exactly as long as its own experience." --John Kenneth Galbraith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jag_Warrior View Post
    Going to see my first IndyCar race in person (Gateway) in about 20 years. Thank you, Capín Penske. happy wheels
    I am very happy to be able to meet you here. Your performance is great.

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