So Alpha Tauri just announced that Gasly is back for 2021.
Well that's good news. I'm glad he isn't going back to RBR.
Also this looks like Kyatt is out at AT since he wasn't announced alongside.
My hope is that Albon will be back at Alpha Tauri and they can fill that 2nd RBR seat with Tsunoda or Perez.
There does seem to be a decent chance that Albon might stay on the team, which I don't want because he will get releases early 2021 for some weird reason.
Now there is also talk that Tsunoda will fill the 2nd AT seat in order to smooth over the take over of the Honda engine department.
I find this particularly absurd as Honda simply have no leverage in this matter, apart from agreeing to sell or not. Having a Japanese driver in the team would mean nothing to them at this point and also seems a bit patronizing to assume that Honda operates under such premises. If anything, they would want him at RBR to possibly win a race with a Honda powered car that might be capable of winning here and there.
This is, in a weird way, also good news for Russell, as it would seem more likely that Perez will be seeking that 2nd RBR seat. Which would make sense for everyone.
If not, RBR, I still see him going to Haas rather than williams.
I'm also surprised that Alfa Romero confirmed both their current drivers for 2021.
IMO it would have made more sense to get Perez in there and assuming that Kimi retires at the end of 2021, Perez would then become a solidly entrenched team leader in a team he is familiar with and a long-term prospect at that with a good chance of an improved car. Giovinazzi has really done nothing in 2 years to merit that seat.