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    Formula 1 Expansion

    There was interesting discussion this weekend about expansion in F1. There is high cost bar for a team to just join F1, but there seems to be more talent out there, but is limited by number of seats.

    Option A: Toto proposed possibly having teams enter a 3rd car in certain races.

    Option B: Horner proposed that F1 needs to add 1 or 2 teams.

    Which option would your prefer? Or do you have an option C?

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    Option A would be good for giving all the backup and/or junior drivers solid competitive GP experience so I'd imagine most teams would vote for that but its Option B for me.
    I'd prefer seeing one or two new No1 drivers giving 100% and fighting rather than a No3 who would either be trundling around at the back or if good enough, forced to work strategically with No2 just to help their No1.

    Option C? Let's hear them..

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    I prefer Option B
    But a possible Option C (although I haven't really thought too much about the details of this idea) - Teams run a third driver in practice and qualifying, but can only enter two drivers into the race.

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    Why not all of the ideas?
    - If Mercedes wants to run a 3rd car just let them do it!
    - If that rich guy from VIRGIN wants to run 1 car using a Dallara chassis with a Ferrari engine let him do it!
    - If FIA/F1 could make it easier for more teams to join.. then DO IT!
    - Oh, a dutch guy wants to rent a "one year old F1 car" to race in Zandvoort? Cool! Bring it!
    (These "one race only" entries are also cool! Both "random privateer" or a 'full time team' just renting cars for national drivers with enough license points, like Hulk having a car to race in Germany, Nakajima racing
    in Suzuka and an Indycar champ racing in COTA)

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    Option B has always been _the_ way to add cars/teams for F1 racing. However, the recent decision to raise the cost of entry to 200M made it impossible for new teams to enter this sport.

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