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    Motorsport Merchandise

    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice on a business venture i have been thinking of for a while.

    Have worked in motorsport many years ago and always have loved the merchandise you can buy with the different teams, i have collected a few rare items over the years.

    I am looking into starting up a company selling merchandise for various teams, t shirts, caps, bags, posters, model cars etc.......

    Are there companys out there selling wholesale items (not copys) i can purchase in bulk or do i have to contact each team and ask if i can purchase their items to sell?

    Any advice would be great

    Many thanks

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    Interesting business idea. I'd say that you'd have to contact each team and establish some sort of licensing agreement. An already licensed clothing or merchandise manufacturer *might* offer some sort of bulk sales, as happens with Speedgear. But it would be difficult to compete with larger merchandisers on price, I would say. If you're talking about team gear (worn at the track, for instance), Ebay is the avenue that many people seem to go. Ex-team members will often sell items that they acquired while working with various teams. Years ago, I bought many authentic items (mostly CART and some IMSA) this way. But as with all things on Ebay, you have to get to know the sellers, so that you're not dealing with knock-offs and counterfeits.

    Sorry. That probably wasn't much help. But I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. Which series do you plan to focus on?
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