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    RIP Murray Walker 1923-2021

    Very sad to hear of his passing today. For me he was the only voice of F1.
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    Murray was the best commentator F1 ever had .
    He had more enthusiasm for the sport than all the others combined .
    I'm sad today .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagwan View Post
    Murray was the best commentator F1 ever had .
    He had more enthusiasm for the sport than all the others combined .
    I'm sad today .
    Was very upset to hear this. Loved Murray very much. He had a good life and he should be celebrated for always staying a true gent in a cutthroat world like F1.

    RIP Gent, friend, Murray.

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    Murray Walker was the voice of F1 when I first became interested in the sport, his enthusiasm was very infectious and without doubt played a huge part in drawing me in.
    I'm feeling a bit blue this evening.. very sad news.

    Rest in Peace Murray.

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    A true legend of our sport
    Oct. 31, 1999 - one of the blackest days in motorsports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gm99 View Post
    A true legend of our sport

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    VERY sad news indeed and condolences to Murray Walkers family and his friends, at this MOST difficult time.

    FANTASTIC commentator. Thank you for the memories Murray.

    For me, Murray Walker came into his own during the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix. Both Murrays commentary at the start, PLUS the incidents on the track and in the pits between Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard were TRULY exceptional.

    1998 Belgian GP Start Crash
    The Fastlane

    MURRAY WALKER: "YES! Yes, it's go! And...Coulthard drags. Hakkinen gets away well, look at Eddie Irvine coming up on the inside, Villeneuve goes up into second position! Schumacher is down into about 6th position. Bad start by the Ferrari. Great start by Eddie Irvine - Villeneuve! Look at Villeneuve! And into the wall, who was that? It's Coulthard! David Coulthard into the wall! They'll stop the race, they'll stop the race. Oh! This is terrible! Look - Oh this is quite appalling, this is the worst start for a Grand Prix that I have ever seen in the whole of my life!"

    'Are you trying to f---ing kill me?' - Schumacher v. Coulthard, Spa 1998
    The Fastlane
    Let's try to one-up the official channel once again...It's been twenty years - yes, TWENTY YEARS - since Spa 1998. For me, the greatest F1 race ever. This is the part where Michael Schumacher stormed into the McLaren pit garage and accused David Coulthard of trying to kill him. He cleared the air with DC at the Monza race a few weeks later and in 2003, DC admitted that he'd been wrong to drive so slowly on the racing line.

    Michael Schumacher crashes into David Coulthard | 1998 Belgian GP | DigitalF1 Natural Sounds [50fps]
    DigitalF1 Natural Sounds

    Rain Madness @ 2007 European GP - w/ Murray Walker commentary
    Jul 21, 2019

    22 July 2007 - One of the most incredible opening laps to any Grand Prix ever! And we were blessed with the wonderful Murray Walker returning for one last F1 commentary for BBC Radio. Story:- As the entire field lined up on the grid with slick tyres, the rain started to fall. By the end of that first lap, it was pouring and six cars had already either spun, collided or taken a trip through the gravel. Everyone streamed into the pits for inters, except for Kimi Raikkonen who slid out of the pit entry and back onto the track and had to go around again. By the end of Lap 2, F1 debutant Markus Winkelhock, who had dived into the pits for wets at the end of the formation lap and started from the pitlane, was now leading Felipe Massa by 19 seconds! Moments later, the rain became too much and as everyone aquaplaned off into the gravel at Turn 1, the race was stopped. WHEW!!

    Tushar Jambhekar
    This should be termed as the "Markus Winkelhock Race" more than anything since he has got a unique place in the record books. In his first and only F1 Race he did it all: Started Last (from the pits), Led the Race, Started on P1 during the restart and a DNF.

    Nick Gregory
    Markus Winkelhock led in every F1 race he was ever in.

    Rest in Peace, Murray. To think he was 83 years old when commentating on this, and he hadn't lost any of his skill nor enthusiasm

    Murray Walker's Top Ten.
    Jun 20, 2020


    Martin & Ted tell their favourite Murray Walker stories | Ted's Testing Notebook | Final Day
    Mar 14, 2021

    Martin Brundle joins Ted Kravitz to exchange some of their favourite memories of the late Murray Walker, before Ted heads into the paddock to bring you the all the news from the final day of testing in Bahrain.

    Murray Walker Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast
    Apr 10, 2019

    In a special episode to mark F1's 1000th race, we sat down with legendary commentator Murray Walker in the latest Beyond The Grid podcast, supported by Bose. 13 March 2021: Murray Walker sadly passed away at the age of 97. This episode stands as a permanent tribute to the man millions around the world came to know as the voice of F1.

    Murray Walker - it wasnt work
    Oct 10, 2013

    Murray Walker is also known as the "Voice of Formula 1" and for many racing fans worldwide he is part and parcel of the sport they fell in love with. Murray has gained a global following since 1978 when he started as the BBC television commentator, but his career began in 1948 traveling around the United Kingdom covering motorbike events for radio.

    He has a distinctive, enthusiastic commentary style and is known for his gentlemanly and considerate conduct, seeing the best in drivers. There is no doubt that without him Formula 1 would not be as popular as it is now.

    Just before his 90th birthday I had the opportunity to meet him in his house in the beautiful English countryside to talk about how he started, the challenges of commentating with James Hunt and why he rates Prost ahead of Senna.

    Murray Walker on Letterman, September 30, 2002
    Mar 15, 2021

    Murray Walker tribute with Bob Varsha and Brian Redman
    Streamed live on Mar 15, 2021

    This week on your Sunday night with Speed City we dedicated the show to legendary F1 broadcaster Murray Walker with guests beloved American F1 broadcaster Bob Varsha and iconic race driver Brian Redmond. And we get Bob's take on the upcoming F1 season.

    The Unmistakable Murray Walker (2001)
    Premiered Mar 15, 2021

    Brilliant upload. I remember watching “The Unmistakable Murray” on TV in 2001 and I had it on VHS for awhile. Great to see it again after all these years.

    There was a 2019 documentary of Murray reminiscing his memorable life (18yrs after this), and there was this doc from 2001; just a pity there wasn’t a longer documentary from 1983 (there is a 8mins VT of Murray driving a McLaren) because it would have been nice to see a doc like this from 83 also with Murray alongside Hunt.
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    Murray was absolutely brilliant and lived his life incredibly well. Just watching all the various tributes over the last few days, one thing I noticed was how he kept himself in brilliant shape. A lesson to us all. R.I.P. Murray.
    Ps It just have been Sir Murray Walker.

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    Never got to hear him fully because I'm in the US but I have watched enough videos to know he had a great passion for the sport and it was reflected in his commentary. RIP.
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    Moe - Yeah, I never cared much for these foreign cars either."

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    It was a shock to hear he passed. It took a while for the new to get real for me. But l look at the man's life and said hey, he lived a full and wonderful life doing what was his passion. Ninety-seven years on this planet is a healthy long time. And doing so touching so many lives with his wonderful oration of F1 events as they unfolded at those race weekends that he commented over.
    He set the standard for sports broadcasting, which he did, invoking all the emotions of the activities and competition of every racing moment he broadcasted to us. I got introduced to F1 on a chance encounter of flipping channels. I flipped into a broadcast of the F1 Monaco GP in 1985, right into Murray at full flurry of his animated commentary. I found myself hooked from that day on.

    RIP Murray!
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