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Thread: Wrc 2/3 2021

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    Dont know how many spares Huttunen had, but he had a puncture after his roll. Maybe even multiple punctures...cant really tell from the pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mknight View Post
    That was my worry, that they just retired to "save money". As I mentioned with the low amount of cars in WRC2 he would still get decent points just by finishing and he needs them after engine failure at Arctic.

    Basically sounds like Hyundai continues to threat him like thrash. After winning WRC3 in Monza as privateer Adamo was so positive how he and Solberg will progress together etc.

    Huttunen is so far the only one delivering anything in WRC2 for Hyundai this year, with the win in Sardinia (sure lots of retirements and issues but still he won). Other than that Hyundai campaign this year is a massive disaster (Solberg last scoring WRC2 driver, Veiby (=money) banned). Yet afaik Huttunen still runs in private KOWAX team with likely limited Hyundai support and basically no testing before rallies and very few starts.

    Solberg gets WRC starts and testing rallies yet didn't manage to drive further than 2-3 stages the last two rallies and also crashed early in his R5 testing rally. (Solberg seriously need some coaching imo. His parents sound more like a fanclub, which is understandable but they should seek out someone to "guide" Oliver. I don't think Adamo is the one for that).
    One word: money.

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    Hyundai is last in WRC2 Teams championship and they were biggest favourite to win it.

    Both car and drivers have failed.
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