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    Quote Originally Posted by seb_sh View Post
    He really missed the boat in 2017, for whatever reason. Right now he's in a weird spot where he's neither an up and coming young driver nor a proven top driver. Also remember that he has had quite a bit of experience at the top level so you could also consider him a "known quantity" by now. The real problem is probably not so much that others are chosen before Mikkelsen but that there are not enough WRC seats available.
    If we see Ford as the most viable chance Mikkelsen has for a seat, even Breen said it would be funny if he alone was supposed to be the experienced driver in the team besides Greensmith and Fourmaux. Mikkelsen has at least a bunch of experience from SkŰda, Ford, VW, CitroŽn and Hyundai, and could function as a mentor together with Breen for Fourmaux (and Greensmith if shared cars). The other option would be Loeb.

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    The M-Sport Puma Rally1 car has been running for a while now and there has been no sign of Mikkelsen testing it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Eddie WRC View Post
    The M-Sport Puma Rally1 car has been running for a while now and there has been no sign of Mikkelsen testing it...
    If you want to go the speculative road he had 2 day test of new Pirelli tarmac tires using current Fiesta (Tuohinos) on Sardinia during the same days as MSport was testing Puma there before Greece. 2 days seemed kind of long for just new compound that will likely only do 2 rallies...

    Anyway, I personally don't think he tested Puma then. But to keep your line of thinking there was no sign of Tanak testing a Hyundai before he signed for them either (to use the biggest driver move in latest years).

    Still Mikkelsen just said one (him?) has to pay to drive at MSport and he doesn't want that. What is going on behind the scenes we won't know for a while. Often details on these kind of negotigations come out first 3-4 years later.

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