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    Quote Originally Posted by airshifter View Post
    Can you name any other drivers with a WDC that spent less time in the lesser series? Most had at least 4-5 times as much times in those types of series, and thus a lot more learned experience. With Kimi, they almost didn't give him a super license. Really Kimi, Lewis, and Fernando are the only ones in the current field that broke through when there was more than one manufacturer with a real shot at the title. Before and after those years, team/car dominance rules the titles.
    Kimi's debut in F1 was scintillating and super impressive, but to label him as "the fastest natural talent that will ever drive in F1" given how he has been pasted by his teammates such as Alonso and Vettel is, frankly, laughable.; hence, why I laughed very hard at Mia's comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mia 01 View Post
    He is the fastest natural talent that will ever drive in F1. And besides, I like him as a person. Will for ever cheer for him whereever he will drive. Kitos Kimi!
    He was the fastest driver in the paddock in his first years. But everyone gets slower with age, he hasn't been the fastest for at least the last 10 years now.

    A lot of drivers have been the fastest of the grid when they arrived.
    Schumacher was the fastest driver for some years, alonso also, hamilton also, verstappen is probably the fastest right now.

    Times change, drivers change and nobody can tell who is the absolute fastest ever.

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    Kimi Raikkonen

    First F1 race win 2003 Malaysian GP Kuala Lumpur
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